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FabFitFun Box $20 Coupon Code!

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FabFitFun VIP Fall 2015 Spoiler

Thank you, Chris for sharing this awesome deal with us!

UPDATE – this code is now only working for $10 off.

For a limited time (I’m guessing this coupon code won’t be working for long), use coupon code BOUQS20 to save $20 off your first FabFitFun Box – that makes the Fall 2015 box only $29.95!

Check out the Fall 2015 FabFitFun Box spoilers to see what you can expect!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I think was FFF is trying (and failing) to say is that they only intended the code to be available to a select group of people – i.e. members of a certain site. When the power of the internet shared the coupon code that they only intended to be for one group – they pulled it.

    • I think they should issue individual one time use codes when they intend something like that in the future. I tried the code and it initially posted $20 off but I got distracted with my kids when I came back to website (page refreshed or something) it showed up as $10 off. I then remembered this same issue from their last box plus the cancellation horror stories. I personally would never subscribe to this box. It reminds me of a lip sub that MSA had stopped reviewing (they recently did one review) because of billing issues (theirs was double billing).

  2. Thanks Liz for code πŸ˜‰ my card was only charged $29.99 and the $20 code did work but several bloggers posted it. They hit there max for $20 off code. So it’s not her fault for trying to help us out on discounts . I appreciate everything she does and love this site.

    • I agree! Thanks Liz! I was able to use the code and was charged the $29.99. I wouldn’t have subscribed otherwise. πŸ™‚

  3. Honestly Liz I don’t think you should share/post these codes anymore without actually verifying with FFF that it’s legit.

    • I wouldn’t have ordered without this code, so I disagree.

  4. I don’t know why my comment was deleted, but I want to express my feelings for FFF. I have never ordered a box, but have wanted to numerous times. However, FFF is always offering these $20 off coupon codes that are then denied. FFF claims that these codes are being sent by vendors’ mistakes; however, I do not believe this to be true. Instead of deleting my comment, perhaps you should portray the truth of how this company operates. All you have to do is search FFF on google or even browse through comments on here to see that they’re not a decent company.

    • Your comment was not deleted. Since this is the first time you posting as Anonymous, the comments had to be approved by admin before getting posted to the site. Sorry for any confusion!

      • It’s okay. Thank you for clarifying!

    • Knowing web pages, if they are blaming the vendor it is a flat out lie. The fact that people were able to use the code and it was coded into their site to equal a $20 discount, means someone from FFF programmed that language into their web page. No vendor can go in and change the value of a discount code on FFF’s website. If the code never had a value or came up as $10 the entire time, then sure you might be able to pull off that argument…but that was not the case. It seems many people successfully used the code, before FFF changed their minds.

  5. Same ole FFF. Good luck to all. I will never resubscribe. I lucked out in having zero issues when I was a subscriber. I’ll be checking the swap boards for items that interest me. Such a shame because the spoilers are good. Reading the comments here remind me of the comments from the last two boxes. The only difference is that FFF customer service seems to be more proactive this time. I hope it works out for everyone because the boxes have great items in it.

    I do hope there is a giftcard for Bouqs in the box.

  6. Hi Ladies!

    We are SO sorry that a few of you were emailed in error. Unfortunately one of our billing emails was sent to a list of unsubscribed followers, we can’t apologize enough for any confusion or inconvenience . We’ve since sent a follow up email to everyone involved and want you to know if you did receive that email, your account is in fact canceled and you will not be billed. If you have any hesitations you can login to your account and it will say “Inactive” letting you know you are unsubscribed. Please also feel free to call us at 855-313-6267 (Mon-Fri 10am-5:30pm) and we can verify with you that your account is canceled. Sorry again for this error, thank you all for your patience and understanding as we grow.

