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Ipsy July 2015 Spoilers Round #2

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Ipsy March 2015 Spoilers

We have more spoilers for the July 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag! Subscribers may receive one of the following items pictured:

Ipsy July 2015 Spoilers

Eyeshadow Brush

Crown Brush Tweezers

Be a Bombshell Lip Balm

Jorel Parker Perfume

bellapierre Lipstick

City Color HD Powder

What do you think of the second round of spoilers? I’m kind of hoping for the tweezers or eye shadow brush!

And in case you missed the first spoiler, every subscriber will receive one of the following six items, plus four additional items:

Ipsy July 2015 Spoilers

Tarte Bronzer or Eyeshadow? (Not sure)

Teeez Lipstick

Aurora Gel Effect Nail Lacquer 

Nude Stix Magnetic Eye Color

Essie Nail Polish

Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1 Shadow Eyeliner

What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have the bronzer and the perfume if anyone is interested in swaping for dry shampoo, sea salt spray or anything nerdy. I have posted these items on the swap site or you can reply to me here.

  2. I’m so disappointed with Ipsy! I will trade with anyone for the tarte bronzer & the bombshell lipstick. I will give you my whole bag lol I got the tweezers, Aurora nail polish in the color alarm fire it’s kinda coral, cool way beachy salt spray, lulu lip balm in raspberry lemonade, & the jelly pong pong 2 in 1 eyeliner & shadow in a copper/brownish color. If anyone’s interested please email me. [email protected] thanks

  3. This is my first ipsy bag and I am pretty excited about what I am getting – Teez lipstick, Jersey Shore lip conditioner, City Color HD powder, OFRA eyeshadow and Eva NYC dry shampoo.

  4. I’m only recieving ONE item that I may like… Third ipsy bag…. Third bag of crap I can’t use. CANCELING.

  5. Bleh. Birchbox is better because all brands are name brand. I just traded and went to birchbox and past several bags have been brands like Laura gellar, claudaile, etc. They also give you 10 off every month to spend at their store and that’s hoe I bought porefessional for free. I used up 3 months worth of 10 dollars off for reviews. U basically get bag free monthly since it’s 10 and they give u 10 of u review samples. I had ipsy for almost a yr and had three good bags. Everything else was too young for me or something o could buy at drugstore. I’m 27. They never looked at my beauty quiz and I kept getting junk when they had samples I would have loved to get and went with profile. Glad I switched over, especially reading this list. Tarte is only thing that looks like a good sample .

  6. Hi I am looking for the tarte bronzer if anyone has theirs to trade. I have almost my entire July bag for trade as well as other stuff. Thanks

    • hey, if u still want the bronzer let me know, i don’t have much need for it but love lipstick and eyeliners!

    • I’m up for trading a bronzer and perfume!

  7. This bag looks like my worst one yet (and last month’s is the 2nd worst). I got the lip balm (I’ll try it, but I’m not excited about it), the jelly pong pong liner (I like their glow getter, but I have so many liners and I rarely wear them), the red nail polish (meh), the tweezers (I just said the other day that I have around 8-10 pairs of tweezers, but I know ipsy doesn’t know that), and the sea salt spray (I have the most perfect straight hair that is too smooth to hold a curl, and sea salt sprays, along with any hair products, just make my hair look dirty)

    Maybe next month will be better.

    • Is there a specific product you want? I would love the sea salt spray!

  8. Bellapierre and Nicka K… Ick. Both brands are mostly made in China and the quality is terrible. Ipsy, PLEASE stop giving us crap that’s made in China!!!

  9. This will be my first bag. I’m getting the bronzer, the soapless cleanser, OFRA Bliss eyeshadow, Bombshell lip balm, and the tinted mineral face sunscreen lotion. I think it sounds pretty good, and like they actually went by my profile. I might be interested in trading the bronzer though, since I have fair skin, freckles, and red hair..not really a bronzer girl!

    • I’d LOVE to trade you for your Tarte!!!

      • I am going to read about it and see if it will actually work for me, but I’ll let you know if I want to trade!

    • I have for trade the purlisse face serum, the aurora nail polish, the be a bomeshell lip stuff and the jelly pong pong. I am looking for the tarte bronzer. Willing to trade generously.

