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Luxe Provence Box Autumn Parcel Complete Spoilers!

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Luxe Provence Full Box Spoilers!

Thanks Brooke, Angie, Caroline, Emily and Lisa for sharing these Luxe Provence Box spoilers with us! The first Autumn Parcel for Luxe Provence has been packed and is ready to ship! Details on shipping:
Your parcel has been received at our partner logistics facility. Thomas, our logistics coordinator for your international shipment, has sent along some information.

Your Luxe Provence Autumn boxes have been received 25th of September at our facility and the boxes will be loaded by our international carrier on the 28th of September. The transit time between our facility and the air shipment is about 3 business days and I have already scheduled the flight.

Your parcels will take off from Marseille Airport on the 1st October and will de delivered in the USA, Asia and Europe likely by the 5th of October. We will send DHL tracking information to you in the next few days so you can track the progress.

A Note About Customs & Duties Process

A reminder that your parcels will be shipped from France to your international destination and may be inspected by Customs and Border Protection and assessed for applicable customs duties, taxes and charges, if any. It is the importer’s responsibility, or buyer of goods, to account for any country duties and/or taxes, to ensure compliance with customs regulations. We wanted to make sure this is clear and try our best to avoid any additional costs for our clients whenever possible. Please let us know if any of your parcel items is assessed with any fees, as the tax is not applied consistently across items, destination countries and cannot be assessed in advance.

Here are the full box spoilers:

Luxe Provence Spoiler

Platinum Rose et Marius Tumbler

Each parcel contains one of their gorgeous platinum finish tumblers made of porcelain from Limoges featuring intricate, exclusive Provençal patterns that are set by hand in France. The design and creation of the tumblers inside were inspired by the patterned cement tiles of the ancient Bastides found throughout Provence and we cannot get enough of them. Rose et Marius is one of the first luxury brands of Provence and we are always impressed with the impeccable quality and detail of each of their products.

A showpiece that is both functional and beautiful. Use as a refillable votive holder, prestige water vessel, or any luxurious way you see fit.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.39.45 AM

Rose et Marius Figue or Melon Basil Candle

These limited edition fragranced candle combinations capture the rhythm of this season directly transporting you to the hillsides of Provence in autumn. We’ve chosen to include our absolute favorite fall fragrances, fig. Each September to October, the fig trees in Provence are bursting with fruit. The fruit itself has a delicate floral aroma and fruitiness. Figs signify unity, knowledge, and faith, they epitomize the Provençale lifestyle and provide shade for the post lunch “sieste”.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.37.21 AM

Stone Washed Linen (Lin Lavée) Printed Tea Towels

These whimsical, luxe tea towels from Série Limitée LOUISE offers a taste of a simpler past in France, a “Madeleine de Proust”. These took my breathe away when I first laid eyes on them hanging elegantly in one of my favorite, local Aixoise boutiques. I knew we just had to have them for this parcel and phoned up the artist immediately. Featuring screen printed vintage photography on 100% stoned washed linen, these tea towels are entirely made in France with natural and sustainable materials. Designed by Louise Jourdan-Gassin, Niçoise in origin, and inspired to create this collection around the art of the South of France family meal traditions. We selected three of our favorite prints for this parcel.

Hand Carved Olive Wood Serving or Cutting Board

These hand-carved olive wood cutting boards caught my eye as being solid yet delicate, and were sourced directly at one of my favorite weekly artisan markets. Pascale is a local artist who uses  native Mediterranean olive wood to create these refined boards. Each is made from a single trunk of olive wood and are seamless and nonporous. The boards are suitable for cutting bread, cheese, chopping vegetables and carving meat. The hardwood is strong and durable, yet does not retain any odors, germs or stains. I fell in love with the shape and grain of these boards and appreciate that each board can be easily maintained by a light sanding, along with an application of food-safe white mineral oil to retain their beauty for years to come.


Aix&Terra Black Truffle Sea Salt from the Camargue

Nothing accompanies a simple French omelette better than this black truffle sea salt from the camargue region. The camargue region of Provence uses sun, sea and wind to make the world’s finest fleur de sel. Combined with the “black diamond” of the gastronomy world, and you have the ideal luxe ingredient to stir up your Julia Child-inspired recipes imaging yourself preparing it all directly in your sunny Provençal kitchen.

(Alternatives: For local France deliveries we have integrated high-grade Lavender Honey from Provence, Michelin star chef local Saffron or Sea Salt with Piment d’Espelette from the Camargue)

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.44.16 AM

Rose et Marius Hand Carved Soap

We simply couldn’t ask for a more fitting soap to send that represented Provence better. Engraved with the famous Provencal Bastide tile patterns, these natural plant soaps are enriched with poppy oil  to leave your skin as soft as silk and contain only natural pigment coloring from the ochre-streaked earth of Roussillon, along with green clay. Gorgeously scented pieces of art. Unique fragrances from Grasse and handmade in Provence.


