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Linen Crate Subscription Box Review & Coupon – June 2015

Linen Crate Subscription Box Review - June 2015 Box

Linen Crate is a new subscription box for home goods (mostly linens). Each box is themed to one room in your house for every one month.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Linen Crate Subscription Box Review - June 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: Linen Crate

The Cost: $75 plus $9.99 shipping

The Products: Linen goods for your home based on your style/color profile. You can choose to get delivery every 1, 2, or 3 months.

Good to know: The first Box you will receive features your Bathroom/Powder Room. The Box will be a Bathroom Box where you will receive 6-9 Linens and Accessories curated for your bathroom based on your color/style preferences.

Linen Crate Subscription Box Review - June 2015 Info

This box didn’t come with an info sheet detailing each item, but did have a crate value card.

FYI – I created a style profile for this box to get a customized experience that would be the same as if I paid for it. (My style profile results are for a modern/contemporary box). At the time when I filled out the profile, they didn’t have a color preference option, but they now do.

Linen Crate Subscription Box Review - June 2015 Towels

The Deluxe Bath Mat

The Deluxe Washcloth

(I couldn’t find the exact prices for these online since they aren’t branded). If I had the color selection options when I signed up, I probably would have only picked whites and greys for linens, so this red definitely stands out in our linen closet! (My approach to towels is to just always buy white so you can never tell that they all don’t match from the same brand/collection!)

Our bathroom has a red accent wall though, so these actually match perfectly.

Linen Crate Subscription Box Review - June 2015 Towel Set

The Deluxe Bath Towel

The Deluxe Hand Towel

The quality of these towels is pretty good too.

Linen Crate Subscription Box Review - June 2015 Shower

Shower Curtain Liner and Shower Curtain

I like that Linen Crate sends you pretty much everything you need to give your bathroom a new look. This shower curtain isn’t my style though. And it doesn’t feel very modern/contemporary to me either. (I should mention that when I hear modern/contemporary, I think Dwell magazine, so maybe Linen Crate has a slightly different definition).

Linen Crate Subscription Box Review - June 2015 Scrub

Back Scrubber, Loofa, and Bath Pouf

I wasn’t expecting to get bath accessories in this box, but it was a nice surprise! (And the colors kind of match the shower curtain).

Linen Crate Subscription Box Review - June 2015 Rug

Toilet Rug and Toilet Seat Cover:

Linen Crate Subscription Box Review - June 2015 Cover

OK, these two items definitely don’t feel modern/contemporary to me. (I seriously had a moment as I was unboxing where I was puzzled by what the toilet seat cover could be).

These also came with a matching bathroom rug:

Linen Crate Subscription Box Review - June 2015 rug 2

(Sorry this picture is a little darker than it should be). The rugs and the towels aren’t the exact same shade of red, but I think with the shower curtain they tie in together.

Verdict: I really like the concept of Linen Crate. While I couldn’t find prices for these items, the cost breaks down to about $6.25 an item, so I’d just keep that number in mind when determining if this is a good value for you. I also like that you can select to get boxes every 1, 2 or 3 months – making over a room with linens every month might be too much after a while, so I think it was very smart of them to have this option.

Style wise, this box wasn’t a great match for me, but I’m wondering now that I can add color preferences if I can get a box that matches up with my tastes better in the future.

I also think it would be great for them to add more customization options in the future – for example, if you have a glass shower door, you could opt out of possibly getting shower curtains.

What do you think of Linen Crate?


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (57)

  1. I read that they are changing direction and starting to do more decorative items (vases, plates, tchotchkes, etc). I may be the only person who is disappointed by this. I have a house full of kids and decorative ceramics would have very limited use (even if we found a place for them amongst library books and half done craft projects. They break and frankly are not a priority for us right now. When I signed up, I read ‘sheets, towels, curtains, mats’, etc, things that get used and washed and worn out. Besides, the name of the service is Linen Crate, implying linens! No offense to anyone but if I start receiving trays and vases, I will not continue. Of course it is impossible to keep everyone happy so maybe this could be solved with a quiz on the site for preferences. Maybe we could pick out some items, and some will be a surprise, or choice of decorative versus useful items?

