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Birchbox Launches Their Own Makeup Line!

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Thanks Marie for letting us know about this news! Birchbox has launched their first makeup line: LOC (Love of Color). This brand was made in collaboration with Tatiย andย includesย lipstick and eyeshadow sticks.

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This is the first of several in-house brands that Birchbox will launch. (Others in 2016). What do you think of the new LOC line? I’m hoping it shows up in one of my monthly Birchboxes soon!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The Marcelle eyeliner sample that pretty much everyone got was .028 oz.

    The LOC eyeshadow is .05 oz. so almost twice the size. I’m guessing thicker but not any longer.

    The LOC lipstick is only .02oz, so smaller than the Marcelle eyeliner. That doesn’t even seem to qualify as “lipstick” to me – it’s more of a lip liner sample.

  2. I just read on that subscribers will receive a LOC product in the November box ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have been a big fan of Tati for the past 2 years. I watch her videos every day (she puts a new one out Monday-Friday), and I’m so happy for her for collaborating a new make up line! I’m particularly excited to try the eye sticks (big fan of cream shadow).

    I don’t mind her being so heavily partnered with Birchbox because 9 videos out of 10 she doesn’t even mention them. Plus her channel is still 50% drugstore brands and most of her holy grail high end products you can’t buy on

    I do believe Birchbox will not overly bomb us all with their new products. I think we will get it about the same or less than the amount that we receive from Cynthia Rowley or Harvey Prince.

    • I have had SO MANY Cynthia Rowley and Harvey Prince items, I feel like sending it at those levels is still too much.

  4. Could be interesting

  5. After reading these comments and giving it some thought, I think I’m tentatively okay with this. I very much do NOT want their own products to take over the box.

    But I’ve come to respect their business model. The changes they make are usually slow and well thought out. And more often than not, they enhance the service.

    So I’m hopeful that they’ll send us a few products scattered into the boxes but won’t let then take over.

  6. I just got a email from Birchbox that they are canceling the beta program. I am so sad to see this go and hope this isn’t the start of more negative to come.

  7. I’m totally fine with Birchbox adding a couple of in-house things to their boxes, but I agree with the comment about what happened to Memebox when they started doing this. I love Memebox’s XO brand stuff but I don’t want so many of them in my boxes!

    Also the LOC Lipsticks are full size 0.02oz for $8. That’s actually really expensive for the amount of product!!

    • I see that! Wow, that is pricey for the amount you get! Maybe the “samples” that will be in our November boxes will actually be full size products because they’re so dang small. I can’t imagine making that small enough to be a sample size except to issue a card like you’d get in a magazine, which would piss off most Birchbox subscribers (myself included).

      • Though I admit that I would be OK with the card sample of lipstick, for example, if it were in addition to the other samples in my Birchbox. However, if they’re pushing the stick format of these products, that wouldn’t be very helpful to giving us an idea as to how easy they are (or are not) to apply.

  8. I am excited about this. I like stick-type makeup, so I hope it is good and look forward to getting it in my BB. It is too soon to judge quality or intentions but this could be a nice addition to BB.

  9. Ah, I was wondering why all of Tati’s videos lately were touting the wonders of Birchbox… she was in it for the $$$. Well, all those beauty Tubers are, so it’s not just her. Anyhoo, I won’t be buying because I have enough makeup, but if I get one in a future BB, that’s fine. I’ll try it out.

    • Jinx! I’m hoping to try the shadow stick, but I also hope the sample choice isn’t picking a LOC product. And I agree with everyone else that I don’t want to start getting a ton of Birchbox-branded products in my box even though I’m excited about the new line.

      • This is what happened to Memebox when they launched their “I’m” and xoxomeme lines – half the makeup in the boxes is from their lines :/

    • This makes me lose hope that, if we’re getting Birchbox-branded stuff in lieu of other brands of samples in our boxes, we’d might get full-size products. Would be nice sort of as an introductory hurrah, but I guess not. I wouldn’t mind a good red lip color. You hear me, Birchbox??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • We* might get full-size products, not “we’d.” Sorry for the typo!