    • FFF-

      I really wanted to order a box; however, I am disgusted by your customer service. If a $20 off coupon code is sent out to people, then you should honor it- regardless of whether it was a vendor’s mistake (which I don’t believe it was) or if it was your own fault. This has happened numerous times. You do not sound like a legitimate company and you WILL eventually lose enough business to where you will no longer exist. Perhaps, you should try bettering your company and customer service. It is really a shame that I do not get to purchase a box, but I just can’t knowing what kind of company you are.

      • Really sorry if anyone was unable to take advantage of the offer. This coupon was reserved for bouqs members who are new to FFF. If someone used the code while it was active it was in fact applied to their account and we have not and will not remove any coupons from an account and charge the full price, ever. This was a limited offer for Bouqs members that has since expired. Apologies for any confusion or misinformation.

        • FFF-

          I actually am a Bouqs member, but I still was not able to use the $20 off coupon code. I have really, really wanted to try your box, so this is very upsetting to me. You are not providing decent customer service by making up excuses for a “mistake”. Honestly, you should be honoring that $20 off coupon code for everyone who tried to use it- regardless of whether they are a Bouqs member or not.

          • I didn’t place an order because it said only $10 off. Does anyone know if there’s a new code that Fabfitfun is offering for the $20!

          • Thank you for sharing this. Same thing happened to me. I decided that with all of the competition out there and subscription boxes doing things right, I will not support this. Seems like FFF makes trickery part of their strategy and that’s unfortunate.

  7. Received 3 pre-billing/shipment emails today, for accounts that were closed over 1 year ago, 2 years ago and 3 months ago respectively. I’m so sick of having to constantly call them to keep confirming accounts are closed. I have confirmation emails that all are closed but I can’t just let it go at that because last time around I was charged 3 times (all at full price) and had to fight to get them to rescind the charges. This is approaching fraud since I did not authorize the charges and have repeatedly asked that my stored account info be removed from their databases/servers. Short of canceling my credit card (which is utterly absurd and would create a huge hassle since it’s used for all of our bills via online/auto bill pay), I don’t know how to break up with FFF. Breaking up with FFF is like trying to shake a stalker. This time if I’m charged they’re going to receive correspondence from me in my attorney capacity. I am also placing a block on my card for any future charges from FFF. This effectively ends my relationship for good with them. And I’m ok with that. No matter how much I’ve liked their boxes over the last 2 years it’s nowhere nearly enough to compensate for the ongoing hassle in dealing with nonexistent customer service and fraudulent charging of closed accounts (to the tune of $150).

    • That’s pretty bad. This is my first and last box. It’s not that serious.

  8. Not going to be happy if I get charged again and full price at that. If i end up with 2 boxes would send one to my sis, cancel and remove my credit card. Doesn’t Guiliana Rancic curate this box? Need to tweet her. Maybe she will fix it if her name gets put out there.

    • Guiliana Rancic has not been a part of this box for a very long time now. She has nothing to do with this subscription.

  9. I sent them an email today just asking how I could apply the coupon code for the $20 to reactivate my account and then Alex emailed me back saying that code for $20 was a mistake and asked me if I would like to reactivate my subscription with $10 off and I emailed him back saying no thanks , then a few hours later I get a bill notification from them saying that I’m going to be billed on September 14 and my box for shipping soon !!
    I can’t believe that I didn’t even reactivate it , I only asked a question and they just reactivate it without my permission , this is ridiculous?
    I hope they get my email to cancel this in time

  10. I got an email saying I would be charged on the 14th if I did not make any amendments, and my last box with them was last December! When I went to log into my account, and hit the “Cancel Account” link on the left side of the screen, it sent me to a blank page that said “Cancel Your Account” at the top… but nothing else was on that page. No link to click, nothing to select.

    I sent them an email inquiry via their ZenDesk link on their site. I can only hope they’ll get it and address the situation before the 14th, because that’s only a few days away.

    • Call their number, it’s 323-454-2220.

      • When I did order their Winter box back in December, I ended up getting charged for 2 and received 2. I emailed them and they said oh, just mark it return to sender and we’ll take care of it. I argued that they should provide me with a return label so it could be tracked. I didn’t want it getting lost or damaged, and have it be my word against theirs. They refused to budge.

