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Beauty Fix August 2015 Spoilers

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Beauty Fix Spoilers

Thanks Jenn for letting us know about the August 2015 Beauty Fix spoilers!

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 12.50.30 PM beauty-fix-august-2015

What do you think of the August 2015 BeautyFix spoilers? I love Alterna products and I can’t wait to try the Caviar hair volumizer!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got my box yesterday and I love it! Everything looks great and is new to me so I can’t wait to try them all. Good sizes too!!

    Is it weird that I like to try things that aren’t for my “type”? I have dry skin (winter especially) but I don’t mind trying products for oily skin in summer. And I have wavy/frizzy hair that I usually straighten but will still try volume stuff just to see what it does. I don’t purposely buy these things but if I get them in subs… Why not?

  2. I am getting this box, but i wont be using the Medicelle redness relief. If anyone wants to swap for it, I will use the actual sale value ( $30 ) instead of the retail value ($60) for swap, as long as u are also not strict on RV too. Hit me up on email above

  3. This month’s box isn’t doing it for me. Everything is for an issue or a skin or hair type I don’t have. The patchology seems like it is for everybody, but other products are for thinning hair, hair that needs volume (my hair tends to be poofy), blemishes, rosacea… wrinkly undereyes. As for the Bliss, I don’t use foaming face washes either. I think I can use the Glytone. (Of course, we have lots of face washes don’t we – I’m still using the Firmarine, the DHC oil, that other one that I can’t remember the name of that had glycolic in it). I might try the thinning hair shampoo because my hair likes protein, but I don’t think the conditioner will be moisturizing enough.

    Some of the things they’re sending this month seem like good products – if you have these particular concerns or if your hair is of that type, etc. Oh well. Plenty of things that were for my type (or color) hair or skin, but not everybody’s, have come around before (like the hair oil, Smart Brow, DevaCurl).

    I used my men’s shave cream this morning. Love it! Oh by the way, my mom said that there used to be only men’s shave cream.

  4. How do u cancel this box?? I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks

    • You need to call them on the phone. It’s a fairly painless procedure.

  5. What the heck is gwp?

    • gift with purchase 🙂

  6. I am interested in seeing the sizes of the products. I hope we get a lot more full sizes… This box is practical which is fine because shampoo and conditioner is always stuff I will need… But I don’t want trial sizes. Once I have the box in my hand and see Liz’s breakdown in terms of value then I will determine how I feel about it.

    • If you scroll down in the comments you can see the 4 full size items 🙂

    • This box has a minimal retail value of $107, using the lowest valuation for the items. If you use non-discounted retail values (though I don’t think some of this products ever sell without a discount) the total starts at $160. Here is the breakdown, the values in parenthesis are the RVs, the ones without are the market value.

      Full Size:

      – Paula’s Choice Daily Skin Clearing Treatment, 2.25 oz $13 ($17)
      – Alterna Caviar Clinical Daily Densifying Foam, 5.1 oz, $28 ($36)
      – SmartFX Smart Eye Wrinkle Lift, .4 oz, $16 (~$30-$60)
      – Medicell Redness Relief Hydrating Cream, 1.7 oz, $30 ($60)

      Sample size:
      Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, 1 oz, ~$4
      Glytone Step-Up Cleanse, 1 oz, ~$3
      Patchology Exfoliate FlashMasque ~$6
      Keranique Volumizing Keratin Conditioner, 1 oz, $~3.5
      Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo , 1 oz, $3.5

  7. The August box is now up instead of the July. I got the July box for half off but cancelled because there’s no way I would have paid $25 for another like that. I saw this spoiler and decided to subscribe again. Since I just moved I was able to use an alternate email address and sign up a new account and get the August box for half off!

    • Yessss!!! Thanks for the idea!!! I canceled my order for the half off box for July as well after seeing the crap that was in it! Just went on and got august for $13!! MUCH better deal!!! Uber excited!!! Woooo hoooo!!!

      • hi im in the process of getting the august box for half off too but dont want to continue the subscription for 24.00 how can i cancel?

  8. Dermstore loves to repeat brands (sometimes products) in their beauty boxes and mystery boxes and this box is no exception. They have such a wide variety of brands on their store. Why not more variety?

    • I agree. Sometimes I don’t get the box because I already got half the items as a GWP or vice versa, I’m not tempted by their GWP because half the stuff was in a prior Blush or BF box. Once upon a time their GWP supersets used to be awesome and I found a lot of favorite brands that way. I once got a full size Lalicious body scrub and have been in love ever since and purchased many more. And I also got a full size Billy Jealousy scrub and it’s the only skincare my husband will use! I thought the idea behind these boxes and GWPs is to help people discover new products so they’ll establish new customers. More variety would certainly help with that.

  9. These spoilers look good to me.

  10. AWESOME box!! Definitely redeeming themselves for last month’s disappointing box (even then, their box is consistently way better than Glossybox, which is about same price…)
    I’m super excited, will use everything. Phew.

    • August video:
      This box is wonderful! A lot of skincare products plus my favorite ever Alterna! Thinking to unsubscribe from Glossy Box. It was very disappointing lately (only one skincare item in July box).

