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Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review + Coupon – September 2015

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Beauty DNA is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends you one full size beauty item each month based on your preferences. They have three categories of items: skincare, hair, and body. When you sign up you take a very specific survey on your beauty preferences, and they match you with a new beauty item each month.


My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: Beauty DNA

The Cost: $25 a month with free shipping

COUPON: Beauty DNA subscriptions are on sale at Gilt City now through 10/12. Here are the details:

Gilt City has a 4-month BeautyDNA subscription on sale for $58 (regularly $100). That brings the cost down to $14.50 a box!

And new Gilt City customers can use coupon code WELCOME30 to save an additional 30%! (That’s $10.15 a box – thanks Piret!)

The Products: One new full-size product each month that matches your beauty preferences.

Ships to: US Only.

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Each card details the item included and a why it matches your specific interests and preferences.


Also good to know – the items come with a BeautyDNA label over the barcode.


Epicuren Eye Alive Serum – Value $54

This eye serum is designed to help brighten dark under eye circles. That’s one of the main concerns I listed in my beauty profile survey, so I’m happy with this match. It also is free of ingredients I asked to avoid: fragrance, parabens, and sulfates.

As far as the formula goes, I’ve only tried it a few times so far, so I can’t tell if it’s working on my dark circles yet, but I like how gentle it is, and how quickly it absorbs in my skin.

Verdict: I’m very happy with this box. My original BeautyDNA subscription ended up getting cancelled because of a billing error. (Completely my fault. It is so hard to keep track of all the subscriptions I need to update when I get a new credit card! I wish every subscription accepted PayPal!) Anyway, I decided to take advantage of the Gilt City deal for my new subscription, so this box only cost me $10.15! I’d be happy with the value at the normal $25 rate too.

Plus when I set up a new BeautyDNA subscription, I noticed that the profile survey has gotten a little more in-depth than when I first registered, so I’m hoping that means even better matches. So far, we’re off to a good start!

What do you think of BeautyDNA? Which product did they match you with for September?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I wanted to share what I received for my first product taking advantage of the Gilt City deal. I received Luminique Age-Defying Complex for day and night with SPF 15, which another poster received. As suggested, I answered my profile where it leaned more toward skin care products vs. body/hair care items. My sister, also, took advantage of the deal. She has more skin sensitivities than me. She got her first item, which is the COOLA® Suncare ‘Environmental Repair Plus® – Fresh Relief™’ Face Serum that sells at Nordstrom and Ulta for $68. Thank you everyone for your help and recommendations.

  2. Received my first Beauty DNA box – Elysee Firmance Pycnogenol Firming Serum. Listed as $64 retail but selling on HSN for $27.95. Still, better than the cost of the sub and I really do need help with aging skin and eyes so look forward to trying this out.

  3. Received my first box today and huge disappointment. Hydroxatone. I also checked “don’t want ” spf box… I wrote to them, we will see…

  4. I received my first Beauty DNA through the Gilt City deal and I am very happy. I received 3 Lab Perfect C eye treatment, it’s a $95 value. So this one product is worth over double what I paid for 4 months of Beauty DNA! Plus, I love trying out new eye creams! I can’t wait to see what I get next month, as far as I’m concerned everything after this month is a bonus.

  5. Was hoping for not receiving hydroxatone and I got.. Hydroxatone!!! Stupid survey that I made sure to specify no spf face product, and prefer no chemical, paraben and other disgusting ingredients.. Reached out to them and they reply they will send me a replacement.. You would think with all the other products they have in stock, they would not have the nerves to send us informercial crappy products???!! Never resubbing to this again

  6. Just got mine today. I got the Algenist Reconstructuring Serum ($95 value) and I am over the moon 🙂 with the Gilt city deal and new member coupon it’s practically a gift lol. I followed others tips and only picked anti-aging skincare serums, oils and lotions which are typically the higher end stuff. I will definitely keep this subscription, even at full price it’s a great deal for me 🙂

  7. I really am disappointed with BeautyDNA this month. They sent me travel size bonus item that’s $5 (Glytone Step-Up 30 ml) because I got my subscription through RueLaLa and my match was $38 dollar (Babor Extra Vitality Fluid). To be honest the September box was a disappointment because my full size item is consisted of only 7 small tubes (each is 2mL or 1/16 fluid ounces in size). If I use it day and night like it’s stated on the card then I’ll be out in like 1-2 days because 4 of the small tubes is the Revitalizing Oxygen Fluid and the other 3 is the Collagen Booster Fluid.