    • I just got a “spoiler” email for beautiful plates with a bright red design on them. But the spoiler email says that the collection is only for one of their subscribers. Nevermind I just googled the plates and they’re $12 at Macy’s but they’re melamine. Gorgeous plates, hate melamine.

  2. Feel free to click on my name for pictures. I went ultra-conservative with my box. I wish I went more to my tastes after reading what people received. I selected Modern Contemporary Style with a Modern Vintage (neutrals) colors.

    I received white towels and bath mats, matching brown toilet rug and bathroom rug, a shower liner and purplish/brownish shower curtain that I love, and the spa accessories. I’m in for the next box.

  3. I just received my box. I received 2 white bath towels, 2 white hand towels, small sink rug, toilet rug, blue shower towel mat, a really nice blue and white shower curtain along with the 3 bath spa items that Liz did in white. I noted traditional upsale country on the form and what I received will match the bathroom I have slotted this for perfectly. I really liked this box and the spoilers they have for the next box, kitchen are right up my alley. The only thing I’d change would be to skip the toilet rug and include a soap dispenser instead.

  4. I just got my box and I choose modern/contemporary with the film nor color scheme. I received two light blue bath towels and 2 dark brown hand towels a cute shower curtain with butterflies on it a bath rug for the shower and a thicker bath rug as well as a rug for around the toliet. Overall this box works for me the only item I don’t like is the rug for around the toliet but that’s because I have boys that can’t aim properly. The towels have a nice feel and are good sized but not really thick. I did get this for the half price so I feel I got a good value if I had paid full price I probably would have been upset as I am a bargin shopper. Looking forward to the next box to see if this is a great match for me. Love the kitchen spoilers.

    • Butterflies!!!

  5. My box is on the way, can’t wait to see what I get.

  6. Wow, it’s really weird that Linen crate owner is stalking this forum. But the fake posting from “Shannon” goes into the funny ridiculous arena.

    Unfortunately, I think we must anticipate seeing many more of this type of boxes in the future. I’ll call it the Cratejoy effect. They’ve created an almost plug and play system for starting subscription boxes. Part of their formula is to spend 20-30% of revenue on the products in the box, around $20 for this box. And I think that’s what you get when you have someone with little expertise on home styling spending $20 on bathroom linens.

  7. What an odd and random assortment of pieces for $85! I sincerely hope Linen Crate does not reply to my post because repeating their business concept to every post is extremely annoying and doesn’t make this a more appealing box. It may be the lighting in the photo, but the colors don’t all seem to match. I agree with others here that Target, TJ Maxx, etc. seem to offer much better quality for something you can actually pick out yourself. It’s also odd that there is a stated “value” but no tags or brand information to validate those numbers. This is a lot of money to ask for a huge gamble.

    • Hi Sarah,

      We will make it an outmost priority to make everyone happy. Our next box set for revision will have the right approach. The products will be branded and match to the value expected. Something great to look for.

      It is our first box, and there is no doubt things will get better.

      Please keep an eye for the next review, hopefully it will match your expectations.

      Thank you for the feedback.

  8. I just came across this box yesterday, so imagine my surprise to see a review for it in my email from MSA a few minutes later. Yay. I showed my fiance the site, then the email with the review of the bathroom box, and we were signed up within minutes.

    This box is an amazing concept and seems as if it were made for us in mind! We have a master bathroom with glass shower doors and two full guest bathrooms, both with tub showers. We have the master bedroom and two guest bedrooms. We have the main living room downstairs, with a second one upstairs. We have a dining room, and a daily dining table setup just off the kitchen. And I’ve always felt as if our kitchen could use some jazzing up, too. Lots of lovely but stagnant rooms to work with, and I never have found it appealing to spend hours and hours shopping for household decor.

