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Birchbox & Ipsy Sneak Peek for September Boxes!

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Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.36.40 PM

Both the Birchbox and Ipsy reveals are up! Use this linkΒ to see what you’ll get from Birchbox this month.

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Birchbox subscriptions:

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.35.59 PM


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.43.15 PM

The Ipsy reveal is up too. Just click “my friends don’t wear makeup” if you don’t want to share your Ipsy bag on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.43.47 PM


What do you think of your reveals this month?



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I think I’m dumping ipsy like a bad habit. AGAIN…. Stuff I did not mark any interest in… I said I love tools and brushes… Again there were two brushes and an eyelash curler available… I’m not receiving any of them. This is bull. Why have people fill out a profile if you’re going to ignore it and send them crap they won’t like? The bag is cute but its not worth $10 on its own.

    At least I loved my Rachel Zoe box. Only one thing I won’t use, so my sister and I are swapping πŸ˜€

  2. I’m noticing on Instagram a lot of people getting Trestique and Acure products from Birchbox. I hope they aren’t going downhill like Ipsy has with their brands.

  3. Hey Gals,

    Birchbox just updated my account to reflect my September products. I didn’t receive a “sneak peak” email but I never do. I’m getting my sample choice – the Pop eyeshadow trio, Amika blowout spray (love Amika), Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil in taupe (meh), Tocca body scrub in Bianco (double meh because my Bianco is my ex’s last name – LOL and it’s the second item I’ve received by Tocca in Bianco in my BB) and an expensive perfume I’ve never heard of that I’m excited to try because it’s not HARVEY PRINCE! Hurrah!

    • Lucky you re: the fragrance.

      Because I have two accounts and I am getting TWO HARVEY PRINCE FRAGRANCES.

      Nothing against anyone who likes Harvey Prince but it is NOT FOR ME.

  4. Apparently both Ipsy and Birchbox think I need to do something with my eyebrows this month since I am getting a brow powder trio from one and a brow volumizing fiber gel from another. Ha ha.

    • That’s how I feel too! At least you are getting different products, I’m getting brow volumizing gel from both boxes – thinking I might need to cancel one.

    • Same here ! I am receiving two tinted brow gels!

  5. My Birchbox still has not shipped the App. said should ship by September 3, but didn’t. Has anyone else experienced this delay? Did an IM to Birchbox customercare, they said should ship by the 10th. Crossing my fingers.

    • Sometimes I get my BB the first week of the month and sometimes not until the 2nd or 3rd week… I did get my shipping notice the other day but ETA isn’t until 9/14-9/15 which seems slower than usual.

      • mine says that as well, when I look at details it says out for delivery

    • my app said it would ship on 3rd, but the first shipping update I could track was on 7th. I never received an email from bb though.

      I got another brow color? Popsugar, ipsy and birchbox this month?…

  6. IPSY- will be getting
    Pixi by Petra brow powder trio
    Temptu highlighter
    Glamglow flashmud brightening treatment
    City Color city chic lipstick
    Not Soap, Radio hand/body lotion
    Glamglow and the lipstick are the stars for me. Can always use a small lotion for my purse. Brow powder and highlighter will be gifted. Just glad I did not get lip gloss.

  7. I ordered the customer faves box, but this was before I received my first box w/ 3 of 5 samples being hair products. Received the sneak peek email last night. However, I had already received my box on Saturday, and, of course already knew what was in it. On the plus side, I received my Birchbox the day after receiving the notice it had shipped. My first box didn’t arrive until five days after the shipping notice.

  8. Talked with Birchbox.
    1st time subscribers, if you don’t enter a code, your box would be the September 2015 Box: Better Together, but if you enter FAVESBOX at checkout you’ll receive the Customer Favorites box as your first box.

    No idea the difference or what would be a better option… Anyone have any insight?

  9. I’m wondering if we’ve crashed the BB site since I can’t connect to it or the app, using mobile or desktop versions. I’m ok with the BB curated box items. My ipsy bag however is another story. I really dislike NYX eyeshadows; you get what you lay for with them in terms of quality. I’m also tired of the Formula X polishes. This is my third in 6 months and I’m not a huge fan of their formula and never have been. At least it appears to be in a decent fall shade. I’m happy to be getting the Acure brightening scrub as it is one of my favorites. Other than that, I’m getting a Rosehips & Hibiscus moisturizer (body I’m assuming) and the Nailtini lipstick, another brand I really don’t like (worst polish I’ve ever tried, hands down; here’s hoping the lipstick is even marginally better). Ipsy has taken a turn for the lower end in the past year and that’s disappointing. The majority of products are drugstore brand and it seems to increase each month. It may be time to part ways with ipsy after 3 years if this is what we can expect going forward. Just disappointed in general.

