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Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4

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Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Plonge

Oui Please is a subscription box that brings you the best of France every other month. This is their third mailing.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Open

The packaging is gorgeous and I’ve been reusing the boxes for storage.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Items

The Box: Oui Please

The Cost: $150 per box (ships every other month)

The Products: An assortment of full sized French products worth $400+

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your Subscription List or Wish List!

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Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Invoice

This is my packing slip for the box. (I’m not sure if they always included these and I just missed them, but this is the first time I’ve seen one).

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Booklet

The box comes with a mini mag Et Voila – it details all the different products you might have received in your box. (There are a variety of product combinations each subscriber will receive).

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Pages

This magazine is great for finding items you wished you had received! (At least there are swaps!)

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Tee

Life is Beautiful T-Shirt – Value $40

This shirt is 100% cotton, and the material has a good weight to it. (It isn’t one of those almost see-through white shirts).

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Coasters

Betchy Sketch Coasters – Retail Price listed as $20 (my estimated value $4?)

I had seen a few comments about the coaster retail value, and now that I have them in my hands I understand why the $20 retail price feels a little crazy. They are so thin:

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Thin

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Flipped

The designs are cute, and the flip side features different colors, but they are a one-time use item, and definitely not worth $20 in my opinion.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Sothys

Sothy’s Soins Soleil Cellu-guard SPF 30 – Value $40

I had a hard time finding this exact item online, so I’m just using the pricing from Oui Please. I can always use SPF, and I like how quickly this one dries – no strong scent either.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Rose

PIER Body Caresse Agrume – Retail Value $80

(The current exchange rates put this body cream closer to $70). It has a strong grapefruit scent which I like, and the formula is very thick and moisturizing. It’s not an item I would spend $70 or $80 on, but a nice indulgence!

Doux Me Rose Mist – Value $35 (Current exchange rate = about $22)

There are two options of this mist subscribers may receive: Rose or Orange Blossom. I found this mist very hydrating and refreshing – but that goes for any water mist I’ve tried! I wish I would have received the Orange Blossom scent though – rose isn’t my favorite scent, and applying it to my face isn’t ideal.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Lotion

Graine de Pastel Rich Hand Cream – Value $30

Graine de Pastel Rich Face & Body Balm – Value $50

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Open Lotion

This face and body balm has a whipped consistency to it, and goes on much lighter than I was expecting. It is scented though, so it isn’t something I would use on my face.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Cream

The hand cream has a similar scent (and color) and is a heavier cream. I like both of these products – I’m having a hard time describing the scent, though!

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Lavender

La Fare 1789 Lavender Flowers – Value listed $20

(I couldn’t find this exact item on the La Fare 1789 website, so I’m using Oui Please’s listed price). Lavender is one of my favorite scents, so this little jar is going straight to my linen closet! (I’m a little obsessed with Trader Joe’s Lavender Dryer Bags, so this will just extend my lavender/laundry plan!)

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Earrings Tin

Ladies & Bees Earrings H21 – Value $50

These earrings have a repeated hexagon shape design:

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Earrings

I normally don’t wear silver jewelry, but I love the simple design of these!

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Candy

Confiserie Stanislas Nougat – Value listed from Oui Please $20

This is the first time I’ve needed to take a side shot for a piece of candy – but this nougat bar looks incredibly indulgent:

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Candy Side

I’m guessing $20 is a little high even imported to the US, but I couldn’t find this exact item online.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – Vol 1.4 Bag

Lulu en Provence Ecru Clutch – Value $40

This clutch will make a sturdy makeup bag (the canvas fabric is pretty substantial). Plus I like that Reveuse means dreamer in French!

Verdict: I’m happy with my Oui Please box! I think the two items that seem substantially overpriced are the coasters and the nougat candy, but even if I didn’t count those values at all I’m happy with what I received for what I paid. (I signed up with a 20% off coupon for an annual subscription, so I’m paying even less than the $150 a box cost).

