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Boxycharm November 2015 Possible Full Box Spoilers

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Boxycharm November 2015 Spoilers

We may have the full Boxycharm spoilers for November 2015! This item has already been revealed:

Boxycharm November 2015 Spoiler #1

And thanks to Elisabeth for pointing us to MUT and this WWD article that includes this picture of what looks like could be the full November 2015 Boxycharm box:

Boxycharm November 2015 Spoilers

Since it includes the Pur-Lisee Blue Lotus Eye Adore Serum, I’m guessing this is the November 2015 Box spoiler picture! (Not confirmed by Boxycharm yet, though)

Coolway Leave-In Treatment

Manna Kada Lip Locked

Makeup Brush

StudioMakeup Soft Blend Blush

Pur-lisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Quadra Benefit Eye Serum ($65 Value)

What do you think of the possible full November 2015 Boxycharm spoilers?

FYI – this box is still available if you sign up for a subscription this month.

(If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of past Boxycharm boxes too!)


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. WOO HOO! Best beauty box ever! I was thrilled to get the lighter pink blush and gloss than what is shown in the pic. The brush perfectly applied Colourpop eyeshadow. Thought I would hate the CoolWay because I have fine, oily hair but it made my hair look sleek and shiny without weighing it down.

  2. I got my box today and love it! I received a lighter blush and lip product shade than pictured, which is perfect for me. I always love getting more makeup brushes, and eye serums are right up my alley. I’m not so sure about the Coolway product, and mine came leaking slightly, but I’m going to try it.

    Overall, an awesome box!

  3. Yup thats the box! I just got mine today. I love everything in it! I specially like the lip gloss. I got a sample size in my birchbox its awesome to get it in full size now. The blush is very nice too. And i cant wait to try out the eye serum tonight.

  4. Okay, the spoiler had me feeling so disappointed. In the spoiler photo it’s a brownish blush and lip gloss, and as a very fair skinned woman, there was no way that was going to work for me. I was just thinking it’s just a bust box, and I’ll just put it all up for swap. I just opened my box, and the blush is a gorgeous light pink, and the lippy is also a pretty petal pink, which works perfectly for my skin tone. I’m so relieved!!

  5. I agree with with one of the commenters suggesting a ‘light, medium, or dark’ skin tone selection for this box. Pretty sure it would increase their business. I myself am very fair and blonde and my 19year old niece is half African American and so I’m never disappointed when I receive items that would be better suited to darker skin tones. I just pass them along to her (along with items an ‘old’ 40year old can’t pull off lol) which she loves. We essentially share the box. However, I wouldn’t get her a gift subscription of her own since I must admit the makeup and hair products are more geared toward Caucasian women. Anyone have any suggestions on African American women’s hair and makeup subscription boxes that they love? Christmas is around the corner and I’d like to look into one for her since I think I’ve turned her into a ‘product junkie’! In my defense I only have sons so I cherish ‘girlie time’ with her 🙂

  6. So glad I cancelled. While total value adds up nicely, I’m tired of Coolway products, don’t like the blush color, have gotten two of that exact color lippy, the brush isn’t great, and not a big fan of Pur-lisse. I use other skincare items more.

  7. Really disappointed with this box it has nothing to do with Alice and wonderland I’m thinking about canceling my subscription soon and going somewhere else i really wish I could work for boxycharm I have many good ideas for example I would have put in a turquoise or pink nail polish, a pink or nude liquid lipstick , the brush and eye serum is fine and a eyeshadow palette ??

  8. Will Boxycharm be doing a black Friday sale on their subscriptions?

  9. ….Mmm I’m on the fence with this month’s box. We got a cream blush duo last month (I actually liked it?) the cool way serum we got last time is really nice on my hair so excited for that. I tried the pur-lisse moisturizer from ipsy and it was like sunscreen. Not over joyed about those type of moisturizers. We shall see. I hang onto this box I cx ipsy ( I never got the high end samples they would have) plus all those little bags got annoying. That lip gloss looks really brown though.