  10. Mashable has an article about the product launch that says subscribers will get LOC samples in their November boxes, although it doesn’t give any more details about whether it will be a sample choice or not

    • Well reading the article it sounds like they are a limited product line, which is good imo. 2 times a year releases based on the season, partnering with others in industry. Doesn’t sound like a total take over but more of a small extension of what they are already doing.
      Course it seams like we will all see next month….

  11. Are the makeup items made in China? In other words, are they just buying generic Chinese makeup and have it printed with their brand?

    • Thank you- so many “house” lines like this are from those U-Brand-’em places.

  12. I’d try this! But I want to know if it’s cruelty free.

    • Someone said as a response to another post that Tati posted on Instagram that it’s cruelty-free.

  13. I’m not impressed… At all.

  14. Congrats to Birchbox on starting a cosmetic line! It must be an exciting time for the company!

    I’m reaching the end of my Birchbox journey and have only a few boxes left in my sub. I hope they listen to readers comments and adjust accordingly.

  15. I wouldn’t mind one of their products every now and again in my Birchbox, but I would hope that they would provide a full-size product, or maybe include it as a bonus item in addition to what would’ve been in the box normally.

    • I agree – rarely or as a bonus.

  16. No problem at all if Birchbox includes these products as BONUS items, and not as any of the five monthly items.

  17. I agree and hope they don’t start putting them in every box and/or change their subscription to just their brand. Now if they offered a separate sub for people who just want their make up that would be fine. Like Starlooks does.

    • I feel the same way. I am just afraid that it’s going to be like, ooh, here, you got the silver eye crayon this month and the maroon one this month and the cream-colored one this month and guess what’s going to be in every single mystery sample pack from here on out? (Sorry, a bit burned out on Harvey Prince fragrances and Marcelle eyeliners.)

      • Seriously. I’ve only been getting Birchbox since this summer, and I already feel that burnout!

      • Agreed about Harvey Prince. I have received it in every form possible, roller ball, spray, shampoo, conditioner, sea salt spray, lotion. And not only in Hello, but other scents as well. lol not a fan!

        • Yes, that and kate spade’s Twirl …. those two brands are my Birchbox nemesis.

  18. I agree with everyone else. I’d be happy to try a product or two from this line (as well as future Birchbox lines), but will cancel if I start receiving products from their own lines every month. There are too many competitors out there to stay loyal to BB if they stop offering me the opportunity to try new brands and products.

  19. Interesting… I wouldn’t mind trying one (in my preferred color) but definitely wouldn’t want Birchbox to send us a bunch of their own make-up every month! Especially as I’m sure they plan to keep growing if this works out. (Like Julep! Which I do love… and hate. LOL)

    • At least with Julep you have the choice of whether to subscribe or not in the first place to a one-brand box, to skip, and to choose all polishes if you don’t want the beauty product.

  20. I agree with Kristi. I would love them to put this in a box but I do not want the boxes over time to change to ONLY their brand of products. I would unsubscribe if that ever happens.

  21. The price point looks pretty reasonable, I just hope this won’t mean every future LE from BB includes LOC items.

    Have they made any statements as to whether the line is cruelty-free?

    • Tati posted about the launch on Instagram and said that the line is cruelty-free.

  22. I really hope they put these in our boxes at some point! I’d love to try them, but I’m a little hesitant to buy them until I either try them or see some good reviews.

  23. I hope this means we’ll be receiving more makeup items in our Birchboxes! I’m not a huge fan of skincare products, so I feel like they give me way too many skincare items.

  24. I would love to try their stuff but I hope they dont start replacing our boxes with their brand every month. I enjoy trying new brands and new products and would hate to get birchbox brand every month unless I absolutely loved it.

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