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BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review – August 2015

BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review - August 2015 Box

BeautyCon BFF is a new quarterly beauty subscription box. They highlight different beauty influencer curators each month, and send a mix of beauty and accessory items.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review - August 2015 First Look

FYI – I signed up and the box almost shipped immediately (This is the summer box), so I think if you sign up now you will get this box quickly.

BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review - August 2015 Queen B

Also – this box put a smile on my face before I even got to the items. This Beyonce cash is amazing. (It includes a coupon on the back to share with friends for a discount on this box: BESTIE5 – I couldn’t get it to work, but let us know if it works for you).

BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review - August 2015 Open

This is seriously such a fun box to unwrap!

BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review - August 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: BeautyCon BFF Box

The Cost: $35.99 a box (ships once a quarter)

The Products: “Our favorite beauty products and accessories delivered right to your door each season. Plus, members get the chance to win amazing experiences with our influencers!”

Ships to: US Only

BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review - August 2015 Info

This box includes an info sheet list and a printed photo of Teala Dunn – the curator for the Summer Essentials box.

BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review - August 2015 Baby Lips

Baby Lips Lip Balm in Quenched – Value $2.69

This is a clear lip balm with SPF 20. I can see why these Baby Lips balms are so popular – they’re very moisturizing and this one leaves just a hint of natural looking shine.

eva NYC Surf Spray – 1 oz Value $6

This didn’t end up working like a sea salt spray on my hair – instead it just gave my hair texture and volume. (That’s actually much more useful for me – so I’m good!)

BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review - August 2015 Lipstick

Colour Pop ‘La La Eye Shadow – Value $5

NYX Wicked Lippie in Betrayal – Value $6

This eye shadow is a highly pigmented copper/rose gold. It’s a really wearable color for me – which is good, since the purple lipstick is a no-go! Swatched below:

BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review - August 2015 Swatch

BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review - August 2015 Sunglasses

BeautyCon Lana Sunnies – Value $10?

BeautyCon Flower Crown Headband – Value $7?

There are few non-beauty items in this box, and most of them are BeautyCon branded. (AKA – not branded). I knew signing up for this box that I was probably on the pushing the intended demographic age, so I’ll probably share some of these goodies with my younger/more fashionable cousin!

BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review - August 2015 Mascara

Maybelline Volum’Express The Colossal Waterproof Mascara – Value $6

Crown Brush Deluxe Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush – Value $6.99

I don’t wear waterproof mascaras often (I prefer just finding regular mascaras that I can wear a full day without any smudging/flaking), but I’m going to give this one a try.

And makeup brushes are always a welcome addition to any box!

BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review - August 2015 Earrings

BeautyCon Bars & Studs Earrings – Value $9?

(Again – I’m guessing on the values of all BeautyCon items, so let me know if you think my numbers are off!)

BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review - August 2015 Bag

BeautyCon Lips for Days Clear Bag – Value $5?

I like that they included a makeup bag in this box – plus it’s a pretty large size and I love that it is see-through. (It does smell a bit like an inflatable pool toy though!)

BeautyCon BFF Beauty Subscription Box Review - August 2015 Pura Vida

Pura Vida Bracelet – Value $5

I’ve received Pura Vida bracelets in a few past subscription boxes – they look cute stacked, and their charity causes are pretty great too!

This box also included a $5 off generic coupon code to Mr. Kate, and two tiny temporary tattoos from Gold Ink Tattoo!

Verdict: Based on my estimates, this box has a value of about $70. They advertise that each box includes a value of $100+, so I’m guessing I underestimated some of the values on the BeautyCon items. Even with my estimates I think this is a pretty good value for a $35 box – and it definitely is a fun box, with a lot of products and variety.

What do you think of the Summer Essentials BeautyCon BFF Box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (40)

  1. I really want to try this box out! Too bad they don’t have this in the UK! We’re really lacking subscription boxes!!

  2. I thought it was cute! I really like the flower headband, it doesn’t look like a fake cheap one but haven’t convinced myself I’m still youngnenoufh to pull it off, the sunglasses were cute, the bag. Love the beauty they included, the bracelet was cute, earrings vs were cute even though I can’t wear them. And it’s actually only $29.99 for the box, but they charge shipping which makes the difference. I hate shipping, I would more for an item than say I pd shipping, pahaha, I know….idk

  3. The new fall beautycon is out for purchase. There is a YouTube video of it.

  4. I am tired of sample and deluxe size product subscription boxes, so I was happy to hear about this! It doesn’t have the high end brands of a Boxycharm or Glossybox, but at least the products are full size and the $35 price is for a 3 month supply of product. I see a lot of talk about the “demographic” this is supposedly aimed at, but I am not seeing anything on the site or in this box that suggests it isn’t appropriate for older beauty lovers. I am in my 40s and I’m excited about trying out these products! Age is just a number!

