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Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review – July 2015

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 3

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - SCREENSHOT2

Relish Clothing is an online boutique that offers whimsical and vintage clothing inspired mystery boxes. They offer three types of mystery boxes in wide array of sizes.

“We carry fun styles for festivals, the beach or just an easy weekend at home.  At Relish, we scour the planet for the perfect lace dresses, cute crochet detailed tops, elegant maxi dresses and colorful prints.  These are the things that we love at Relish Clothing and want you to love them to.”

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 1

Relish Clothing kindly sent us this package to review. Don’t forget to check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.

UPDATE: This is the medium Relish Clothing Box.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - SCREENSHOT1

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 2

The Box: The Relish Box

The Cost: $99 for 4-5 items, $149 for 6-8 items or $199 for 9-10

The Products: In season clothing and accessories items picked for you by Relish   Clothing; some from their boutique and some surprise items.

Ships to: US via USPS

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Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 6

Good To Know: “Relish periodically adds luxe items to the Relish Boxes; in this case, you will receive less items in your box.  For example, a medium box would contain 5-6 pieces with a luxe item and a large box would contain 7-8 pieces.  Luxe items are not available for the small Relish Box.  Examples of luxe items: sterling accessories, outerwear, high end clothing pieces, artisan jewelry, leather belts, precious stone + gold filled jewelry.”

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 7

I have 8 pieces in my Relish box to include 2 are accessories.  That would make this a review for the Medium Box for $149.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 4

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 5

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - SCREENSHOT3

I received a very cool note card from Relish Clothing letting me know that they curated this box solely by my size, and to let you all know that customers have the opportunity to tell them about their style preference during the purchase process.

I asked for size Large. I’m not very large actually, I wear 6-8 which is technically a Medium. But I’m very tall at 5’9” and I have a long torso. Anyone else with a long torso knows exactly how problematic this small detail can be when it comes to clothes fitting properly. I normally gravitate to the large and ex-large sales racks at any given department store. Larger sizes mean more fabric.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 28 Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 30 Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 29

Antler Necklace (One Size) – Value $11.00?

I’m guesstimating here. I found a few versions on Etsy ranging from $9-$39. The ones in the $11 range looked the most similar. I would have never picked this out for myself, but I kinda like it. At this time in my life, I don’t wear much dangling jewelry because my kiddos have and will pull and break anything I wear besides my wedding band and studded earrings. This will most likely go up for swaps.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 9 Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 11 Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 10

Chevron Embroidered Belt (One Size) – Value $14.99

This is a beautiful piece. I don’t’ have anything like it. I love the double snap closure on the back and the weave work of the elastic band. I couldn’t find this exactly belt online either, but it’s currently sold out on the Relish Clothing boutique and that’s where I found the price.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 17

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 35

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 15

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 16

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 18

De Philo – Dress (Large) – Value $70?

I’m having the worst luck pulling these items online for comparison. The best that I could come up with was another online boutique that carried a $86 leather trimmed dress from this brand. My husband loves this dress on me and I like it a lot too. It’s sheer, even with the lining so I’ll be sure to layer in a full dress slip. BTW, the non-verbal approval I received from my kiddos when I tried this on was priceless. I shoot photos in our “work in progress” bonus room. Dry wall and painting are complete, but the floors and molding are not in yet. Let me know if some of these shots are too distracting with the floor or distorted up on the coffee table. I’d really appreciate the feedback.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 21

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 32

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 33

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 20

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 19

Newbury Kustom – Dress – Value $44.99?

There’s a dress like this from Golden Tote if I’m not mistaken for $62. I couldn’t find this dress under Newbury Kustom anywhere. I really wish I had some sort of insert card to tell us more about each item. Either way, it’s beautiful and fits me perfectly!! I’m wearing it to church this weekend. Side Note: both dresses are shy of my ankles, I plan on wearing flats with both.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 13

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 12

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 14

Moon – Morning Swoon, and Night Skirt (Large) – Value $49

I found one, finally. LOL. I love the cut of this skirt.  It’s fully lined and I like that the zipper is on the side instead of on the back.  The only thing missing is pockets.  I’m not a big fan of the print, but I think it would be fun to wear around Easter Sunday or a fancy brunch if I’m ever invited to one of those things around here during the Kentucky Derby.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 25

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 26

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 27

Skies Are Blue – Shirt (Medium) – Value $12?

This top is very interesting.  I like the pattern, but I don’t care for the way that it was cut to make this top.  It gives a very uneven appearance on the mannequin.  On me, it feels great, and looks just fine paired with jeans. The detail on the back is pretty cool too. It’s not my favorite item in the box, but I’m sure to get more uses out of it than anything else.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 22

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 23

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 24

Lissani – Shirt (Large) – Value $14.99?

