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Luxor Box Subscription Review – September 2015

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Luxor Box is a newish subscription box for women that includes beauty, home, jewelry, accessory items and more.


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Luxor Box Subscription Review – September 2015 Box

(I took quite a few unboxing photos since I am so impressed with their packaging!)

luxor-box-september-2015-tissue-paper luxor-box-september-2015-first-look luxor-box-september-2015-items

The Subscription Box: Luxor Box

The Cost: $125 to the US, $155 to Canada (Ships every other month)

The Products: Every-other-month we curate a selection of five to seven full-size, hand-picked, products with a value of $250+ per delivery. Our surprise selections will range from high-end spa products, top-shelf beauty products, jewelry, apparel, home accessories and unique treasures from around the world.

Ships to: US and Canada

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This box comes with individual product info cards for each item included. The cards give a brief description, retail value, and a coupon for the brand.

Luxor Box Subscription Review – September 2015 Bracelet

Meredith Hahn Collection Tatum Cuff  – Value $268

This was the first spoiler item for the September box. I think it is beautiful, and I like that they spoiled a high-value item that could be taste-specific before the box shipped.

It is made with 18k gold vermeil. I had to look that up – here is the definition:

Gold Vermeil is sterling silver that has been gold-plated. This is a good combination for those with allergy to normal, plated jewelry items. The difference between vermeil, and gold-filled, is in the thickness of the gold and the base metal used. In vermeil, the base is sterling silver. (Source).

Here is the bracelet on:

Luxor Box Subscription Review – September 2015 Bracelet On

I think this piece is pretty timeless. I really like it!

Luxor Box Subscription Review – September 2015 Candle

Balsam + Feather Candle in Lakeside – Value $25

I will never tire of getting candles in subscription boxes! I love that this one has a reusable green glass tumbler. The lakeside scent feels appropriate for fall too.

Luxor Box Subscription Review – September 2015 Candle

And it is made with soy wax!


Darington Little Gems Beehive Vase – Value $30

Subscribers will receive one of four vase types/colors – Bloomingdales has all variations if you want to check it out!


This vase measures about 6 inches tall, and it is surprisingly dishwasher safe!


I don’t have a lot of blues in my house, so I may end up gifting this. (Or maybe I should keep it for a pop of color!)


Henne Organics Luxury Lip Balm – Value $22

This beauty brand is new to me! I really like the formula – it isn’t hard like some beeswax lip balms can be, and it is super moisturizing. Henne also recommended using this for hands, elbows, heels, etc.


Pura Botanicals Freshly Minted Hair Combo Set – Value $25

(Subscribers will either receive this set or the Freshly Minted Body Combo Set). These smell SO good – I may try to swap for the body set too. If you love minty scented products I think you will love these too.


Idea Catcher Fleur-de-lis – Value $19.95

When I first saw this I thought, “What is an idea catcher?” Turns out an Idea Catcher is just having cute notecards on hand whenever an idea strikes!

More from eInvite:

The perfect way to catch all of your ideas – as they happen. 100 heavy weight cream cards fit nicely into pockets or handbags for quick jots of important things. Comes complete with a heavy card stock carrying case. Features a fleur-de-lis motif in raised taupe ink.


And this set came with extra cards too:


I wonder what eInvite calls a pen? And idea receiver? A thought instrument? 🙂

These cards are very nice card stock. I’m sure my ideas and to-do lists will look slightly better on them than regular paper!

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $390. I think that is great for the $125 price – and everything feels luxe and special. Plus every almost brand in this box is a new discovery for me!

What do you think of the September 2015 Luxor Box?


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. If anyone is interested in purchasing the Tatum cuff, I’d be happy to sell!

  2. Omg that bracelet looks divine! It looks a bit snug on the wrist though. Is it adjustable?
    And I’m really curious about that Henne Organics lip balm…almost finished with my Terry Baume (I know, I know, not the most natural balm) one and I’d love to swap it for something organic.

    • Yes, you can bend the metal to get the fit you want. 🙂

  3. “An idea receiver”, hahahahaha very clever Liz 😉

    • 🙂

  4. Anyone want to sell for cost plus shipping?

  5. I just got confirmation that my box will ship 10/5 🙁

    • Hi Diana, Is this for your September box? Luxor stated on Facebook that all last September boxes shipped on Monday. The 10/5 shipment is for the October “Special Edition” box. I ordered the October Special Edition too and Luxor had this listed on the Special Edition sign-up page that these boxes are shipping the week of October 5th. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • What is the difference between the two boxes, September versus October? Is it the same box? I think the price was the same for both boxes. My box won’t ship until the first week of October.