        I did as instructed and sent them an email informing them when I’d sent it back. A month later I had to contact them again to make them issue me a refund. That’s the reason I cancelled in the first place. Apparently they still don’t have their billing and customer service issues ironed out.

  11. I was tempted by this deal, but I remembered how cancelling went and didn’t buy last night.

    I cancelled after the spring box, then was charged for the summer box. I contacted them multiple times, finally received a response and a confirmation of the cancellation.

    Today, I got an email titled “Your Upcoming Billing Notification” stating that my card would be charged on the 14th, and my box would ship soon. Nothing they could send in a box would convince me to sign back up at this rate. :/

    • The same thing happened to me! I am chatting with their customer service. They assured me the email was a mistake and cancelled accounts would not be charged. I am not sure if I trust it.

    • Same thing happened to me. I kept the email from them (after the impossible attempt at closing my account) that finally confirmed my account was closed back in June. Just received email stating they are going to bull me Sept 14! What???

      • I got the same email just now saying I was to be billed. Furious, I tried to call the customer service line. It went straight to voicemail. I kept all my old FFF emails due to their horrible customer service and the fact that I keep canceling, yet they keep rebilling me. I canceled for the first time back in 2014, then again in March, was billed for spring even though I had canceled and finally got another email confirmation of cancellation in June. I have all the emails saved. They better not charge me on the 14th like that email says. I will keep trying to call CS.

    • Wow, this is getting me worried!! It all sounds so shady!! How can they charge you after they already sent you a confirmation informing you that your subscription was cancelled? Did you remove your card from your account? I hope you’re able to cancel your account for good this time – it seems like a huge hassle! Now I sorta wish I hadn’t signed up for the box last night since I only wanted this one box and planned on cancelling after I received it! πŸ™

      • I feel the same way…YIKES! Ordered last night because of the deal and I’ve loved every spoiler but wasn’t planning on keeping it going forward unless I loved the box…now i’m scared!

        • It’s crazy! I have half a mind to just call and cancel this box now because I just feel very “icky” about them and the whole situation, especially because this has apparently happened multiple times in the past. I’m also worried that if I keep it, they’ll charge me $39.99 instead of $29.99. Subscription boxes should be fun, not anxiety-inducing!

      • I can’t figure out how to remove my card from the account without adding another card. I did finally get an email response, after leaving a voicemail on their 323 number and emailing this morning. The rep said I would not be charged, and the email was a mistake. It’s weird that they have those kinds of ‘mistakes’ so often, but hopefully its fixed!

        I am planning to go get a one time use credit card to swap the account over to, so that way I don’t have to contact them every season about this.

        • I’m so glad you were able to speak to someone on the phone! It’s absolutely ridiculous that customers have to worry like this every season! And I can’t believe that they won’t allow you to remove your card and be done with it. But that’s a smart idea about using a one-time card! Hopefully, that works! πŸ™‚

        • Many credit cards have the facility to create a one time use card. Check with yours! I do all my sub boxes with one time use cards using my BOA card so I avoid all of these ‘messes’.

    • I just got the same e-mail for my de-activated account! I called their number and got someone on the phone who said they accidentally sent out a bunch of e-mails to the wrong people. She confirmed for me that my account was de-activated and I wouldn’t be getting a box, but I demanded an e-mail confirming it. She said the best she could do was give me a screen shot of what she sees saying that I no longer have an active account, so I had her send me that. At least I’ll have something to dispute the charges if they try to charge me. I hate that this happens every single time a box comes out!

      • By the way, their number is 323-454-2220. They have an 855 number that doesn’t even ring, it goes right to an answering machine. I encourage everyone to call and get it straightened out like I did!

        • Saving this number just in case I ever need it! πŸ™‚

  12. Aww, rats! I missed it. I bet it was supposed to be 20% and not $20. I totally would have snagged a box for $20 off!

  13. Wow. Checked my acct and it was already charged 29.99 and recd a confirmation email as well. Legally they can’t change it. If it “was” a vendor error, they have to eat the cost. But will keep an eye on my acct.

