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POPSUGAR Must Have July 2015 Spoiler #2 + Coupon

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POPSUGAR April Boxes Have Sold Out!

We have another spoiler for the July 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have Box! Each box will include:

POPSUGAR July 2015 Spoiler

Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 ($28 Value).

What do you think of the latest POPSUGAR Must Have spoiler item for July?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.

And in case you missed the first spoiler:

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2015

Here is more info on the Dopp Kit:

  • Dimensions: 4.5″H X 6.5″W X 3″D
  • Canvas
  • Full zippered closure
  • Water resistant coated lining
  • When unzipped, top fully expands
  • $28 Value

Also – this item is one out of 7 in the July POPSUGAR Must Have boxbox.

And thanks to Abby for finding us additional photos:

Henri Bendel Open CaseHenri Bendel Picture

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Full spoilers on MUT

  2. Saw the complete spoilers on ramblings of a suburban mom and hello subscription. I gotta say…the box took a weird turn after the first 2 spoilers. Not that it’s awful…just not what I expected, and I’m not sure how the rest of it fits into their inspiration either??? Won’t go into details since maybe commenters here aren’t full spoiler ready, but I’m interested to see reactions on MSA when it comes up.

    • Just got the spoilers post up – sorry was away from the computer for too long today! 🙁

  3. Has anyone else heard about Popsugar Must Have July 2015 box being revealed on Extra tomorrow??

    • No, but Ramblings of a Suburban Mom has a spoiler posting!

      • Sweet!! I checked them and I’m pretty excited! But then, I’m kinda excited about something most will probably think is super boring. 😉

        I never expect to be able to use everything in the box, but this month I might be able to! (Assuming the Supergoop works for me and/or doesn’t break me out.)

        Yay! Now where’s that tracking code!?! XD

  4. Did anyone else get charged more than usual this month? I was charged $43.15, when last month it was only $39.95.

    • I emailed them about charging me more, and they are now having to charge tax for certain states, via the law! I wondered what was up too!

    • Weird I was charged $42.52 last month and $42.95 this month. I think the actual price is $39.99, and the rest is tax. Maybe tax went up in your state recently.

      • I guess I didn’t get charged tax last time. July was my first box. I didn’t use the coupon, but the price discrepancy is about how much the tax would be. I thought they were like IPSY and didn’t charge tax. Thanks 🙂

    • yes, i live in Cali. and i have been charged for $43.75 every month since may..

  5. I want this sunscreen, but I don’t want the dopp kit, so unless they come up with a third spoiler I don’t see myself ordering.

    • Im getting a .5oz size in my allure box that I wont use if you want to trade for it if you dont like the other Spoilers. This was you can still try it and not shell out thet cash for that one item =) Just lmk

      • Thanks, I looked at the spoilers and caved in. While nothing wowed me, I figured there was enough value to make it worth it.

  6. Was super excited…until I read the reviews. Break outs galore, sticky faces at the top of my “oh no” list. Clogged pumps, spray issues. But I’m sure I’ll use it anyway…

    • Oh no, thanks for the warning. I don’t need to use something on my face that will cause me more issues!

    • I love it. I have normal skin and no break outs at all.

    • I love it. I have normal skin, works amazingly.

  7. Last month was my first box and was a bit BLAHHHHH so I’m already getting excited for this month’s box – I will use and love both of these items!!!

  8. I would warn anyone with sensitive skin (or skin) to stay away from this product. Denatured alcohol is very bad for your skin, as are fragrant plant oils, like peppermint, spearmint and rosemary, all of which are included is the product. Denatured alcohol is the first [inactive] ingredient.

    • I have extremely sensitive skin, yet peppermint, spearmint and rosemary, do not bother my skin. artifical ingredients such as Preservatives, solvents, and non organic ingredients bother my skin. I know some people can not tolerate peppermint, spearmint and rosemary, or fragrances. There are only a few sunscreens I can use, sugargoop is one of them, yet I prefer zinc oxide 100% organic sunscreen, which tends to be greasy and sits on top of the skin, yet it works best for me. It is just a matter of knowing what works best with your skin.

    • I looked up Denatured alcohol, thank you for pointing it out, I’m going to skip resubbing for now based on that ingredient. Unfortunately there are so many products with at least 1 icky ingredient in them. Organic products spoil easier, yet (sometimes) are not as effective. Then there is another issue on glass being better then plastic, yet glass breaks, and plastic depending on the plastic does not

      • I prefer natural products, but often natural/organic brands include too many irritating essential oils for me to use them (the worst of which for me is lavender). Not all natural products are healthy for your skin, and not all synthetic products are bad for skin. I hadn’t even considered glass/vs plastic (though I have shattered an expensive face cream bottle).

    • I am allergic to synthetic fragrances but these oils are totally fine for me. In fact, I was recommended most of these exact oils as natural insect repellent by my doctor! I know everyone is different but just good to note 🙂

  9. I’m so happy to see that the sunscreen doesn’t have oxybenzone! This is looking like one of the best pop sugar boxes for me since February

  10. I was right about two spoilers so far, I suspect there was going to be a mist and a personal travel case in the box.
    The travel case is nice but I don’t care to much about the mist hopefully I see some better spoilers before I decide to subscribe.