  11. The product that interests me the most in this box is the Medicell Redness Relief Hydrating Cream. When I did a search on the Dermstore site I found this item and the exact same item called BeautyFix Redness Relief Hydrating Cream. The ingredients are exactly the same. I checked another Medicell product and again it had the same exact ingredients as the BeautyFix product. This leaves me wondering. I have been waiting for the BeautyFix box to include a BeautyFix item but I guess they already have.

    • I’ve tried the redness relief cream and when I purchased it, I was hoping it’s actually heal or solve my redness issue. The color is tinted so I’m not sure if it just temporarily calms it by correcting the color. I’m not sure if there are long term benefits, please let me know if you find out more

    • Yes, I think Medicell is made exclusively for Dermstore and I think they are rebranding it to Beautyfix which is why the Medicell products are always on sale recently.

      Also, I spoke with CS and the August box has not been released for sale yet which is why the July box shows up in the cart if you try to purchase now. Hopefully will release soon since I cancelled after last months sad box. I’ve lost so much hair this year the hair products this month are calling my name and I live a multitasking eye cream. I just tried one from Ole Henriksen I got as a GWP and it is awesome to be able to skip the concealer step.

      • This made me curious about some of the products in this box so I checked and Target owns Medicell and SmartFX, which is probably why we see these often in Beauty Fix boxes. But this also means that DermStore gets to inflate the retail value of these items any way it wants.

        For example, the RV on the SmartFX Smart Eye Wrinkle Lift is currently $60, though Google shows DermStore was selling it at $20 recently and comment shows that they had it on sale for 2 for $30. Given that Dermstore always offers 20% off discounts, I’d say the actual RV of this item is $16.

        Still, this box is a great deal.

    • They also have sent out a couple of Dermstore branded lip glosses this year.

  12. I am interested in trying the mask and volumizer so that makes the box worth it for me. I know I don’t care for the Bliss product which I find too drying. If the shampoo and conditioner work well and plays nicely with color-treated hair, they will be the perfect size for an upcoming trip.

  13. When will we be able to buy the August box? I canceled in July after that joke of a box. I want this box now

  14. I would like to get this – has a few products I’d like to try and it is a good value but when I went to the site it doesn’t show the August box up yet.

  15. I think Beauty Fix did a good job of redeeming itself after last month’s fiasco. This box has an approximate RV of $168+, the highest so far for this type of box – and that’s giving the Smart Eye product an RV of $28, which is what it sells for at Target. Even if you use Amazon prices rather than retail prices, this box is well over $100. So I am happy.

    And I’m also happy with the product selection. I can use all of them, which is quite rare for a box. So good job, DermStore!

  16. Anyone know why only the July Beautyfix is available on the site? I can’t find the August one for purchase, but it added the July one to my cart.

    • i searched for beauty box and the option to subscribe came up with the discounted first box and it specifically says it starts with august

  17. Hi All, Just spoke to Customer Service and the following products are Full Size:

    •Paula’s Choice Daily Skin Clearing Treatment
    •Alterna Caviar Clinical Daily Densifying Foam
    •SmartFX Smart Eye Wrinkle Lift
    •Medicell Redness Relief Hydrating Cream

    • Are you serious!? I was going to cancel because I thought everything was sample size again (HATED last month and I paid full price for it because I have been with them for months). If all four of those are full size this box has an amazing value and YES PLEASE. (and Ive been charged already online so I dont think it matters if I canceled, I would still get this box)

      • Totally serious :). At least that is what she told me.

  18. i am so totally happy about this box.
    the moisturizer gets great reviews and retails for $60. and it’s FULL SIZE! plus i love paula’s choice and am happy to have something powerful around for monthly breakout days. really digging the bliss brand, will give the eye cream a chance, and keratin shampoo/conditioners are always used. basically, the value is more than there.
    anymores, beautyfix is predominantly a skincare box. and it has major value for skincare. if you’re a skincare product junkie (i totes am), this seems totes worth it.

  19. This box looks pretty good to me. Can always count on BeautyFix to replenish my supply of cleansers, and I’d expect people to be excited about the Alterna, though that’s not a kind of product I’d use. I do wish that Bliss face wash came in the last box, along with the Bliss mask they included.

    • Alterna has been in a few sub boxes recently. Like Oscar Blandi,Dr.Brandt,etc I think people are just getting tired of certain brands Alterna being one of them.

      • Ah, I didn’t realize. I was going off of the fact that Liz always seems happy to get Alterna 🙂

        • I’m always happy to yet Alterna… if they had their own box I would subscribe in a heartbeat!

          • OMG – an Alterna box would be amazing 🙂

        • i’m team glad to have ’em. the cc cream and the spray from other boxes this spring both have this light, lemony scent that i hugz.

  20. I just cancelled mine…I needed to cut back on some boxes and this made the decision easy.

  21. Wow I’m so sorry to hear about all these issues with Allure. Sample Society /Allure Beauty box is my favorite sub box. I was a Sample Society customer for years even before Allure ever had any part of it. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. By that I mean I don’t know if new subscribers are having more problems than subscribers that just transferred over. Hope you guys get your boxes soon. I will consider myself lucky that my experience went a bit smoother.