    • If anyone has issues with this, let me know and I’ll forward you the email from The Bouqs. This wasn’t a mistake – if a rep from FabFitFun said that, I think they were misinformed.

      Hope that helps!

      • Liz – did the email mention that the promo was only for a few hours? Or some sort of expiration?

        • No – there was no mention of an expiration, I just assumed it wouldn’t last long based on the previous $20 off code a few months ago. If you’d like me to forward you the email, let me know.

          • No need. Thanks so much for the info! πŸ™‚

  14. Does anyone have a contact phone number for FFF. their customer service via e-mail is practically non-existent.

    • The phone number always says it has a full voicemail and no one is available. If you give the email a shot, it generally takes 24-48 hours for a response. Be detailed in your message and reply right away if you’re unsatisfied with the response.

  15. I hope they don’t change it my credit card says $29.99 as well and I have an email they sent that I would be charged 29.99.

    • Me too!!

    • Can they do that?

    • My email and pending charge on my credit card also say $29.99! I’m pretty sure they can’t change it but they could possibly refuse to honor the discount and cancel our orders. I’m excited to finally give this box a try and plan to upgrade to a full year if I really like this one but if they refuse to honor this discount I’m out.

    • same here! Would be illegal to try to change the charged amount anyway..they had a coupon code earlier during the day which was laborday for $10 off.. Who they think they are fooling by trying to say that “bouqs20” really meant $10 off??? Didn’t they try to pull the same bs last month??might be my first and last box if they keep up with their shady biz motto!

  16. Hmm…I used the $20 coupon code and received an email that states I was charged $29.99. I just looked at the pending charge on my credit card and it’s shows $29.99…do you think they will change it? I will not be happy if they charge be a different price then what is on my email confirmation….

  17. Just an FYI for everyone… I used the code last night before we realized it was an “error”. The $20 off was applied in my cart but when I checked out… I got a confirmation email saying I was charged full price. I was confused so I emailed them and this was their response… Thanks for writing in! We apologize for the confusion, it appears the terms for the code BOUQS20 were released with an error by our vendor. We do not have $20 off promotions and all discounts offer a maximum discount of $10 to your first seasonal box.

    Looking at your account it appears your subscription did not go through with any promotional codes. Would you like us to apply a $10 discount to your order and refund the difference?

    Sigh. I think I’ll just cancel because I don’t like when companies refuse to honor something that was their mistake.

  18. I was all excited for the $20 off … then the coupon code gave me $10 off. Never mind.

  19. Code now taking $10 off not $20. Wasn’t this an issue last time…?

    • Yes. They always claim these high value coupons were released in error and pull them. Smh

      • They call the code BOUQS20, make it work for $20 off for a short time, then say it’s really a $10 code and expect us to believe that? Why not call it BOUQS10 if it’s $10 off? My order was processed for $29.99 and I have a confirmation email so they’d better honor it. >:{

  20. i was going to cave….but realized the upcoming wedding I’m going to stand up in will be expensive, so I connected with my rational, budgeted mind and said no. Then I laid in bed and remembered my current umbrella is actually falling apart and that’s obviously a complete emergency and got up and immediately purchased this box. Lol Welllll, rational mind won the first round at least?! I did skip the Julep mystery box this month too! I’m getting stronger each day I swear! Lol

  21. I’m so used to filling out my shipping info and credit card at this point that it all just happens very fast. Then a little while later I’m like “did that just happen? Did I just order another box? It’s all a blur!”. Thanks for the code!

    • Haha – I’ve been in that shopping cart blur state before! Deep discounts keep me from seeing clearly sometimes! πŸ™‚

    • haha , i do the same thing its sad i know my cc info by heart now so i can shop without my wallet which is soooo bad !