        • The September box was part of the regular subscription service. The first box was May, followed by July, then September. They are $125 each (unless you signed up when they launched and locked in at $95). The October box was a one time purchase, Special Edition box for $135 open to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

          • Thanks Daisy. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s inside that box. Has there been any spoilers for the special edition box?

  6. I got a vase like yours but purple and the body wash combo. I couldn’t believe how heavy the box was when I got it. I don’t know why small vases are so popular for boxes, I had 0 now I have 3. LOL

  7. My box arrived today and I could not be happier! I can easily say this is my favorite subscription box ever! I think that Luxors curating is spot on! It’s the perfect mix of items! I LOVE the gold cuff and agree with Liz that it’s a timeless piece. I received the purple vase and it’s absolutely gorgeous, very unique and a brand I have never seen featured before in any subscription box. I really love how Luxor finds high-end items from many brands that have not been featured in other boxes. The Idea Catcher in Fleur-de-lis is so unique…I already have it in my purse and I appreciate that they sent refills. I can’t wait for the October “special edition” and I’m sooooo excited to see what they come up with for November! My favorite luxe box of all time! 🙂

  8. Nice bracelet but it’s technically silver which I wouldn’t pay over $50 for

    • I was thinking the exact same thing! I am allergic to all gold metals so I am so relieved I didn’t get this box! I think it’s absurd to charge that much for a gold plated/dipped anything really. It’s no different than the FabFitFun Wren necklace. The rest of the box looks lovely but I just don’t understand why jewelry makers are going for more of the plated/dipped methods instead of the real deal?!?! I’m a silver/stainless steel/white gold kinda girl (mostly because my skin turns green and I get an awful rash with anything else) so this wouldn’t appeal to me even if it was real gold throughout. They are already popping up all over eBay and the swap sites so clearly I’m not the only one who doesn’t want it. LOL! Honestly, the one thing I will try to get from swaps would be the lip balm, now that looks fantastic!

      • 3 on eBay and 12 on the swap site (not accounting for the duplicates)….. minimal compared to other jewelry pieces from subscription boxes.

    • Shop sterling silver cuff bracelets, the price point doesn’t seem to be off to me.

      • Vermeil is gold plated sterling silver. Sometimes it is gold plated pure silver, or nearly pure (97%) silver. The gold is usually 18k or higher, up to pure 24k gold. Vermeil has a lot more gold than other gold plated pieces. Vermeil is regulated by the FTC and has to have a minimum gold thickness of 2.5 microns on all surfaces. A Vermeil piece of jewelry is made entirely of precious metals, which gives the piece an intrinsic value. Vermeil jewelry should maintain the look of yellow gold for many, many years. I have vintage pieces of gold vermeil jewelry that are at least 20-40 years old and are still bright gold in color. Sometimes it tarnishes, but can be easily cleaned with sterling silver jewelry cleaner or cloths, and looks brand new. I like knowing that Vermeil pieces are only PRECIOUS metals – sterling silver (or pure silver) and gold—no “mystery metals”.

  9. I managed to avoid spoilers so was completely surprised by everything. I like the bracelet but I have very small wrists so it’s just too big. I don’t want to bend it because eventually that will weaken it and break it. So the bracelet will be donated or gifted. I got the purple vase and it is gorgeous but I have no use for vases at all so my sister who’s kitchen is purple and white is already enjoying it. I got the shampoo and conditoner and love them. They smell amazing and leave my hair soft and smooth. I rarely wear lip products so my sister got the lip balm too. I adore candles and am always happy to get them in sub boxes so I love the candle. I can always use stationary so am happy with that. All in all this box was just ok. I will continue to get this box for a little longer but if it keeps being just ok I’ll let it go.

    • I would love to swap for your purple vase! – sharimari on MSA

  10. I wasn’t crazy about the box. the bracelet is nice but your vase I would have LOVED and had a different opinion of the box. My vase was like an amber color which matches NOTHING in my house. Blue would have been great. It’s another case of everyone doesn’t get the same things so there are going to be some people who are happier than others. Overall, it was just ‘fine’ but I have felt like I got more bang for buck with lower priced boxes.

  11. I received the clear vase and the shampoo and conditioner. Those were the only disappointing items to me. I’m not overly excited about stationary in boxes, but I used it last night.

    I love the bracelet and the candle smells really good. I used the lip balm overnight and my lips are soft this morning. Overall happy again with my Luxor Box.

    • Are all the boxes the same except for the color of the vase?