  10. I don’t have any tracking info or anything showing me what im getting (I let BB pick for me since I wasn’t excited about anything). I’ve already emailed their cust serv so hope to hear from them soon. Also, really excited to see what everyone else is getting so I hope I get the same too πŸ™‚

  11. My Birchbox is showing what I received last month? Is this happening to anyone else?

    • Mine is showing up as last month’s Nicole Richtie box, too

  12. This is only my second bag and I have got to say I’m not feeling it as much. The bag itself, like last month, is absolutely adorable. For me, I feel like that’s my ten dollars right there. I don’t mind because unlike most women, I don’t own purses. I used my last bag to hold my makeup brushes. This one will be for my eyeliner pencils. As for the products, and here is where I steam a little, I mentioned before that I absolutely HATE NYX! Well, their eyeshadow at least. It’s because they’re flaky, and powdery, and they have little pigmentation. They feel cheap to me, which is why I have never been able to wear elf cosmetics eyeshadow either. It gets in my eyes and makes them burn. And that is with primer! I’m getting the Ultra Repair Cream which I’m okay with because lotion is not something I have enough of. A Garnier Fructis item which I’m pretty meh about. The brow gel which I’m pretty excited about, and a bronze eyeliner which is awesome since I wear a lot of neutrals and golds. Overall, I’m on the fence about this bag.

    • I am upset with Ipsy. Their customer service varies greatly from month to month. I have nail polish as a item I do not want. I have problems with my nails chipping, peeling and breaking since chemo. Nail polish seems to make it worse. I am trying to work on increasing their health, but until then I have a legitimate reason to not receive nail polish. They ignored my point and I received a canned response. Birchbox is much better in terms of customer service (and their bonus point value) by far!

  13. Good grief, that awful Formula X nail polish AGAIN? Makes we want to throw the whole box out without opening it just so I won’t have to see that again!

  14. This will be the first time in the past 4 or 5 months where I’m not going to look. I feel zero desire to see what’s in my BB or Ipsy before they arrive… I think I’m having a little fatigue b/c I was getting too many beauty boxes for a few months and I’ve canceled all of them except these 2 and 2 others. The 2 others are more exciting to me so those I still look at spoilers for! (BeautyFix and BoxyCharm)

  15. Ugh! I’m not sure how I feel about my Ipsy bag this month. Hopefully, I’ll change my mind when I receive them.. Btw, the bag is not cute, AT ALL!!?

    **September 2015 Glam Bag
    ~NYX Cosmetics ipsy Eye Shadow Trio
    ~J. Cat Beauty
    #MOTD Waterproof Slide on Pencil for Eyes in Bronze
    ~Pixi by Petra Brow Powder Trio
    ~NAOBAY Natural & Organic Oxygenating Moisturizing Cream
    ~So Fresh So Clean Green Tea Wash-Off Mask
    i might be even more disappointed in my Birchbox & I chose it!! I got frustrated because I couldn’t get the Anastasia Brow Pencil, so I just picked the “Customers Favorite Box.” I’m a customer & those are definitely not my favorites! I should’ve looked at it first.. Thank goodness for Rachel Zoe: Box of Style & PS Fall Box, or I’d be moping around all month, like a spoiled little brat! For sure, 1st World Problems, over here!!????

    • I will get the exactly same bag. It’s not a bad bag but feels weird to me too !! I was hoping for Glamglow and the purple nail polish…But I’m kind of curious about this mask…I never try a brow powder, so I will try it, I like that the moisturizing is organic and it’s a pretty nice sample size, The eyeliner is a very cheap one but maybe it’s good, and the eyes shadow : I like the shade. And I absolutely love that bag !! So, Yep, Maybe when I will try the products, I will love them !! Let’s see !