I would recommend this box if you are looking for a luxe box from France that will be largely made up of beauty products, with some home, fashion and food items as well. (I seriously love the actual box Oui Please sends too – it is by far the nicest and most reusable package I’ve come across from subscription boxes). If you are looking to get at least $400 worth of products every box, I would recommend against it – it seems like they don’t always deliver in that department, or sometimes do with values that can seem over inflated.

To be fair to Oui Please though, they are sending items that are actually from France, and I imagine have to be bought months in advance. Exchange rates can vary significantly in that time, and there are shipping and duties/customs as well, so a box that was worth $400+ a month or two ago, might be worth less today. Either way, I feel like I got my money’s worth.

What do you think about the latest Oui Please box? Any items from the mini-mag you didn’t get that you want to swap for?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. The variation in these boxes gives people serious FOMO and I think makes people generally more unhappy than they would have been. Also this one is heavy on beauty items and that not my personal preference but many of the items are very very nice.

  2. The Oui Please website is unavailable…I was going to check and see if any of the tote bags were available online, but then I got an error message. Hope it’s just a fluke and that they did not go out of business. I purchased a yearly sub…

    • They posted on their Facebook page 1h ago. So hopefully just a fluke 🙁

      • OuiPlease schedules their social media posts. They’re not updating them in live time. This is why they reply to and delete comments in bulk – they don’t check their feeds often.

        Their site is technically not down. They have replaced their pages with a generic “not available” one, but interestingly enough did not delete the footer portion that creates the newsletter sign-up pop-up, so that is still functioning.

        • I just got an email from ouiplease that their web address had changed to I checked and it appears to be functional.

          • They posted the same web address in Instagram. If I remember correctly, when the owner was interviewed by Instyle she said she had a consulting business of making American woman being more French. Maybe they will use ouiplease for that venture and the ouipleasebox for the subscription.

  3. I totally loved my parcel! I included in the comment section my bra size in order to avoid fitting issues I think they read the comment and I did’t received a shirt that wouldn’t fit me.

    I don’t think values are inflated. The items are high quality. For the record I currently use products from: Sisley; L’Occitane & Leonor Greyl and compared the quality of the items. My opinion is that received items are between L’Occitane – Sisley and so is their price point. The Pier Auge body moisturizer is to die for and indeed is a moisturizer not a lotion.

    I think we are way too used to Fast Fashion and currently underestimate and undervalue quality.

    Only thing I agree with most are the coasters but only because they are super thin. Instead of the coasters I would have preferred a candle with a beach scent but I know that makes shipping costs higher and they sent a candle in one of their previous parcel.

    I received the same items as forum commenter Kim.

  4. Will someone please swap or sell their beach tote bag from Oui please 1.4. I had a chance at one but as soon as I requested the swap I was “cancelled” and the listing disappeared. Also tried to swap and buy the whole box with the tote bag but I guess I was outbid…I would swap my leopard 1951 large clutch for one of the beach bags. Anyone out there interested?…[email protected]

  5. I Want this box! Anyone with a yearly sub want to sell for cost plus shipping?
    [email protected]

  6. Why my comment was erase ?
    I post all the links for almost all the products with the real prices…
    Too much links ?

    • I saw my comment again…Sorry, my bad 😛

    • My comments get deleted all the time. My sister and I share a computer so maybe that’s why. It appears it’s one person using multiple names but it’s not lol

  7. I received the tshirt with a lot of yellow stains, sent multiple emails but no answers so far. It is also too small and while I understand they are european sizes (I am french) there is no option for bigger than XL on their website. I contacted them a while back to ask for a 1X option and to please try not to add clothing that would be too small but no luck and mostly no answers….
    I don’t mind breaking even on cost of boxes if they are well curated and there is good customer service but this is a little stressful when it is supposed to be fun. All the lies from 1.3, 1 month and half to send something extra and tons of emails sent and now stained items.
    Try the world had a delay this month, what did they do? they sent an email BEFORE the boxes usually ship apologizing for the delay and explaining that one of the japanese item was stuck in custom. That was the right thing to do and it is not hard to be honest.