Bonus Antique Gift: For our Annual Subscribers, we have included a special found treasure from the brocantes and village antique markets throughout France. We are keeping this little bit a surprise but do please note, these are not “new items”, they are antique or vintage pieces found in France, so they may have some small imperfections or age, but we hope we find this as charming as we do.

(Please note: new Annual Subscribers after September 20, 2015 will receive this gift in their last parcel to allow for more time to curate. We offered this as a bonus in the first parcel to our first annual subscribers, thank you!)


What do you think of the spoilers? This box definitely reads “luxe” to me – I’m excited to actually get it in my hands. (Hopefully without paying custom fees…)



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I received my box today and love everything. I received the tumbler is Casteu Red….my tea towel was a floral print…I received one basil candle and one fig one. The cutting board is small but very nice. My antique gift for being an annual subscriber was a beautiful owl pin….his body is all pave crystals (I assume ) and the top of his crown is gold and he has amber color eyes. The pin is a little more than a 1/2″ and just so cute. I am thrilled that this was my gift…very happy with the first box….and am really looking forward to the next one!

  2. I received my box today. My tumbler is beautiful, much like the one above with swirls of dark gray/blue and white. Unfortunately the the cover off the box is a little scuffed so I prob won’t be gifting in. The tea towel is extremely soft and has a picture if an old fashioned editor in a full length apron. My gift is an old postcard, but a great choice for someone like me because in forever damaging, losing papers. Maybe my father would enjoy it!

    • Waitor not editor

    • My box is scheduled for delivery on Mon…can’t wait but I’m hoping my gift is not a post card…that would be disappointing 🙁

      • It’s not a postcard, more like a print from an old book. It’s pretty but I would have liked something more substantial. The tumbler is lovely.

  3. I love this box. And I’m glad that I am getting one. I ordered because of the Rose et Marius. I’m so happy to have discovered them – and hope that my tumbler is a color that I enjoy. I would definitely buy one of them tumblers direct from them (and did learn about them from ouiplease but only on the soap front – I’m not someone that uses too many luxury soaps living in a bit city – small apartment – so fear soaps might be featured a lot in this box from other partners). However, $195 is a price that I am not really comfortable quite yet. I would personally feel better with a $175 on boxes – only with a hero item reveal. Otherwise, $130 in an instant without any reveal. I will likely be watching from the sidelines after this box (with envy). Oct 5th is not here soon enough!

  4. One lady has posted the entire box on instagram. I did the math and using the current conversion rate, the Retail value of the box without the cutting board is $184. Unless the cutting board is worth $111, they did not reach $100 over retail value (i am not including the value of the antique item). I did buy a year with the 20% off coupon, so my retail value does exceed the cost of the box. Though the items are quality and beautiful, I hope they improve the retail value and include a few more items.

    • I’m curious to see this cutting board now! The prices are in euros so that 184 is about $207 USD. Also, it’s unclear if subscribers will receive just one towel. We shall see!

      Here’s what I’ve found:

      The tumbler/candle set – 125 euros
      The soap tile – 16 euros
      the salt – 7.90 euros
      each towel – 24 euros

      plus whatever the cutting board ends up costing.

      • It’s me that posted on instagram; I have a pic that shows the cutting board. I found a similar one on Amazon for $32 RV, but this one might cost more as it’s handmade. The soap is the 7 euro version, and I received one towel. My estimate would be in the range of $220 or so, if I calculated it right. That doesn’t include the ‘brocante’ gift, and the cutting board might be a bit more.

        Everything is really beautiful in person, but it’s true that they don’t seem to have hit the value mark they mentioned. I do think everything is worth more than I paid, so I’m happy with the value and delighted with the curation.

        • And I just realized it looks like we’re replying to ourselves because we have the same name. (I usually use a different one on here, sorry!)

        • Desiree….can you post a link to your pictures of this box? Thanks

    • For your information, calculating Euro prices to what the value is in each country is not quite as easy.

      For example, you can see the rose et marius plus fig candle in the platinum finish retails in the US at $156 here:

      We are shipping around the world and try to source unique authentic products that you cannot easily find. I hope this helps you understand the value we offer.

      The Luxe Provence Team

      • On the Amara website they sell a red tumbler, different from the one they linked, for $117, including a candle, if anyone is interested. Each order also includes one of their soaps.

        • The ones in the Luxe Provence box were the more expensive version with platinum trim. The plainer ones are beautiful too though; I love the Tometo pattern.

