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Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box Review #MIZ08

Check out my review of the Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box #MIZ08 Box

The Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription is a quarterly fitness subscription box.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Check out my review of the Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box #MIZ08 Items

The Subscription Box: Bianca Jade MizzFit for Quarterly

The Cost: $50 a box plus shipping costs (ships every quarter)

The Products: Bianca Jade’s handpicked fitness products.

Ships to: US and International

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Check out my review of the Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box #MIZ08 Letter

Each Quarterly box comes with a letter from the curator detailing the items included and why they selected them. The theme this box is “Earn it. Burn it. Flaunt it,” designed to “celebrate your body as a take charge athlete and empowered woman.”

Check out my review of the Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box #MIZ08 Watch Container

Winky Designs Watch – Value $45

This watch face design was made exclusively for Biana Jade subscribers! I think this is a fun workout watch – it is sweat resistant, and the slap design shapes to your wrist, so I can think it would fit most wrist sizes snuggly.

Check out my review of the Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box #MIZ08 Watch


I love the fitness inspired icons!

Check out my review of the Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box #MIZ08 Sun

JAFRA Sun Cooling After Sun Lotion – Vaue $14.50

JAFRA Sun Oil Free Facial Sunscreen SPF 50 – Value $14.50

This after sun lotion is very lightweight, and it adds a bit of sheen to your skin. I can’t really detect much of a fragrance, and that’s fine by me! And I always like getting full-sized SPF in boxes (and this is another item without a strong scent).

Check out my review of the Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box #MIZ08 Spices

Ground 2 Table Spice Blend – Value $6

The message of this spice brand is “buy small, use it all.” Each blend is made with organic ingredients, and they include easy recipes like salad dressing, guacamole, and gourmet sliced apples.

LEVEL Milk Chocolate – Value $2.50

This shake contains milk and soy, but it is lactose-free! (It also has only 1 gram of sugar thanks to sucralose).

Check out my review of the Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box #MIZ08 SpaRitual

SpaRitual Gold Set in Mindful – Value $36

This SpaRitual nail polish is designed to be resistant to chips/dings/etc., (It even self-corrects if you smudge it while it is drying!)

KORE The Multi-Tasker Pre/Post Sweat-Sesh Leave-In Conditioner – Value $8? (This isn’t for sale online yet)

This leave-in conditioner is paraben free and color safe. The formula is lightweight, and the scent is subtle and clean – all good things in my book!

Check out my review of the Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box #MIZ08 Mask

Patchology Illuminate FlashMasque Facial Sheet – Value $6.25

These Patchology sheets have been making the rounds in subscription boxes lately! (This one also includes a 20% off coupon for a Patchology order). My favorite thing about Patchology masks is that they only take 5 minutes – I think I’ll be using this one later tonight!

Check out my review of the Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box #MIZ08 Gel

Hammer Gel in Raspberry Pack (2) – Value $4

Bianca mentions in her letter that she uses energy gels for races, and these ones from Hammer taste good, and are vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.

Body Glide for Her – Value $8

Bianca recommends this for prevents chaffing and blisters before running. (These products are making me realize I need to add some running to my workout routines!)

Check out my review of the Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box #MIZ08 Shred

Shred415 Ankle Workout Video and Ankle Band – Value $10?

The video rental value is $4.99, so I’m guessing the ankle band value is $5. The workout video is 20-minutes long, and looks like it will be intense based on the preview!

Check out my review of the Bianca Jade MizzFit Quarterly Subscription Box #MIZ08 Salted

Salted 3- Month Subscription – ($20 Value)

Salted is $9.99 a month, but currently is offering first month free, so for the value of this gift subscription I’m only counting the cost of two months. (FYI – you do have to enter credit card info to redeem this offer).

If you aren’t familiar with Salted TV, it is basically cooking school on videos.

Velvet Eyewear $75 Gift/Discount Card (Expires 12/15)

I’m not having any luck applying this discount in checkout. It doesn’t work in the coupon code field, and there is no area to enter a gift card in checkout that I can find, so I’ll have to contact Velvet Eyewear customer care to see if I’m doing something wrong. Maybe the codes haven’t been activated yet. (Either way, I’m guessing these are unique coupon codes that cannot be stacked).

Their glasses start at around $165, so it’s a pretty steep discount, but still pretty pricey!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $174 (or $154 if you don’t count the Salted TV offer). Either way I think that’s a great value for a $50 Quarterly box, and there are a ton of items in this box too – even if you don’t love all the items, I’m guessing most subscribers will still feel like they got their money’s worth.

