Burke Decor Home Subscription Box Review – July 2015

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Burke Decor Home Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Box

Burke Decor recently launched a subscription box service. They offer two different options: A Spa Box, or a Whole Home Box. (If you go with the Spa Box, you can pick from Cool + Fresh, Warm + Earthy and Floral + Fruit).

I love the idea of home decor subscription boxes, and I wish there were more of them, so I immediately signed up for the Whole Home Box.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Burke Decor Home Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: Burke Box

The Cost: $45 for Spa Box, $55 for a Home Box (shipping is $6)

The Products: A selection of 3 to 4 of our editors’ favorite products. Boxes are curated to your spa profile. Choose from Cool + Fresh, Warm + Earthy and Floral + Fruit.  If you don’t want a spa-specific box, try our Whole Home Burke Box, featuring an assortment of of the moment home accouterments.

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to you Wishlist or Subscribe List!

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Burke Decor Home Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Info

This box came with a sheet detailing all the items included.

Burke Decor Home Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Vase

Torre & Tagus Short Fissure Glass Bulb Vase – Value $54

Subscribers will either receive this vase in black or white. I like both of the styles, but I think black is my favorite, so I lucked out!

The detail on this vase is beautiful:

Burke Decor Home Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Detail

(The white lines are threads of glass).

Burke Decor Home Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Tray

Shagreen Handpainted Tray – Value $48

This is a handpainted porcelain tray, and subscribers received either Plum, Powder Blue, Jade, Sunflower. This is probably the most neutral of the colors, and that works for me!

The texture on this piece is great too. Here is a photo to show scale with an iPhone 6 Plus:

Burke Decor Home Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Scale

Burke Decor Home Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Candle

Kai Nightlight Fragrance Candle – Value $26

This candle has a burn time of 18 hours. It is strongly scented too – one of those candles you don’t even need to light to fill the room with fragrance.

Burke Decor Home Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Kai

I like the scent (I’ve sampled the Kai fragrance before thanks to subscription boxes), so I’m OK with it being strongly scented.

Verdict: So far I’m really enjoying the Burke Decor Home Box, and I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. I think whether or not this box is for you can be a little tough to determine since it is design/taste specific. In general, I prefer a more modern/contemporary look for decor, so this box has worked for me.

What do you think of the latest Burke Decor Home Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I just received my August box and I am thrilled with it!!

    YMMV, as always, but I THINK this box will go over pretty well.

    Anyone want spoilers? 😀

  2. I signed up for this box because I fell in love with that Ferm Living tea towel and really wanted the salt/pepper spice mills too.. But I was sent this box instead. Bummer!!!

    I got the white vase with black fissures and I hate it. It looks cheap. The black one looks much nicer, not that I would have used that one either (still not my style). I love the scent of the candle, but it melted in the heat so I will never get to display it on the tray as it should be. So all in all I paid $55 for a small tray (I got the yellow one which does match my bathroom, so not a total loss). I think Burke Decor is overpriced in general and their box is no different. This was not worth $55! I hope August’s box is good, or I will be canceling.

  3. I am confused? My first month with Burke I received the bowl, turkish towel, etc. box just as the MSA review indicated I would. This month I was expecting to receive the salt and pepper grinders, towel, etc. and instead received the tray, vase, and candle. Is there a difference between boxes? I noticed MSA reviews list one as a ‘Burke Decor’ review and the other as a ‘Burke whole home’ review.

  4. So I received my box today (okay technically, yesterday. In a night owl.)

    In June I received the box with the throw, bowl, etc. Now I have received the box shown above, with the vase, tray, and candle. At no point did I receive the box with the s&p grinders, bottle, and tea towel.

    Although I’m not terribly upset about this (I didn’t have much use for those items), I do find it odd. And I’m sure many people WOULD be upset about not getting the previous box.

    Personally, I think they’re still trying to work the kinks out. I suspect they need to work on their organizing process.

  5. I agree that Burke Decor had a rough start but I have been really pleased with the recent boxes and have also bought several things from the website. I have been very impressed with their customer care and believe they may be still working some bugs out but they are now one of my favorite boxes. I had been waiting for Skandicrush to get back but think Burke Decor may be a perfect replacement.

