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POPSUGAR Must Have August 2015 Box Theme Spoilers + Coupon

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POPSUGAR Must Have August 2015 Theme Spoilers

We have semi-spoiler hints for the August 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have box. The themes are: Organization, Morning Routines, Celebrations, and Back to School!

Any guesses on what they might include?

FYI – they July box has sold out, but the August box is still currently available. If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Back to School: a Book or a planner or a snack item or a scarf
    Organize: a Jewelry bowl
    Celebrating: maybe Decoration things. That’s what I think the other spoliers could be.

  2. New spoiler just sent out! Royal Apothic Tea Balm Firming Eye Treatment will be included in August 2015 box. I’m excited!

  3. yay!! FINALLY a spoiler! Royal Apothic Tea Balm Firming Eye Treatment…anyone try this? I love getting eye creams!

  4. No, that broke down silver scarf is really old! I got that in a pop sugar must have box like two years ago! I’m a charter subscriber, it’s not going to be in this months box I’m sure. It’s really nice, but certainly they will not re run it. Lisa sugar doesn’t do that ever.

  5. Love this theme! But I’m an organization junkie so…;)

  6. Please for a planner and anything coffee related!!

    • Confused though, bc this scarf has been around for 2 years…yet glitter magazine claims it’s in this month’s box… :/

    • The other instagram posts by Glitter magazine make clear that Popsugar gifted them with a best of box. They also received the Le Metier de Beaute kaleidoscope, the One Love gardenia + TEA spray, and the Habit Nefertiti nail polish. This brokedown scarf looks like a standin for the ikat Brokedown scarf from March 2014.

      • It looks like the Glitter magazine box might be tied to the fact that PSMH is celebrating its 2 year anniversary.

  7. PSMH has “liked” several photos on instagram that include mention of items in the August box…I saw a scarf and nail polish…not sure whether they’re included items though…

    • Both could be back to school or morning routine. Boring. I hope it’s not more nail polish and another darn scarf.

    • One of the photos shows a card detailing the box sent to Glitter magazine and it says that those were items from past boxes. One is a Brokedown scarf, but it is different from the white and blue one that was included in the March 2014 box.

      • Ah! Thanks, I do see the little card. 🙂

      • The scarf was from the September 2012 box!

        • Now that was an EPIC box (9/12)!!!!

  8. Did anyone get anything with their Sorial gift card? I just went on to use mine and there is a whole four things on the sight. Three of them are over $150

    • Hi, I went on line a week ago and there was 5 items lol. I emailed the company and they said their fall line comes out in two weeks, that would be in a week from now. I think it will be Sept. 1st right? haaaa! Just kidding, I dont know that, I am just having a little fun. (coupon expires end of Aug! )

    • I know! It feels like a fake site, it’s so oddly sparse. But not as bad as the sweet & spark offer & site. I keep trying to find something to buy so that stupid card doesn’t go to waste, but eesh.

      • I think I’m the only that used that Sweet and Spark gift card. I love the bracelet I bought!

        • i also used the sweet and spark gift card and I got an awesome bracelet, which I love 🙂

          I got my box early that month and I made my purchase from sweet and spark the same day that I received the box, so there were more options.

      • When I first looked at Sweet and Spark there were tons of items $38 but not everything is $60 or above! Trying to be patient but not looking good.

    • I was going to order 2 bags (I have 2 gift cards). One day they were there and the next they were all gone. Kind of annoying.

    • I threw mine in the trash along with the Sweet and Spark card.

      • Mine both met the trash. I tried with sweet and spark…until I looked up vintage earrings on Etsy…I got a pair of gorgeous climber vintage clip ons from Etsy for $10. Those would’ve been like 90 bucks on sweet and spark. I find it insulting to my intelligence really. I didn’t even try Sorial after I saw the prices. Really upset with the gift cards in these boxes.

        • True, I love the Sweet & Spark style, but it’s ridiculously expensive. I’ve purchased awesome vintage costume jewelry at antique stores for 1/3 of the price.