    • Hi Cecilia,
      Thank you for your comment. I was extremely dissapointed that my t-shirt had yellow stains and also a hole in the front of the t-shirt. I can’t imagine that Oui Please didn’t realize that they were shipping damaged shirts especially since I’m not the only one to have received one. This is my second box from Oui Please and clearly they are having issues given last month’s shipping issues & “low value” problems and now this. I wish that all boxes had the same products since some subscribers seem to receive better products than others. However, I did reach out to customer service through the website and received a response within 48 hrs saying they were sending me a “gift”. I think that it is a great concept and hope that future deliveries are problem free.

      • Hi Melissa,

        I just heard from them and they will send a gift. However, same happened with the last box I received, something was actually missing, and it took them a month and a half to send it. Hence why I am doubtful of their service 🙁

  8. The price are so inflated !! Wow ! It makes me feel ripe off…
    I am French and I know that all the prices in France are taxes included.
    – The little bag “reveuse” is 22 euros :
    – I couldn’t find the lavender but the hand cream which cost much more than some flowers is (in the same pot ) 8 $ :
    – No way that the T-shirt is 40$. But I couldn’t find it.
    – The nougat bar is 4$ on amazon and in other reseller store in France.
    – The Sothys sun screen is a discontinued item : I also find this information in French website.
    – The Pier auge carresse agrume is 39Euros :
    – The graine and pastel body balm is 33 euros :
    – And the hand cream is 14 euros :
    – The rose mist is 19 Euros :

    Well, It’s not right to lie so much…Don’t you think ?

    • The shirt is 26.67 euro..

      • Thanks for this info !

  9. I don’t like how they dramatically over inflate the prices of the products. It makes me cautious of them and their products. For example the body cream is currently on sale on a french website for 39.90 Euro and per google’s exchange rates that would be $43.45 US which is dramatically lower than the $80 price tag they include. The original cost before sale price is 53.20 Euro which calculates to $57.93 which is still not even close to $80! I was considering buying this sub box but with the way the prices are misrepresented I don’t think I want to. I can only use a few things in the box anyway.

    • Just a fact about France: Sale periods are dictated by the government and can legally only happen twice per year, with limited exceptions for pre-Christmas sales. . Nearly every product in France is on sale during this period. Only products that have been stocked at least one month prior to the sames period can be marked for sale. This is to prevent the common (at least in America) tactic of marking products on sale that do not sell for their full retail price. See Coastal Scents palettes, for instance. The summer period runs from 24 June to 4 August. Starting tomorrow, the products will no longer be on sale. If you want to grab more on sale, this is your only chance before January.

    • Also, the Pier Auge is available cheaper than the $80 domestically. It retails for $68 on Amazon.

      • Wow! I think that would be a better deal that $80 also. I cannot believe they restrict companies so much there. That’s crazy! I wasn’t sure so I calculated it out for both and it still is way lower than the $80. Maybe that’s how they added it to the box…I mean if they only have products on sale every now and then…its possible that is how Oui Please gets their products? Maybe? I still don’t see the markup to $80 though….

        • The candy is on Amazon for 4.00 plus 8 shipping so the 20.00 Oui Please claims is laughable.

        • I can see maybe $75, if you include sales tax for the American price. The amazon price is the direct US sales price for Pier Auge since the product ships directly from them. In Europe, the VAT or sales tax must be included in the price of the product and I wonder if that mindset carries over.

  10. i want that tee and the beach towel!!!

    • The t shirt is just ok. I would pay maybe 10.00 for it.

      • i would pay $10-15 for it but I still want it!!..;))

  11. I got

    Ladies & Bees Earrings (single ones) $45
    Baume De Cocagne $50
    Hand Crème $30
    Body Caresse Agrume $80
    Orange Blossom Mist $35
    Little Marcel Clutch $35
    Lavender Flower Jar $20
    Tote Bag $80
    Nougat Bar $20

    Total $395

    I am not counting in the coasters because they are pretty ridiculous. BUT, I am really pleased with my box. A little heavy on the lotions but there is only a couple of items I am swapping this time.

  12. Has anyone else NOT received their box yet?! I never receive a tracking number and have read that some other yearly subscribers don’t either but it seems like everyone has gotten theirs but me!! 😮

  13. I think agrume means bergamot in French.

    I wouldn’t pay $40 for a canvas makeup bag, ever, or $50 for these earrings. Pass.