  12. I bought 2 boxes because I plan on taking stuff from all my boxes (I subscribe to about 5) and filling Xmas boxes for family members. I got the clear vase and that was a disappointment but I still have another box to open. Love this box.

  13. Great review! happy to see whats inside!

  14. Anyone know what’s in the petite box?

    • I read somewhere else that it was/will be the cards, the vase, and the bathroom set.

  15. Looking forward to getting mine — everything looks lovely! My wrist is 7.5″, so hopefully the bracelet will fit.

    • Ooh, let us know if it fits? I want to trade for one but only if I’m pretty sure it will fit – and my wrists are a little under 8″!! (Stupid big bones. 🙁 )

  16. I missed the boat on this one… anyone interested in selling theirs?

    • i have not received mine yet.
      i am not very excited about the content.
      i might want to sell it.

  17. Anyone know what the petite box included?

  18. You know you have a swapping problem when your first thought is, “those notecards would be perfect for writing thank you notes for swaps!” I’ll be looking to swap for them…

    • Ahahaha my thoughts exactly!!!

  19. I got the amber vase with round bottom and the fluted top. So pretty! I also got the body lotion and cleanser, but I am not trading since I love the smell. I am loving Luxor box and so glad I got in at the $95 price. Can’t wait for the special edition box. I am thinking throw for the special bpx given that many other favorites have already been in previous boxes.

  20. Thanks for review. I like but not $125 worth of liking. I wish i could have gotten the early bird $95 rate 🙁 Oh well

  21. I didn’t get this box but everything looks lovely!

  22. LOVE everything in this box! The only thing I will not use the the mint shampoo set. I’ll def be swapping that!

  23. I haven’t been billed for this box yet. I got my shipping notice from Luxor but for some reason I thought it was for the special edition box.

    • I think the fine print showed that one would ship the week of October 5th. HTH 🙂

      • Is this box billed in advance? Was my July charge for this box? Is it sad that I don’t even know since I get so many boxes!!

        • Likely. If you signed up when they first opened enrollment (like I did) you are paying nearly 2 months in advance.

  24. I told myself that I wouldn’t look since mine will be here in 2 days but that lasted about 15 seconds… 😛 This looks like a nice box, and everything really does seem like an extra-special luxury item that I normally wouldn’t buy for myself.

    • My box will be here today and I still looked! 🙂

  25. The bracelet is tiny. Luckily I have freakishly small 5 inch wrists so it’s actually a little big for me. It can be molded slightly though since it’s open ended. So women with larger wrists might still be able to wear it. The bracelet out of the box measures around 6 1/2 inches.

    • Oh dear. No bracelet for me, I guess. 🙁

    • I’m tall, and so have bigger wrists, and I was able to bend it slightly to fit me. It did look TINY when I took it out of the dust bag though!!

    • Does it stay on your wrist, or can you bend it to stay? I also have a 5″ wrist.

      • It stays but very flimsy. I wouldn’t trust it to stick all day. Ahhh well. It will be pretty for date night with the husband or something. I won’t wear it all day. I wish these sub companies would realize that not all women have a 6 1/2 inch wrist. Some women like me are much smaller and some women are much larger. I wish they either had size options or an alternative like some companies do for subscribers without pierced ears.

  26. Wow, I really like this box! The Idea Catcher Fleur-de-lis is fun–adding the refills was a nice touch.

  27. That vase is beautiful if only the one in Little Lace Box were like that one.

    • I really liked the vase I received in LLB box and I think it fit the theme perfectly. The vase in Luxor is also very nice….I like them both

    • I have to agree. This vase is cute but would not have fit the elizabeth & mr darcy theme.

  28. I hope a bunch of those vases show up on the swap board!! I can’t say that I care for the beehive shape, but I like most of the others. I wonder whip shape/color combos they sent out!

    It looks like that bracelet fits you perfectly with no extra room for a bigger wrist. Which I have. Eight stupid inches. (sigh) I guess I won’t be able to wear that bracelet. 🙁

    • Good news – the bracelet is a loose on me – I just photographed it where it fell on my hand. Also, the metal is adjustable, so hopefully it can work for you!

      • Wait – whaaaaa? The metal is adjustable? How??? Do you mean it bends a little? Hm.

        • Yes – I can bend the bracelet. Sorry for the confusion!

          • 🙂

    • I’ll be putting my vase on swap for sure.

  29. If anyone is selling for coat plus shipping I am wanting to purchase.

  30. my vase was purple crystal….I am in heaven!

    • Your vase sounds beautiful!

    • I hope I get a purple one! Fingers crossed…although I’ll use any of them.

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