    The idea of getting fresh, fun changes for the house without having to spend an excess amount of time running around through malls, various websites, as well as random home decor stores, is something that is soooo appealing to me.

    With several rooms to work with, and it being just my fiance and me in our house, I have explored both the cheap, purely money savings items, as well as the higher end, top quality, more lux items, and have found things that I’ve liked on both end of the scale.

    Given the price of this box, the retail value promised and the number of items per box, I would expect Linen Crate to send items that are at least middle of the price/value scale, perhaps middle high. And I would love to get a wide variety of items for the various rooms covered by this box. Items that were obviously different from what I currently have, things that I would enjoy and feel proud of displaying.

    The idea of even getting things that are quirky, original, different and/or eye catching or thought provoking is fun to me, therefore, the monthly $75 seems worthwhile, provided the items shipped lived up to my expectations.

    After seeing what’s in this first box I will be getting, I’m finding myself to be moderately pleased. These items would go into one of our two full guest bathrooms. But one thing that I don’t like is that there are only enough towels for one person. Our master bathroom has linens for two, and this is also how I stock the other two guest bathrooms. After a few different monthly bathroom boxes over a course of several months, I might get something that goes together, two months of complimentary colors, perhaps. I’m really not sure that I will like this, having to wait with crossed fingers that, months down the road when this room is addressed again, that I’ll finally be able to fully stock one bathroom with linens and accessories. That combined with my liking the idea of rotating stock around to liven things up a bit, it will be awhile before I receive enough deliveries geared towards that room before I can really begin to do that.

    I know that every subscriber will have their own goals and expectations, every household will vary, taste and situations will vary widely, too. I expect an occasional mediocre box. The stuff is just not my taste or won’t fit my vision or just meh for another reason. I just as equally expect to have the occasional month that nails it like no other! Perfect! Wonderful! Clap clap! For the rest of the time, I expect a box I really like, one that sends me good quality, useful items that are thoughtfully curated, fun to receive and even more fun to find homes for and see them in their new space.

    Provide me these things. Be forthcoming about any issues that can have the potential to cause distress, such as problems with billing or shipping issues. And communicate promptly and politely, with no sugar coated, vague responses. Accept cancellations and returns graciously, thank us for our business, excite me, inspire me, help me to appreciate my lovely home, decorated with items that are clever, tasteful, tacky with a purpose, items that let me be funny, bold, muted and classic, all based on your boxes. Give me a coupon code to a website of your choice, for a decorated toilet seat and lid for me to order for free and install onto my toilet when it arrives, for example. Or curated around a specific theme. For example, send me cutesy, coordinating, Rainbow Brite bathroom linens and accessories. Omg. I’d love to throw that stuff up in my master bathroom. Towels, rugs, bathmat, etc. Kinda like the adult version of this kids theme. A better quality than the cheaper, utilitarian, geared specifically for kiddos type items.

    Give me the option for a theme for that month’s box. Asian themed. Or flowers orientated. Or things that are violet in color. Whatever. Offer me things for different holidays and seasons. Introduce me to new versions of something that I already have. Send me something that I’ve never seen. Show me how to see something old in a new way.

    Sure, it’s a lot to ask for, and it’s a lot to have to provide. But, at least for me, I’ve been a subsriber to various boxes for going on two years now. I’ve had the opportunity to learn what I like, and be shown what I don’t like. This box concept is new and fresh, and I like it. Even the option to chose how often you want a box is fabulous.

    It is my sincere hope that this box is able to consistently meet my expectations. And I just as equally hope that it does not become stagnant, repetative, boring and old. If this box turns out to be what I hope it will be, I will very easily find myself to be a regular subscriber.

    • Hi Shannon,

      Thank you so much for the insight and over all view and understanding of Linen Crate. We are very excited to have you on board, and we ill do our best to make you and every one else happy.

      We will make sure you get the stuff you anticipate. 🙂

      Welcome to Linen Crate!