I also really appreciate reading Bianca’s letters – you can tell how passionate she is about the theme, and these boxes are a great motivation for me each quarter.

What do you think of #MIZ08?

UPDATE: For now I’ve decided to close comments on this post. If you have any questions/concerns please email me – [email protected]

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (39)

  1. Hey guys, Bianca Jade here. I have given this some thought and have come to the conclusion that it might be best for me not to read Liz’s reviews or your comments anymore. It’s very sad to think it’s come to this as I have made some nice penpals and friends through this site and love what Liz has created here. However, I am very discouraged by a lot of the negative comments and fights that begin on here. In all of my comments posted, I am always courteous and tell people that if they dislike my box or the values that are expressed through it, they are welcome to unsubscribe. My focus has always been to curate a box for the POSITIVE majority who is looking to find fitness/health/wellness and style inspiration. For 3 months, I have you guys in my head. This box is 100% a passion project for me and I treat it like that. I did not create this box to become embroiled in negativity or fights. I will always stand up for my values, which are women’s health and empowerment. As someone who comes from a minority home, I’ve faced lots of prejudice and “interesting” remarks about my heritage/culture/etc throughout my life and learned when it’s time to take the high road. In this situation, it’s about that time.

    I don’t want to abandon all of you whose comments I’ve so enjoyed reading though. I want you to email me, message me and continue to ask your questions. I still want you to share your feedback with me! I love when you send me emails full of ideas and share why something did or did not work for you. Some of you have even become contributors on! I’d like to continue our relationship, so I kindly ask you to reach out to me at [email protected] and many of you have my personal email as well.

    Thank you to all who have been so supportive. I just refuse to engage in the attacking banter back and forth. The Quarterly folks have for so long told me not to come on this site and read your comments. But I found it necessary to be a better curator and to get to know you guys. I learned so much and have exchanged numerous emails with many of you. Some products in the box are even picked with a certain subscriber and their story in mind. I’ve found both new friends and like-minded women who inspire me here. It’s sad to leave it but it’s time for me. You guys know where to find me and I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE IF YOU NEED ME.
    Just shoot me an email. Thank you for commenting, listening and believing in me! My gratitude goes beyond what I can even write here.

    XOXO, Bianca Jade

    • Bianca,

      I’m so sorry you are feeling this way, and I don’t blame you. Unfortunately, there are some who are completely rude, and mean spirited, and I’m reaching a point where I may need to stop reading the comments and just focus on Liz’s reviews.

      Bianca and Liz,

      Keep up the great work!

      • nobody was mean to her.stop being dramatic and quit the pity party.a few people didn’t like the constant online subscription services and coupons but nobody was mean. Bianca was the rude one.liz maybe go the llb route on this one or have a private conversation with her.what a ridiculous reaction.

      • I agree, Hallie.

      • Oh, my…and now prejudice has been brought up.

  2. I doubt they wanted it posted for people who didnt buy the box. also sort of kills inventory for us who did. but then should have provided personalized codes.

    On a side note, seems like a lot of the sunglasses are out. Wonder if they will restock?

    • Doesn’t matter -people post these codes all the time all over the internet. If they don’t want non subscribers to use them then make them unique. This website is really overpriced anyway.

    • It was not good that she posted it because then other people who did not get the box will take advantage of the offer and the glasses you want will end up sold out. Maybe kindly ask her to remove the content or ask Liz to.

      • Removed – sorry about that!

  3. I would love to swap for one of the vouchers for the sunglasses. If anyone isn’t going to use theirs, email me at bekkileigh at gmail dot com to see if we can work out a swap. I have an account on the swap board too.

    • The code isn’t unique. Either google it or scroll down. Someone did post it.

      • The code isn’t unique but we don’t want non-subscribers using it. So everyone who subscribed to the box was emailed the code individually. Please let me know if you didn’t receive an email. Thank you! xoxo, Bianca Jade

  4. Awesome box! I wish I would have purchased it when I was reading the spoiler.

    • Bianca posted that it didn’t sell out so if you e-mail Quarterly you can probably still get it.

  5. I’m just thrilled with this box. I wore the watch to work yesterday (it’s summer and I work at a university so it’s pretty casual anyway). I have small wrists so it does’t stay on quite as well as I’d like but it was pretty good. It’s something fun to wear when I’m out at a ball game or doing something else casual where I don’t want to wear my more expensive watch. I’m not sure how comfortable it will be to wear while working out – I might give that a shot tomorrow.