  5. Can anyone figure out if we are getting all 3tea towels or just one of 3 possible designs? I hope we get the florals and not the ones with people on them. I am probably looking forward to the cutting board the most since my thin bamboo one is breaking.

  6. Obviously, I bought this one just for the tumbler. I don’t know that I would have splurged if it wasn’t for that. It is quite a hefty price point. Look forward to seeing if they offer a discount going forward on annual subscriptions. That will determine if I subscribe again.

  7. If anyone wants to swap their Rose et Marius tumbler I would love one. My email is [email protected]. Thanks!

  8. Nice items, but not very original.

  9. I am so glad I went ahead and subscribed for the year. This is exactly what i was hoping Oui please was going to be. Maybe now that they have competition they will also step up their game!

  10. Wow, super impressed. This box screams luxury and the curation seems tight. Love the emphasis on home and no bath/body products! Cant wait for review!

  11. WOW. Nice! I’m wishing I bought this one! … Although $195 is seriously pushing it. I’ve been thinking of dropping almost all of my boxes on favor of the more luxe ones, but $195 is just… yikes.

    Those tea towels are really lovely -but the bf hates tea towels and the kitchen is pretty much his domain. But I’d bet he’d love that cutting board! And the truffle sea salt!


    • Tamara I think you need a new boyfriend, how can anybody hate tea towels?!?!?! 😉

      • Aaaaaaaactually… I’m not a big fan either. They’re not absorbent!! Unless there are better ones out there than the ones I’ve had. Which would be nice. There are so many pretty ones out there! These, for instance. 🙂

  12. Overall, I really like this box and I wish I had gotten one. I agree that it truly feels luxurious compared to other luxe type of boxes. The curation looks well thought out. I think if they have the same level of quality and curation, they have the potential to be one of the best high end boxes. I hope that they decide to continually send everyone the same thing (except for color/scent/etc type of variations).

    • I am willing to sell mine, if you want to purchase it. Email me at [email protected]

  13. I didn’t sub because this one just seemed too expensive on top of the pricey annuals I already splurged for this year but what an awesome box! If they keep going like this I may have to give up some of my current subs to make room.

  14. This looks like a wonderful package. I would love an olive wood cutting board.

    • You can find them at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or Home Goods.

      • I want higher quality than they sell there, ideally made in Israel. I suppose this wouldn’t be that either.

  15. Now *this* is what a “luxury” box should feel like – unlike the Luxor Box subscription that was just meh for me!

    • I agree, this box looks lovely. At $195 though it doesn’t even really sit in the same category as Luxor Box for comparison.

  16. I am so excited to receive my box. Those towels are lovely! Everything in this box is well thought out and appears they are really looking for special, quality items. Am so glad I signed up for the annual and looking forward to my special surprise as one of my favorite things to do in Paris is to visit all of the flea markets. Hope I get the Fig scented candle.

  17. oh, and I am SUPER excited for this box to arrive! YAY>

  18. What are your thoughts about the potential customs issue? It wasn’t clear to me that I might have to pay more (until now). What would those fees range? Should they reimburse those who have to pay? Or offer a gift sent?

    • Customs fees are the legal responsibility of the recipient. They are fees set in place by the recipient’s government with regard to imported merchandise. It depends on the country how much the fees are. Some countries have very low thresholds in which a lot of packages are hit with customs fees. I can’t remember how high the threshold is for the US, but it’s not as bad as some other nations. If they mark the value of their box with the buyer’s actual paid amount, I don’t think there will be any issues if you live in the US. Yesterday I recieved one of my purchases from the UK come through fine, which was worth $150 in actual price paid. If you are hit with customs fees you do have the option of rejecting the package and not pay the fees, which will return the package to the sender.

      I run an online business and I frequently ship to buyers internationally. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns on how customs work. I’ll be happy to help!

      • Errrr, that’s supposed to read,

        “Yesterday I recieved one of my purchases from the UK that came through fine, which was worth $150 in actual price paid.”

      • Do you have to pay it on delivery? How do they allow you to pay? I’m concerned because mine is being delivered to my work and I’m not sure how that will work.

        • If you have to pay a customs tax on your order, you should receive a notice from your post office. I believe in most cases, you’ll have to go to the post office and pay the fees before they’ll let you have your package.

    • I believe parcels under $200 are not taxed in the US, but those over $200 might be. So if the value is listed as the price we paid for the box, there should be no tax.

  19. Seems really authentic and special. But again, with the variations, some will be unhappy. Like I would LOVE the truffle salt, but HATE honey so would be very disappointed if I got honey or even if I got any of the others except the truffle.

    • woops I read wrong, it’s only French deliveries that have variability.

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