    • I’m getting a strong impression it’s Ayman again making this comment based on the epically lengthy emphasis on features, use of the (non-Oxford) comma, and word choices like closing with the word “hope” in the last paragraph.


      • Hi Orlee,

        I can assure you it is not me.

        I am positive Liz can verify that it is not me based on IP address.

        We take the comments very serious so we can evolve our product for the better.

        If you can drop us a line on how we can make the next box better, that would be great 🙂

        You are a valued client and you opinion is important.



      • This is why I run my blog posts through Grammarly :). I’m sure people pick up on the grammatical errors in my regular comments. I am guilty of using the word “hope” to often. I’m also guilty of writing in the passive voice.

      • *too, not “to”. I do know the difference between two, too, and to 🙂

      • I always like your comments, PA Anna!

        There’s nothing wrong with the word hope or the non-Oxford comma. I just saw a pattern in a comment that seemed a little suspicious.

      • It’s more that the Oxford comma. And it’s not just it’s clear that both “Shannon” and Ayman are non-native English speakers, but that they both make similar mistakes (there is a whole lots of way for us, non-native speakers, to butcher the language). Both misuse articles, both use colloquialisms which they get a little bit wrong, and they both just have similar non-standard sentence structure. Now, this doesn’t mean it’s the same person, they may be closely related or even come from the same geographical region, but in any case, “Shannon’s” review is a plant.

      • Well, I have to confess that I may very well be wrong. I took a look at Shannon P.’s past comments and she does usually use non-standard-American vocabulary and grammar, that as a whole does not sound like Ayman’s. So I apologize for the accusation.

      • Orlee – Thank you 🙂

  9. I definitely like the concept, but I feel a big part of the problem is there’s a huge gap between the marketing and the delivered product.

    Take their facebook page: They post a ton of high-end, aspirational rooms worthy of any design magazine. Most budget-conscious home design fans are already going to places like HomeGoods and Marshalls and online sales, more than willing to hunt to find something that feels personal and representative of their style while having a good, brand-name quality. So something like a box of label-less towels is never going to be appealing to those folks.

    So the Linen Crate people may be more successful if they either: A) Step up their game so they can offer something HomeGoods can’t (like hyper-personalized curation a la Stitchfix) or B) Shift their marketing to appeal to a different, not-so-aspirational slice of the market.

    • Hi Orlee,

      Ayman here, founder of Linen Crate.

      We provide a variety of home goods products that fits every need and taste. It really depends on the monthly box. Here is a simple example, we carry shower curtains that cost $40 and we carry other shower curtains that cost much less than that. If a subscriber gets the $40 curtain it will limit adding a few more items to the box. Should the less expensive shower curtain be included in the box, it leaves more room for other items to be added.

      I hope I defined how we can provide both sides of a product with keeping the subscriber happy. We also want to keep the Linen Crate at a value price, so the subscriber gets the best bang to his/her buck.


      I hope this helped

  10. The items all look very clearance section-y to me, like from a going out of business sale at the Dollar Store. One towel and washcloth? For that price? A shower curtain circa 1985? And a toilet seat cover and contour mat, who are they kidding with this? I was able to decorate my niece’s first apartment on a limited budget and for this price could have done two bathrooms and chosen nicer quality, as in brand name (um, any brand versus super thin wholesaler quality no-name), products. Getting to choose even specific color palettes from this kind of merchandise is like being told you get to select the shade of striped hospital gown for your next surgery. I’m just kind of in shock at the whole box.

    • Hi Erin,

      Ayman here founder of Linen Crate. Thank you for your feedback as it is very important for us. I make sure I follow with all our clients to make sure that they are happy and satisfied, thus my follow up here 🙂

      Linen Crate is a personalized box, so technically each subscriber will get a box different than than other. So far we have learned that the toilet seat cover is a big no for our subscribers, and thus we wont be including it and will be replacing it with another item.

      I look forward to having you with us on Linen Crate, as we better ourselves as we get familiar with our clients needs.

