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POPSUGAR Must Have October 2015 Box Spoiler #2 + Coupon!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box

We have another spoiler for the October 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have box. (Thanks for the head’s up HappyWife, Elise, Ramona and Sara!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 1.35.18 PM

Each box includes the Honest Company Sea Salt + Sugar Body Scrub. (Value $16.95).

And in case you missed the first spoiler:


Each box will include a copy of Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling. (And 25 subscribers will receive a signed copy).

What do you think of the latest spoiler? I love both items – this is looking like a perfect box for me so far!

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I love salt and sugar body scrubs during the winter! Boxycharm products are always fulls size so this will be a great scrub or a good stocking stuffer for people that don’t use scrubs. I usually save up my products I don’t want and put them in stockings.

  2. just checked and if i ordered today it would be november box.

  3. ugh – more lavender products. Why do so many products contain lavender and linalool? Another product I can’t use due to allergies. This might as well be a big pot of poison ivy for me.

  4. Any guesses which spoiler words these were associated with and what the remaining items could be?

  5. The scrub is far more exciting than the book… At least it’s practical.

  6. The book was a nice surprise and I hope it’s good. I am so over scrubs. If I use I only like sugar ones. I will say I did love the coffee scrub from msa box #1! Ahhhhh the aroma.

  7. I’m still excited about the book but just meh on the scrub. Last month’s bid was so great after a series of duds. I’m hoping there they at least include a delicious food item, hopefully something indulgent since it’s Halloween this month.

  8. Not thrilled about either spoiler but its probably too late to cancel. Yay for the swap site!

    • I have been waiting to get on the swaps site forever! What does it take to get on there? I know I need an invitation but how long does it usually take? There’s so much I want to swap!

      • There is no invitation.

        You just go to the swap section and sign up and you will be put on the wait list. Every couple of weeks those on the wait list are allowed to join.


      • I have been on the wait list for the swap site too…

  9. Soooo excited about these spoilers! I loved Mindy from The Office and haven’t gotten a chance to watch The Mindy Project, very excited about the read. I usually make my own sugar scrub, so this is great, I shouldn’t have to make any for some time now!

  10. Looking forward to trying this scrub, I have not tried the Honest Co products before. However I am not a Mindy Kaling fan so the book will be going on the swap site if anyone wants to pick it up.

  11. So what part of the theme is this supposed to be? I don’t get it. I have a few scrubs, don’t mind another… I hope there is actually something autumnal or cozy in this box though.

    • I’m thinking that the scrub falls into Restful Nights (lavender is relaxing) and the book is, unfortunately, supposed to be Cozy.

  12. Popsugar BB is on my “want” list. After having a fun shopping spree for my birthday, I will need to wait until next month to order the Nov. box. I am very excited for those are able to get the Oct. BB. Congrats!

  13. I love Jessica Alba and her products so this is shaping up to be a great box for me.

  14. I wish everyone luck that ordered this box. I was tempted by the book and now with this spoiler I’m glad I didn’t. I tried this scrub the last time I ordered from Honest Co (and i won’t be ordering from them again) This scrub was awful! It left a weird film on my skin and it had like a clean baby scent to it, which as a 24 year old is not exactly something sexy that I want to smell like lol! Maybe others will have a better experience with the scrub than I did.. at least I hope you will!! 🙂

  15. Body scrubs are a popular item lately! This will be my third in two months. I’ll be exfoliated for a while!

  16. Ooo, I’m excited about this month! If anyone has one of those $10 off coupon codes they don’t plan to give to someone from the previous month’s box, I’d love to try this one out! Email me srudzinskas at gmail dot com

    • The codes are generic: b213ymz and abx17yz.

  17. I was already excited from first spoiler and now am even more excited! These both are total wins for me!! I’ve been on a big scrub kick lately and love Honest Co. — never tried this particular product though and can’t wait to. And want the book! These have been awesome for me lately!! Yay!

  18. Yay! These are both wins for me! I love Mindy Kaling and apparently am the only one running low on body scrubs! Plus I have been wanting to try this since Liz gave it a good review. Lavender and vanilla are my favs. The last two PSMH boxes have been rare misses for me so glad to see this box so far!

  19. This will be my first Popsugar box and so far I’m very pleased. I absolutely love Mindy Kaling and I was about to buy a sugar scrub so this is perfect for me! All I need now is a nice big blanket and this will be my favorite subscription box for this month.

  20. Nothing to get excited about, but it’s practical and I’m sure I’ll use it eventually. Something about the Honest Company rubs me the wrong way. They were real jerks to to the person who blogs and tweets as Honest Toddler (trying to bully her into changing the name of her blog that existed long before they did) and the recent sunscreen scandal and ensuing response kind of confirmed my suspicions that they’re not a company I need to do business with.

  21. I am not excited about this scrub… I have already cancelled all of my beauty subs now that I found posh and I’m not crazy about honest company… I don’t think most of their products are effective 🙁

    • What is posh – a new company/store?

  22. Definitely excited about this spoiler (more so than for the book). With a very dry, cold, Colorado winter headed my way, plus an eczema problem, a moisturizing scrub is right up my alley. I just made my own scrub recently with a different scent, but lavender is one of my favorite essential oils, plus I can never have too many scrubs. They all get used eventually.