  10. With the big Alice and wonderland theme that they put up with this box on Facebook, i am really let down if this is the final list bland and neutral items. Nothing about this is whimsical or fun. So tired of pur-liss, I’ve gotten a ton in a few beauty boxes this year, and it’s average at best. And i dread any hair care, because it won’t be for my kind of hair, ever. I know it isn’t custom, and i generally love these boxes, but this one was just so misleading. .. i mean, srsly… Alice in Wonderland ?! Looks more like Downton Abbey.

  11. Ah! Ha ha. Silly purlisse lol
    Yay im excited about the brush, eye serum, and hair leave in. Hopefully i get a lighter blush. Lip gloss bleh

  12. I totally understand why some are not happy about more Pur~lisse products…they’ve been so overdone in sub boxes over the past three to four months that I have a huge stash of moisturizers!!! That being said…I use these products frequently and am excited about the serum (I’m a total skincare junkie!) and will use it a lot! I don’t know why these boxes are pushing lip gloss on everyone! It’s so frustrating!!! Like every single box lately has lip gloss!!!

  13. According to Amazon, that color is ‘brown’ so more like a bronzer (which I definitely do not use and do not need).

    • Indeed. It reminds me of the dark ‘blush” sent out a couple of months ago — it was more of a bronzer than blush, and way too dark and pigmented for most people.

      I do think people’s excitement level for boxes depends on how long they’ve been subscribing. I know I was happy to get anything at the beginning cuz it was such a novelty, but now, after 9 months in the trenches, I’m on box burnout and it takes a lot to wow me (which is why I’m dumping boxes left and right).

      • Way too dark for most people? Hmmm….

        • I’m glad you pointed that out

          • Thanks, I tried… but really couldn’t let that go! It’s good to know there are others on the board with similar sentiments 🙂

      • Way too dark for most white people, you mean, lol. This blush is to light for me, but I know plenty of Hispanic and lighter skinned black girls this would look lovely on. Boxycharm is pretty good about sending out products that people who are ethnic can use, and I think sometimes people forget that the box isn’t personalized, and so doesn’t have to cater to each subscriber. I could complain about how there’s yet another boring face care item, but I understand that every item is not going to be a win.

        • Yeah, I’m white and I’m even saying the (Too dark for most people comment) was not the brightest, considering we are all different shades and colors! Even though the box is not personalized, I think Boxycharm should at least personalize a few things like skin tone! A light, med, dark skin option would be cool so that we can try foundations and such too! A few personalized options would be a good idea!

          • To Sara, Jillian, Vanessa, etc…
            Your replies prove that some folks can find offense in *anything* if they look hard enough. It’s particularly ironic to be piled on for an innocuous comment when I was the one — in the original post where everyone was kvetching about the dark blush — that white folks could suck it if they didn’t like it because deeper skinned people had to put up with boxes more catered to pale complexions. smh….

  14. They just did a spoiler on their fb page for the studio makeup blush. This is def the full box, I’m sure now!

    I feel like one of the few genuinely excited people!

  15. I subscribe to DermStore, Boxycharm, Ipsy, and Birchbox, and I love this one! I think the value is excellent. I think Ipsy is my least favorite. Last month’s Boxycharm had the best face mask and mascara. You always get a lot for $21. I think they can’t please everybody, but try to do a good job of mixing it up and including at least one high dollar item. I am pleased with this one too.

  16. Wow, we just got a CoolWay hair product from them (might be the same one?) in April. Would be bummed to receive another.. Hopefully this isn’t the final line up! I’m always happy to receive brushes though!

    • It was a different Coolway product. It was a smoothing treatment for blowouts, this is just a leave-in treatment. I’m happier about this since I don’t blow dry my hair.

  17. It would be nice to get a liquid lipstick, more tarte , and another eye shadow palette. I’m honestly not a fan on the hair products and I rarely use blush. I hope this is not November’s box as someone already mentioned the best thing in this box is the eye serum ?

    • This is definitely this month’s box. If you check out the Behind-the-scenes they posted on their youtube page you can actually see the girls modelling every item listed on the top so, yeah. This is the real deal.

