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POPSUGAR Must Have Fall 2015 Special Edition Box Spoilers

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POPSUGAR Must Have Fall Special Edition 2015

Thanks to MUT we have the complete spoilers for the POPSUGAR Must Have Fall 2015 Special Edition box! (Thanks Elia for the head’s up!)

UPDATE: We have spoiler pictures thanks to Kris!!

items-2 items nail-polish necklace


POPSUGAR Fall Limited Edition Box Spoilers!

Deepa Gurnani Necklace ($90 Value)

Smith & Cult Nail Polish ($18 Value) *not sure of color

Canvas Home Dauville Coasters in Platinum ($46 Value)

Swing Design Valet Tray ($54 Value) *Not sure of size/color

Becca Cosmetics Ombre Rouge Eye Palette ($40 Value)

Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder ($65 Value)

What do you think of the spoilers? I’m pretty excited! Hopefully, we get some pictures on Instagram soon!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I’m happy with this! I’m excited to try the Tatcha, and I’ve been needing some nice coasters. The tray looks nice, but I’ll have to see it before deciding if I want to swap it or not.

    I wish we were getting a ring or bracelet instead of the necklace, but I’m happy to get a statement necklace in the box instead of the classic styles we seem to get more often – I have so many of those already, and have been trying to build up my statement necklace collection.

    I’ll likely swap the palette because I have so many eyeshadows already, but I still love that such a great brand was included. I already have the Becca Ombre Nudes palette as opposed to the Ombre Rouge palette, and it’s an awesome palette – I’m sure this one is also great.

    I always like new nail polishes, although I already have so many! If everyone gets that color, I’ll be happy.

    Overall, a good box to me. I don’t know that it screams ‘fall’, but I still like it.

    • AHH I agree with everything you said and I’m almost crying that I didn’t order it. I was soooooo close and decided I didn’t like the last few falls so I wasn’t going to do it!

  2. The rice powder is the only thing that really interests me. I am dying to get it but its just so spendy !

  3. Not much of a Fall box, but I think I will like it well enough. Not a fan of the Tatcha powder, so that will be swapped….

  4. I’ll be selling or trading the Becca palette from mine. Email [email protected].

    Love the rest–a little nervous about whether I can pull off the necklace but I’ll try 🙂

  5. I agree that this seems like more of a holiday box than an autumn box; there’s a lot of shine and glamor.

    But personally, I don’t really care. I just love everything anyway! 🙂

  6. I think this is a great box even though I will not use most of it. Half my box is already swapped for things I was following. I think its a great box bc of the value, the unique items and even the items I don’t need a highly giftable and swappable!

  7. So happy I got this box. I love everything in it from the spoilers!

  8. I’m always tempted by these boxes but I skipped this one. Have to say I’m very happy about that.

    • Same! I always consider them (and usually give in) but I would have been sad if I’d ordered this. 🙂

  9. I have to say the necklace is just not for me, will be swapping that for sure. This box does not say fall to me at all, or at least I am not seeing the theme. I love Tatcha so I’m so happy about that, I’m about to run out of the one I got out of the MSA box, so perfect timing. I am excited to try the eye shadow. The coasters and the valet tray are not my style, but I can gift them. Not caring for the nail polish, but I can give that to a friend.

  10. Glad I was busy and forgot all about this one! I don’t think there is anything in it I would’ve enjoyed and that includes the nail polish and I am a nail polish freak. These boxes are so hit and miss. Probably won’t stop me from really wanting to buy the holiday box, though!

  11. So excited for this box! I hope I get mine soon, but mine still says processing. ? Now I just need to know what’s in fall Box of Style!!

  12. Hooray! I am in love! I was just looking at eyeshadow palettes. The only item I cant use is the necklace. This gal is just to plain for statement jewelry!

  13. I’m not in love with this box (doesn’t really scream fall to me) but it does feel very luxe, which I’m very pleased about. Like others have mentioned though, I’m sad that there isn’t a food item. Some chai tea, caramel candies, apple flavored anything or pumpkin flavored anything. Seasonal food is one of my favorite parts of fall.

    • Mine just arrived in the mail. I entirely change my opinion. While this box doesn’t feel fall themed it is an excellently luxurious box. Also, about a month ago I ordered some Becca products from Hautelook and everything that I’ve tried is high quality. I’m excited to try the eye shadows!

      • How long is the necklace? I have such a big neck and this looks like it might be small.

