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ModCloth Stylish Surprise is Back September 14th!

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ModCloth Stylish Surprise September 14th

Thanks Whitney for the head’s up on the next ModCloth Stylish Surprise! It launches Monday, September 14th. (Exact time unknown).

If you aren’t familiar with Stylish Surprise, ModCloth offers deeply discounted mystery items a few times a year. The prices range from $5-$20, and you can pick from dresses, shoes, accessories, apartment items etc. (Check out my review of a past Stylish Surprise).

You can get early access by downloading their app, or sign up for the ModCloth Stylish Surprise news updates from MSA:

ModCloth Stylish Surprise Alert

Just check the “News” box for an email alert as soon as the stylish surprise launches.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. dresses are back in sizes s-m-l!

  2. Ah, I was planning on buying 3-4 accessories and hoping for a cute bag! I wound up ordering a single pair of shoes in lieu of an accessories option. They’ve always been sold out in my size in the past, so we shall see what I walk away with! At least my wallet is happy. πŸ˜‰

  3. I still see all the surprises on the app as of posting (dress, apparel and shoes). I had to resist and got 1 dress, 1 apparel and 2 pairs of shoes. Seeing how this deal is hit-or-miss wrt, I was only willing to gamble ~$50. I figured I’m better off being so happy about the items received that I regret not buying more, than to be bummed about wasting the money cause I don’t like any of the items.

    I would have loved an apartment surprise..!

  4. I got notified through the app at exactly 10 am. I may have went a bit overboard but I wanted free shipping. I got 4 pairs of shoes, 1 dress, and 1 apparel item. I really hope they fit and are cute! If not I’ll swap or sell on Poshmark.

  5. It’s up. I got the notification well after I found the sale though Google… weird. Anyway, dresses are $20, apparel is $15, and shoes are $10. Same price from March. No accessories or home items, so I just got two pair of shoes this go ’round.

  6. I don’t see my comment from earlier (but I am tired – baby wouldn’t sleep maybe I never submitted it) but did prices change? Now shies are $10 and apparel $15? Dresses still $20. No accessories or home unless they sold out. I never got an alert. Only found by googling “modcloth stylish “

    • I did the Google search and it came up but I didn’t get any notification through the app or even searching on the site but accessories and apartment seemed to be sold out or they didn’t have it to begin with

      • I just got my update too. But on the app all I see is apparel and shoes. Maybe dresses are sold out (or sold out in my size) and yeah no home or accessories.

    • These are the same prices they had in March, they went up last time and I guess enough people bought so it stuck. πŸ™

      • Actually, when I saw this in the AM shoes were $20 instead of $10 and apparel was $10 instead of $15. Modcloth has adjusted the prices on my order but thankfully it happens to be the same price. I hope if it were more they would contact me first and if it should have been less I would have contacted them.

  7. I logged on just to see what would happen and it alerted me that Stylish Surprise shoes were available so I bought a pair. So, as of right now, shoes are available for purchase!

    • I just ordered dresses and apparel. Shoes were also available. No apartment or accessories though.

    • I tried logging in but it’s not coming up for me on the app or website.

      • I put the items in my cart, then logged in and my cart was empty, so I had to add them again. I was able to check out then. I found them by searching for stylish surprise on google and clicking the links until I found one that said in stock.

    • I can’t find that offer. Did you receive a special link?

  8. I shall pass on the dresses this time. They’re inappropriately short for someone in her late 30’s such as myself. I like a lot of the dresses, but they’re short in the abdomen as well as in the skirt length. So sad.

  9. So I have the app.. is there anything I need to do to get early access? Does this mean it’s available NOW?

    • I think you’ll get an alert on your app sometime on Monday.

    • They are available now, but I couldn’t find them on their app, only their website.

  10. Weren’t they giving refunds to people who got multiples? I read about someone who ordered 13 dresses, only got 11, and 10 of them were identical. They refunded her eventually. (It makes you wonder what is going on in their warehouse that no one notices they are sending out 10 of the same item!)

  11. I learned my lesson last time, I ordered 2 shoes (received 2 exact same pairs, both not my style) , 5 apparel (received 2 tops that were too small and 3 sweaters from the same brand that all looked the same!) never doing this again as it was such a waste on money $100+ gone down the drain, and time…too forever to check out… This time I will just use the $100 to buy whatever I want from wherever I want and I know I’ll be happy with my purchase

  12. I know it is still time TBD but what time does it usually open? Or is it different everyone? Do they announce the time beforehand? I sleep during the day since I work nights but I’ll set an alarm to get up for this if need be πŸ˜‰

  13. I hope they have the apparel separated out. Last time they had dresses and apparel, so I ordered apparel hoping for tops since I don’t wear dresses or skirts, and I got five skirts, two duplicated. I have colleagues wearing $300 boots because that’s all I ever get for shoes, and my calves are too big for them. At least my colleagues are happy. I got three winter coats that are not true to size, and so to Goodwill they went since trading with shipping costs is too much. So of course, I am probably going to go for it again if I can find time at work to sneak an order in before things sell out…….

  14. I just want to point out…

    I ordered from this last time and got 5 items; THREE OF THE ITEMS WERE THE SAME DRESS.
    The fourth was a dress by the same brand that looked exactly the same.
    All four out of 5 items were WEDDING DRESSES.