  5. I won’t lie, I swapped for the box on the swap site. I really wanted it. I’m 33, but the flower headband really caught my eye & I never pass up a Baby Lips lip balm or a Nyx lipstick. I’ve also been wanting yo try out that mascara (I have this crazy obsession with mascaras; I have at least 30 revolving tubes in their very own ‘mascara drawer righ now

    • Right now. I would compare it to some women’s love of eyeshadoe or lip product). I didn’t get to finish my comment, UGH!

      Anyway, all that being said, even though I swapped for it, I would NEVER pay $35 for this box. I definitely do not see that value. I did check out that Mr. Kate jewelry site & it kind of reminds of Kitsch’s jewelry. So, if they had included jewelry from Mr. Kate instead of the generic pieces that were put in, I believe the value would have definitely been there. I think that’s something they should take into account going forward. The jewelry should be branded & so should the hair/lifestyle accessories, even if the brands are just middle value. Anything is better than generics, for sure, IMHO.

      • The headbands are 50-cents to $1 at AliExpress. I got a couple for my girls and they are adorable.

        But while my tweens are the right age for this box and would like the stuff, it’s a horrible value. To be fair, that’s true of all the tween/teen boxes.

      • I know what you mean. I guess they feel that tweens/teens are not as picky about brands. Or at least not as picky as adult women, which, to me, is just silly. Most tweens/teens are just as brand consciuos as their mothers! In fact my 14yr old sister in law is WORSE than me! A lot of boxes targeted toward this demographic need to take this more into consideration when they do their curation. I’d be more apt to pay $35 for the box if it even had one branded accessory. Just an idea!

  6. I didn’t see the price earlier and I also think it’s a little high. If they’re just using drugstore brands and not mid/high end brands, then I think around $25 is more reasonable. Most of the accessories, albeit cute, are a house brand and don’t really justify the price. That being said, this looks like it’d be a fun gift for teens!
    Also, thanks everyone for explaining where “Bye Felicia” is from! I’m not a big fan of the current slang (Fleek, Bae, Slay, Legit, etc.) either.

  7. $35.99 for that box? Puh-leese. Perhaps it is outside my demographic, so at the risk of being rude, all I can say is… “Bye, Felicia!”

  8. Wow what an overpriced box of junk! I could go to the dollar store and drugstore and get more products that are better quality for 35.99. If it were 10.00 I’d say sure what the heck. But 35.99?! Outrageous even if it is quarterly.

  9. Bye Felicia comes from the movie “Friday”. Craig, Ice Cubes character, said that to Felicia, she was a crackhead. She was Nia Long’s sister in the movie. She would always come around asking for money. So it really is an insult to even be called Felicia, I mean who wants to be referred to as a begging crackhead? I guess it means something else now, but knowing where the term actually comes from and who Felicia is it’s not exactly cute or funny to me. Maybe if it’s a friend saying it to you…

    • forgot to add that he would say that to her when he wanted to her leave him alone

      • it doesn’t mean something’s how the teenagers basically tell someone to get lost.disgusting.

  10. For those wondering bye Felicia is a teenage slang for saying someone is leaving and nobody cares or will miss them. On fleek means perfect and that is legit means awesome.i have 3 teenage children and my kids no better than to talk this way.disgusting!

    • Know* silly auto correct.

  11. Their website is kind of obnoxious. With the words: fleek, legit and use of bye Felicia. All I can do is roll my eyes. No wonder kids don’t know proper words or how to phrase things. lol

    I don’t think it was all cheap drugstore junk. Drugstore for sure..but I like NYX, the spray looks interesting, the earrings are subtle, the bag can be used for your carryon liquids. Would I pay $35? No but it was an ok box. (maybe at a lower price point though).

  12. I’m 21, but I feel like this box is a little too cutesy and young for me. This is definitely more for 15-16 year olds who are just starting out with makeup and want to experiment with affordable brands.
    I have that Colourpop eyeshadow, plus a few other shades, and I love it! I’m definitely buying more soon. Nyx is great too. I have that Maybelline lip balm in Cherry Me and it does moisturize/give a natural red tint. I cringe every time I see the commercial for that mascara. That look is exactly what I don’t want! Also, can someone enlighten me on what “Bye Felicia” is referring to?

    • Bye Felicia refers to the movie Friday with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. Felicia was the girl down the block that didn’t take care of herself (no makeup, messy hair, ugly clothes) and always mooched off people. They would say, “Bye Felicia” in a mean tone to get her move along. Good movie, but I think it’s cool they wouldn’t put up with that behavior on the site and it’s also cool they reverenced an oldie but a goodie movie from my past lol.

