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30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review – October 2015

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30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Box

30 Days of Candy is a subscription box that sends “30 unique, individually packaged, expertly curated, deliciously indulgent, and portion controlled candies every month, all centered around a fun theme.”

Unlike many subscriptions that send the same monthly shipment to all subscribers, 30 Days of Candy sends their boxes in a particular sequence. This means that if you sign up for a new subscription your subscription will begin with Box #1- “Around the world in 30 sweets! 30 candies from 30 countries.”

This is a review of Box #4.

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Contents

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Unpacked1

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Unpacked2

The Subscription Box: 30 Days of Candy

The Cost: $29.95 + $5.95 shipping

The Products: 30 individually packaged packs of candy

Ships to: US and Canada (Canadian shipping is $21.70.)

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Card1

Each box from 30 Days of Candy has a different theme. The theme for Box #4 is “candy from behind the Iron Curtain: 30 candies from Eastern Europe.”

Since this box includes 30 different packs (a lot!), I’ve selected a few packs to feature at the start of the review and have listed the rest at the bottom.

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - RedRidingHood1

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - RedRidingHood2

Red Riding Hood

The first thing I realized when I started poking through this box is that Eastern European candy is quite a bit different than American Candy. Eastern European candy makers don’t seem to follow the popular American marketing strategy of creating a unique, off the wall name (like Gobstoppers, Twizzlers, or Sugar Babies) and then creating a campaign to raise awareness about it. Many of the candies in this box take their names from popular fairy tales (like this one), historical events, and even ballets. Even more interesting is that it’s not uncommon for different companies to produce similar candies with the same name. (You’ll see that there’s another Red Riding Hood candy listed below from a different confectioner.) 30 Days of Candy points out that this is like if every US candy company made it’s own Snickers bar!

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Kara1

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Kara2

Kara Kum

Kara Kum candy is named after a desert in Turkmenistan and memorializes a big government project from the 1900’s. “In 1954, the USSR undertook a massive water pipeline project, the Kara Kum Canal, to bring irrigation to this arid region. Quite a few Soviet-era confectioners proudly celebrated the project with a branded candy.” Kara Kum candies are tasty chocolate pralines. They’re one of my favorite discoveries in this box, and I love the camels on the packaging.

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Milk1

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Milk2

Bird’s Milk

Bird’s Milk is another candy that’s inspired by a fairy tale. (A Slavic one, this time.) It’s a chocolate covered marshmallow and, unsurprisingly, quite similar to the other candy in this box with the same name.

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Belochka1

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Belochka2


Belochka means squirrel in Russian, and I love the cute packing of this treat. The chocolate covered candy is similar to Kara Kum and many others in the box, and it’s pretty clear that this is a popular type of candy in Eastern Europe. There are a few caramel and fruit candies in this shipment (Mini Fruit Pikolos are small fruity hard candies, for example, and Snow is a creamy hard candy with caramel), but it seems the majority of the items in this box have a chocolate base.

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Others

Here’s a list of the other candies included in this box:

Alenka or Alyonka


Bird’s Milk

Black Currant



Eshkina Korovka


Golden Marzipan

Goose Feet

In Giants Land

Kara Kum

Korivka Fudge

Lakomka Cocoa

Laima’s Serenade

Lobster Tails

Mini Fruit Pikolos

Mint Bon Bon

Nastena Slastena

Red Poppy

Red Poppy

Red Riding Hood

Slivki Lenivki

Snow (Snezhok)

Snow (Snezhok)

Spring Jellies

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Bonus1

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Bonus2

BONUS!- Citrus Fancy

As a bonus, 30 Days of Candy included a few Citrus Fancy candies for subscribers to try. They point out that the orange, lemon, and lime flavor will be familiar to American palates but that it’s quite an unusual candy for the Eastern European market.

