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Birchbox November 2015 Sample Selection Time!

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Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.46.10 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.46.33 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.46.18 PM

Reminder to check for your Birchbox email to select your sample for this month! (This link will take you to the sample choice page, but you have to use your own personal email link to be able to select your sample).

If you are new to Sample Choice, you should get an email today if you are a Birchbox Ace, or shared your box page – all other subscribers will get their email tomorrow.

Are you going with a sample pick or the curated box?

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 8.50.34 PM

Also, if you haven’t signed up for Birchbox yet, use coupon code SUBSCRIBENOW50 to get 50 bonus points ($5) when you sign up. Your first box will be the November box. You won’t get to choose a sample for your first month, but you will receive the LOC Shadow Stick in your first box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Ack! I am too late for the sample choice! That’s what I get for working so much >.<

  2. I wonder… Their customer service has always been great Those of you that are ACE and didn’t get your email… have you tried contacting them and explaining then asking for the choice you want? It may not help with the curated but I really can’t see them REALLY being sold out of their own brand of lipsticks and eye shadow sticks…. Just curious to see what birchbox would do if an ACE asks

  3. Funny story (or not)! I have had one Birchbox sub for 2.5 years now and never saw any point to opening a second sub, but this time I really wanted the early access for sample choice, and I really wanted both the curated box and the berry colored lipstick, so I referred myself and opened a second sub. So sure enough I received the sample choice email early, ***but*** I use my work email for sub #1, and when I came to work on Monday, my computer was dead, dead, dead. So I actually didn’t have any way to access my account and do the sample choice. Doh! I tried to go on earlier today, but all it showed remaining was the red lippie, and it wouldn’t even let me choose it – I could select it, but it wouldn’t let me “submit.” So who knows what I will actually get in that box?!?

  4. Theres no point to being an ACE. Didnt get my email until just a bit ago; wasnt able to choose a lipstick (which I wanted) but got an LOC eyeshadow instead. I wish to be surprised with the rest of the box.

    In my second account I just picked the guest editor curated box. I tend to do that – one surprise box and one curated box – but am still upset about 1) getting emails late being an ACE And 2) couldnt get a lipstick now am stuck with 2 eyeshadow sticks – and I dislike eyeshadow sticks. SIGH. Oh well its only $10, right?

    • I am so extremely bummed also. I just got my email and by now the only thing left is one LOC red lipstick. I really wanted to try out the eye shadow and would have loved the curated box. I am completely blue.

      • I referred a couple friends and didn’t get my e-mail a day early, as promised. I got it the same day as everyone else and there were limited colors left. Bummer!

    • I got my emails really late too but by mid-evening (Eastern) of the “early access” day there was an option on the Birchbox page to customize your box for the month, including sample choice. So I chose on my two Ace accounts before the emails went out. There was actually still plenty left the next day on my non-Ace account, too.

      It doesn’t help you this month, but next month try to look for that on sample choice day. It’s under the “your box” menu at the top of the page.

  5. Here is to hoping the sample choice pick problem has been fixed permanently.

    I also didn’t get the e-mails, but I went to my account and chose the sample choice link and was able to get my choices in both accounts. Now for hoping they actually come.

    • I’ve never received emails either, despite being an Ace. I just take Liz’s cue and logged into my account at the right time to make my selection. This is my first time doing that so I’m excited about picking the curated box for once. Haven’t been too excited about the items in the random boxes I always get.

  6. My non-ace account was able to get a sample choice no problem right now! Used the link from the website (never get the emails anyway) so for the first time ever I got to pick the sample! Woop Woop! Got the berry lipstick for my mom!

  7. I didn’t get my sample choice email until after midnight and I’m an Ace. But none of the choices were sold out yet so I was able to choose the guest editor box. All of the items look great, however I really wanted to choose the “impress me” rose gold eye shadow stick. And the one the comes in the box didn’t have a color description so I’m really not sure what color it is.

    This is the first month that I ever wanted to get a second box. Probably bc I got the guest editor box last month so I haven’t had a surprise from bbox in a couple months.

