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Birchbox Limited Edition: The Charmed Life Available Now!

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Birchbox Limited Edition The Charmed Life box

The Birchbox Limited Edition: The Charmed Life Box is available for purchase!

The Box: Birchbox Limited Edition: The Charmed Life Box

The Cost: $40

COUPON: Try any of these coupons for 20% off an order of $35 or more:




And don’t forget your free mystery sample pack on orders of $35 or more!

The Products:

Each box contains:
Canvas Home Dauville Multiple Bud Vase Gold – Value $25
Illume Demi Vanity Tin + MatchboxScents will vary Value $14 total
Isaac Jacobs Sunburst Picture Frame
NUXE Huile Prodigieuse® – Sample Size
Stephanie Johnson Folding Mirror
Tocca Crema da Mano in Cleopatra – Value $10
Umbra Geo T Ring Holder

Are you grabbing a box (or more than one for gifts?)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I am not a regular subscriber to Birchbox. I prefer home decor items and tend to go for a smaller number of luxe boxes. But this box looked amazing especially for the price. I received three boxes all in perfect condition. Wow — everything is perfect for gifting (most of my sub box stuff becomes gifts). Is this LE box an annual event or was it new this year? And if they had it last year how does this year’s box compare?

  2. What a disappointment, sadly enough. I rec’d a lovely box.. with a bashed in corner. Not the end of the world but now I can’t use it as a gift box, as intended. The Tocca turns out to be a dupe of the cream I rec’d in another sub just days ago and, worst of all, the candle is seriously smashed in. The lid of the tin is just battered.. like.. wow.. like did someone take a hammer to it??? Contacted them via chat.. they can’t or won’t do anything about the bashed box and the candle is apparently unavailable so they gave me a hundred points to make up for it. Well.. okay.. I’m not going to pout about this for more than a minute.. okay, done.. but darn.. a smashed box, a totally bashed in candle and no way to replace either. I am having a run of bad luck lately with shipments in general, not just sub boxes.. lots of broken and missing items. My last two Birchboxes had missing items, my last Amazon order looks like liquid exploded inside the carton, my Burts Bees holiday set (which is awesome, btw) has a smashed mirror.. I think I might be cursed.. everyone just step back slowly.. hehehe..

    • Just checked for a replacement Illume demi tin.. they are selling out fast, seems like! Any scent I would have purchased is already gone.. only three scents left and none of them appeal to me. They do have them on Amazon but way more expensive. Feeling like I missed out. Wah. Sniff.

    • That’s so disappointing about your box! Most boxes I wouldn’t care, but birchboxes are so cute and I can definitely see why you’re upset about it – I would be too!

    • any chance someone is opening your boxes and smashing the contents?

      • Nana, I am starting to think our postal courier is purposely dropping packages hard enough to shatter and dent items inside. About three weeks ago our mail suddenly started arriving consistently late, often at 6pm which is very weird. My best guess is that our regular courier is on extended leave or took early retirement or something and they’ve tacked us onto the end of someone else’s run. Someone who is now bitter and acting out and playing passive-aggressive. My husband says he doesn’t want to “rock the boat” by saying anything at the post office but eventually I will have to, just to get some insight into what happened.

    • I got my box last night and the Stephanie Johnson mirror was shattered. I reached out to Customer Service, but haven’t heard back yet.

    • Sorry to hear. At least they didnt try and ask for you to mail it back. Then wait to see if they will really replace it… errr. or as they said can’t replace it until they receive it. I seriously question their customer service. At least you got points. I got nothing but hassle for the Luxe Box.

      • Michelle – I agree, that is pathetic customer service and makes no sense at all. Can you get someone in chat to review their request that you rebox everything and return it to them? Is it possible you got a rep who didn’t really understand what your issue was? Because their response really doesn’t make sense.

    • How disappointing! My box arrived partially smashed / lid torn on Tuesday and the picture frame and glass inside it were all shattered. I sent them photos / wrote to complain. I was only asking for a box and mirror replacement. The next day I got a reply and shipping notice for a second box. They sent me an entirely new one to make up for it and allowed me to keep the first as well. The replacement showed up Thursday afternoon! I would definitely ask for a better resolution!