      Feel free to drop me an email anytime you have a question 🙂

      Thanks Erin

  11. The towels are ok – most modern rooms can do with a pop of red. The bath items aren’t bad.

    The shower curtain, mat and toilet items are really off-trend. I haven’t seen a toilet seat cover since I was a child in the 80s, and the maroon is so dated. They seem really out of touch.

    • Hi there!

      Ayman here founder of Linen Crate. Thanks for the feedback! Yes as we are learning the toilet seat cover is not a favorite so far with current reviews, we will be replacing it with a different item for sure.

      Please keep in mind the box is personalized, so each and every subscriber will have a different box.

      Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated! 🙂

  12. This seems like a nice box but for $85 I would want to have more customization. None of these items would match my current bathroom decor. I would have to repaint.

  13. The color preference part of the Linen Crate profile needs work. I just took the survey today and they basically give you three color palette choices per room. Let’s say I love red but hate black – it’s highly possible I have to choose red AND black because they’re in the same palette, and then I get stuck with a lot of black items.

  14. What were they thinking?! Those seat cover/rug combos were tacky 20 years ago, now they’re just sad. And as Sara pointed out, most people have glass shower doors and wouldn’t be able to use the curtain – even if they liked it.
    I see better home goods than this in the clearance section of any big box store.

  15. I’m glad you reviewed this because I was curious to see what would be included. Unfortunately the contents of this first box do not make me want to subscribe. A toilet seat cover?? Wowza. I also think it’s weird to include one bath towel and washcloth instead of a set of at least two. For $80 or less I could go to TJ Maxx and buy really nice towels and accents for my bathroom. It also bugs me that the brands are unknown. If these items were from a high-quality label and the value could be verified I think that would improve my overall impression of the box somewhat.

    • Hi Emily,

      Ayman here, founder of Linen Crate. We appreciate your feedback so much. We have learned that the toilet seat cover is not a favorite piece among the reviews, so we will be replacing it in future boxes 🙂

      We are doing are best to keep Linen Crate at a best value and return to the subscriber’s money. We will def consider your feedback, as it is a way to improve our overall impression.

      Please feel free to drop us a line any time.

      Thanks Emily

  16. I seriously don’t know anyone who still uses a toilet seat cover. I’m sure my mom had sets like that in the ’80s, which are back?
    I also don’t understand why they only included one kind of each towel. Maybe only one hand towel, but at least two washcloths and two bath towels. I don’t mind the colors as much as some although dark red isn’t really modern, but I prefer dark-colored towels, mainly because I have nontraditional-colored highlights and they get all over towels (and pillow cases so no white there for me either!) the first couple times I wash my hair after the salon.

    • Hi Benita,

      Ayman here, founder of Linen Crate. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we are removing the toilet seat cover and replacing it with a different item for future boxes. Many people have expressed their thoughts about it, and many prefer not to have it in the box.

      I look forward to see you and everyone else here on Linen Crate soon.

      Please feel free to drop us a line anytime. 🙂


  17. To me, that shower curtain is hideous. And the toilet seat cover and matching mat… yikes. Not a box for me. I could get more for less and to my taste at Ikea. Thanks for the review!

    • Hi Emily,

      Ayman here , founder of Linen Crate.

      I am sorry to hear that this specific shower curtain does not fit your taste. Subscribers on Linen Crate get to build a profile and choose their color and style preferences, so each box for each subscriber will be different. We aim to make Linen Crate a personalized subscription box per client 🙂 I think that will make each and every user happy with having someone do the shopping for them while they relax home and spend more time with the family.

      Yes, you are right about the toilet seat cover. Many people have expressed their thoughts about it, and we will be replacing it with another item.

      Your feedback and everyone else’s is what we need to make the product better and better 🙂

      Please feel free to drop us a line anytime, and I hope to see you on Linen Crate soon!