  6. I signed up for the every month box on June 8th & my 1st box shipped June 19th, it was the “June” Box..? towel, bowl, candle, etc. I was changed again on July 8th & received a shipping notice July 29th, I’m assuming it’s the “July” box with the salt/pepper grinders.. Now I’m confused with the 2 July box versions! If I don’t get the salt/pepper grinder box then I’ll be upset. My box is due to arrive in a few days. Sadly I may have to cancel. There is just too much confusion.

  7. I did receive my Burke Decor Cool and Fresh Spa. Let me know if you want it spoiled. You can also click on name to see pictures of what I received.

    • I really want to try the fruity/floral but I am definitely passing. Just to much chaos and disorganized business practices. I really really like your blog though Anna!

      • Thank you for the compliment 🙂

    • PA Anna, I received the fruity and floral and it is the exact same three items except in the different scents, I got a tangerine hand lotion, a goji and orange room spray, and a lemongrass and geranium hand soap. I like both boxes, but I am not sure they are the best value among boxes. For now, I think I am cancelling.

      • I like your room spray better than mine. I am guessing based on comments that everyone should have their boxes. I received Nest Moss & Mint hand lotion, Voluspa Mokara Room & Body spray which is a strong floral scent, and Fig & Yarrow Hand & Body Wash Juniper & Sage. It’s not what I pictured when I signed up for Cool & Fresh. Nor is it what they described. I signed up for the Cool & Fresh box because I loved the scents featured and strong floral scents bother me. I haven’t decided whether I will be canceling. I love the brands, but the scents…

  8. Re Burke Box being shady etc.

    Burke Decor had a soft launch in April that went awry. They send subscribers a second box that arrived in May to make up for the fiasco. MSA reviewed both boxes (April box that arrived in April) and the 2nd box that arrived in the beginning of May as the May box. Liz was kind and held of reviewing the box until everything was complete.

    It was a confusing time especially since it was a soft launch. I’m sure it was unclear about the months after that. The information card with the shaker did not dictate a month. The information on the information card this time said July.

    Burke Decor also changed their shipping terms. At one time, your first box would be shipped within a few days. You could read the post and order the box. I think that added confusion too because as an example – MSA could post a June box that you could order as your first box in July. Now if you order a box today it will not ship until the last week of August and will be the August box. It will not be this box.

    I think that Burke Decor is trying to figure out the best way to handle a large volume of subscription boxes. I don’t think they are being shady or trying to rip anyone off. A lot of it falls on communication or the lack of it from Burke Decor.

    I understand from the comments that some people think that I received special treatment from Burke Decor. I’m sure that they think I am a PITA 🙂 I did confirm with BD in July that everyone should be receiving the same items in their “July/August” box. I don’t know what people want to call it, but it is the box that everyone should be receiving this week or received last week.

    Now this could change. Nothing surprises me anymore in the sub box world. So don’t hold me to someone else’s word 🙂 The sub box world is fluid. Not many things are concrete.

    • It’s shady when they told one subscriber she couldn’t have a particular box due to when she signed up but then 2 weeks later when I signed up I was sent that box. They need to figure out what they are doing and fix their issues because their confusion /new company issues are making them look really bad.

      • I respectfully disagree. It sounds as though everyone received one box a month. Depending when it was order dictated the first box. Shipping terms change and then everyone received the official July box as the second box. I have not read that anyone paid and did not receive a box.

        I don’t think it’s fair to subscribers especially when people thought they would receive a particular box.

        • Kerri – I should add that I agree that you do have a valid point about which boxes are being received and when. I caught the change of terms when writing a review on the box and asked BD about them. I don’t know if or how those changes were communicated to subscribers. It does sound like everyone who paid for a box is receiving one. It may not be the one that is expected.

          I’m very curious about what the one commenter will receive on 8/4. BD told me everyone will receive the same box.

      • It isn’t shady – it is disorganized.

    • PA Anna, did you get your cool and fresh box? I ordered both the cool and fresh and the fruity and citrus and they are supposed to be here tomorrow. I may decide just to keep one and I am starting to get a little addicted to boxes and also just subscribed to 6 months of Globeln. I am now kinda glad quarterly has become every 5 months are so, since it is saving me a bit of money.