  23. The last couple of boxes have been REALLY TEMPTING. If they asked me what they should put in a box I would say these two things.

  24. I like this spoiler. I’m not over the moon about it as I have been swapping for lots of a different scrub (new favorite) so I have tons. But I love a good scrub, so I’m always happy to get more. 🙂

  25. Just canceled. Not a fan of the author and not fond of lavender. Will probably swap for other items since I would rather pay for shipping than the full $43 and get a bunch of products I didn’t use. Still haven’t used anything but the cuticle oil from last month 🙁

  26. I’m new to Popsugar, Fall Special Edition and September’s box waiting on October’s box. So far I have not been Wowed. Will hang in there until the end of the year. But I do believe in the saying ” you can’t please everyone”.

  27. Not an exciting box for me so far. The first spoiler made me cancel and now seeing this, I know I made the right decision. I’m on scrub overload right now and I know I wouldn’t use this.

  28. Not happy about the scrub. After the Honest Company proved itself to be dishonest, I don’t really want any of their products. And scrubs are heavy to ship!

  29. I signed up for a subscription but missed the September box. If I cancel now, will I get refunded for October? The contents so far are stuff I don’t want.

  30. This box already sounds fantastic, everything else will be bonus for me 🙂
    i love paper books and the mindy kaling book sounds great (so far i’ve only been disappointed by one popsugar book, and even then i appreciate that they cover an assortment of genres)
    the scrub will be nice too. i’ve already tried the lavendar vanilla and i like that fine, will be interested to see if they offer any scent variety.

  31. I think I jinxed myself by saying recently how happy I am that Popsugar seems to be one of the few boxes that pretty consistently avoids lavender. I’m allergic, so this is a no-go for me (but could be a gift.) I love Mindy Kaling, but after 12 moves in 10 years, I’m one of the weirdos who prefers ebooks. The theme spoilers weren’t very exciting to me, so so far I’m not sold on this month.

  32. Excited about the book and the scrub! Sounds like a great box to me!

  33. ha. i caved. literally zero self control. popsugar, you got me again!

  34. Very excited about this scrub! Wasn’t very excited about the book and this definitely makes up for that!

  35. I am excited to try the honest company, but I am just hoping these are not the biggest value items in the box.

    • Agreed!

  36. So far so good! This is shaping up to be a perfect box for me! I am excited for both of these! I love Mindy Kaling and need a good ready and can’t get enough scrubs! Curious to see if the Honest Co. one will be any good. 🙂

  37. Not excited about this. Already have enough scrubs and I can’t stand Jessica Alba, especially after she boasted about making her employees cry, so I try to avoid her products.

    • Agree. Based on what I’ve read and heard, I won’t buy Honest products.

      I’m bummed because I really wanted to get a popsugar box this fall, but I didn’t get last month’s because I have more than enough in the way of brow products, and I don’t want either spoiler for October. Sigh. Oh well, guess I should be happy to save the $$. I’ll save up for some Black Friday deals.

    • Your comment made me look into this. Are you referring to the More magazine article entitled “Jessica Alba: Billion-Dollar Baby” that contains this paragraph:

      “Although she still takes movie roles (“Being an actress is like vacation; business is relentless”), she spends a lot of her time at the Honest offices, often working 10-hour days. “People work hard here,” she observes. “It’s nice to be around people who are so committed.” Nice, too, to be her own boss for the first time, though Alba acknowledges her management skills are a work in progress. “Sometimes I’m a little more iron fist than velvet glove,” she admits. “I’m straight to the point.” This style has not always been the biggest crowd pleaser. “I’ve made people cry. I have had to say, ‘This isn’t personal. This is what needs to get done, and it’s just as simple as that. And . . . we’re not crying anymore.’ ” She laughs. “I’m learning to tone myself down.””

      I didn’t take that as Jessica Alba boasting so much as saying her management skills are a work in progress.

  38. I’m pumped about the book but will def swap the scrub. The September box and the Fall box were so good I’ve raised my expectations.

  39. torn. these items are cool, but i’m worried about the box as a whole. I’m thinking maybe I should order it and hoard stuff away to add to christmas presents, but i also told myself i wouldn’t re-sub after my 3-months was up and it ended last month. AHHHH decisions, decisionssss

  40. was not that excited about the book, but still will read it. I am Super excited about the scrub!! I can’t wait to try this out.

  41. The scrub definitely excites me more than the book.

  42. I almost added this to my bundle the other day, but didn’t. So I’m excited to get it. I love scrubs and love The Honest Company so this is perfect!

  43. I’m excited about this spoiler, I’ve been wanting to try Honest products and I love scrubs. Last couple boxes weren’t good for me.

  44. VERY excited for this months box! LOVE Both spoilers so far! I still love paper books – something so cozy for ME about them to cuddle up on the couch as the snow falls (in Michigan) outside my window and just get lost in words. Even if I didnt think Id like Mindys book I would read the first chapter just to give it a fighting chance. Never have seen her show but loved her in The Office. 🙂

  45. Hmm. While nothing wrong with them, I am so far not very excited about the contents of this box. I hope these aren’t the “best” parts of it, since they are the spoilers….

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