  16. So normally Ipsy does better than Birchbox for me (customization wise anyway). Last couple of months have been bad for me on both so I decided to wipe my profiles and start over and man did it help (I highly suggest doing this if you’ve been disappointed a lot recently). So in the refreshed world of my profile BirchBox won bigtime but Ipsy was seriously solid!
    Birchbox (5 of 5):
    Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume – SO excited to try this i’ve heard AMAZING things about it and I need a new subtle perfume choice.
    100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream – I’m most excited to try this product!
    Pop Colors Purple Eyeshadow Palatte – I might or might not own 4 different PopColors palattes of different sizes; but it’s my favorite eyeshadow brand and i’m so happy i got another one.
    treStiQue Correct & Cover Concealer Crayon – not my fav brand but points to Birchbox for giving me a concealer this month.
    PARLOR Smoothing Blowout Spray – okay I’m also insanely excited to try this – it has great reviews and I’ve only heard good things.

    Ipsy (4.5 out of 5)
    NYX – eye shadow trio: wanted the glam glow this isn’t my fav brand but it’s the only product here i’m not excited about.
    J Cat Beauty – Bronze eyeliner – this looks great – i’m so excited to try it.
    FormulaX Nail Color Ignite – YESSSS!!!
    Crown brush – infinity shadow/crease brush – A TOOL! My first from ipsy!!!
    ACURE Facial Scrub – baring this isn’t to harsh on my skin it’s not the most exciting product but i’m sure i’ll use it.

  17. From ipsy :
    NYX Eyeshadow Trio (i would have preferred the Glamglow but as always what i want the most i dont get. But this doesn’t look bad though)
    City Color Cosmetics City Chic Lipstick (I.hate.this.brand and ipsy normally fails with lipstick colors for me)
    Elizabeth Mott tinted brow gel (I’m actually excited to try this! )
    First aid beauty Ultra repair cream ( Im “meh” for this )
    Octavio Molina Hair Aceite de Argan ( Im interested to try though the ingredients are a bit suspicious )
    Overall a solid bag for me. I just hope the lipstick dont fall apart on me like the last lipstick i got from ipsy; the KCO lipstick
    As for My birchbox, it is also solid. Other than the pop beauty eyeshadow, Im excited to try a coffee eye cream, hair tonic ,perfume that is not harvey prince and dr.brandt cleanser.

  18. I’m actually pretty excited for my Ipsy this time. Getting the shadow, a cream blush, exfoliating cleanser, moisturizer, and lip crayon. And no nail polish, yay!

  19. My second Birchbox, and I’m getting the Pores No More cleanser AGAIN?! Really, the EXACT same sample two months in a row? Does that happen often? Also, I’m only getting 5 samples, not 7.

    • I’ve been with Birchbox for almost two years and I’ve never had a repeat sample, but I don’t know about other folks. I rarely get the elusive 7-sample box.

    • If they send you the same sample two months in a row, contact their customer service. Depending on how bad the mess up is (last month I got two repeat samples and was missing my sample choice), they’ll give you points or send out a new box.

      • Thanks for the tip! πŸ™‚ I’ll definitely contact them if I really do get that cleanser again.

    • If your BB hasn’t shipped yet I think it is still subject to change. Mine also has the pores no more cleanser for the 2nd month in a row.

  20. I unsubscribed from Ipsy last month after getting 3 Chinese-made products. If I wanted Chinese makeup, I’d go to the dollar store or buy it through Ali Express. I’m glad I did because their model seems to be to encourage these new brands that all they do is put their label on a generic Chinese-made makeup item.

    As for Birchbox, I’m disappointed as well as the only item in my box I like is the sample choice – which I only was able to get because I used the previous month’s link and it worked. The other four I’ll be swapping. I’m not too mad, but only because now I’m getting all my Birchboxes free by using the points. But more than one item I like would be nice.

    • How do you use your points to get free boxes? I thought you could only use them for full sized products or LE boxes, not regular subscription boxes.

      • Just save up to get 300 points and use that to buy a 3-month gift subscription. Gift that subscription to another account you already have, or just open another account with the gift. You will need a different e-mail address, but it can be at the same physical address.