    Coupons for subscriptions that require a credit card to activate aren’t my favorite thing to get in a subscription box but companies aren’t going to give these out if they don’t think they can get something out of it. I enjoyed my Crunch workouts and I’m looking forward to trying Salted.

    I probably won’t get the sunglasses – if I’m going to spend another $100 on top of the coupon I want to be able to try them on first! I have a small face – those Pop Sugar sunglasses we just got are huge on me. It’s still a nice thing for those who wear sunglasses and want an upgraded pair.

  6. Is this box still available??

  7. I didn’t realize Jafra was still around. If it is the company I’m thinking of it was aroun about 35 years ago when they had home parties sot of like Mary Kay.

    I like this box though. I’m intrigued by the nail polish. Is this vid still available?

    • Wow. Really must review my typing next time before hitting submit! How embarrassing ?

  8. I received mine as well, I think it’s a great box. The watch isn’t my style, but I think it’s pretty neat that she got an exclusive design. (Especially in a $50 box!) I’m excited to try the spices, the polish, and the sun care items especially.

  9. This is a really terrific box! I kept pulling out each thing, like “wait there’s more?” I think the nice thing is that I will use pretty much everything, and everything fits with her theme. It feels like a really well thought out themed box, and then as a bonus it is a great value too.

    I like the leave in conditioner – I tried it right way, and I have fine hair and it didn’t weigh it down. And I was actually a little surprised to like the watch as much as I do. I saw the spoilers and didn’t know if it would be too young for me, but it really makes me smile when I put it on, and it’s unique and comfortable.

    I’m canceling and skipping other boxes all over the place, but I’m really glad I didn’t decide to skip this one.

    (Oh and FWIW, I tried Salted when FabFitFun had it in the winter box and it was easy enough to cancel, I just had to put it on my calendar.) I didn’t want to continue with Salted at the time because I was too busy to really test it out, but I’m going to give it another shot. I’ve been following them on Instagram since Bianca spoiled that they would be in the box, and their Instagram posts have given me a better idea of what they might have to offer.

    My only minor complaint is that I (personally) wish the nail polish was a more classic color, but I totally get why Bianca would choose an on trend color for the box. I figure I’ll try it and if it really doesn’t chip I’m going to pick up a few of their other colors that are more my (boring, conservative workplace) speed. My (3yr) daughter immediately wanted me to paint her toenails with it when she helped me open the package, so she’s a big fan of the blue color 🙂 she was also a huge fan of the temp tattoos in the last box, so it doubles the fun for me when she likes my stuff 🙂

    • I know, I went back and forth about polish color. I even asked people on different box forums dedicated to my box. Ultimately most people responded they wanted a funkier color that they wouldn’t already have at home. It was a hard decision for me to make. Super hard not being able to make everyone 100% happy. I’m wondering if you can swap it out for something else. Again, my apology on this.

      • I don’t really think you need to apologize. Everyone knows they are gambling with a “mystery box” as to whether each particular item is their personal style or not. I am happy to not to receive another neutral or pink – I am drowning in them and don’t need another for at least 10 years! The teal color is the shade that is all the rage this summer so it fits with the current fashion cycle of 2015. I am personally thrilled you included a top coat – that is something I always need and it is rarely included in beauty boxes. Thanks, doll!

  10. I know I’ve gotten the Salted sub in a sub box before. Can’t remember now if it was Popsugar or a different Bianca box. Seriously enough with these coupons that require us to spend more money and subsciptions that demand our credit card info hoping we’ll forget to cancel. Bianca Jade and Popsugar are both seriously close to getting cancelled for this reason.

    • Right. Not to mention they count these discounts toward the value of the box. Most of the time you don’t even need to buy the box because the coupon code in generic.

      • I’m sorry, but you’re actually wrong.

    • Your response is really negative and mean. My subscribers are all positive/inspired/caring/hardworking people who work with me to help me design a fab box for them. They are always sharing ideas and giving me constructive feedback. If you can’t be positive and collaborative, it’s prob best that you cancel. By the way, I personally use SALTED and pay for it. My intention was to get you guys a free subscription to try it out. I’m sorry if you can’t appreciate that. The coupons are toppers. They are not included in the base value of each box.

      • I don’t have a dog in this fight so I should probably stay quiet…but, well, that’s not me!

        I’m not sure who Bianca is replying to, Marilyn or Kerri, but I don’t think either post was really negative or mean. I think Kerri was expressing her opinion and although it wasn’t a glowing one, it wasn’t bad IMO. I know it is something I’m not a fan of (having to enter credit card/remember to cancel). I know some bloggers don’t include those items in their value if a credit card is required.