  10. I am pretty happy w my bag: really wanted the translucent powder, got it. I wanted eye shadow, got that. Getting the teez lipstick which looks nice and the lip conditioner coconut / vanilla. Don’t need the balm but probably good to have. The only real loser is the salt spray. Doesn’t work on my already wavy / frizzy hair. Gonna swap! I really wanted the blue eye liner.

    • Sounds like I got the same bag as you! I loved everything except the salt spray as well.

  11. I just got the sneak peek of my very first Ipsy bag and overall I am satisfied. I am getting the gel soapless cleanser, Teeez lipstick, City Color HD powder, the ofra eyeshadow and Jorel perfume. I would have loved to have gotten the eyeshadow brush and Tarte bronzer if anyone wants to trade!

  12. I am not very pleased with my ipsy bag. I was hoping to receive the tarte bronzer or nude sticks but instead I received the jelly pong pong, aurora nail polish, purlisse face serum, perfume, and be a bomeshell. The only thing i evw. Remotely like us the perfume.I am looking to trade for the tarte , will trade generously. Also would like nude sticks, Cleansing wipes or hair stuff. Hit me up if interested. Thanks

  13. Question for everyone who has been disappointed in their Ipsy bags…what would you like to see or have in a make-up bag?

    This will be my 3rd Ipsy and I honestly love trying new products. I love bronzer (thanks to BoxyCharm) I love getting eyeliners whether it’s blue or black. Nail polish is great (except I found out that the nude doesn’t look good on my pale skin) skincare products are always a win. I have only ever been disappointed with the brightly colored purple, hot pink or dark red lippies that are horrible looking for my skin. It saves me from remorse buying products from a drugstore and hating them.

    • I like trying new products as well, and it’s one of the major draws of sub boxes for me. I think my issue with ipsy has been that (in my case) they’ve not followed my beauty quiz at all. For both this month and last month, my box has been made up mostly of products that I’ve said I *dont* want, while I actually really like a lot of the other products available. It may have been worth re-doing my quiz, but coupled with my preference for higher quality brands and more focus on skincare, I ended up just canceling. There’s a sub box out there for everyone, and for me, it wasn’t worth keeping this one in the hopes it would improve when there are others that just suit me better and that I’m already happy with!

    • I like ipsy so much! At first I got bags I couldn’t use more than 1-2 things, but I was happy with those 1-2 items and kept reviewing until my bags got better. I give everything a shot (except for most hair stuff, perfume I just smell from the bottle, and false eyelashes. I can barely tolerate the weight of mascara). So I pass those things on. I look great in reds, hot pinks and other bright colors, but the peachy shades make me look awful. I try them anyway just to make sure. Even if the color doesn’t work, I can tell if I like the product, but I love it when I get colors and products that make me feel like a million bucks! I loved most of what I got the last few months and hope August is as amazing! I use all the cute bags too or give them away. They are a great perk!

      • Just adding here that I would love it if the bag had only make up or make up and skin care but not hair products. My hair gets weighed down easily; so most hair products won’t work for me. I’d also prefer not to get perfume. I did get scented lotion I loved though, and this month I got the perfume that smells okay. So I say let them surprise me! 🙂

  14. I just cancelled my ipsy subscription a few days ago (after I’d already been billed), and after seeing my Early Access, I’m glad I did! Looks like I’m getting the Nicka-K Eyeshadow Quad, Teeez lipstick, City Color HD Powder, Eva NYC Dry Shampoo, and a Pur-Lisse product of some kind (can’t tell what it is–maybe bright?). I rarely wear lipstick, never wear eyeshadow, and don’t need powder or dry shampoo. Depending on what the Pur-Lisse product is, I’ll try it, but everything else will be going up for swap or to a women’s shelter.

    • The purlese is a soy milk cleanser and makeup remover…it is amazing!

    • If you are willing I would love to get the makeup bag. Please let me know

  15. You can see what’s in your Ipsy bag today if you sign in and share on FB. You can delete it right after u share if u want. I’m getting the tweezers! Yay

  16. This is my 3rd ipsy bag…been decent thus far

    This months goodies:
    1) Tarte bronze (wanted this!–i think its .11oz and fullsize is.32oz)

    2) Be A Bombshell Lip Balm (hoping for the Ruby colour instead of French Kiss)

    3) Nicka K New York Eyeshadow quad (probably give this away)

    4) Eau Thermale Avène Cleaner (always love trying new cleansers and Avene is known to be great for all skin types)

    5)Coolway Beachy Salt Spray (will try hair is naturaly wavy so maybe it will make it look more “neat”?