  18. I will be the strange one. I like Liz’s box. I love the shower curtain. I received a sneak peek of my box and it looks like I’m receiving cream/tan. I went with a more neutral theme because I wasn’t sure what to expect. I will be posting pictures once I receive my box.

    I’ll admit that I am not that demanding when it comes to towel color etc. I have kids and pets.

    • I am happy to see you got a box from them, and was curious about what i will get in my 1st box. I like what I see ! My crate should come by the end of this month. Overall I am pleased with the items and I like the Loofah set ! 🙂 silly me !

      • Hi Ashley,

        Ayman here, founder of Linen Crate.

        Thank you for the feedback and we are looking forward to hear your comments on the box you will receive. Like everyone else on this review, your comments and theirs are most valued as we commit to better ourselves as we deliver more personalized boxes to our subscribers.

        Please feel free to drop us a line anytime, and welcome to the Linen Crate!


    • Hi Pa Anna,

      Ayman here, founder of Linen Crate.

      If I am not mistaken, I believe we exchanged a few emails already to ensure you high customer satisfaction.

      As the founder, i get very much involved with customer service to ensure that everyone is happy and we deliver according to the subscriber’s needs.

      Thank you for your feedback and being a valued subscriber! I am glad to hear that you are happy with what you see.

      Feel free to drop us a line any time you have a question.

      Welcome to Linen Crate!



      • Yes, Ayman, you are correct 🙂

  19. I signed up for the Linen Crate today before I saw this review. Other than the toilet seat cover and rug I really like what I see. When I was choosing the bathroom profile I went with teal and blues. Looking forward to receiving this.

    • Hi Liz,

      Ayman here, founder of Linen Crate. You will see a lot of my responses around and the Linen Crate customer satisfaction team, as we strive to make Linen Crate the best personalized home goods box out there.

      Thank you so much for your feedback, and we look forward to your review on your box! 🙂

      Feel free to drop us a line anytime.

      Welcome to Linen Crate!

  20. I’m moving into a new apartment this box initially piqued my interest, but I think I could find all of these things at a store like Wal-Mart for less than $75. I think it would be worth it if they included higher quality items.

    • Hi Danielle,

      Ayman here, founder of Linen Crate.

      Thanks for the feedback as it is very valuable to us as we commit to make our boxes better and better.

      At Linen Crate you can pick and choose the colors and style you prefer based on your taste. There is no box like the other when it comes to Linen Crate. We curate and shop to our subscribers based on what they choose 🙂

      People love the concept and we are committed to make it better for you and everyone else.

      I sure hope you reconsider and we can welcome you the Linen Crate family! 50% discount on the first box is an amazing value.

      Please feel free to drop us a line should you have any questions!



  21. Took a look at the color selections. You have to choose from pre-selected color groupings, and you choose a grouping per room. most of the color groupings are heavy on the reds/fuchsia/orange families. As someone who is a greens and blues person that’s pretty disappointing.

    • Hi Miranda,

      Ayman here, founder of Linen Crate at your service.

      Thank you so much for the feedback. Most of the colorful palettes are found in the Eclectic style flow per room. The other variety of colors include warm and earth tone neutral colors that seem to be a lot of our subscriber’s favorite schemes. I think they would prefer to be on the safe side as these colors blend in any room decor provided 🙂

      We definitely have a selection of blue and greens. Please feel free to look again and browse through the styles and colors again, I am sure you will find color sets you will love.

      Our aim is to make Linen Crate a personalized box per subscriber at a great value. Please feel free to drop us a line should you have any questions. I sure hope to see you on Linen Crate soon.

      Thanks again 🙂


  22. Oh not so liking the mat and toilet cover. I was really hoping this would include nice accent pieces like a soap dispenser, cup, toothbrush holder with a full set of towels or even some cute guest towels. I really hope I like my box when I get it. I guess I could always give it to my college daughter if all else fails…..

    • That’s what I was thinking too, a soap dispenser, cup or something. Anthropology had gorgeous soap dishes, toothbrush holders, cotton ball jars, etc a few years ago.