    I heard from other subscribers that BeautyDNA normally will add another full size item into the box if the match is less than $50 and I thought the subscription was suppose to provide you with skincare or cosmetic item that will last like at least/around a month. I just emailed them and will post what they say as soon as I heard. Out of curiosity did anyone else got a September box like this low in value/low amount of product?

    • This is just my opinion and I dont know what you paid for your subscription (Mine came out to $10.15mo) but $38+5 bonus seems like a fantastic value for the out of pocket cost. I know some have gotten products with huge values but I dont expect that we all will all the time. The questionaire was quite lengthy so we are all different. They do have exceptional customer service so hopefully they will help you out.

      • I decided to write this follow up because I just saw their replied today because it got send to the junkbox. Customer service didn’t do anything about my complaints on the product I received. They again repeat the same instruction given on the card to me when I asked them questions that isn’t on the card. In addition, I also asked them if the bonus item suppose to be full size, sample size, or varys. I was told that the bonus item is supposed to be sample sizes. Which confused me because I saw the comment about how people got full size bonus items. If I remember correctly, the lowest priced of a full sized item that I read in one of comments was $28 (PHYTO Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm), therefore I asked they look into it. The only thing they did was moved my shipment date up because I told them I don’t like how my end of the month shipment always arrived to me like a week into the next month because it’s delivered by smartpost. I guess I’ll be with them for another 4 months because I bought another 4 month subscription on Gilt back in October and I asked them to add that to my account. I hope that I’ll have better experience with them this time around. I guess I’ll keep you guys updated if they reply back with anything besides for we added the Gilt voucher to your account or we moved up your shipment date so it wouldn’t fall on your move out date from your apartment.

        Kristi: Yes, I got the 4 month subscription through Rue La La for $59. That comes to $14.75 per month. I agree the products did exceed the subscription amount per month. I totally understand that some months subscribers will have high priced products while others will be on the lower spectrum and it depends on what we put on the survey. I was expecting the similar price range for all products combined (at the end of subscription), caliber of skincare, and the same treatment when a matched item is priced less than $50. I don’t remember that Rue La La stated anywhere about the promotional price will mean differences in services, so I expected more from BeautyDNA.

        The reason it disappoint me so much that I feel the need to comment was that my first month was $55 (Luminique Age Defying Complex) and the second month was $38 (the month I decided to comment on, Babor Extra Vitality Fluid). The other two products for the month of October and November after I emailed them is priced at $64 (lysee Scientific Cosmetics Firmance Pycnogenol Firming Serum) and $42 (Olie biologique 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil) respectively. Those prices are prices that are on amazon and the brand’s website, few of them are sold much lower on other sites. If I remember correctly, all my bonus items are sample size and 2 out of the 4 months bonus items were repeats ($5 Glytone Step-Up 30 ml).

        • Wow, I saw so many grammar mistakes right after I submitted comments. My bad.

  8. Thanks Jen for posting the 100% pure deal. Kristi, it is under Atalnta. The referral deal of $30 did not for me and my friend on beauty DNA because it had to be over $60. So it is not $30 off $50, it is $30 off $60 or more. I used my welcome code on 100% deal, bought 3 $50, so I will be getting $300 worth for only $105. I might have to buy 3 of the $29 beauty DNA to use my friends $30 once her order is processed. New to gilt city.

    • Awesome !!! I can’t get over how great the deal is ! I used another email account and used the welcome30 twice.

    • Ok I’m slow but think I understand now. The deal is for that actual site you can’t use it anywhere on gilt city after you get the promo $$$. Still an incredible deal.

    • They also have two gifts with purchase one is a honey duo the other is a 4 piece set (I think it ends today). I feel like I work for them … But I just really like their products so this deal was great for me.

  9. Not sure where to put this but gilt has an amazing offer for 100% pure .. You can pay $70 and receive $150 to spend on there site, spend $50 get $100, spend $25 get $50. If you use the code welcome30 you can get 30% off – so $49 for $150 !!!

    • Jen do you happen to have a link for this deal?

    • The $30 off of $60 or more works for the 100% pure deal!!! I sent an invite to my extra email address to get the deal. So, I paid $40 for the $150…woohoo!

      • How do you get the $30 off ?

        • Referral. Once the referral make a purchase, you get $30 also

        • I sent the referral link to my second email. I actually had to copy and paste the link into an email and send it to myself. For some reason it wasn’t being sent to my second email through Gilt City. Once my second email got the referral email, I just clicked on the link and purchased the $70 100%Pure deal. An email was immediately sent to my primary email. Now, if I want to, I can purchase another $70 100%Pure deal for $40. I’m still debating buying a second voucher.