  17. I got Jersey Shore Lip Balm – I’ll try it
    Nicka K Eyeshadow Quad- I’ll try that too
    Crown Brush Tweezers-Can’t hurt to have an extra pair
    Jor-el Parker Classico Perfume – going on swap site
    Tarte Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer- going on swap site I’ll never use it

    So I’d say it’s an ok bag for me. Not great but hopefully I can trade for the things I want instead of the last 2.

    • What are you looking for for the Tarte bronzer? I would have been thrilled go get it but I didn’t.

    • I’m interested in trading for your bronzer!

  18. im excited!!!! im getting:

    the cleanser/makeup remover
    eyetiny swizzle stick
    be a bombshell lip balm
    jor’el parker
    tarte bronzer!!!

    i may buy the makeup brush tho!

  19. LOL I looked at the first pic and had a surreal moment where I thought the bikini top was one of the spoilers for a second.

  20. I’m canceling right after I write this…Ipsy has been good since I’ve signed up again but this month is terrible….everything I can’t use while all the good stuff goes to other people. I’m giving the entire bag to my sister to take to a woman’s shelter near her, along with other items i’ll never get to.

    Here’s my bag, all opposite of my profile.

    Dry shampoo
    red gel polish
    purlisse serum
    red lip balm
    2 in1 shadow liner

    • If you still have the makeup bag I am interested in getting it please let me know

  21. I’m getting …
    ESSIE nail polish which I’m excited about
    Be a bombshell lippie 🙁
    Coolway salt spray
    Nicka K New York quad eye shadow 🙁
    Vasanti exfoliating cleanser, which I already have 2 of. It works very well so I’m OK with it.

    • Hey quick question. I see alot of people don’t like to get Be a Bombshell products. I’ve never heard or used this brand. What is bad about it? Ingredients? Staying power?

      • Last year Ipsy sent out BaB mascara and people complained that it had a rancid smell. Mine was ok, but not a great formula. It took about 3 coats for it to look like I was wearing mascara and I have dark brown hair. It’s also the fact that people join subs hoping to try new brands and Ipsy seems to send their stuff in every bag.

        • Got it! Thank you for replying! Happy subscribing 🙂

      • I’m not crazy about Be A Bombshell either. Aside from the awful mascara, I have gotten several of their products that just don’t seem like quality make up. I also don’t like Hikari. I did get one thing from Hikari that is gorgeous-a lipstick in Cabernet. It is so so pretty, but everything else seems poor quality, and everything I’ve gotten is made in China with some ingredients I don’t like wearing on my skin all day (at least on my mouth) which makes me sad about the pretty lipstick. I am not a make up snob, but these brands just haven’t made me want to try anything else of theirs.

  22. I’m getting the Tarte Bronzer which every one else seemed to want but I wasn’t terribly interested in. Hopefully I’ll discover a new favorite. The Jersey Shore lip balm. I hate both the scent of coconut and vanilla so that’s double kryptonite for me. Eyetini eyeliner in Blue Hawaiian, I have gotten a blue eyeliner every month for the last three months. I can draw all the fake tattoos I want at this point. The Jor’el perfume. I hate getting perfumes because so many of them trigger migraines for me. And the final product I’ll get is the Belle Pierre Lip stick. I hope it’s a good shade for me. ALOT of my bag this month will go to a women’s shelter.

    • You are getting three of the things I wanted – Tarte bronzer, Belle Pierre Lip stick and the perfume – I should do your exact profile.

    • I get perfume headaches aswell but I got the Jo’rel perfume and love it. Hopefully you’ll have the same luck.

    • I am getting the same bag. Not too bad.

    • I am getting your bag too! I can’t use the eyeliner or the Tarte from allergies, but sounds at least like the Tarte will swap nicely. Have to wait on the perfume, rarely wear it and have a ton from all these boxes. Thrilled with the Belle Pierre lipstick, hoping for a good color on that. I hate my allergy, but enjoy finding new products I can use. So glad I did not get Be a Bombshell for my lipstick….

      • Hi Shauna, I am also from OR ! I am looking to trade for the tarte bronzer, I am on the trading site or e mail me at [email protected] if u would like to trade, I have almost my whole ipsy and lots of other stuff. Thanks !

