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Neiman Marcus POPSUGAR Must Have Box Spoiler

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Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 1.26.07 PM

We have a spoiler for the POPSUGAR Neiman Marcus Box! (Thanks for the head’s up April, Hillary, Nancy and Brittany!) Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 1.16.17 PM

This Mela Artisans Tray. UPDATE: Confirmed this is the Medium Tray ($130 Value)

What do you think of theΒ Neiman Marcus POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoiler? Are you getting a box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Another spoiler is out. Freddie Borgo Small Chain Tassel Pendant Necklace. I feel the same as I did after the first spoiler. Not even mildly persuaded to bite.

  2. Easy pass for me, I don’t really like the tray. Plus I can’t spend $250 on one box, that’s too big of a risk. $100 is a high gamble for me, I’ve only done it a few times. Thank god I dodged a bullet with this box and the Luxor special edition one.

  3. I am in love with this spoiler! It matches the coasters I just found at TJMaxx for $8!

  4. Not sure if this code will work on this box, but I got a NM code in my email for $50 off a $200 purchase with code SSLOVENM. It only said it was good on full-priced merchandise only. There was no expiry date listed in the email.

    • this box isn’t being sold at NM. It’s popsugar only.

    • Thanks for this! A friend and I just combined an order together so we could use it! Our moms are getting some beautiful champagne glasses from the Christmas book with it!

  5. My FOMO has been cured! This isn’t something I want or need, and not easily giftable IMO since people’s taste in home decor differs so widely. I’ll hold out for the Holiday Box. PS is on a roll with the $100 LE Boxes lately. Here’s hoping for a fantastic holiday box!

    • My thoughts exactly!

  6. Comment

  7. This brand is very expensive and luxe. It’s a gorgeous tray. I usually buy things like this for full price when decorating. Looking forward to seeing what else is in the box.
    I purchased last years box and after seeing the spoilers was a little disappointed but once I received the items loved everything in the box. We used everything and I enjoy the items. I have a place in mind for this tray. Goes with everything. Somewhere I read that it’s a medium sized tray. Beautiful design. If it for some reason wouldn’t work would gift it. would make a lovely gift.

    So far it’s a win for me. Glad I got the box. Hopefully the rest holds up.

  8. Wow. Tray is gorgeous and would work in most homes with just about any color scheme. Smart choice. My favorite swap box items at this point are definitely home decor items. Can’t to see what else is included in this box.

  9. I’m so glad I didn’t buy this box. $250 is a lot to spend. I caved and bought it last year and wish I didn’t once it went on sale. Glad a lot of you are pleased though. πŸ™‚

  10. I love this!! These items are always so expensive on RueLaLa when I look, so its a great addition to the box and something that is versatile/neutral enough to go in any room.

  11. It’s on Walmart’s site being sold and shipped through another retailer (wayfair). Also on Walmart’s web site offered through other retailers are Dolce&Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood and other high end brands, so that doesn’t really negate the value IMO…

    • I didn’t mean to negate the value, I was relishing the irony. And yes, it is amusing to see upscale brands selling through Walmart, directly or indirectly.

  12. Okay.

    The Mela Artisans products being sold on are actually being sold via Walmart’s amazon-esque retail partnerships. These products are actually being sold by There are some Mela *Novelty* items also being sold at Walmart that have nothing to do with this company.

    The Mela Artisans company is all about supporting global artisans; they are providing a way for these people to support themselves by practicing their local crafts. Meanwhile they are helping to preserve these traditional local techniques.

    These kinds of businesses are helping people in these regions earn reasonable income without having to resort to, say, poaching local wildlife or any number of other unsavory jobs.

    Brands like this are pretty much the polar opposite of what one typically finds at Walmart.

    Having said all of that, I absolutely understand why someone who is vegan would want nothing to do with this. As with leather, bone is unquestionably an animal product.

    Personally, I am not vegan. IMO, if an animal is being killed for its meat, I would much prefer its other bits be utilized in ways that keep them out of landfills. Because that just piles on the harm.

    End PSA. πŸ˜‰

    • Great comment and info, Tamara – thank you!

      • πŸ™‚

    • wow this has been enlightening. Maybe PopSugar should think more before rolling out a spoiler. If they had explained things as you have I would not have had such a knee jerk reaction to bone… Walmart … etc.

      Your 2nd and 3rd paragraph actually would make me more inclined to buy… Yes it is bone but using something that was killed legally for it’s meat… preventing poaching etc. I eat meat I am not so hypocritical to say I shouldn’t buy this as it’s bone. (Just still gives me a bit of eww factor… no i don’t own bone chine either)

      If they were smart, they’d ask you to help their PR campaigns. Thanks for the insight. Completely changes the feel of this item. Bravo

      • Oh my gosh, thank you! πŸ˜€

    • I think Tamara should get the Comment of The Year award. Very well said, Tamara!

      As for myself, if an animal has given its life for food, I would rather see all of the animal be used, not wasted and thrown away.

      With that said, the tray itself doesn’t appeal to me from a design standpoint. It isn’t my taste at all. But I can appreciate what the company is doing.

    • Perfectly said!!!

  13. I got the spoiler email too. This is just ok, I am glad I dodged this bullet. I bought last year and not really thrilled about it. I have been a very loyal Neiman Marcus customer for 30 years, never heard of this brand, both online and in store. I did find it on Walmart though after reading the comments here. If the box has a value of $600, this is about 25% of the value. So with tax, this comes out to like $65. Will you buy this for $65? Not me. Saying my money for the holiday box. So far has not been disappointed at the $100 LEs.