    • Agrumes means citrus, bergamot is bergamote, same word. But I agree prices are too inflated.

  14. There are so many subscription boxes that are reviewed on MSA that get a pass for having values at or slightly below the subscription cost because of the value of things like having the box curated, and not having to pay for shipping from each manufacturer. Oui Please is being hung out to dry for not having $400 worth of value in every box, but I’ve never seen a single person complain that they received less than the dollar amount they paid for the box. Not to mention the packaging, shipping from France, shipping to customers and customs charges has to cost a fair amount as well. Granted Oui Please set themselves up for the complaints with their advertising, and people should be held to their advertised word, but it really does seem like everyone gets their money’s worth. If Oui Please just stopped advertising things they couldn’t meet, kept variations balanced, improved customer service and quality control (no cheap, over-priced jewelry or paper, made-in-the-USA “coasters”), they would be so spectacular there would be so many less complaints. It is so hard to watch this company repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot when I want so much what they say they are selling. Where else am I going to get made-in-France, imported luxury products that I’ve never heard of the brands before? I skipped this month because I am moving, but I’ll probaldly resubscribe after I’ve moved, problems and all.

    • thank you for saying this, it’s so true about the numerous boxes getting a “pass” bc of the curation value when they are at the subscription value or below. Even if all of these prices were divided by 2, it would still be well above the paid price.

      I received the same box as Liz except I got a ring instead of earrings and my burlap zipper bag is orange.

      I’m happy with the value and I pay the month to month price, not the annual.

  15. I’m actually really pleased with this box, mine was a huuuuuuuuuge improvement over my 1.3 parcel. I received:
    -The Ladies & Bees earrings (3 hexagons)
    -Graine de Pastel body lotion
    -Graine de Pastel hand cream
    -Pier Auge body cream
    -Orange blossom face mist
    -Life is Beautiful t-shirt
    -Little Marcel Pimidol Clutch
    -Jar of Lavender
    -the coasters
    -Indigo Cabas tote
    -Nougat bar in creme brûlée
    Total value according to Oui Please: $460. So, although I would have loved some of the other jewelry in the magazine, I’m calling this one a win! Such a vast improvement over my last box that it almost seems to be a different company. Unfortunately, I subscribed to the annual box so I’m hoping this momentum can continue.

  16. Delete if not appropriate but Oui Please is having an instagram, facebook twitter contest for box reveals. The hashtag is #iloveouiplease. The top three get a best of Oui Please box (maybe lots and lots of lotion?). Could there be a 1951 clutch?!?! Anyway, who doesn’t love free stuff!

  17. Mine was a bit different (you can click my name to see it) and I really liked mine a lot! I felt it was a bit lotion heavy for most people.

    The funny thing is that the grapefruit lotion smells like citrus until it sits on your skin, then it sort of smells like a cologne for men. I had to use a new deodorant the same day I wore the lotion for the first time and I thought I must have used a guys scent! Then I figured it all out because obviously I am a genius.

    I used the 20% coupon and I felt pretty happy with the value even if it was inflated RV wise. I never pay attention to that very much anyway…

    • Stumbled on a little blog gem when I clicked on your name. I totally enjoyed the oh so clever review …….”coastergate”- you crack me up

  18. This box is cute.. I may just try to swap for the couple of items that interest me. Glad I recently canceled due to their customer service & LOW value from the last box..

  19. I know this is silly, but I actually laminated the coasters. Lol! I got the Little Woman Paris earrings, yippy!

    • That’s smart! I love the designs, so it is a shame to use them only once.

    • That is a great idea! I was thinking about framing them or mod podging them to something

      • I read somewhere (on here?) that someone was going to Mod Podge the Rifle city coasters from FFF – has anyone tried that? Does it work?

        • I did. They are still a little sticky when there is condensation on a glass but they are holding up well. If you modpodge make sure you have a drying rack to put them on after each coat and let each side dry thoroughly before doing another coat. I did three coats on mine.

          • Thank you!