I searched high and low for this one as well.  I could only come up with the crop-top version by the same brand with the same fabric on eBay.  John really likes this top on me.  At first glance, the deep arm holes had me wondering what to do with all my boobage. (Now you see why John really likes this.)  Not to fear, I paired it with a bold sports bra and yoga pants and it makes a comfy and stylish ‘stroll around the block’/ ‘to the gym and back’ outfit.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 8


Staccato Cardigan (Large) – Value $40?

I’m really sad about not being able to find this online.  It is my favorite item from this box. It feels great, has long sleeves which I’m obsessed with, and it covers my butt!  Everything a semi-conservative girl could ask for.  It’s perfect.  I want 12 more in other colors, so I can just wear it everyday to work with my closet full of plain tops.  I love it! FYI- The belt does not go with this, I just needed to pin it back so you could see it had sleeves.  So relax fashion police, it looked like a poncho without the belt.

Relish Clothing Mystery Box Review - July 2015 - 31

Ring Pop – Candy – Strawberry – Value $Priceless

I was craving something sweet, so I opened this box at the right time. Yummy!

Verdict: The Medium Relish Box has an estimated value of $257. The items that they picked out for me are in my style range or right outside my comfort zone. I hope that Relish Clothing will have more details about which box was sent (s,m,l),  the items they picked out and why,  the prices of each item,  and let us know which ones they consider as ‘luxe’.  According to their website, I should have seen a retail value of over $500 for the Medium box. I like this mystery box, but I don’t see a $500 or $700 value. In my opinion, taking down the promise of a particular retail value changes everything.  So let’s pretend for a moment that we don’t know any of this.  Let’s just say that I purchased a mystery box for $149. The estimated retail is $257.  I’m getting more bang for the buck, which makes it a great box!! I’m hoping to see more from Relish Clothing in the near future with a product card.  Fall will be here before we know it and I’d love to see what they come up with.

What did you think of our first Relish Clothing Mystery box review? Are you going to grab one while they’re still available?

UPDATE from Liz: Relish Clothing let us know that this is a medium box and listed the retail values of the items:

1). Antler necklace $29
2). Aztec belt $29
3). De Philo baby blue maxi dress $120
4). Newbury Kustom maxi dress $89
5). Moon Collection bunny skirt $79
6). Skies are Blue aztec top $47
7). Lissani tank  $39
8). Staccato tie dye cardigan  $75

Written by Celicia Gantz

Celicia Gantz

Celicia was introduced to both The Honest Company and CurlKit in March 2013 and has been addicted to subscription boxes ever since. Always on the hunt for the undiscovered family staple, she loves trying new skincare, natural hair care, makeup, and finding delicious snacks with hidden veggies for her kids (and Hubby too). Favorite finds: Body Oil, Stuffed Animals, Books, non-GMO Tortilla Chips and Perfume Samples.

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Comments (145)

  1. FYI Relish has closed unexpectedly. Please contact your credit card companies if you had an outstanding, undelivered box ordered and pre paid.

    • She won’t refund my $199.00 and send me a “refund” invoice but did not actually refund the money. What a pain the ass to have to contact the CC company
      and deal with this. 🙁

  2. Do yourself a favor and do not purchase a Relish tote. Relish’s business practices and customer service is HORRIBLE. If there is a mistake in your tote, YOU are responsible for the return shipping. Relish does not read any comments you make about specific things you do not want in your tote or sizing issues. You also have to go through the hassle of creating a pinterest page which is mostly ignored. Don’t ever mention this on her trading group page, you have been warned! You will be bullied and attacked by the owner of Relish and all her shark supporters. They are FIERCE and MEAN!!!

    • So just wanted to reply to this. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. But I do know very few of the boutique boxes, and even some stores (just had to return from Kika) don’t pay return shipping. I have to say that one thing that is super nice about this company is they actually carry plus sizes which is wonderful and not typical. I’ve been desperately looking for clothing boxes that do and Relish is about the only one of this type. As I’m not into renting Gyewnnie bee (sp?) is out and from what I can tell dia and co is out of my price range. All the other boutique boxes like Moxie and Enclothe say they will carry plus size in the future but it hasn’t happened yet. Relish is new (started in June) and working out kinks, but I was very impressed with the two boxes I have gotten, and look forward to the two I have pending. As a plus size woman all I can say regarding the boards is that the girls there have always been very supportive of me and my reveals of me wearing the clothing. I have found it to be an empowering place. I am sorry your experience has not been positive, as all women should have a place to go that makes them feel beautiful. Though my boxes haven’t been perfect, I have received some pieces I just adore and they make me feel sexy and fashionable! I hope you can find a company that is a better fit for you in the future, I have found that the Facebook group “Box Reveals” has a ton of knowledgable ladies who can point you in the right direction on finding different clothing boxes (I found out about tons I had never heard of, of course most don’t carry plus size) hope that helps!