  11. I was hoping the second spoiler would push me over the edge on this month’s box but I’m a little put off by how mixed the reviews of this product are on Sephora. Maybe I won’t be able to resist full spoilers if it’s not sold out by then!

  12. The Supergoop product looks great! I’m being good at not ordering, but all could change if full spoilers are released.

  13. Just tried the coupon code, and it ( seems to work ) , I canceled my box last month in a box canceling frenzy to try and declutter. Glad the code works, trying to talk myself out of this box still …. If anyone is wondering the CDFA box is STILL available for $195

    • Re CFDA box: HA!!

      • I know – I can’t believe its still available either! Makes me wonder how many returns they had?

    • I’ve actually been obsessed with this! I check back every few days to see if the CFDA box is sold out yet.

  14. Super excited! I’ve been wanting to try supergoop products for awhile, and the bag is so cute. The last few boxes haven’t excited me too much, but this one looks great so far. I’m traveling a lot next month, so both these things should come in handy.

  15. So glad Popsugar Must Have curators pick nontoxic brands and products! Yay for green products!

    • LOL Really? ( I see what you did there) I’d probably recheck the ingredient list then, if that’s what you’re going for.

      • I’m laughing too.

    • Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it a natural or green product but this spray sunscreen is a little less toxic than most drugstore sunscreens. It is paraben free. And it doesn’t contain synthetic fragrances and oxybenzone.

        • EWG hasn’t reviewed any of Supergoop’s products so that’s one of the reson’s why they didn’t make the list.

        • I have one sunscreen lotion on the list from Goddess Garden but not a natural mist sunscreen. The one from Goldfaden MD in the MSA + Kloverbox beach house box came close but still contained a small percent oxybenzone. That one and this one from SuperGoop do not fit the definition of natural but both are better options than the traditional drugstore variety that I used to use. There are definitely worse products out there than these.

      • Thanks! Too bad about Homosalate and Octinoxate, they are ingredients in the mist and made the list

  16. The Supergoop spray is great. I use it over my makeup when reapplying sunblock. I ordered the box on this spoiler.

  17. Wow this box is shaping up to be fantastic! I’m a sunscreen fanatic, love this brand, but never heard of this product and it sounds great — excited to try it. Love the bag too. Can’t wait to see what else is in store 🙂

  18. Popsugar sends a Supergoop product every year… I like the first spoiler but not interested in the Supergoop stuff.

  19. I’m so excited for the first spoiler the second one is more ehhh but I’m very interested to try it. The scent doesn’t sound too good to me, not a fan of rosemary.

      • It’s also a natural bug repellent :p I work with kids and I use it in my hair to avoid lice, so far so good despite spending tons of time with kids who have it.

  20. This threw me over the edge to buy the box. I bought the travel size of this product at the recommendation of the CSR at Sephora when I took a class there a few weeks ago. Glad to have a full size! (even though I am swimming in sunscreen)

  21. I canceled last month, now I think I’ll sign up again, Sugargoop is a great brand and one of the only few I can use. Does anyone know if I resigned up, if I can use the coupon?

    • I think you can. Give it a try anyway.

    • I just tried, and it wouldn’t let me do it. =( Hope you have better luck.

    • That supergoop mist is in the Allure box too.

  22. Haven’t had a pop sugar box in over a year, but signed up again after the 1st spolier. Now, happy with the 2nd spoiler too! Can’t wait for the whole box!!

  23. I knew they were gonna put a sunscreen in this box, but I totally didn’t expect this.
    I’m so glad it’s not just a random drugstore brand sunscreen. I can’t wait to try this 3 in 1!!
    Ship the box already popsugar!!

  24. Really interesting product concept. Mixed reviews on Sephora but since I’m not paying retail, I’m excited to try it. The first two spoilers more than cover the cost of the box, so I’m already happy w/the value.

  25. This is sitting in my cart at and I was trying to decide whether or not to get it. Now, I get to try it without spending more money!!

  26. Cool. I’ve never tried a setting spray. I have seen them recently used in some YouTube videos, so I’m excited to try this product . I also love the Henri Bendel canvas dopp kit. I was in Florida last week and visited the millennia mall where there’s a Henri Bendel store. The store is amazing and of course had to buy the 712 Suite candle and the Rox signet ring – amazing!

  27. Looking like a great box. This is a very versatile product.

  28. I don’t wear makeup but this is still a product I can use! I like that this is a product that can satisfy both groups. And I definitely prefer mist-type sunscreens over creams. So far, I’m glad I bought this month’s box!

  29. I love PS boxes!! This is looking like a great box!! My sub runs out in aug. I’ll definitely be signing up again.

  30. Wooo! Love it! Looking like a good box, happy I signed up again just for this!

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