  13. I know that mascara looks janky, but you guys ITS SO LEGIT. I bought it as an impulse and it does beautiful things to my lashes. Its my new HG mascara.

    • I use some Maybelline mascara, forget the name of it, but the tube looks nearly identical to that one and I do love it. Works way better for me than the Urban Decay mascara everyone was obsessed with, Tarte, and all other expensive mascaras I’ve tried.

  14. Got it!! Loved it. Favorite sub box so far!!

  15. I love that they actually included a bolder lipstick, because that’s what I like to wear.. But otherwise this box just makes me feel old looking at it (I’m almost 32). The verbiage they use is just the biggest turn off ever. And I do not need more cheap mascara. I’ll watch for future reviews to see if I can be swayed past the silly teen speak.

  16. I want a floral headband! It looks fun for teenagers/young adults although I am not 100% sure. I have boys.

  17. I really liked this box. Although the items were a little young for me, I was still able to use or re-appropriate the items for someone else. The value was there regardless. This is a fun box, with useful and whimsy products. Unlike some other boxes that are, some months, less than worth the value paid; this box rocked! I look forward to what Fall will bring. Thanks for sharing this new experience. PS- My office mate SA Addicts also loved this box as well (and they are older as well).

  18. Wow… I think that box looks like it’s worth maybe $10 or 15 tops, I’m stunned they ask for $35. The lipstick, sunglasses and headband all look like dollar store junk. And their actual website… oy! I don’t ever need to see the word “fleek” again! I knew the box skewed young, but now I’m thinking it’s like ages 12-16 young. This one is not for me, and I’m glad. I get too many boxes already.

  19. I don’t think this box lives up to it’s value. The non-make up items look like dollar store stuff. Makes me sad that this box is $35 & is for teens and tweens. Grown folk like drugstore make up too lol. The best part of this box, for me, is the NYX Wicked lipstick. Great brand & great line of lipstick.

    • I like those lipsticks, too, but am only bold enough to wear one of them in public (“power” — kind of a purple but with some red in it, so it almost is a “normal” color).

  20. Urgh. That’s an expensive box for a bunch of cheap drugstore junk

  21. Hi Liz…
    This box really looks fun…I thought to try it and I went through the website and stumbled upon their code tab…Seriously they do not like if anyone does not provide a positive feedback or is not happy with the box…Will you as well mind not giving a positive feedback if you do not like and of the box in future?

    • Hm, I’m not sure exactly what you mean? Sorry! I will definitely always be honest in the reviews. If there’s some other info you think I should have added in the review that I missed, please let me know.

      • I think I know what Soma is talking about. The website has a tab entitled “BFF Code.” That tab brings you to a page with their “rules.

      • Ugh…cut myself off…duh.

        think I know what Soma is talking about. The website has a tab entitled “BFF Code.” That tab brings you to a page with their “rules.

        The first rule is “Don’t Talk Sh*t” and goes on “Yeah, don’t do it. The internet is full of people being #rudedotcom to each other, everyone needs to remember that there are real people with actual feelings on the other side of the screen. Not to get all Mom on you, but she’s right: “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Mom, high-five to you.”

        I can only hope they don’t mean anything about a negative review, etc.

        They do have other rules about being supportive and typing something like “Bye Felicia” and the post will be removed.

        I don’t see any tab for a forum though. Maybe subscribers get access to that area?

    • Just curious what is a code tab?

      • Check the website…you can see “BFF CODE” written on sort of top left side 5th option in number…click it you can read…
        I hope I read it correctly and interpreted it correctly as well

    • with respect, I think you misunderstood. I checked it out and that “code” page you mentioned is a code of conduct for users of their site. They have other pages with articles and submissions by users and they are just setting some guidelines for commenting. I think this is actually fairly responsible on a site that seems to be targeting younger women. I checked out a few of the posts too and a fair number of them are promoting positive body images. Bravo!

      • And that is how I can tell the site/box is not for me. While I think it is great to foster a supportive environment, I don’t understand half of what they’re saying. But then I am 37, almost 38, and technically old enough to be a site user’s mother (though I don’t have kids, which is probably why I can’t follow)…

      • That’s true. I’m 43 and I’ll admit I called my niece to ask her what “fleek” meant. She’s 16 and took a quick look at the site and wasn’t interested. She might be slightly spoiled by all the really nice makeup she gets from me on account of my sub…um…problem. I won’t lie though, I really want some of that Beyoncé money.

  22. What a fun box! it does seem like it is geared for a younger age group and if I had a teenage or young adult daughter I would definitely sign up. But I’m on box overload. Hope everyone enjoys their box as much as I enjoyed the review.

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