  10. I don’t know how they can give us such wonderful high end brands at such a low price. I just went online to see if my replacement for the Hydroxatone was done yet and I’m over the moon about the product I’m getting now. They are sending me Algenist Concentrated Reconstructing Serum and I really like this brand. The RV is $95 which blows me away. This is moving up fast as my favorite sub.

    • Oo – I’ve always been impressed with Algenist! I don’t know how they do it either 🙂

    • Why are they replacing your hydroxatone? I may have missed that comment?

      • Claudia when I made out the survey I said I didn’t want SPF products. My face is really sensitive to certain ones so I prefer it without. I let them know and they said it shouldn’t have had an SPF and their system wasn’t accurate so they would update it and send a new product.

    • How do you know what you are getting? I’m signing in, and it just shows a bottle with a question mark stating its my October match, and it’s been shipped already!

      • Where the bottle with the question mark is they replace with a real product pic. Next to Sept. It says skin which tells me the type of product and beside that it says the name of product. I can only see the month of September. October is still blank and says coming soon!

        • Thx u!!

  11. I got the giltcity deal last week and received my first box today. I got Philip B. Russian Amber Imperial Insta-Thick hair thickening & finishing spray. Ret. $39.
    It isn’t the highest value but I’m happy. I have a ton of skincare so it was nice to get something else. Especially, since I put thin hair as one of my top issues. It isn’t something would have spent $39 on it was nice to get. I think I will keep this sub after my deal runs out.

  12. I signed up for Beauty DNA via gilt yesterday. I messed up and tried setting up an account so I could create my profile before I got confirmation. When I couldn’t sign in because of my mistake I emailed Beauty DNA customer service. They fixed my problem and sent me a very nice email before the day was over. That’s customer service. Thank you.

  13. I emailed them last night about the Hydroxatone with SPF and have to say they have fantastic customer service. They are shipping out a replacement item immediately, im really impressed by this. I cant wait for my next item.

  14. I really like the Epicuren brand, it is popular with estheticians. I signed up with Gilt City deal, as others mentioned it’s hard to pass up at $10.15 per box. I’ve been wanting to try this service out for a while, so it’s the perfect opportunity, with low risk. I can’t wait to see what they match me up with.

  15. I just received my product and I really lucked out this time. I got the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic that is listed for $156. I didn’t really care for my first product which was a lash enhancer, so this one was awesome! Just purchased the Gilt City deal to add on once my Ideeli is over!

  16. I got the Gilt deal too and only sad I didn’t try the voucher earlier! Can’t wait for my product. I tweaked my profile so I hope I get some awesome skincare serum- my favorite 🙂
    Thanks for everyone posting the deals, it totally makes a difference. I’ve been wanting to sub this one for awhile and was waiting for the right time.

  17. Are any of you having an issue subscribing? Im trying to get the 4 month sub and it wont let me click on it. Ive been trying since yesterday.

  18. Wow, the Gilt deal is just too good to pass up! So I didn’t, LOL. I’ve always wanted to try this sub, but wasn’t sure I was willing to pay full price. But for $10.15, I’m happy to try it out! Thanks for posting the info for the awesome deal!

  19. I just ordered the 4-month with the Gilt discount for $10.15 a box! My preferences are set as “default,” so I guess that means “You get what you get,” but that’s okay! For such a good deal, I figure out I can try it out and/or share products. Thank you for the great discount info!!!

    • You can change that default profile. If you have a problem signing in to do that as I did (see my comment above) just contact customer service. They were great.

  20. If anyone is interested I just had to contact Beauty DNA customer service about an issue with a voucher and they told me they are updating their site at the end of the month so that customers will be able to add vouchers and gift certificates to their existing account. I have had beauty DNA for a while now on and off using different vouchers or deals from ruelala and ideel and keep having to open new accounts. Hopefully this update will happen, it would make it so much easier but I love this subscription and would probably pay full price for it.

    • I was told the same thing.

  21. Just FYI, I haven’t been able to locate this dea on gilt city without that link and realized it’s because this offer is only under “Atlanta” as your city so you have to change your settings. It also doesn’t say for new customers only so I’m thinking I can add on to my old sub that expired?

  22. Fun fact, if you are referred to Gilt city you get an email with a link for $30 off a $50 purchase, then the invitee will get the same offer after purchase…I just got the 4 months for $28! $7 a box! I have wanted to try this sub forever but the risk of not liking the product was too scary, now Im just excited!!

    • Thanks, Marissa. I’d love to get referenced, but I’m not sure how to get contacted w/o sharing my info on the comment board.