        • Pam,

          I actually have it but put it away to keep my cats out of it about 30 mins ago. I have a bigger neck and although the chain had a decent amount of length considering some I’ve seen, I’ll be using my usual extender with this necklace as well so it hits me correctly. If someone else doesn’t respond with actual length, I’ll try to measure tomorrow

  14. Aww! This one looks perfect for me. Here’s what I’ve come to realize after watching the spoilers and unboxings of PSMH for about 10 months. The monthly boxes are never for me. I am always glad that I didn’t go through with it (checkout) even though I anxiously await to see what they’ve lined up each month. However the limited edition boxes seem to be tailored to me so next time I guess I will be following through on purchasing the box, for the LE …that is. I’m sorry I missed this one.

      • Hi can someone tell me how much this box cost?

        • It was $100 plus tax.

    • I think I’m the opposite. I find the monthly boxes so much more useful and practical. Every time I get an LE box (and I’ve gotten many) I end up not using the items. They’re so luxurios and make me feel fancy, but they aren’t pratical. The only LE item I use on a regular basis is the turkish towel.

      That being said, I think this box is lovely and so dainty. I love that the metal is silver instead of gold. I don’t think a single item in the box says “Fall” but I think it’s a great luxory box.

      Where is the food item?! 🙁

  15. I’m excited! I had been bummed out for missing the Tatcha in Liz’s box so I’m really happy to see it here. The necklace looks lovely – the kind of thing I probably wouldn’t be brave enough to try without one showing up on my doorstep (literally!). The reason I subscribe to PS is to force me to update my fashion choices. I’m not sure I’ll use the coasters (not much sliver and shiny in my house) but we’ll see how I feel when they show up. If nothing else, they’ll make a lovely gift for someone.

    I had hoped that after all the complaints last year they’d make more of an effort to have the box say “Fall” – these items seem more like something I’d see in the Holiday box but I’m still happy with it.

  16. This is the first LE Box in a while that I’ve regretted not buying.
    if anybody wants to sell theirs, please email me!
    [email protected]

  17. I am so SO so glad I did not click “checkout” on this box. I had my credit card info in and everything, I would have been extremely disappointed. Phew… dodged a bullet.

    • I am also glad I didn’t order, I recently signed up on this website’s swap page where if there is any one item you really want you can swap for it! Just an idea for you 🙂

  18. I’ll have my entire box up for purchase if anyone wants. Not trying to make money off of it! Will sell at what I paid for it + shipping to get it to you. I don’t even have a shipping notice yet, so keep that in mind!

    • Hi Tonya, I’m interested in buying the box. Please let me know!

  19. This was the first LE i skipped deciding i hadnt loved last year’s fall but will be going for the HER LE for the holidays. I hope everyone loves their box. If anyone is interested in swapping the coasters, I really like the look of them and would love to swap for them.

    • I’m new what is HER LE?

      • They do a holiday LE for her and a different LE for him at Christmas time. Liz reviewed it last year in December or January 🙂

    • I won’t be using the coasters and would be willing to swap them! My email is: [email protected]

  20. Looks like a fantastic box. Great value and quality, but glad I passed since I wouldn’t have any use for those items.

    This keeps me optimistic about future boxes though!

  21. Looking forward to this. I love trying new nail polishes. The coasters and tray will definitely be used. I’ll have to see the necklace in person to be sure, but it looks pretty.

  22. Will purchase box for cost and shipping. Contact me @ [email protected]

    • If you haven’t found one, I’m selling for cost plus shipping.

      • Hi Wanica,
        I am interested in purchasing the box. Please let me know if it is still available. My email address is [email protected].

      • I’m interested in purchasing the box. Please let me know!

  23. The only time I’ve not regretted picking up a box! So happy I didn’t! Wow none of this stuff is that great. You could put together a better box in your sleep, Liz. And your fall boxes actually relate to fall. Here’s hoping September box beats this one!

  24. I’m thrilled about the Tatcha! I’m happy I bought this, but I wish the nail polish was a different color. This one looks exactly like the color of this brand that I got via the upgraded Birchbox.

  25. Don’t look, don’t look, FAIL! My lack of willpower astounds me when it comes to spoilers. 😀 The necklace is gorgeous! Can’t say anything in here is screaming “Fall” to me but the contents looks awesome. Can’t wait to receive this box!

  26. they should have released the word shiny as the spoiler. just shiny. everything’s so shiny!

  27. If anyone wants to buy my box of cost plus shipping let me know!

    • Hi, I’m interested. Let me know!!

  28. I love it! I was so nervous- this was my LE box and without a spoiler I was concerned (didn’t like the looks of last year’s). I love everything and seeing the actual picture of the collection makes a huge difference too- it looks very luxe. Love the gold in the necklace more than the website screen shot silver, hope it isn’t a variance. Looking forward to getting my box!