  3. I pretty much loved my box. A couple things were a little too bodycon for my comfort level, but overall I felt like she listened to my requests and sent me a solid box. I’m definitely ordering again. If anyone is interested in what I got in my 9-10 item box, I posted pics in the forum.

  4. Yeah, I just got notice that my box is on the way!

    • Lucky!! Can’t wait for mine!

    • I ordered the large box and just received it. Everything fits and I like it all. I received 2 Dresses, 2 Open Toppers, Lace Shirt, Lace Trimmed Tunic Top, Floral Blouse, Aztec Blouse and a Bird Necklace. I love everything I received and would for sure order again. Mine was shipped 2 day priority. I’d take pics but my oldest has my camera. They are nice quality items.

  5. I have complete pictures up! Click on my name to see them. Has anyone else received their boxes?

    • I love your review! You got some nice things from them. I still haven’t opened my box yet. Hoping that I can get some time this afternoon while the husband is working on his car.

      • Thank You! How do you have the will power to not open the box??? I had to open my box as soon as it arrived. It helped that I was fairly certain a ring pop would be in there. My little guy was eager to help me with unveiling.

      • Haha I guess I haven’t lost all my willpower yet. Plus I have some time between boxes so I wanted to spread it out a little bit before I get my next boxes later next week.

      • I opened my box! I got some cute stuff! I’m not sure about all of it but everything is good quality.

  6. I received my box! Click on my name for a sneak peek at the items. I received 7 shirts which makes me happy! I am 5′ 3″ and prefer petite sizing for skirts, dresses, and pants. I will list the items out later.

    My little guy was very excited about the ring pop. I’m happy with what I received!!!

    • Nice mix of shirts, how was the sizing?

      • I think Harper did great with the sizing. She only knew what size I selected and my bust size. She sized up on a couple and it worked. Oh, I did give her my height as an explanation on no maxi dresses. I’m 5’3″ and didn’t want to bother wearing heels or hemming.

    • They look great! I got my box but was planning to spend time with people this afternoon so I didn’t have time to open it yet.

    • Hi PA Anna. I’m patiently wait for my box and your Relish review on your blog. Love reading all the little snippets. Do you remember if your box was delivered by USPS or? Thanks in advance!

      • Awe, thank you 😉 USPS 2-day priority mail.

  7. My box arrives tomorrow!!! I included very little information. I know next time to include more detailed information.

    Has anyone else received their box yet?

    • Mine is coming tomorrow as well! I didn’t include a lot of details really either so I will see what I get.

    • Hi, when did order? I ordered on July22. Trying to gage when I might get my order. Thx.

      • I ordered July 20, size Small, large box so it wasn’t one that would take longer because it wasn’t a size S-L.

      • July 20th. See what happens when a child wakes me up? I read MSA.

    • Happy for you Anna! I hope you love it. That might mean I should expect mine in about two weeks (since I’m an XL)? I’m very much looking forward to seeing what you get!

  8. I have not received any information on when to expect a box, has anyone else?

    • If you’re an XS or XL (or larger) the faq’s say it well take an extra two weeks. Other than that, I have no update fir my box either. Kinda sucks

    • I haven’t had an update either. I’m hoping that she gets caught up soon and it’s worth the wait!

  9. I joined their FB page, then popped over to the web site. On the site I saw many things sold out, and not many photos.

    Read the FAQ.

    Prices based on full retail value. Meaning if you went into a boutique and paid full price. Most of us don’t.

    From the looks and names of brands GT uses the same ones. So I’m not sure where people are comparing quality because most are the same brands.

    The more detailed you are with your request the longer it takes to get your box. If she has items that are perfect for you coming soon in a shipment she will hold your box until it arrives.

    As per her own post, orders at this point are a lot. A person asked how long it would take and the reply was that she had 200 people ahead of her so it might be awhile.
    Now my own thoughts. The FB group is a bit off putting. Imo not very welcoming. Put the items look fun. However, there is no real questions on the site so you have to remember everything yourself to tell her, including any past surprises. Meaning she doesn’t track them so if you don’t know you may get the same item twice.
    It looks like fun and I may try it. But I think I’ll wait until , she is caught up on orders and the website is better. But I’m enjoying the reviews.

  10. My only question now:

    When will it ship?!

  11. I got a small box, i’m excited for he larger size options and hope for a great box! I only wish that tie-dye dress came in my size!!

  12. I personally loved the review, and I love MSA. I just ordered a large relish bag. I’ve skipped golden tote the last couple of months as I cannot order via my iPad on their new site. Anyway, it will be fun to try a new company.

    I wish the anger of some would go away. Life is stressful enough!

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