      • I tried to give you a referral link so you could get the savings but the post was removed so I guess that’s not allowed. (sorry Liz!)

        You can email me at: aagsecretangel AT (remove the spaces–they are so bots don’t pick up the email and spam me). If posting my email isn’t allowed, sorry!

        • Thanks to all that offered a referral. I was talking with my sister about the deal, and I didn’t realize that she had a Gilt City account. We both took advantage of the deal. I’m hoping that another deal comes up when my 4 month sub runs out. Does anybody know the frequency of when these promotions happen?

  23. I’ve subscribed to Beautyfix for the last couple of months. I’m interested in subscribing to BeautyDNA, but I wasn’t sure if I should subscribe in addition or just to this canceling Beautyfix. I’m not interested in hair care or make-up if that helps…just skincare. Also, I’ve read from the posts different deals/promos with BeautyDNA. If one of you could direct me to these, I just might go ahead and subscribe anyway. Thanks in advance.

    • You can answer your survey in such a way that you say you are not interested in hair care. (I do.) AFAIK, they never send make up.

  24. I have been so happy with my 3 month sub to Beauty DNA – I got an eye cream from 3LAB “Perfect C Eye Treatment”, RV is $95. I love it and I’ll have to get some more when I run out (which will take a while as a little goes a long way)! Beauty DNA has become one of my favorite subs!

  25. I got my first match through the Gilt City deal today; Dr Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer. I’m ambivalent about it. It seems fine, and is $35 on Amazon, while I only paid around $10. I’ll have to see if it does in fact minimize my pores, which I did list as a concern. I would be more excited by an eye cream or moisturizer, though. Maybe next month.

  26. I did the 4 month sub on which also let me use a free $15 credit, making each box $11. Last month I got a facial serum legitimately valued at $132 (and it’s amazing with instant, visible results). I was expecting a much lower priced item this time but got an even higher value product this month – Skinceuticals C E Ferulic facial treatment oil. It sells for $156! Even if I get nothing but bubble bath the next 2 months I’ve gone way beyond just getting my money’s worth! I think you have to be very selective wit your profile choices. Face skin care items always have the highest values (versus hair and body products in general) so I’m assuming that’s how I keep lucking out. I also nixed argan oil, acne treatments, etc, basically anything that typically retails on the lower end of the beauty spectrum.

    • My first product was Epionce intense defense serum ($132). I’ve somehow always managed to get higher value products, all 9 months I’ve been subbed in the last year and a half. I really do think the value is directly tied to kinds of products you like/conditions you identify. You can change your beauty profile each month so for those getting lower value items it might be worth a try. For example, dislike cleansers, pore minimizing items and acne products and their common ingredients (salycilic acid, benzoyl peroxide) if you’re looking for a higher retail value overall. The priciest items I’ve seen across the board have been anti aging (preventatives and treatments-including peels, masks, serums- categories everyone but teens can use daily). I aim for those categories each month.

      Now the low value items being sent solo, that’s just a foul. No one wants to trade money for product, dollar for dollar. This isn’t a swap meet. In the past they generally included a second item if the main product retailed less than $50, so I never had a month with a value under $65 and even then it only happened once. I really hope they can start doing a better job of making the values more fair across the board for all subscribers, regardless what they like/dislike. It’s the main reason ladies unsubscribe.

    • I would love that oil!

  27. I got the last deal from groupon/ideel and was so happy to have this subscription again. I was a little surprised this month when I got a face cleanser valued for $29. I have never seen a value this low on a BeautyDNA box. Usually they give you two items when it is almost the value of subscription. Product was Resvology Gentle Cleansing Gel which does match my profile, so I am not upset and since I paid $10 it is a good deal.

  28. Thanks for the code. I had this sub for 2 months and really liked it with a prior deal at $14 a month. But $10/month is just crazy good. Im hoping for serums!

  29. I got my first box today and I am so happy with the match. I got the L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Youth Oil. Retail value: $106, I paid $10.15.

    • I would love that!!!

  30. I got the hydroxatone am/pm anti wrinkle cream. Yeah…an infomercial cream. It is a heavy mediocre cream with bad reviews and sunscreen in it. It’s waaay to heavy for daytime, and who wears sunscreen in a nighttime cream? I thought I had done my profile to exclude all SPF stuff as I have my own sunscreen I wear daily that I’m very particular over and don’t like having creams with it in there. I emailed customer service to see if there is anyway to tweak my profile to make sure it won’t happen again.

    • Update: customer service said it was a glitch and I shouldn’t have gotten an SPF for face cream, so they’re sending me a new product. A+ service.