    • I still haven’t gotten my e-mail but FINALLY got it to work today. I chose the rose gold eyeshadow stick. The one that comes in the curated box is in a different color than either of the two that are offered as a sample choice. I made my choice, so unless I log out, it won’t let me see what it’s called, but to me it looks lighter than both of the offerings in sample choice.

    • I am an ACE this month for the first time and I got my email around 7:30 PM.

      Day Trip (the color in the curated box) is listed as “warm copper” on the shop page that has the shadow sticks to buy individually.

  8. I’ve had the issue with the spinning B logo for at least a week in Chrome so I had to quit using it and go to IE (which I HATE, but at least it works).

    I was able to get in and select the curated box without a problem. I’m excited to get the curated one this time – I’ve never gotten it before. I was on the “beta” option for the +$20 and you couldn’t do that option with the curated box unless you bought it on top!

  9. GO NOW! The site is working!!!

    • Or maybe not. UGH.

  10. The Birchbox website is useless right now. I got a new debit card so I need to change my billing info on my 2 accounts and haven’t been able to. I’ve tried on iPad, phone, desktop, laptop and nothing. I’m just worried that I’ll make my sample selection and it won’t count for anything if they can’t bill me on the 1st. Grrrrr.

  11. I couldn’t even log in yesterday and piddled about for what seemed like hours trying to get in.
    To my surprise, I received an email today congratulating me on my choice. Huh? I didn’t even see the selections.
    I had to email BBox today and ask if I could please make the selection myself.
    Clearly a technical glitch, but so frustrating. I could be having a life! lol

  12. Since there was no email about the website changes, I honestly think they went live before they actually meant to. Hopefully we get an email soon letting us know what’s up from now on 🙂

  13. Hi girls I’m totally new and I would like to get my B subscription but I have a promo code for a free beauty blender but at the checkout the page said the promo doesn’t exist what happen can you help me? I already sent an email but no one is answered 🙁

    • Unfortunately, that deal has expired. 🙁

  14. My email came last night, unexpectedly. I clicked the link a few times and it didn’t work. I walked back past my computer about 30 minutes later, and it had loaded. I selected the On Point shadow stick, but it acted like the button wasn’t there. I gave up, but about an hour later I got the confirmation email.

  15. I kind of think it’s interesting that so many people had trouble getting the page to load. And most of them tried multiple phones, tablets, apps, etc.

    I did not have any trouble getting the page to load at any time. I was on a regular computer. I don’t do mobile. I really don’t see why I would need to be able to access the internet at all times (including at stores, in public restrooms, in elevators, in restaurants, and all the other crazy times I see people fiddling with their phones). And when I am at home, I would much prefer a large screen where I can actually see what I’m looking at…

    • I ran into the same problem as most of the other commentators and I was connecting from a computer.

    • Well, to each there own. Like HL, I am on a computer and cannot access the site.

    • Because occasionally I go in to a store I hadn’t planned on going to, and sometimes there’s a coupon I need. Or I look up a product to do a price comparison or read a review. Just another perspective.

      As for public restrooms…just NO.

  16. I have three Birchbox accounts now thanks to the beauty blender promo… I had planned on cancelling one but I’m excited about these LOC products. I was able to customize through the website one of the boxes, my ace account I had to email them and my last account doesn’t show any options on my customize your box section, so I emailed them on that but nothing is in put in. I always get my ACE email, its weird that I didn’t get it this time. But I think if they can get that customize your box working for everyone that is a nice feature!!

  17. I sent them an email…. I have no option to choose anything 🙁

    • I also sent them a message as I didn’t have an option to choose

  18. After several tries was able to pick the Glam Guru 🙂 which I wanted but they didn’t have the option to pick both like last month :/ maybe it’s too much trouble or not enough demand? Don’t know but would love to see that as an option vs keeping a second acct.

  19. I was able to pick the Impress Me shadow stick. Hopefully, I can figure out how to use it. Ha ha. The boxes are so pretty this month. Now I will just anxiously await my confirmation email to make sure it took. My page does say what my choice is and that they are preparing my November box so I hope I did everything I had to do.