  18. Once again I feel like I am the only person actually excited for boxycharm. Maybe it’s a generational thing lol. The cool way I hope is the same one I got in the spring bc it was magic in my ethhnic hair, but too expensive for me to ever consider buying. The lip gloss looks lovely, I love a nice brown in the winter. The blush looks a little pale for me, but that’s the only miss. The eye serum i’m giving to my aunt for christmas lol, I’m 22, I have no need for that. Boxycharm has never disappointed me! I’m not spoiled by tons and tons of subs that all send out the same thing, maybe that’s the key to not hating every box lol. Boxycharm is the only sub I have, and I will for sure be subbing again come February!!

  19. Now I feel great about canceling this one!

    • Agreed!!

    • Haha! This actually made me laugh out loud. I cancelled after September’s box. The products were fine and I actually LOVED the last few boxes I got. I cancelled because I’m sick to death of waiting for their site to work correctly. For a web-based service, they sure are having a hard time with their website…

      I was sad about my decision until I saw the October box…and the November box. Only one item in each that interested me, and I can just swap for those. Hopefully they’ll have a good box by the time I’m able to redeem my charms!

  20. I love the eye serum and the rest are bonus items. I think a lot of our problems is we have so many items from so many boxes, not much seems exciting anymore. But remember they only have so many options of the types of products they can put in these things. I like this box and will use most of the items, assuming the colors are wearable. I’m hoping the blush is somewhat glowy – I’ve been wanting to try one with more pop to it.

  21. This is the first box since dropping Boxy, so I had some FOMO going in. This spoiler photo helps completely relieve me of that, but I’m sorry for subscribers who are feeling meh over it. I wish I could dump Glossy too but I still have 4 more months to go in my annual sub.

  22. oh what a disappointing box…i hope that’s not it 🙁

  23. I like the eye serum. The leave-in conditioner is a take-it-or-leave-it for me (pun not intended). The rest of it is kinda meh.

  24. This box would be a disappointment.

  25. I hope this isn’t it. The only thing I’d be happy with is the eye serum.

  26. I would love the eye serum and I really liked the lip gloss, everything else is meh for me, so not sure about subbing this month.

  27. Oh no! Another Manna Kada lip gloss, and it looks like it’s “lucky” again. I haven’t been able to swap mine despite trying very hard to do so and now there will be another hundred on the swap boards!

    • It’s because Manna Kara moved their production to China and totally changed all their formulas which has made people really wary of their products. I actually loved my tiny BB sample of lucky I got, and would have love to have a full size, but not if they’ve moved everything to china.

  28. I’m not excited about another leave in conditioner. This will be my 4th boxycharm box and a 3rd leave in conditioner ?

  29. I’ve never subscribed to this box , and the looks of it don’t think I will . Boring [yawn]

    • What makeup boxes are you subbed to? JW

      • @Gail
        Hi I’m addicted to ALOT
        BB , glossy , beauty fix , allure off and on , popsugar (my fave)??

        I hope to subcribe to this one maybe next month will be better fit for me .
        Which ones are you hooked too??

        • Julep, Boxycharm, Ipsy, Graze, and Book of the Month!! 🙂

          • Cool
            Oh yea I forgot I love my ” Love with Food” sub !!?❤️

  30. I’m a bit disappointed to be receiving the cool way again, and I hope the blush and lip product are a wearable colors. I already canceled beauty fix and allure and will hang onto boxycharm through thr holidays in case we get something exciting during the holiday season. This box looks just ok to me.

  31. I never thought I’d say this, but I am getting tired of all the make up brushes lately.

    I do like the mix of products. I’m just not wow’d.

    Killer value tho!

  32. I am not tempted at all. I got the coolway the same time I got my revealed palette a few months ago. The eye shadow brush looks like it’s from luxie I got it from ipsy a few months ago. Manna khader is all over sub box fabfitfun and others were giving it out. I am not impressed I wish they would not have repeated the coolway same product from before.

    • The Cool way was a smoothing serum. This is a leave in conditioner.

  33. The manna kada lip lock looks awesome! I hope we really get this!!!! 🙂

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