    As much as I love ModCloth, I will never do the stylish sunrise again.

    • Ok really random question, do you have a blog called “hello pretty bird”? The reason I ask is because I was doing some research on this box and the blogger had a post about getting 3 of the exact same wedding dress and one that looked like it could be a bridesmaid’s dress.

      • Hey! I’m actually not that blogger–but I totally commented on her post because we got the same dresses! I am going to sell them one day…they’re definitely quality (BB Dakota) and worth more than $10. But I was so disappointed I didn’t get anything I could wear. They must have had thousands of those dresses though!

  15. Will there be a listing? Sorry new to this and don’t want to miss out!

  16. How does this work? Is it a grab bag? Do you pick what you want?

    • They have different mystery items you can buy – for example Stylish Surprise Dress, Stylish Surprise Shoes, etc. You get to select the size, but that’s it – the rest is a surprise! πŸ™‚

      It’s safe to say you won’t get repeats either, so someone might buy 3 size large Stylish Surprise dresses, for example. UPDATE – I was wrong, there is a chance for repeats. πŸ™

      Hope that makes sense!

      • Unfortunately, repeats are possible. I have gotten the same dress twice and the same skirt twice in the same order.

        • Thanks for letting me know.

      • You aren’t supposed to get repeats – I did last time and emailed CS about it; they refunded me for the duplicates (i.e. I got 3 of the same dress and they refunded me for 2 of them). I got to keep the duplicate dresses which I ended up selling/swapping so it was actually a great deal for me.

  17. What are their size ranges?

    • XS-4X. Hope that helps!

    • If you are looking to purchase a specific item always check the size fit description my daughter and I have had fit issues with modcloth before. But, if you like their styling I would still take the plunge. I may not do the clothing, because it makes me sad when I get a pretty item and I can’t wear it. But oh man, if they do shoes, accessories or home products I am going to lose my mind!!!!

  18. I’m excited for this. I got 2 shoes, 2 apparel (free shipping) last time and I loved everything. Are the prices confirmed already? I hope they don’t raise the prices again… Maybe they’ll drop the price? Haha wishful thinking!

    • Just FYI on the free shipping… It’s no longer $50+. They recently increased it to $75+. So plan accordingly ladies if you don’t want to pay shipping!

  19. I’ve never been able to snag any of them. Hope I can snag a couple! Question though: are their dresses and skirts run small? Just wanted to make sure since I don’t want to end up with something that won’t fit!

    • Smaller than most department stores. I usually wear a small at Target/Macy’s/Nordstom, but am almost always a medium at Mod Cloth. Shoe sizes seem the same though.

      • That’s so odd! I’m usually borderline XS/S, and went with Small for the last Stylish Surprise. Both dresses I received were huge! Like, falling off and would be expensive to tailor. I’m thinking of trying for Extra Small this time, and hoping they won’t be too tiny. Lol, watch I’m one of those people that’s exactly between sizes. Maybe I’ll just play it safe and go for shoes, accessories, or apartment…

        • I did get a dress once that was size small, but was HUGE on me. It really does depend on the designer. But I would say for 90% of the things I’ve bought I’ve needed a medium.

          Still, it seems risky when you can read reviews or do returns!

      • Thank you!

    • A lot of their non-branded items are sized for juniors, which may or may not affect the size you wear depending on your body type and what kind of fit you like. I’m somewhere between a ruler and hourglass body shape, and I usually wear the same size in Modcloth stuff as I do anywhere else. If I was the same weight but curvier I can imagine needing to size up.

    • It depends on the item. From what I’ve seen on their website, most run true to size but some items run large and others run small. ModCloth buys from a lot of different designers, so sizing is somewhat inconsistent. Their own label, ModCloth, which accounts for a small fraction of their items, seems to largely run true to size though. My experience with ordering from them (non-Stylish Surprise items) is that their sizing chart is very prone to vanity sizing issues, even though they provide inches-to-size conversion: I accurately measured myself for my first order and duly ordered the correct size (1XL/16). EVERYTHING was E N O R M O U S. So measure yourself honestly, look to see what they think you are… and pick the next size down.

      I also had some weird fit issues with some items when I went to the ModCloth Fit Shop in San Francisco. For a few things I tried on in 14 and 16 (or XL and 1X), neither size fit! I’d be swimming in one and unable to zip/button the other. Maddening!

  20. Woohoo! Mondays are my day off! I’m going to try SUPER hard again! Last time I got some AWESOME boots!

  21. I always miss these. I’m hoping to snag at least 1 thing!

  22. These things go so fast, last time I bought two accessories, 1 shoes and one apparel and one dress. The dress I don’t even remember, so obviously I haven’t worn it lol. I got a hat and golden leaf headband as my accessories, super disappointing since I didn’t like either. The apparel item too was a skirt, cute print but not as a skirt, never wore it and can’t swap it either. The shoes were the only win, I got a pair of Blowfish boots that are awesome. I hope to get something this time around, but we’ll see.

  23. Last time I purchased 1 dress and 2 pairs of shoes – Dress I liked yet not enough to wear. Boots are going to be perfect for winter! Hope I can access the site and the items dont sell out before I can make a purchase. One thing I learned from last time, is to buy before thinking about it. Normally its just the opposite.

  24. I hope their site can handle the traffic this time around.

    • Me too! πŸ™‚

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