        And, I guess Marilyn was mistaken about the value of the coupon being included. But again, I don’t think it was a negative or mean comment.

        While I like that Bianca reads/comments/helps with the posts made here, I think that her comment on this was a bit over the top. I guess I just don’t like the whole “If you can’t be positive and collaborative, it’s prob best that you cancel” and I really don’t like the “I’m sorry if you can’t appreciate that.” It all seems very disrespectful toward a customer who has paid hard earned money.

        I don’t know….I was going to see about getting this box if it is still available, but I don’t know if I’m positive and collaborative enough to be allowed into the club.


      • Oh my! my comment was generic venting about getting coupons in boxes – not a fan. Some boxes do count it toward the value, sorry I got this one wrong.

      • Hi there, it’s not a club. I just don’t think you’re familiar with my brand or my opinions on fitness & wellness. I don’t believe in directing mean, hurtful comments towards people. And I definitely don’t want a subscriber to continue to subscribe if they are hating on the box without providing feedback in non-threatening but rather kind way that helps me make the box better. I believe in respectful open communication. It’s the only way to move forward in your fitness, health, relationships and all other aspects of life. This Quarterly box is one of my passion projects. It’s the reason I’m here on this forum reading your comments. If it was just a business venture for me, I wouldn’t bother. I don’t want a negative/mean player on my team. It brings morale down and it does not help me WIN the “championship” of creating beautiful boxes for you guys that triples the value of what you pay and helps to get you inspired to move. My goal is to make you guys happy and give you quarterly inspiration. I am 100% ok with telling someone who is spewing bad vibes to cancel. As a business owner and motivator, it you don’t learn to do this in life…you run into problems. I believe in positivity and helping everyone that comes to me to achieve their dreams. But I cannot help people who are negative and not nice. These are extremely important values to me. I have read many reviews of my boxes here, which haven’t always been the best. Even Liz has given me a bad review before. But these reviews have never been mean with a threat to cancel or mock the hard work that goes into 3-months of designing these boxes between me and my team. And honestly, if you want to cancel, then do it! I’d hate to twist anyone’s arm to receive a box full of wellness inspiration for me. I only want the people on board who are looking for it, need it, and value it. These are the people that INSPIRE ME in my daily life. I hope that explains my stance and I hope you stay on. But if you don’t, I thank you for all your support so far. I’m also glad you shared your thoughts here.

      • “Hi there, it’s not a club. I just don’t think you’re familiar with my brand or my opinions on fitness & wellness. ”

        Since I’m the one who mentioned a “club” I guess this is in large part directed to me.

        No, perhaps I’m not familiar with your brand or opinions. Actually, until I read about your boxes here I had no idea who you were. After the exchanges on here today, I now DO know who you are (and it isn’t positive).

        I do think that perhaps you might want to look back at your own words and see how they bring morale down and are “spewing bad vibes.” While you have made it clear that you don’t want people who threaten to cancel to be a subscriber (even though they are paying for the service), what I think you have missed here is the opportunity to create new followers/subscribers. I think your words here today have alienated several people, myself included.

      • Cancelled Miss Bianca. Thanks for making the decision really easy for me.

      • I think you made the right choice, Kerri. I design this box for people with a certain frame of mind, attitude, inspiration and drive. I also design it for nice people. I’ve made that clear in past posts on My Subscription Addiction and I stand by it. Good luck with future boxes you subscribe to.

      • wow Bianca you are a rude woman.not everyone will always love everything in your boxes . nobody was mean to you.

      • Wow…I guess if you design boxes for nice people you aren’t designing for yourself! Unbelievably rude.

        Count me as one who won’t be purchasing now or in the future.

    • YOWZA!

      What a way to blow things out of proportion!

      I don’t see anything in the initial post that should bring on such wrath.

      Mizfit’s box has been a great value and I’ve enjoyed the products quite a bit. However, I will not finance to this firestorm of a curator.
      This quarter’s box is on my doorstep at home & it will be my last.

  11. I don’t know what happened to my subscription. It’s no longer listed as active, nor did they try to charge me. It looks like a great box. Bianca did a great job!

  12. If anyone tries out the nail polish I would love to hear a review. I am always on the look out for a chip free polish with out a light 🙂 Thanks.

  13. Yesterday Quarterly sent out an email with a redemption code that should work for the sunglasses. Check your spam folder to see if you got it.