      The second box arrived in perfect shape, and unlike the first one, the vase was packed inside a cardboard box this time and not free-floating in shredded crinkle paper so there was much less room for movement inside. My only complaint is they sealed it on two sides with strapping tape – on the presentation box – so I had to pray and carefully, slowly remove it to not damage it!

      But you definitely deserve a replacement – don’t take “no” for an answer!

  3. Received mine today and I absolutely love it ! ?

  4. Just ordered mine. My name is Bella, and I have a addiction subscription box junkie problem. Love this box.

  5. Do I *need* anything in here? No…did I buy it?……yes. Add me to the addicted to subscription boxes list please! 🙂 at least these will be great for gifting!

  6. Of course…this is a box I was hoping for but apparently something inside is deemed hazardous and they won’t ship to Hawaii!! Such a bummer…

    • Doh, its the matches that is flagging it.

  7. Does anybody else get a little frustrated that Birchbox favors gold items over silver? All the Baublebar Birchbox Plus items were gold, and the shop carries almost exclusively gold versions of items, even if those items come in silver elsewhere.

    I was browsing last week and was so happy to see they carried the Canvas Home Dauville items (I’m dying for that bowl from PSMH) but of course, they only carry the gold options.

    • I ordered a box and then realized gold doesn’t actually work anywhere in my house. Most of this will be gifted. A silver option would’ve been perfect for me.

      • I’m the opposite. I LOVE the gold 🙂 We always get Silver (Canvas Home Dauville Coasters in Platinum, Canvas Home Dauville bowl in Platinum, the Luxor bowl we just got, etc). SO happy to have gold. Still hoping NM box has gold hashtag coasters (though we have no idea if there will be another home after the spoilers)

    • That’s cause everything in the gold, rose gold, and copper family is very on trend right now.

  8. I love the items but not the style, I much prefer silver to yellow gold for my home decorations. However, I just had to buy one for my mom who loves gold! So they dragged me in anyways lol.

  9. Ordered mine last night! Paid $12 after points 😀 I passed on the other LE box because I am experiencing sample overwhelm. haha
    This box is gorgeous and a fun way to spoil myself.

  10. Hello, my name is Lili and I’m addicted to subscription boxes………. Oh this isn’t subscription box addicts anonymous? Oh well, since I’m here, one more box won’t hurt.

    • Hi Lili,
      A bunch of us sub box addicts are hanging out at the MSA FORUM. You might find advice to beat your addiction or which ones you missed and might want to add! LOL, either way, a whole lot of fun 🙂

  11. Well, that was easy! Ordered without hesitation and with a code and points, got it for $22. Not too shabby! Thanks to PS, I really love the Deauville Home pieces and am excited to have more. I may or may not use the rest for gifts. We’ll see…

  12. there’s a new Ace’s promo: ” Earn double points when you purchase our Limited Edition Box: Charmed Life.” Code: ACEHOLIDAY

    I cashed in my 100EXTRA code, b/c it expires soon, but this one doesn’t seem to have an expiration date, but while supplies last! ( super exciting ! )

    • can this be used WITH the 20% discounts? or only one at a time? I would think…

  13. Using discount codes and points makes this a no-brainer.. it’s all such nice stuff that anything I can’t use makes an awesome holiday gift for pretty much any woman on my list. I’m already thinking about who will get the frame and mirror.

  14. Of course I ordered the box last night and then this morning get an email saying Aces will get double points on this box if they use the code ACEHOLIDAY. Just thought I’d share it! You’d get 80 points instead of 40 if you had to pay full price.

    • Email them! I just did and I am sure they will add the extra points to my account because I did not use any code at all on my order.

    • Ok that confirmed it… it’s only if paid full price then.

    • Thanks! I used that code since none of the discounts worked for me. Now that my daughter is in kindergarten the amount of teachers I need gifts for seems to have quadrupled. I am going to supplement gift cards with some of these items for folks like her ballet teacher etc!

  15. Ahhh I keep getting an error message!

  16. Love it! I held off on ordering the Luxe List box until they revealed the other LE boxes – this is exactly what I was hoping for.
    I was able to use the 100Extra code by adding the Mystery Sample pack to my cart first.

  17. Very cute! Just don’t need anything and I have already bought a few stocking stuffers, but this looks like a great deal for what you get.

