Burke Decor Home Subscription Box Review – October 2015

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Burke Decor recently launched a subscription box service. They offer two different options: A Spa Box, or a Whole Home Box. (If you go with the Spa Box, you can pick from Cool + Fresh, Warm + Earthy and Floral + Fruit).

FYI – this is the last subscription box from of the Burke Decor Box. Starting November 15th, BurkeBox styles will be available for one-time purchases on the Burke Decor site, though.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Burke Decor Box

The Cost: $45 for Spa Box, $55 for a Home Box (shipping is $6)

The Products: A selection of 3 to 4 of our editors’ favorite products. Boxes are curated to your spa profile. Choose from Cool + Fresh, Warm + Earthy and Floral + Fruit.  If you don’t want a spa-specific box, try our Whole Home Burke Box, featuring an assortment of of the moment home accouterments.

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This box comes with a sheet detailing all the items included.


Sir/Madam Revival Dinner Platter – Value $76

I thought the design behind this piece was interesting:

The Revival Dinner Service by Sir/Madam is a nod to British decorative educational plates that were gifted to children as rewards of merit in the late nineteenth century.

Platters are one of those kitchen essentials I never remember to buy until I need one, so this is a welcome addition to our kitchen cabinets!


Sagaform Spectra Set of 4 Tumblers – Value $36


These are mouth-blown glasses, and dishwasher safe!


They have a good weight to them, and I love the colors!


Nest Hearth Votive Candle – Value $14

Nest makes the best holiday scents! I love this hearth scent – I think I’ll buy the full-size version too, or the reed diffuser!

Verdict: This is one of my favorite Burke Decor boxes, so I’m a little bummed to see that they are ending their subscription model. However, since home decor boxes can be so taste specific, maybe it is for the best that they change up the model and allow you to preview all the contents before you buy the box.

What do you think of the last Burke Decor box? And what do you think of the changes to their box model?


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. My platter and 1 of the tumblers arrived shattered. After 10 days, I finally got a response from customer service. Platter is out of stock with no restock date available …so no good solution offered. So, to get a refund, I now have to take time out of my day to ship the box back to them. I already emailed them pictures of the broken items but they said “”oh but there were things that weren’t broken..right. ” Um…Yeah…a candle. So I’m inconvenienced for their poor pack job and get nothing out of it but the same money I put in. I’m tempted to just dispute it with my credit card. What terrible customer service!!! If this subscription service hadn’t already stopped…I would have cancelled!

  2. My platter was in a gift-style box, styrofoam cutout on each end. The glasses were just set in the box in their box, but everything was so compactly packed I don’t think anything moved. I wonder if they ran out of boxed platters and that’s why some weren’t adequately packed- just planned for the boxed ones!

    I am so sad to see this box go. Last month wasnt my favorite, but I can gift everything in it that I won’t use. Hope the new model works, and I’m happy for the discount!

  3. Did anyone else’s post office withhold the package, claiming insufficient postage? I had to make a trip to the post office and pay an extra $3.86 in postage due. The clerk said, “They claim it’s 5 pounds but it’s actually 6 pounds”.

    Also, my platter was shattered too.

    It’s too bad this subscription box is ending, but all things considered, it is probably for the best. I wish them luck with their new model and hope it goes better than this did. They do have cool stuff!

    • Just an update. Burke Decor is sending a replacement and also taking care of the extra shipping cost I paid. So even though it was inconvenient, at least they are making it right!

  4. I knew that there was damage the second I picked up the box. Both the platter and the glasses had been broken. I’ve never had an issue with Burke, so I know they’ll fix it, but I am so bummed that this is ending! Being surprised by them every month was such a joy for me and I loved everything in every box I got!

  5. Hey guys make sure to examine your glasses carefully. I was going to swap mine to someone but realized at the last minute that one glass had gotten scratched during shipping because it slid around inside the packaging.

  6. Target has the glasses for $38, use the code 15OFF to save 15% plus if you have a red card that’s another 5% off and free shipping. So they’re only $32 shipped, which is cheaper than buying them from Burke Decor. Wayfair also has the blue ones for $26.