  14. Definitely not for me, but I am still interested and liking forward to see what else is in the box!

  15. oooh man! I wish this was the Indigo color though, I’d LOVE it in my bedroom!

  16. I am a Neiman Marcus fanatic! And, I love this tray! I broke down and bought it! Now, if I find out they are selling it at NM I am going to flip the f-out. I literally live 5 minutes from NM! Please promise me this will not be sold in store????

    • uhhhh, why would you count on that?

      • Because the description stated that this box would be sold exclusively via Popsugar.

    • You can’t find this brand on the neiman marcus page, but I did find it on walmart. I had to check after reading Nana’s comment below.

      • I just found the brand on too – ha!!

  17. Love the tray and looking forward to seeing what else is in the box. It’s not enough to make me buy it though.

  18. I love the design & color of the tray, I’ve been wanting a breakfast tray & this one looks perfect! I don’t know how I feel about it being made of bone tho…

    • People have been using bone to make things for a very long time. If anyone has any questions about the brand I noticed that on the melaartisans website and scroll down to the video titled Meet the Artisans. It’s fascinating to watch the manufacturing process!!! The bones and horns are being upcycled and not from killing the animals. I had to watch the video a few times (I couldn’t read and watch them work, LOL!) but I have a lot of respect for the artisans making these trays and other products!!!

    • Agree, bone is not ideal even if it’s being “upcycled”. Where did the bones come from…in some countries this might be a question we don’t want answered. Honestly, I bet you could find this tray or something very similar at a discount home stores or dept. store outlet. It just doesn’t read holidays to me.

    • Our everyday china is Lenox bone china. I love the way bone china looks and love love love the durability. I eat meat and I believe strongly in honoring the sacrifice required of the animals by using all parts.

  19. I actually had this in my shopping cart when I went to resub to PopSugarMH. Very glad I backed out. I am determined to find a luxury box worthy of my $200 and I don’t think this is it.

    • Luxe Provence was pretty darn good and Luxor special editions can be as well

  20. This is my first NM box and I had (nervously) ordered it before the first spoiler. I was relieved to see the tray; I really like it! No way would I have paid the full retail price for it, but for me that’s the whole idea behind these boxes–getting to try higher end products I’d have otherwise never known about, and at a discount! It’s still a splurge, but a more justifiable one. I looked at the reviews of the 2013 and 2014 boxes, and there were no items that I flat out didn’t like!

    • I agree! I think this tray is quite lovely, and I’m glad I took the plunge and ordered. I’m feeling hopeful that the rest of the box will be great!

  21. I was really interested in the tray until I saw it was made of bone. Boo.

  22. I think this is really lovely. I’m not jumping out of my chair with excitement, but I’m definitely pleased.

    I do kind of wonder what the deal is with the trays, though. They’re everywhere! Good thing I like them.

  23. This is ok, but no way I would ever purchase this at full price. Def not splurging on the NM/PSMH yet.. Key word yet ☺️.. Anyone know how much the estimate RV of the box will be?

  24. YAY! it’s gorgeous. Excited. Already ordered though πŸ™‚

  25. It beautiful. But not enough to get me to spend $250 glad I didn’t break down and buy it yesterday

  26. Definitely not enough to make me want to buy this box.

  27. Please excuse my naivete, but when it says material is bone what does that mean?
    The tray looks beautiful, the material just throws me off in the description

    • I was thinking that same thing. While it’s beautiful, that kind of turned me off. We’ll see.

    • There is a video on youtube, Mela Artisans: Preserving Age-Old Techniques Using Horn and Bone, you can watch to see how it is made and what it is made from. I wonder how vegans will feel about this…..

      • Wait, it’s made from ANIMAL bones?!

      • As a vegan – I’m not buying this box now, for sure. If they’re using animal bones that are a byproduct of the food industry (I hope that’s what these are) I don’t see why it would be a problem for an omnivore. Better to use all the parts of the animal.

        • It just seems gross.

    • I left a comment on FB asking. I hate to say this but if they come back animal bone and horn I am NOT buying no matter what else is in there… ok ok if they say winning lotto ticket or million dollars, I’ll buy and donate 25% to animal charities HAHA

    • I emailed Mela to ask more about this and their customer service manager wrote back to say that their “horn and bone products are made from water buffalo bone which is a by-product of the meat industry, which would otherwise go to waste/land fill.”

      • Thank you for asking them and posting response! I’m glad they responded

    • I know that some of you are put off by ‘bone’. However, do know that the fancy china bowls and plates, if they say bone china, they have some % of bone in it too. You be surprise a lot of items out there have some form of bone in one form or the other.

      • Really? I did not know that.

      • And how about leather purses, shoes, etc…animal products are all around. No prob for me. The tray looks like a beautiful piece of art!

  28. It’s beautiful, but not enough to get me to spend $250. It’s not a must have.

  29. It’s funny, this is a brand you can buy at Neiman Marcus, or at Walmart πŸ™‚

    • Seriously?!?
      Because as of right now, nothing from this brand is on the NM website.

    • I just assumed it was on sale at Neiman or otherwise it wouldn’t be in the box. It’s a little disturbing that it’s on sale at Walmart but not at Neiman.

  30. I must be blind,,,keep hitting to enter but all I get is the same picture over and over……How do I enter ?

    • That is just a photo from the promo. The contest is over. It ended on 10/12.

      • LOL…Ok I am blind… Thank you!

        • Sorry for using the old photo. Updated the post so it isn’t confusing!

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