  29. I had to peek my box is still in processing. Love everything, can’t wait for it to arrive!

  30. I excited except for the Becca! If anyone wants it FB me or reply here. I love the Tacha! In fact I just bought it and it’s sitting here unopened. I guess I’ll have a great backup as I use this all the time!!! Love the rest!

  31. Love everything in this box! It’s nothing I NEED but I would love to swap for anything here!

  32. I’m looking to sell my box for cost plus shipping. Email me if interested: [email protected]

    • How much would that be? I am interested!

  33. I’m disappointed. I absolutely love the Fall, but this looks more like a winter box to me…

  34. I like this box. There are a few things that will end up on the swap site tho. I am also on the fence about the necklace so I’ll have to see when it gets here but over all I’m happy:)

  35. Oh man, hate it when I miss one I love. If you want to sell for cost plus shipping email me at [email protected].

  36. email me at [email protected] if you are interested in selling an unopened box!


    Except the nail polish since I don’t wear it. (But the bottle’s cool!)
    I’m not sure I can pull off the necklace, but Imma try!
    LOVE the coasters
    LOVE the Tatcha
    Love the tray
    Love the Becca (probably. I’m picky w/eye shadow, but Becca is a good brand.)

    I am super excited about this box! 😀

  38. My nail polish is also gray and the card lists it as Nailed Lacquer in No Poem so I think that it is the same for everyone. The tray is listed as Aura Lacquer Aquamarine valet tray…so again I suspect that everyone is getting the same color. The sides are still white like the above listed one, but the bottom is a swirly turquoise blue :o)

    • thanks for the details! i love the box even more now! turquoise is my favorite color. i was hoping the nail polish shade was going to be the “dirty baby” shade from their website, but i’m happy with no poem… is there really no food item though? >.<

    • May I ask what color necklaces did you receive since it seems like you already got your box? Gold like the preview pic or silver like the pic that was sent in?

      • It’s actually a silver necklace. I don’t know why my photos show it looking more ecru than silver. Maybe it was picking up the brown tones of the Tatcha and Becca boxes? :/

        • Thank you so much!! I thought it might have been a reflection, but I wasn’t sure…it looked gold to me at first glance & my mom (she was not a fan! Good thing it’s not for her!!! Lol)

          I’m so in love with all the items in this box!! I don’t have any grey polish (ok 1…haha, but seeing as I’m an addict that’s like nothing. How could I have oveooked this color for so long?!) And the platinum coasters, I love heavy coasters with some weight like that…I just am going to save them for when I get a home of my own!

          I have been looking for a statement necklace and I love the *silver* one! It’s so me! And the Tatcha sounds amazing ? I have been wanting to try something like that. Also the Becca sounds amazing with great reviews!

          Lastly, one can never have too many trays! Great way to get organized, or dress up a room.

          Love this box, it’s not really fall themed except maybe the color of the polish and the Becca bc it was just recently released? It’s a stretch…But it’s super lux and I’m happy to have everything in it.

  39. New to this. Is this everything or just some things in the box. Not thrilled so far

  40. I guess I need to see how the things look in person. At least if i don’t like some stuff, I will have better things to put in the traveling swap box than what I have now!

  41. glad i skipped out on this one! i purchased the becca palette a few weeks ago and i literally just purchased a bunch of smith & cult nail polishes and a vanity tray from birchbox.

  42. I’m looking to sell my box for cost plus shipping. Email me if interested: [email protected]

    • Let me know if you still wanna sell your box

      • Yes – I do! No one has claimed it yet. Please email me 🙂

    • Sold to Jennifer.

  43. The tray is about 5″x12.25″ and it came in blue/teal for me. I thought I would have no use for it when I saw the card but it’s so lovely that I think I’ll use it after all. The nail polish I got was grey.

    • Thanks for letting us know! If you want to send a picture to share with us that would be amazing! 🙂 (email me here: [email protected])

      • Sent you a couple of pics. 🙂

  44. I just read Makeup & Beauty blog’s review of the Becca palette and it looks like a winner. There is not a thing here I dislike, though I might use the coasters as a hostess gift.

  45. not loving it sad I bought it……

    • Im looking to buy one, I love! I’ll do cost plus shipping if you want to sell it! [email protected]

  46. Not a fan. Sad, I bought this.

  47. This is the first LE box that I think I’ll use more than I want to swap. The necklace is my biggest maybe but I might love it in person.

  48. For once I’m glad I went with my gut and not the FOMO and didn’t spend the money. It would’ve been a big disappointment for me.

    • me too!

  49. I am SO excited for this box!! I love everything that is in it!!

  50. If anyone is interested in selling this box in its entirety for cost plus shipping please email me at [email protected]
    Love this…so sad I missed it!

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