    • Awesome thank you!!! They are also on Amazon for $34 in the pink and green sets

  7. I LOVED this sub the 2 months I got it (Turkish T box and gray throw box) so I’m sad to see it ending. But hopefully their new model will be something similar to Bespoke Post.
    And I should have gotten this box – I love that platter and nest candles are always great and the cups look awesome too.

  8. My platter arrived completely shattered as well. oddly the glass and candle were fine. whoever packed this is going to be getting hell with all the complaints and re-sends/refunds.

  9. I am bummed as well. They did such a nice job, such amazing value. I’ve bought items from their website thanks to past reviews of this box.
    However, as I was opening my large, heavy box, I was wondering how they could make a profit, these boxes aren’t cheap to ship, even with a volume discount. So I’m not totally surprised either.
    I am looking forward to the new model and appreciate that they are giving current subscribers first crack at the boxes, and a $15 discount.
    Burke Decor, we will always have the August box (and that amazing fleece throw!) Thank you!!!!

    • Where did you get info on first cracked and discount for current subscribers? I haven’t gotten any emails from them!

      • There was a letter in my box with the details.

        • It’s on the back of the information sheet, I almost missed it!

          • Dammit, I threw it away, and didn;t notice anything. Could anyone possibly share what exactly was on the back of the paper? I really don’t want to not get the future boxes, and I really want my customer discount!!

          • Jennifer, the boxes will be available on the Burke Decor website beginning November 15th. Each former subscriber received a proprietary discount code for $15 off their next BurkeBOX. If you threw yours out, you’ll need to contact Burke Decor to get a new one. I’m sure it won’t be a problem! I’m glad I read these comments and still had mine in a drawer, because I didn’t see it either!

  10. oh no! My platter was broken, too, and I adored the design (with kids 3&5 something to keep attention during nice meals). I also emailed and attached a picture. Hoping to hear back tomorrow. I would almost pay for a second set of the glasses to come with the replacement platter for a full dining set. Also sad to see this sub go. Maybe wise for the budget – I would have never parted with it.

  11. Oh dear. I hate it when I have to call. I did attach a picture to the email, though.

  12. I like this box. Darn. I hope the reviews keep coming for the new model. I think I am trying it out!

  13. I’m no longer subscribed, but I would have enjoyed this box. I will check out their website to see the box offerings on November 15th. It’s probably best for them. I often wondered if the amount of time put into the subscription box model was worth it to them being that they were already an established store front.

  14. I feel like every time I read a review for this box I regret not getting it. I look forward to the new model as long as the value is still there.

  15. I was really pleased with this months box and am sorry that this was the last box. I do like shopping their website sales and have gotten some great Christmas presents.

  16. My package hasn’t arrived yet, but I have to tell you that I am super disappointed they are changing models. This is my single favorite subscription box – the only one that excites me every single month and always hits a home run. I hope their new model will bring the same joy.

  17. Well my platter came broken. The packaging was, how shall I put it . . . optimistic. One piece of bubble wrap around the platter thrown in the box. There is no way I am the only one with a broken platter.

    • Ah, you’d think they’d have learned after all the broken stuff I heard about in the spa boxes last month. And from the fact that they have a website where they sell this stuff…presumably frequently.

    • Yep, mine came broken to bits, too. I wouldn’t say it was just thrown in the box, but yeah, it could have been more protected.

      Broken platter aside (which I am assuming they will replace – I did write to them), I loved this box. LOVE the tumblers!! And they ARE dishwasher safe??? Sweet! I couldn’t find that info anywhere! (Maybe because I was using the mobile site?)

      This was one of my favorite boxes. I’m really hoping the new model they use will continue to have a great value. AND new boxes are posted monthly. Kinda like Bespoke Post.

      • You might have to call them. I heard their CS was a bit difficult to hear back from through email. They will also ask for photos.

      • Contact them via Chat during working hours. I had an issue a few months back… MUCH better CS if you chat with them versus send an email

    • Both my glasses and the platter were completely shattered. The packaging was awful. The only thing wrapped was the platter, but considering how loosely everything else was in the box, the glass didn’t stand a chance. Not even a fragile sticker on the box (not that the post office looks at that, but still!). I picked up the box and the sound told me the story…

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