      • Isn’t that the truth. I’m sorry for not responding earlier. I was busy with other things, and my little guy is under the weather. He was clingy yesterday.

        They are quality products, but they don’t match the scent I ordered. I am very curious if you receive the same products. I

  9. Is there a discount to get get both boxes? I would subscribe if there was one.

  10. I really like this one!

  11. Hi Liz I’m wondering why they send you two totally different July boxes?

    • If you’re wondering about this box versus the one with the salt & pepper grinders and tea towel – I’m pretty sure the one with the salt & pepper grinders was July’s box and the one shown here is the August box. Or perhaps better described as box #2 and box #3?

      I haven’t received the s&p grinders box yet. It’s supposed to be delivered on Tuesday (8/4). I think this is the case for a lot of other subscribers, too. But not all, since I know some people have already received the box shown here.

      So I’ve been wondering why there’s over a month’s difference between two groups of subscribers. I *THINK* that the people who originally subscribed at launch (and received those crazy, unorganized, “oops we messed up” boxes) are in a group that is essentially one month ahead of the people who subscribed later.

      I only have a small amount of evidence for this, but it’s the only thing I can think of that makes sense.

      Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

      • Thanks I have no clue what’s going on either. June box I got what everyone else got then July box came today and yes I was so looking forward to the salt and pepper grinders but got the vase, candle and tray. Really wish I knew what they were doing. Not very happy with Burke Decor Box at the moment.

        • Wait – so you never received the salt & pepper shakers?? Huh. I wonder what I’ll get in my box on Tuesday, then!

          • Nope so don’t be surprised when get the tray, candle and vase which are small.

      • I emailed them and was told that the salt & pepper box is actually the June box and the vase box is the July box. I subscribed June 12 and got a box with a snack bowl, towel, etc and was told that was the May box. I was expecting to receive the salt & pepper set this week but got the vase box instead. I won’t be getting a June box (salt & pepper box) because apparently they had already ordered the stuff for those boxes before I subscribed on June 12. Idk I’m pretty confused. I’m also annoyed because my tray is cracked. I think I’ll be cancelling this one.

        • Ah hah! Weird, but honestly I’m a little relieved. I had no real use for the bottle or the s&p grinders and I liked the look of the tea towel but the bf hates that kind of towel.

          I like this vase and the tray (I hope I like the color I get.) I don’t need another candle, but it’s okay.

          Are they going to replace your cracked tray, at least??

          • Idk I’m going back and forth with them. I’ve sent 2 pics to them and they keep telling me it’s supposed to be like that. It’s an obvious crack with little pieces chipping away so definitely not supposed to be that way. I was actually looking forward to the salt & pepper shakers lol!

        • They are lying to you. I subscribed on June 25th and got the salt and pepper shaker box about 2 weeks later. I got this box a few days ago. So far I’m really happy with it but they seem like there’s some shady business practices. I’m not sure about keeping this one.

          • Are they lying or just really confused?

          • Yes, shady for sure! I’m probably cancelling this one. I don’t like how they are telling different people different things.

          • I first ordered June 8th order shipped on 19th and got towel, bowl, liquid soap and candle. Then they billed July 8th shipped on 29th and got what’s above on Sat. Burke Decor needs to get their act together.

        • Did your cracked tray ever get resolved? I had a chipped bowl and candle that the lid wouldn’t come off of a while ago. They asked me to send them back – and sent a shipping label to me – and I’ve heard nothing since. I’ve followed up a few times. Not sure what my next course of action is. Ugh.

  12. Cute items this month! I really like the vase. I changed my subscription from bi-monthly to monthly as soon as the sub management page was finally working but I guess I was too late to get July. Wish I had gotten in on time!

  13. Liz do you have any idea what type of things are in the spa box?

    • I believe they send mostly beauty/bath items. I’ve been thinking of signing up for that one too! 🙂

      • My spa box will be arriving today. I’ll post what is in tit when it arrives.

  14. I would love this box if I received my preferred colors. I love pinks, purples, blues, greens. I never use reds, oranges, yellow. Not having a choice, I’m going to skip this one but I’m hoping in the future there will be an option for color choices

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