    • This isn’t the Allure/Sample Society box. It’s Beauty Fix from DermStore.

  22. I guess I’m the minority here, but I think it looks great!

  23. Glad I cancelled! This box is not tempting me at all to resub. Really surprising you would have thought they would have gotten better after Target acquired them.

  24. Hmm. I had subscribed to this box when it switched to BeautyFix, and liked the first few boxes, but was pretty disappointed last month. I cancelled after last month’s box, partly because I thought it was important to communicate to them that the box wasn’t worth $25 (what regular subscribers paid) and also because I figured that part of my disappointment was just that I am on product overload.

    This box looks okay, but I don’t know if it’s enough to get me to re-sub. I have tons of cleansers and moisturizers, and I have tried that concealer and didn’t like it at all. So I may sit out this month too.

    I’m interested in that mask, but I think we’re getting it in the MizFit box this month.

    Has anyone tried, and would highly recommend, any of the products in the box this month?

  25. Thanks Liz. I have subbed for over a year. And last month I did not cancel in time. But this month I did. Thank you.

  26. Blush used to be my favorite sub out there, but I canceled after December and then they switched. Last month’s box wasn’t good and this one isn’t tempting either. I already got the Keranique in a Beauty Joy box I think a couple months ago. They said on their FB that there would be full size items, I don’t see any full size products.

    • I just spoke to customer service and 4 items are full size. Medicell, Paula’s Choice, Alterna & Smart Eye.

  27. My life was just made!!! “Thanks Jenn for letting us know about the August 2015 Beauty Fix spoilers!”

    • 🙂 Thanks again!!

  28. Last month was my first month with this, and I was disappointed in the value even though I got it for half price. This does not make me any more excited – especially for $26. Going to try to cancel.

  29. I LOVE the BeautyFix sub HOWEVER Cannot figure out if Im currently signed up for AUTO REFILLS or not. I go to my account and it states Im current but “no” information under “manage auto refills”. I called weeks ago and got a pat pat answer of “everything is fine!” but now am not sure if Im signed up for monthly boxes. Also, last month, I tried to get the box for only $12.48 and it would not let me (charged me the full $36.45 with tax) BUT ONLINE MY ACCOUNT SHOWS I PAID ONLY $12.48. Something is very wrong with DermStores website, methinks. Im worried 1) I will be charged wrongly and 2) will be charged and wont get my box. Sigh. Anyone have any tips for dealing with them? 🙁

    • Email customer service and ask for a credit, they often reply a bit late, but usually post a refund to your card if your claim of being overcharged is valid.

      • Refunded my credit card; my online DERMSTORE Account is the one that shows the incorrect charge of $12.48 (as if I were a new customer). Im just worried about getting the August box, now. I just wish to be on the $25 a month plan and NOT be charged “new” for $34.95 or whatever it is. Sigh.

        Okay so I tried to re subscribe and on THAT page it states “youre already a subscribed member, blah blah blah’. So “I guess” Im a member? Sigh. We shall see if I get a box or not. 🙂

    • go to your account on their website and see fi they are running a charge today. Mine hasn’t gone thru yet but I see it there. If you’ve gotten them more than one month without doing anything, you are on autoship.

      • Thank you jen!!!! I appreciate the advice! Ill be checking my credit card often in the upcoming next few days! I believe I got Julys without doing anything special so I hope August is the same. 🙂

        On the other hand, Allure has the opposite problem. Been charged 2X now for boxes have received ZERO boxes. Am losing faith, rapidly. 🙁

        • Opposite for me. Allure charged me twice refunded one and sent me 2 boxes for July. They told me just keep it. They are as frustrated as we are. Just not a smooth transition. So far for August Allure only charged me once and I just got my shipping notification email this morning so hopefully they are settling down.

          • Ohhh thank you for this! Yep Im calling by next week the 10th if my stuff still isnt received by me. Ive now been on the phone with different sub boxes so Im confused. (I have an addiction problem too hee hee am trying to keep it down to just 3 boxes but its hard to choose!).

            Allure promises to be a favorite if stuff can get ORGANIZED here soon. Pooh. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

        • I have had the same exact issue – I have spent over 6 hours on the phone with supervisors, finally got a tracking number and my July Allure box was sent to my billing address, not my shipping address. It was returned as un-deliverable but they have not sent my replacement yet. I spent 35 minutes on the phone again this morning with a supervisor named Betsy who said that she could ‘request’ my box be re-shipped, but could not tell me when that would happen, just that it could be up to a week.

          • Well that SUCKS Im so sorry to hear that! I am now losing faith even more that I get ONE box let alone the TWO I paid for. They will be hearing from me and also I will reverse the charge on my card if I dont get a box soon. Sigh.

            Via LiveChat just now, however, DermStore DID verify that I do have 1 subscription, for the $24.95 price, and at the correct address. Yay for the small wins!

    • DermStore’s online customer service is slow, but they have GREAT phone customer service. Call them.

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