  21. Both Ipsy and Birchbox were an interesting place to start, not much of a gamble at $10, but they’ve both grown stale for me. Ipsy gives good bait, but only like 1 in every 50 bags seem to get that item. There is usually 1-2 items in every bag that are alright, but the other 3-4 are horrible products that should be $2 but are labeled with a value of $15 each. Birchbox started strong but regardless of your profile or reviews you end up with a Harvey Prince perfume, another Beauty Protector hair product or some other “exclusive” item, an overpriced sunblock, a texturizing dry shampoo for your big, dry, curly hair, and a bad self tanner or terrible lip/cheek tint combo trainwreck. I subscribed to both to branch out and try new things but most of what Ipsy sends makes me not want to try anything else from the brands, and Birchbox floods me with the same dozen brands over and over again. Do either of them get better with time? Thoughts?

    • No, they don’t get better. I’ve been with both for nearly two years now and this month is the final straw for me. If Liz hadn’t emailed a notice that reveals were out, I wouldn’t have known. Birchbox never updates what I’m getting until after I receive it and Ipsy didn’t send an email to tell me my reveal was up.

      As for the products this month, I can’t comment on BB because, as said above, they haven’t updated my page and never do. Ipsy is sending me 5 items that I’ve already received in the last year, 3 being the exact same colors. And you’re right about BB sending the same products over and over…Coola, Beauty Protector(although I do love this brand), Harvey Prince, Supergoop, Dr. Brandt, Marcelle…

      I know people say “it’s only $10” but now it just feels like I’m throwing $10 in the garbage.

      • The birchbox reveal is usually up when the box ships (for me at least). And for ipsy, you will know if you check integram…
        I think these kind of subscriptions are for you to discover new products/brands so that you know what to get (or not to get) in full size, so, I don’t expect to subscribe for a long period of time. I can’t say whether birchbox is repeating same brands/samples over and over yet, but for ipsy, I’ve been getting 3-5 things per month I really don’t want/need. I guess it’s just not for me, so, I’m cancelling. For birchbox, their customer service and points system has been amazing although there were some shipping and sample missing problems. I will stay and see I guess.

    • Have to agree with you, I’ve been getting the same samples over and over in BB – I don’t get it why they have thousands of products to buy but they keep including the same samples. I hardly ever get any makeup items, I’ve yet to get a foundation sample, and the same eye liner all the time. I bought a yearly subscription and do use my points, but the point of using the the “points” is to use on products you tried. I find I have to do the research elsewhere on what I want to buy with points. Senseless.

  22. I can’t see my birchbox samples. I saw my ipsy bag reveal this morning. disappointed again…I specified no eye products, nail polishes or lip products, but I got the eyeshadow trio, the brow colors and lip crayon…50 50 chance to get either the eyeshadow or glamglow treatment, but they have to give someone who doesn’t want eye product the eye shadow? I don’t use brow colors/kits, but it seems like I’m getting two kits from popsugar and ipsy this month. Regretted giving ipsy another shot after last month’s bag…

  23. Did anyone get the glamglow from ipsy? I got the nyx eyeshadow and more eyeliner, not happy with my bag this month. Although I am happy with my birchbox bUT I got 5 samples not 7

    • I am getting the Glamglow, NYX, Formula X Polish, J Cat Bronze Liner, and Not Soap lotion.

    • To be clear from my last post, my mom got 7 samples on her birchbox, I got 5. My box looks much better product wise than hers does (hate Davines so the shampoo and conditioner are wasted on me) so it’s even in my book :p

  24. Super mad at Ipsy yet again, I don’t know why I keep gambling with them. I’m getting the NYX eyeshadow, J.Cat eye liner, Trust Fund nail polish, City Color mascara and Not Soap, Radio hand lotion. I just don’t understand why I always get eyeliners and nail polishes when I don’t want them at all. I want lip products and can’t seem to get them. More cheap brands that I don’t want also, so TIRED of City Color, NYX and J.Cat. If only I could pick out my own products I’d get awesome bags lol. Both of my Birchboxes have 7 items in them, nothing thrilling though either.

  25. Thinking about canceling both. I’ve done both for about 6 months and am feeling burned out. Does Birchbox ever get more interesting, like not featuring the same 5 brands over and over again? Does Ipsy get any more customized as you rate things? I feel like 1 in 50 get the “bait” item and the bags are filled with a bunch of crappy $2 items they claim are worth $15 each. Do either get better or am I wasting my time?