    • Hi Lisa,

      We are very positive you will like your box. The beautiful thing about Linen Crate, every box will be different than the previous one you get, and every box you get is different than what other subscribers get. We are making Linen Crate a personalized box, so you will get a box based on the color and style preferences you chose. 🙂

      We def do carry soap dispensers and bath accessories, those items will most likely be included in your future powder room box. There is a variety of items and we are committed in providing you with every possible option for your home.

      Welcome to Linen Crate, as you are a very valued customer 🙂

      Please feel free to drop us a line anytime you have any questions.



  23. I don’t think it looks “modern/contemporary,” but that said, I actually like it. I’m not a fan of contemporary, so this style would have suited me quite well! I still like my bathroom’s current style and am not looking to upgrade though. I’m not sure what you’d get for other rooms in the house–sheets, curtains, pillowcases maybe?

    • Hi Heathery,

      Ayman here, founder of Linen Crate.

      Thanks for the feedback as it is very important to us. Items will vary per room, we have all kinds of home goods/decor items that will satisfy every subscriber’s need. I do wish we can include everything in one box so that client can see what we have 🙂

      Absolutely, we have pillow cases, curtains, decorative pillows, valances, table runners, table mats and many more items.

      I sure hope to see you soon on Linen Crate! Thanks again



  24. Wow nothing in this box says modern to me at all. I would be really disappointed if I had paid for it. The toilet seat cover and rugs are horrid!

    • Hi Nicolle,

      Ayman here, founder of Linen Crate.

      I am sorry to hear that the current set in review does not fit your taste. Every box in Linen Crate is personalized and curated based on the subscribers color and style preference. We build the profile builder keeping that in mind, to ensure that we deliver what the subscriber prefers.

      No box in Linen Crate will be curated the same like the other 🙂

      Me and the team will take notes on many of the reviews here and commit to better the boxes to our subscribers. Your feedback is very helpful to us as it ensures our progress to make everyone happy. 🙂

      Please feel free to drop us a line anytime you have a question and I sure hope to see you on Linen Crate soon.



  25. I’ve been dying to see a review of this box and sadly very disappointed in it. The towels don’t look that high quality, and who’s still using a toilet seat cover?? Plus most new showers have glass doors, not everyone can use a shower curtain anymore. I’d be pretty mad had I paid for that box, nothing looks new and contemporary. You can find awesome towels on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond or Macy’s for really cheap and nicer quality.

    • Hi Sara,

      Ayman here, founder of Linen Crate.

      I am sorry to hear that the above reviewed set is not to your taste. Your feedback is very important to us as we ensure to make every box better.

      Linen Crate is a great value box for home goods. Every box is curated and personalized based on each subscribers color choice and preference. Every box will have a personalized stamp to it.

      Yes, we will be replacing the toiler seat cover with a different item as many expressed their thoughts about it.

      We will also consider an option to opt out from shower curtains, should a subscriber have a glass shower door. Great idea!

      I do sure hope to see you on Linen Crate as me and the team work hard to make everyone happy. 🙂

      Feel free to drop us a line any time you have a question.

      Thanks again,


  26. WOW that’s red. And not modern. Was this their first box to ever send out, or just the first one sent to you? This sub needs some work in my opinion- I can’t judge the quality, but it feels like your usual Amazon cheap fair. And what do you do with one towel and wash cloth and hand towel?

    • Hi Lindsay,

      Ayman here, founder of Linen Crate.

      Thank you for the feedback as it is very important to us. We are committed to make Linen Crate better and better each time.

      Please keep in mind that boxes are personalized per subscriber. We have a profile builder on the website that allows each subscriber to pick and choose the color and style they prefer. Every box will be different than the other as each subscriber will get a box that fits his/her taste 🙂

      We are striving to make Linen Crate a very personalized box with a great value.

      Thanks again for the feedback as it is very valuable to us. Please feel free to write us anytime.

      I sure hope to see you on Linen Crate soon.



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