30 Days of Candy Subscription Box Review October 2015 - Next

30 Days of Candy also included a card revealing the theme for Box #5. It’s a curator’s choice box! The theme will be: “a few of my favorite things: My personal favorite candies from 30 different candy companies.”

Verdict: I really enjoy 30 Days of Candy, and I think this box’s theme is a lot of fun. All of the candies in this box are new to me, and it’s great that I get to sample lots of new treats while learning some interesting facts about Eastern European candy culture. I like that 30 Days of Candy sends candy in pre-portioned packs, and I enjoy picking out a pack or two to snack on each evening. In terms of value, the cost breaks down to $1.20 per pack. I think this is a really fun concept for a candy box, and I can’t wait to keep trying new snacks as I work my way through the box this month.

What do you think about this box from 30 Days of Candy? Are you a fan of Eastern European candy?

Written by Lindsey Morse

Lindsey Morse

Lindsey is a professional baker by day and a subscription box junkie by night. She first subscribed to Birchbox in 2013 and her addiction grew when she signed up for Graze, PopSugar, and Knoshy. Her favorite part about being a subscription box addict is discovering new products- especially gourmet goodies, beauty products, and kitchen tools!

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  1. I know this is an old review, but based on review I figured give it a try. They had code 30% to get that amount off first box so that was great. They also changed to 30 or 15. However…. That means $5 more they make on the 15 as they are charging 19.99 for that. I went with 30. I received it in 2 days. I do a new thing now with the teens doing chores, I put something in a box, when done they get what’s in the box. This was a share one. They enjoyed checking this out and seeing they can also share with friends and take to school. Also trying something and if they don’t like, it’s ok. ?

  2. I would love this one if shipping to Canada wasn’t so atrocious. $21 for a box of candies??? How heavy is it – 7 lbs? Too bad, it looks like a great idea but when there are so many candy boxes out there I will try one of the more affordably priced ones like Yum or Bocandy.

  3. My husband and I loved the first box, but the second box was pretty awful. We didn’t like many of the unusual flavors. I canceled after the third box, because I was disappointed that so many of the “candies of your grandparents” are things I can buy at my local grocery store. This box looks really neat, but I just don’t think it’s consistent enough to be worth the money.

    • I agree. So far, the odd numbered boxes have been great and the evens have been duds (to me). So, i’m hoping that #5 (coming this month) is a good one! 😀 If I get 2 bad ones in a row, I’m out. It’s too pricey to be inconsistent.

  4. I love reading the reviews of this box! I am definitely getting a box for my 17 y.o. sweets loving son for Christmas, but I can’t decide if I should bite the bullet and subscribe. I *really* like this subscription…all the cute info cards and different themes. Theme 5 sounds like it could be really good. Decisions, decisions.

    • Hi Victoria! I too have a sweets-loving teenaged son so I thought I’d give a little input. My son enjoys the idea of this box when it arrives, but he ends up poking around trying to find something he thinks he’d like and doesn’t end up eating much of it. He much prefers the Candy Club subscription because 1) it gives you more volume (but way less variety) and 2) its focus is on fruity/sour/gummy type candies which he likes best. I, OTOH, prefer 30Days for the wide variety, portion control and history lessons. Hope this helps you decide. 🙂

  5. This box is always my favorite review to read! Looks so interesting and fun. Looks like a really well put together and well thought out box too. Might have to break my “no more new subs” rule.

  6. This would be a great gift for anyone who doesn’t want their child to go trick-or-treating but wants them to feel included in the “candy” festivities.

  7. I love 30 Days, it’s always so well put together and fun to receive. That said, this was my least fave month in terms of taste alone. I guess I’m just not a fan of this region’s sweets, nor was my family. Hoping next month is better!

  8. I have subscribed for several months and have been really impressed. Shipping is consistent each month and the selection of candies is unique and well thought out. The cards are fun to read with really interesting information. My granddaughter and I have really enjoyed this subscription. Who knew candy could be so educational.

  9. This month’s candies look so tasty!

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