      • at least you got the Sorial card holder and useless gift card!! Lol.. Both were missing from my box.. Reach out to them and they emailed back saying they would ship the card holder and gift card to me right away.. Well, I waited two weeks, and nothing.. Emailed them again, and they informed me this item was no longer available!! They never email me to inform me of this fact, nothing!! So I ask them what they were going to do.. They answered the would send me something they currently have in stock.. It’s been over a week since that last email.. Still no tracking info.. Next I’m calling my cc company to contest the charge!! Does anyone else had item missing and been giving the run around?

        • I’ve actually twice had something missing or defective, and had very good customer service responses. I was missing reeds from a diffuser and they sent me a second whole new diffuser set (oil, jar, reeds). Then in the mens Christmas box one year we got a Native Union Monocle that had defective sound quality, and they shipped a replacement almost immediately when I e-mailed them. I wonder if they really did run out of the card holder (especially based on the other comments about Sorial having less and less items everyday..)? PopSugar can be great, but they’ve got a TON of customers, and it sometimes seems like their customer service department might have only five people in it, which isn’t enough.

          • thank you!

          • I have had three separate random issues with items in boxes over the two years I’ve subscribed, including my Kitsch necklace being broken most recently, and have always received top notch service that was quick to reply and waited very little time for new item to arrive. PS has an amazing customer service department in my experience!

      • I’m saving all the gift cards I get. Going to decoupage them into coasters and start a new sub box. 😀

    • yes! I got one of the Gramercy wristlets that was $25, so it was free plus $12 shipping. I got it kind of by accident….when I was on the site looking around a few days before I got my box, I must have put one in my cart, don’t even remember doing it. When I went back to check when I got my box, there weren’t any left on the site, but I had one in my cart….I didn’t get the color I had requested, light gray, they emailed me and told me they only had dark gray and green left. I got the dark gray and really like it. I would try emailing them and asking if they have any more. good luck!

  9. I am interested to see spoilers. I was charged for my box over the weekend so hoping they ship soon. This is the most expensive of my subs and I have cancelled several so this is the only one I get that isn’t strictly beauty or hair.

    • Did anyone else get charged more this time? I don’t remember seeing anything about a price increase, but instead of 39.99 it was 42 something?

      • I think they recently had to start charging state sales tax- so it varies between each state of course but hovers around $41-43.

  10. Sounds interesting! But I’ll be awaiting full spoilers too after the July box….improve the snack, stop with the gift cards, and I wouldn’t be so hesitant.

  11. I love organization and morning routines. Honestly, I’d buy an entire box of just “morning” items :-D.

  12. cant wait! I signed up again a few days ago. Any one have shipping updates yet? ?

  13. I don’t know. After July, I need a spoiler.

  14. Wait! I know! Organization will be a Sorial Card Case or maybe a little makeup bag, for “organized travelling”, morning rutines will be a facial mist with sunscreen or maybe a tooshbrush? Yah, an electric tooshbrush. I mean, we all brush our teeth in the morning, right? next, celebrations: some hallmark cards to wish happy birthday/ wedding/ morning to someone… and school… how about a snak bar to pack in your kid’s lunch box? I’m not sure why I have a deja vu with this box…

    • haha You raise a good point!

    • This made me laugh! Thank you!

    • LOL! Perfect! I really hope this is better than last month. Popsugar really is hit or miss. It always has been, IMO.

  15. I like the spoiler themes and I really liked last Sept’s PSMH box so this might convince me to sign back up. Hmmm…. 🙂

  16. Hmmm, I do need more organization and a better morning routine in my life. That alarm clock (tocky runaway alarm clock) that rolls around so you have to catch it to turn it off would be useful. For back to school maybe one of those adult coloring books and colored pencils? I’ve been wanting one!

    • Uggg please no adult coloring books!