  26. I would have loved the highlighter! I’m getting the NYX Trio, Liptini in Cocktail, Formula X in Ignite, Bayberry Naturals Rosehip & Hibiscus Moisturizer, and Eau Thermale Avene Soothing Mask.
    I haven’t subbed Birchbox. I haven’t seen anything that wowed me enough to jump in. I may try them out sooner or later. Maybe I’ll get lucky?

  27. Love my birchbox this month! And my mom got 7 samples in hers! That’s $7 back in the shop! Wooo! Love it! And the ipsy samples look like the same stuff from a year ago when I subbed and I’m still not impressed.

    • I am also getting seven samples this month! First time I’ve seen anything like this. One is the conditioner extra with the Davines, and another is a perfume, but the other five items look good to me.

      And that’s $8 back in the shop if your mom shares her box on FB. πŸ™‚

  28. It looks like I’m getting 7 samples from Birchbox this month too. Minus the perfume sample, the products are a pretty good match for me, and I’m looking forward to trying everything! I’m getting Dr. Brandt pores no more cleanser, 100% pure organic coffee bean eye cream, ABH brow pencil, Harvey Prince Eau So Divine, and 3 different Davines Ol products: All in One Milk, Shampoo and Conditioner. I stopped getting Ipsy a few months ago and haven’t regretted it for a second.

    • Wow – I didn’t notice until now but I’m getting 7 too – same box as you this month – hope that it is correct on the site right now – it’s great!

  29. So I was just looking on ipsy website where everyone shares snapshots of what there getting and only like 2 out of 30 I saw got GlamGlow. So glad I didn’t hold out just for that!

  30. Birchbox link isn’t working for me either

  31. Fairly happy with both boxes.

  32. I didn’t get the glamglow either booooo!!!! I couldn’t help it and peaked early. I have to say I feel a little disapointed with both my boxes but these boxes are only $10. Hopefully next month is better. This will be my first ipsy and second birchbox.

  33. I didn’t get all the products I wanted, but it looks like I’ll use everything except for maybe two of the products I’m being sent. I’ve got SEVEN items listed for my Birchbox, for some reason. For Ipsy, I’m getting the NYX eyeshadow, the waterproof eye pencil, the Pixi by Petra brow trio, the NAOBAY moisturizing cream, and the ACURE scrub. I’ll use everything here, though I was hoping for the GlamGlow and the cream blush, maybe the eyelid primer. For Birchbox, I’m getting the eyeshadow trio I picked, but I’m still getting the shampoo and conditioner. I don’t use shampoo on my dry, curly hair, so I’ll likely be swapping that out. I’m also getting a fragrance from them, so that’s iffy. I’m also getting a cleanser, moisturizer, and mask. Yay for skincare products! I’d say I’m getting mostly what I’ll use.

  34. My Birchbox doesn’t look new or exciting, but it says that I’m getting 7 samples so that part is exciting.

  35. The BirchBox link isn’t working for me, but I’m pretty happy with my IPSY bag.

    • The birchbox link isn’t working for me either ?

  36. Don’t have a birch Box subscription. How would you know what you’re getting?

  37. This will be my first Ipsy GB. I was hoping for the GlamGlow product. I do like the bag, tho. I wish I had sub’d to PopSugar (for Sept. box). Well…I’m sure I’ll be excited once I get my box (trying my best to stay positive).

  38. Getting 4 out of 5 I wanted from Birchbox and 2 out pf 5 from Ipsy- but other months it has been the opposite – so you never know.

  39. Those acure towelettes are a personal favorite of mine.

  40. So, I already canceled my Birchbox and I’m giving ipsy one last shot..(mostly because I’ve accumulated points and wants something good for them!) I was hoping for the GlamGlow, and of course didn’t get it. Instead, I got NYX eye shadow (something I can get for $2 at TJMaxx, some facial scrub (have tons of those), a lip pencil (no need for it), some brow pallette, dont know if it’s any good..and the champagne shimmer (as you), but already have it. Pretty disappointing.
    This box and Allure are the only ones where I get at least some of my money’s worth..but I feel like that’s coming to an end soon too. I’m seeing that I get much better value just waiting for Ulta and Sephora to have good deals or department stores when I can get tons of free samples. I’m not convinced any longer that these subs are actually a good deal – Unless you just want to get piles and piles of stuff that you’ll never have time to actually try.

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