  18. The only code I could get to work was the MOBILE20 one and this would be my first time to buy anything from BB. This is an awesome box!

  19. Got this and added another item for $10 (you had to spend $50 to get the 100 points) to get my 100 points then used my points to get it for $20 and did my reviews so I am back up to 170. I wish you could get points for reviewing what you bought. I won’t be able to get back up to $20 until December. Hope the other box comes back in stock. Do you think there will be a third special box? Just wondering what is usual.

    • They said there would be three LE boxes. The third will be a Men’s box.

  20. Got one for my mother in law for Christmas – and I used points so it did not cost me anything!

  21. Thank you so much for posting this. For $12, using a code and points, I’m getting a $120 box! Can’t beat that for some Christmas gifts.

  22. Love this box even though I don’t need a single thing in it! These are the type of things that I save up my Birchbox points to use on. Items that I love, but don’t need. Only paid $12 using points, that’s not too shabby! Now here is hoping all the items come in the box and we don’t have a repeat of the Luxe List box.

  23. Just bought it for less the 5 bucks with points & coupon! Thanks Liz for posting this! Don’t really need anything in this box but will keep the mirror & divide the rest into my Secret Santa boxes:)

  24. It WILL be mine!

    … As soon as I can get my order to go through. ::glares at BB website::

    • Lol – hope it worked out for you! I think MSA may have inspired a run on it – when I got mine, had trouble only with the page for this box!

  25. Isn’t that the same Nuxe oil we’re getting in the Glossybox LE?

    But do I care? Nope! This box is MINE! XD

    (Meanwhile, I can use this little mood pick-me-up.)

  26. Thank You so much Liz for Sharing!! I love this box & I will use everything! I really like the folding Mirror, Photo Frame, & Ring Holder.. Ok everything lol. I did try to use 100EXTRA so I could get an extra 100 points but it said it was invalid. So I was able to use TAKEOFF20 with that it knocked down the total to 32.00… Then I used 200 Points so I bought this Box for 12.00 + My free Sample Pack which I think is a great deal. ***Also I would like to take this time Liz to wish you & your Family a Wonderful Thanksgiving*** Again thank you for all you do for us Liz, I’m very Grateful. Blessings to you & your Family & Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Sub Addicts!! Love ya all!!

  27. Torn!!! I like everything (except the candle – I’m the weird person who hates candles), and I love the vase….but I don’t actually NEED anything there.

    At my age (53) I am definitely trying to not accumulate more “stuff”. And I just don’t need another frame or mirror or vase….

    The less practical side of me is super tempted though!!

  28. Bought this for $12 dollars with my points and a code 🙂 Now I can finally cancel my second account happily.

  29. I love the bud vase, I just ordered one, for $26 after points and coupon “WELCOME10”. I guess I’ve used all the other codes already 🙁 I wish you could reuse them!

  30. No brainer! I love everything but the lotion and that is super small. I got one for $24 with a code and 100 points! Cant wait! Thanks Liz! I would have been REALLY upset to miss this one, that bud vase is GORGEOUS and matches the coasters from the popsugar box! (and the small bowl too!)

  31. Great box, using the code and my 200 points it comes out to less than $15 but its not letting me complete my purchase. I wonder if all the MSA readers are trying to jump and get it too and we’re jamming up their site? LOL. I will keep trying though because I definitely want this box 🙂

  32. What a great deal! Only paid 24 bucks with what little points I had a coupon code, not bad at all!

    I noticed they marked the other Luxe Life box out of stock. I wonder if it’s really out or it’s because of the missing Cynthia Rowley bad in all the boxes.

  33. Was waiting for a box like this!! Woot woot! This is what my points will be going for!!

  34. I’m SO excited! I got out of bed to order after seeing this on MSA mobile app. I love that vase. will look perfect in my place!

  35. I think I’ll have to get this one too! Good price and I’ll use some points so it’s just too hard to pass up!

    • I think this may be my go-to gift item this year! 🙂

      • Good idea! It’s such a great mix of items… I think I might need to order a couple more.
        Love that there’s gold, silver, and different types of home items… little something to make everyone happy!

  36. For $40, this seems like a good deal! Love that picture frame, the vase, and the ring holder. It’s all pretty good, to be honest…just nothing I need. I used my points on the Luxe box instead. 😀

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