    • Oh, man. I can’t imagine how grumpy I’d be if I had to chase my alarm clock around. I vote for fancy Java and a gorgeous mug, instead! 🙂

      • Coffee and a mug…Yes!!!

    • I don’t ever remember seeing adult coloring books in a sub box– that would really be unique– and relaxing… and they are quite trendy right now so if it wasn’t your “thing” it should be easy to gift…

  17. i used to keep a planner, but pretty much just use the calendar on my phone now. Can anyone fill me in on the Erin Conran planners? Lots of people think they are really great.

    • I just got one! I love it so far. There are a ton of you tube videos about it (start with the latest one on the Erin Condren website, they just recently added a new format and slightly changed the original one), and you can get a ton of accessories/stickers/stamps for them on Etsy.

  18. This sounds really good! But the last time I signed up based on the theme, they didn’t deliver (June & “Yoga Warrior” lol).

    • Yes they did. It was a 4.00 headband to use during yoga lol

    Oops, sorry, but I got all excited there. I signed up for August’s box on a whim and I think it will be a good one.
    I love all stationery, so there’s probably some of that, in one form or another.
    Did I mention that I love tea? lol

  20. I would LOVE to see an Erin Condren planner in here but I’m guessing that value might be too high on one item? I’m planning on buying one so maybe I’ll wait till someone gets the August box to see if there is some sort of planner. Can’t wait to see what’s inside!

  21. Well, FINALLY!!! Yeesh Popsugar, my love/hate with you is an epic battle. haha Interesting theme…but I’m waiting for a full spoiler this time around. Not taking any chances again and getting a vibrator with a toothbrush head. Seriously, that’s what passes as a “sonic toothbrush”? Not that I needed one anyway, since I already have a super legit and amazing Oral B power brush. And that bean bar thing? Ate half of it and chucked the rest. You’re killin’ me smalls, killin’ me. lol But I do kinda like the bag, the Hallmark cards and love the setting mist. And they deserve some bad karma for that sorial gift card. One more useless gift card and I’m gonna hater stalk their social media. haha I could just stop buying the boxes too…but love/hate, it’s a love/hate.

    • This made me LOL! The whole text, especially, “You’re killin’ me smalls”. Hahaha. Anyway, I’m hoping for a coupon code for a 3 or 6 month subscription to roll around. I do like the box usually and if not every item, I swap or gift for birthdays. My cards were sooooo cool in the last box! Very 3-D and really useful. I’m all for no coupons. I’ve had more problems with these. I’d rather have an item I don’t need than a coupon I can’t use if given the choice. Coffee would be a bonus for me. I’d be over the moon for a french press, a hangable organization item with funky magnets and a great granola. Oh, and I can always use chocolate anything.

  22. I like the theme concept!

    I’m thinking some office supplies for sure. Maybe a notebook, cute paper clips, push pins, special pens. Something like that. It would match the school & organization.

    Morning routine.. hm, maybe a coffee mug? A moisturizer or face wash?

  23. They’ve been so wacky lately with what the theme is and then what represents the theme in the box. I do hope this is an epic one for some reason. I think my favorite boxes so far have been the one a long time ago with the too faced shadow and then the recent one with a beach towel.

  24. Oh this has me excited. I never get excited about the themes, but organiztion and routines have me so excited!!!!! Ooohhhh can’t wait for full spoilers on this one!

  25. My guesses:
    Organization: Planner or a purse organizer
    Celebration: Jewelry maybe? Wasn’t there a jewelry “unofficial” spoiler last week?
    Morning Routine: A gourmet coffee or a travel mug?
    Back to School: I think this will be some type of beauty product

  26. I think a day planner or organizer for sure. Maybe some sort of traveling coffee cup, or coffee itself.

  27. I need items related to all of these things so count me in for another month! Organization has me hoping for a really nice planner!

  28. Finally! But their themes have been so off lately that maybe they realized they need to hold off until they have a better grasp on what is actually going into the box. I don’t really care when the themes are off but I know it causes a ruckus on here.

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