      • Ugh the exact same thing just happened to me. I’m getting the same product and I checked off all spf products. Ill give them a call and see if we can work this out.

    • Oh my!! Hope I don’t get hydroxatone!! Hate that product!! Trying to sign in right now to look at my profile but keep getting an error message, server problem!! Duh

        • Thx u!

      • I got the Hydroxatone too. Ugh. Same thing, I specifically said no spf all over my profile, and yet they sent me this. With all the great products people are getting, I’m very disappointed to get this inferior one. I did email them about it, so let’s see if they are helpful as they were for Ally.

        • Update: they did replace my erroneous Hydroxatone spf, and it’s a perfect match for me – L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream. Great customer service, although I had to chase them around a bit to get it shipped. It seems the widespread problem with Hydroxatone was that they missed checking off the “spf” box in that item’s profile, so it was matching up with people who didn’t want spf. They were aware of the mistake and more than happy to fix it.

          • That’s awesome to hear! And WOW – L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream is an amazing product to get! 🙂

    • Ally,
      I received Luminique Age Defying Complex Day/Night cream with SPF. I am not familiar with this or your product/brand, but sounds similar. $80 retail and $55 on Amazon. I guess I will give it a try. Since it has SPF, I am not going to use it at night for sure…
      I wanted to ask you which sunscreen product do you use daily. I also like to wear sunscreen daily under my make up and still looking for a good one. I appreciate if you can share 🙂
      I activated my Rue La La voucher and the bonus item was Glytone Set Up Cleanse 1 oz for about $5. Not exciting, but practical.

  31. I got my first Beauty DNA box yesterday! (I, too, used the Gilt deal.)

    I got two products. One was listed as the main match and the other was a bonus, but they’re worth the same at $30 each.

    My main match was Dermesse’s Acne Drying Lotion. It’s one of those sulfer spot treatments, where you dip a q-tip into the sulfer sediment in a bottle. I tried the Kate Sommerville version of this a while ago and it did absolutely nothing for me (the first time ever a KS product didn’t work at all.) Then I found out that this type of treatment didn’t usually work on hormonal acne. Which is what I have. (Thanks, PCOS!)

    So this product won’t work for me. But I don’t really blame Beauty DNA for that.

    My bonus product, otoh, I’m super excited about. It’s Keranique’s Volumizing Keratin conditioner. I love hair products with keratin!! And it’s designed to address the very issues in most concerned about with my hair!!! Boy, I hope it works!

    Here’s hoping for some Drunk Elephant in the near future, though. 😀

  32. I’m hoping for an eye cream next! I took advantage of the RueLaLa deal and have received a Dr. Brandt brightening cream and a Sarah Macnamara Miracle Skin ‘vanish’ instant imperfection corrector. So far, I’m happy with the sub and would consider extending it after I’ve used both of the vouchers I purchased.

  33. I love this sub. I think I got the rue la la deal to make the monthly price way cheaper and I received L’occitane almond supple skin oil for September (which only arrived yesterday). I actually have this product already but was almost out and im obsessed. I feel like they send quality stuff that is usually full price without a markdown. I’ve been very happy.

  34. I received the Epicuren Alpha Lipoic Omega Facial Serum and would have preferred the version you received, Liz. Supposidly this one has a value of $90 which seems pretty high to me. I noticed that this company uses a lot of organic ingredients and is cruelty free so that’s always a plus! I hope you love your serum!!! I need to remember to move mine upstairs and away from my swap stuff so that I can actually use it! LOL!

  35. September seemed to be eye cream/serum month for just about everyone (different brands, though). I am really hoping to get a non-skincare item in October, simply because I’ve had four skincare items so far (a cleanser, two lotion/moisturizers that apparently are in different product categories, and an eye cream).

    • I think so, too. I got the an eye cream (the same exact one for both and not a high value one) on both my subs. Wasn’t entirely thrilled by it but gifted one.

    • You should contact them. It says in their FAQ, “BeautyDNA is designed so that you never get the same product twice. Additionally, we never deliver products from any of our core categories (Skin, Hair, Body) in consecutive months. Taking it one step further, the system is built so that subscribers do not receive a product type (i.e. shampoo, conditioner) more than once over the course of a year.”

      • Interesting as I received two face products in a row. Will def do the new deal since I did the 3 month ideal and October is my last month!

      • Hi, Thanks for your assist. You misread my post, though. I did not get the same product twice on one account (which they vow not to do). I opened a second account (with a code as no codes were out when I started over a year ago). Both of my accounts (which obviously have the same profile) go the same product (eye cream worth $40) this month.

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