  20. I’m an ace and never got an e-mail saying I could make my choice, but did log in several times today and was finally able to make my choice a few minutes ago. I haven’t gotten the usual confirmation e-mail, though…

    • I’m not an ace yet (though I’m close) but haven’t gotten the e-mail yet. I will try to go through the site and see if I can figure out a way to make my choice. It won’t be the end of the world if I can’t, but it would be nice.

      • Ugh, the site won’t let me choose. It just keeps taking me to the video thingie and letting me add on things to my November box, not choose the sample or the curated vs. regular box.

  21. You don’t have to have an email link now. You can customize it from your page by going to “customize your next months box”. I wonder how many noticed this?! yayyyy. I got the “Glam Life” lipstick.

    • Thanks for mentioning this! My email hadn’t shown up yet, but I was able to make my choice this way! I’m so glad that Birchbox finally made this update.

    • Yes! She explained this in the video. Also, I had no issues whatsoever choosing my sample, and I did get the confirmation email. Weird.

    • I tried this because I didn’t get the e-mail, and it still won’t let me customize. I can still add on other things, but still no choice 🙁

      • That was maybe 10 minutes ago, and now the site’s down. Maybe that has something to do with it.

  22. I decided to give it one more try tonight. I was able to select my sample. I wasn’t able to access the BB sale listed in the other thread.

  23. It looks like they’ve done a total site update… and it hasn’t gone well. I had most of the troubles you all had, but finally the sample choice page loaded. Did any of you do the Birchbox Plus add ons? That has also been a mess. I still haven’t gotten a confirmation email with my correct order. The email and the site show two different things and Customer Service has been abysmal (for the first time in my Birchbox life).

    Anyway, I hope they get it sorted out. Good luck everyone! I had the best luck on my laptop, FYI. My iPhone pretty much broke it was trying so hard.

  24. I’ve tried to access it both ways, thru the email and directly on my account and neither work. 🙁 Really disappointing that they make updates to this and they don’t even work.

  25. Huh. Weird. I never got a choose-your-sample email like I always do (I was thinking tomorrow was Ace day so I wasn’t freaking out)… were we just supposed to know to go to the site today?

    I do like that you can choose from the site now instead of from the email, but it seems weird that we got no notice of that.

    It loads fine for me, but no shadow stick choices are offered. I guess they are sold out? It’s just between lipstick (which I don’t wear) or the curated. I would have loved the curated except it has the one shade of shadow stick I already bought! I guess I’ll go that route though…

    • Aaand now I’m driving myself mad trying to figure out if today or tomorrow was supposed to be Ace-choice day. I thought it was always the 27th? And it would be really weird to get a sample choice email this late at night… I always get them somewhere between 10am – 2pm. Yet– some people are choosing? Hmmm.

      The BB choice-reveal email doesn’t say, the BB choice-reveal video won’t play, and Liz’s post about it doesn’t say either….


    • Mine showed up with five choices, which I thought were all for lips. It turned out that the last two – furthest to the right – were actually for eyes. Perhaps yours was the same way?

      • Oh, you’re smarter than me! 🙂 Thanks!

      • I never got a choice email either, but after we got this notice I saw that the choice video email had a link to click- could it have been since 10/21 that we could choose? The link didn’t work, in the video they said we would be able to choose from our signed in page. Tried it multiple times today with no luck- then just now I had a drop down for choosing this month’s box. I knew to check from these comments! Thanks Liz and everyone- got the curated box!

    • I just chose a shadow stick!

    • Brooke, that’s what I thought but if you look at the shades on the right, they are the shadows. Very confusing!

  26. Is today (early acces) sample choice only for Aces members? :/

  27. Now you can access the box sample pick from your homepage on birchbox! Where you would go to click on your box, click on the drop down for “Customize your next month’s sample”!!!!! The page loaded unlike my email link and I was able to choose from there!!! Grabbed the rose gold shadow stick!