      • I just did the same thing and had the same thought! Yikes!! I have never gotten a FFF box before. It is my bday this month so I am using that excuse πŸ˜‰

    • I can relate I make most my box purchases before my morning coffee with out thinking. Then after coffee I wake up enough to read my emails to discover I ve ordered 5 boxes I did not need or really want.

  22. I’ve been watching FFF for a while and… this did it, I’m in! But the Juice Beauty Peel add-on for $9.99 is sold out. πŸ™

  23. I have drastically cut my subscriptions to three (PSMH, Powell’s, and Pennie Post) due to lack of funds and an over abundance of some items (makeup, blue anything ?). This was too impossible to resist. Although, I did hear an echo of ex-President George Bush Sr. in the back of my mind – “Read my lips. No new taxes, errrr BOXES. No new BOXES!!!!” Yeah, I just ignored it.

    Thanks Chris and Liz for the code!

    • I tried using the code but it only gives me $10 off ?

  24. This is a great deal…very tempting πŸ˜€

  25. I’ve held out on trying FFF but I like all of the spoilers for this one and the $20 coupon is too good to pass up! I do hope I end up with the black umbrella but I’ll be happy with any of the variations of all the customizable items.

  26. I’m in! I liked two of the spoilers anyway so was considering it.

  27. I normally just swap for the FFF items I want, but for $30 I might as well save the postage on swapping and just get the box!

    • Exactly what I was thinking! I wanted 2 items and figured I would just try to swap for them but that would have been $10 in postage probably. For $20 more I can just get them right off the bat with some fun extras.

  28. Glad I procrastinated. Was going to order this weekend while paying bills. Now I got $20 extra bucks! Thanks Liz

  29. I’m weak and had to order with such a good coupon code

  30. This is a great deal…very tempting πŸ˜‰

    Also @joy, that is too funny! I just don’t say anything until the boxes arrive in the mail πŸ˜€

    • @Khaleesi142 I’m fortunate that I have a good job and as long as it’s all paid off by the end of the month he never gives me any grief for my spending.

  31. FFF is on of my favorites! I was going to sit this one out since the spoilers weren’t “me,” but I know for $30 there’s bound to be something I’ll really like in this box!! πŸ™‚ Plus I cancelled my BeautyFix the month and withheld from buying a GT, so I can reward myself with this! πŸ™‚ Only problem was I had to open a new account to use the code!

  32. Hmmmm….BOUQS…wonder if that’s a hint as to something else in the box?

    • my thoughts exactly..

  33. When I see my husband after work every day and I don’t cave to these temptations I proudly announce “I didn’t buy a new subscription box today!” I haven’t been able to say that yet this week.

    • Comment

      • Well, I have no idea how only the word “comment” just got posted…..

        Joy-this made me laugh out loud….too funny!

  34. OMG, this made my night! So happy…this is exactly what I was waiting for to take the leap. So excited. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  35. Thank you! I created a second account in order to get this deal! I was going to wait until later when they had these for sale for $30, but it’s better to get it now.

  36. This is so tempting! Can existing user reactivate subscription using the coupon code? Thanks in advance!

    • It doesn’t appear so. You used to be able to, but I just tried and it wouldn’t let me. So… I opened a new account. πŸ˜‰

    • It didn’t say, but my guess would be for new email accounts only?

  37. I signed up. I didn’t sign up for the last one thinking I would be able to swap for the items since so many people hated it but I was only able to get 3 and it took a while to get someone to trade me for the thing I wanted the most so I kind of regretted it. Hopefully I am happy with everything.

  38. I subscribed for the first time September 1st and used the $10 off promo, I just called and asked if they could apply the $20 off and reimburse $10 and the lady was super nice and said she would even though they arent supposed to. She said she didnt want me to unsubscribe if they said no. I love great customer service like that.

  39. i cave in

    • I may have to get this one. Am trying so hard to cut back to under 5 or less. Right now annual subs to Zoe, Oui Please, PSMH, LLB and BB. Will make room for one more πŸ™‚ I love the spoilers so far!

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