  20. I also got earrings from Ladies and Bees, but instead of the t-shirt and Sothys, I got the blue and silver Objets Obscurs bracelet. I wanted both those pieces of Jewelry, so I am beyond happy. Besides the coasters, I loved every part of this box. I tried to ration out the nougat, but it was so delicious. I got the macaron flavor. I’m using the blue body creme and I would describe the scent as herbal. It feels as indulgent as a spa visit. I got the orange Doux Me spray and I like it, but would have preferred the rose because it is for combination skin and the Orange is for dry skin.

  21. Appears I am in the minority, but thought this box was fun! It had a summery vibe and thought there was great variety. Looks like all boxes contained the face, hand and body products and the candy, lavender and the coasters. I am going to put them on greeting cards .. Should be cute!love the Lulu pouches and the jewelry pieces are beautiful. The Little Women pieces are beautiful! The tee is so cute..I think the secret with French sizing is to go up a size! The towel is thick and beefy! Still my favorite along with the Rachel Zoe box….loved it!

    • I agree about sizing. I’m an xxs and the small Oui Please tops always fit me perfectly.

    • I’m with you! I loved it.

  22. I’ve been with them since the first box, and cancelled after this one. I could list off a litany of little gripes, but I’ll be constructive – this box needs: honest pricing, less variation (I’ve yet to get any of the big items in my boxes except a sweater that was several sizes too small) and lastly – SOME element of customization – I’m thinking one or two items you can choose, the way FFF does it. That would cut down on box envy, big time. They do that much and I’m back.

    • That’s really odd. I’ve gotten every clothing item they’ve offered that fit fine but to be honest I think they are blah. I wouldn’t ever spend more than 10 or 15.00 for the tops. I also don’t like the variations. At this price point everyone should get the same stuff.

  23. I got the same box minus the sunscreen! I laughed out loud when I read your comment on how the magazine shows you items you wished you had gotten! I felt the same way!
    I have decided for the future to ignore spoilers for this box so I won’t be hoping for any particular items.
    When I priced the items off the internet I got around $240 for my box (seems like all items were inflated similar to the lotion) but I too signed up with the 20% off coupon so I can’t complain the value is still there.
    I would have loved any of the jewelry but the Ladies and Bees earrings I received are simple and will get a lot of use (plus they are handcrafted!) even though they were not my first choice.
    And lastly, am I the only one who thinks Doux Me is a hilarious name for a company?

    • haha – omg thank you for my laugh of the night! I guess I never bothered to say “Doux Me” out loud/in my head!

  24. I received the same box, minus the sunblock and I received one of the knit bracelets. Honestly, after the 1.3 debacle, it’s hard for them to impress me. I like it well enough. I still will be swapping or gifting a good majority of the items though.

  25. My comment disappeared, but long story short, I received a bracelet not listed in the magazine and on my printout it’s listed as worth $50, but it’s actually 7 Euros cheaper on the Objets Obscurs website. I stand corrected, my bracelet is actually at least 14 Euros less than those in the magazine.

  26. I’m not only disappointed in the overinflated prices (I wish they would put the real prices and include shipping if they need to justify the inflation) and 3 creams, but I received a Objets Obscurs bracelet that isn’t in the magazine and it’s cheaper than the bracelets they actually did list. It’s about a 7 Euro difference and what annoys me is the value on my printout is listed as $50, the same as the bracelets in the magazine. If it was worth the same amount as the others, I would think the price would be the same on the Objets Obscurs website. I have until August 15th to decide if this is my last box, and it’s looking that way.

  27. Liz I got the exact same box as you right down to the rose spray. The t shirt fits me perfectly. I love rose scents. I’m disgusted with the coasters-rough month for sub box coasters! I don’t eat candy or sugar but my husband said the nougat was just ok-not 20.00 good. All in all I give the box 2 out of 4 stars. I will finish my subscription but I won’t renew.

  28. Thanks for the review Liz!

    Few comments to add, the nougat can be found on amazon for 4$ (8$ shipping but still cheaper). The coasters are made in Dallas,TX where Oui Please ships from… I am french and the theme is not french riviera at all since everything comes from a different region. The items are actually nice but the customer service is awful and very much overpriced.

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