  28. Time to stalk my email and yes, I’d like both boxes too. Why not? 🙂

  29. I cant get the page to load on any browser :'( I’m an ace too!

  30. Same here ! Took me a while to finally pick up the red lipstick !!! Can’t wait to have my box!! Great choice this month was hard to decide between the lipstick and the curated box !! But really didn’t want another dry shampoo…that’s make the difference! Hoping I’m not gonna get one !!!

    • I have never finished a dry shampoo, and I have 6 thanks to subscription boxes. But I couldn’t help myself, the curated box looked too good! So now I guess I have 7.

      • I got it on each of my accounts just for the dry shampoo. I love dry shampoo!

  31. Really frustrating the site sont work. Ugh

    • As soon as I wrote that it worked go figure!

  32. Page wasnt loading for me either. Finally got it to load but when I clicked on the GlamLifeGuru box, the link was dead. So I just emailed them my choice. I’ve emailed them my choice in the past multiple times & it’s always worked out so I’m not worried.

    I think for my 2nd account I’m going to let Birchbox send me whatever! I havent done that in months, so hopefully it turns out good.

  33. I can’t decide. I love all the lipsticks and the curated box.

  34. Does anyone know if we have the option this month, like all the other months to buy the guest editor box in addition to our birchbox? Sorry, I’m a lil obsessed, but if you are reading this and subscribed to this blog you also have an obsession 😉

    • I know! I want to buy it but dont see how! Liz?

  35. I’ve been having such a hard time getting the choice page to load (I’m legit an Ace, never had this issue before)… I’ve tried on 4 different devices now and for some reason I’m not aware of, the page just comes up blank with a spinning B logo diamond icon thingy. Is this happening to anyone else?
    Does this sound like a basic BB site traffic issue or should I be annoyed at all my devices, servers, cable company, the cat, the pizza delivery guy who is probably snacking on my pizza whilst watching MNF and katy perry? Admittedly, I’m not anywhere near a NASA level IT guru, so I can’t figure this out.
    Thanks in advance for any insight. 😉

    • Yes! The same thing is happening to me and it is so annoying! I emailed them with my sample choice instead and I will be very upset if they don’t honor that.

    • Same thing happened to me for half an hr!!! I tried their app, my iPad, & iPhone. I emailed them and tried again because I REALLY want this editor box ?.. The box stopped spinning and showed options but when I selected it wouldn’t budge. I did however receive a confirmation email that they got my select! Thank God & the Birchbox Gods!!!! Because I was about to throw all my devices like a child with the worse of tantrums. Anyway.. Don’t give up!! Because they prob only have limited boxes and can always run out. :/

    • The same thing happened to me, and then it let me through to the page. I think they’re using a new system. However, it still wont click through to the confirmation page for me…

    • Update on the saga of the frustratingly busy sample choice page:

      So… it’s 21 minutes later, that B is still spinning on the last 2 devices standing. I think on both phones (iPhone & Android) I broke the app, because after a while of nothingness, the app just closed on its own. Weird.
      In other news, no word on my pizza yet either.
      Urgggghhhhh! :/

      Good luck to the rest of y’all watching the emphatically entertaining B logo spin show and hope everyone gets their choice box! 😉

    • Same problem. I got through once, but it wouldn’t take my selection. It’s very frustrating.

    • I’m experiencing the same issue too. I’ll try again tomorrow.

    • This had been happening to me on chrome but IE worked fine.

  36. OK, I haven’t gotten my sample choice email yet (I’m an ace) but when I click on the link in the video, it just sends me to a circling “B”. Am I supposed to still wait? dying for the curated box…

  37. Uhhhhhh just clicked on the guest editorspeaker box and now it says I have the METS guest editor box? !?!?!? WTH?!?!?!

    • What is that?

    • Mine also showed the men’s choice box, but the email confirmation showed the women’s. I think it’s just a graphic mix-up.

  38. I went with sample choice shadow stick – impress me the color is so pretty and I love the November box colors !

    • Same here! Looked gorgeous in the video too!

      • Me too. I wanted the curated box for the PHD shampoo, but didn’t want the gold shadow stick, so opted for the Impress Me stick instead. I plan to keep that pretty blue & black box too.

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