  23. I already have that brush but would love another one. If not that then the tweezers or tinted lip balm. I’m generally happy with at least half of what’s in my IPSY bags, so I’m not too worried.

  24. I’m getting the Lip Conditioner, Eyeshadow Quad, Teeez Lipstick, HD Powder and Dry Shampoo. This will be the first bag I think I’ll like since February(?)

    • The Teeez Lipstick is in the color Killing Me Softley (light red). It’s not even on the list of colors on their website. New? Discontinued?

  25. I cleared my quiz so that tools is the only thing selected and I’m getting the tweezers. Also getting perfume, teez, perlisse and the jelly ping pong thing.

  26. So I decided to cancel my ipsy subscription since I haven’t loved my last couple bags & I clicked on the link & got the email & followed instructions & then got billed again… Shady!!!

  27. I’m getting the Tarte Amazonian Clay waterproof Bronzer – yay!!! I’m also getting the BellaPiere lipstick (hope I like the shade!), Coolway beachy salt spray (I might try it), OFRA bliss eyeshadow (looks like maybe a good highlight color?) and a Jersey Shore Mongongo Vanilla Coconut Cream Lip Conditioner – I’m not a fan of vanilla or coconut so I may give that one to my sister.
    Overall, I think I’ll be happy with this bag but won’t know for sure until I see it all in person. And I like the fun colors on the bag itself!

  28. Darn – usually there are a few things I like in my Ipsy – not this time.
    Received the tweezers, coconut Jersey Shore lip conditioner, Jelly Pong liner, and La Playa salt spray.
    Wanted the Jorel perfume, eyeshadow, and Bellapierre lipstick.

    • I’m getting the exact same bag. Nothing I’m too excited about but I will probably use most of it. I don’t need new tweezers but I suppose a spare won’t hurt and lip balm is never a bad thing. I’ve tried sea salt sprays in the past and haven’t been super impressed. Maybe because I have wavy/curly hair naturally so I don’t know that they do a lot for me. That being said I’m more than happy to try it out. Interestingly I’m also getting a beach wave spray in my Birchbox this month.

    • Hi! I got the Jorel perfume and the bellapierre.. Don’t want it so we can swap!

  29. I got the Be A Bombshell lip balm. I friggin hate their products. ALL of the BAB products lol!!!!

    On the bright side, I got the Tarte bronzer, even though I don’t wear bronzer. So, that’s going up for swap. I really wanted the Teeez lipstick. My other items are the soapless cleaner, eyeshadow, and perfume (ugh).

    The only thing I’m excited for is the cleaner…..

    • I got the Teese if you want to trade for the bronzer!!! 🙂

      • I would love to trade with you Jodi!

  30. I just got early access! I think this month will be better than last month, but I’m still a little disappointed. I’m getting the Teez lipstick, which I wanted, so that’s awesome.

    I’m also getting the eyeshadow quad, which yet again makes no sense to me since I don’t have eyeshadow as an item I’d like to receive. Same with the perfume I’m getting, and the Coolway Beachy spray. I might like the perfume and the Coolway, so I’ll wait until they arrive to judge.

    My last item is a lip balm, which is fine. I don’t like this month’s bag design at all, though.

    Overall, I think this month’s bag is good for the price. I wish I had gotten the eyeshadow brush, but not a huge deal. 🙂

  31. Getting: Teeze, HD Powder, Ofra Shadow, Eva NYC dry shampoo and Vasanti cleanser. Honestly, this is pretty good. I’ll try everything! I use so much dry shampoo, so always happy to get more.

  32. Got early access to my bag this morning and I am soooo excited for this bag!! I got the eye-shadow quad, the tweezers, the teez lipstick, beach waves hair spray, and a face cleanser!! Can’t wait!!! I am loving my ipsy bags, this is my second one and my first one was great too!!

  33. Wow, I am excited for all these products truthfully. Knowing my luck, I’ll get none of the above! lol

  34. So exciting! I’m hoping for the eye shadow brush and the Essie polish. Please Ipsy!? Thanks for the spoilers. 🙂

  35. Am hoping for the tweezers. The makeup brush is really good – I have it and it’s great. Fingers crossed no perfume for me – just not a product type I like / want / use.

  36. Hoping for a lipstick product for my bag this month… I keep getting skincare/eye products I don’t even use. =/

  37. That eyeshadow brush is LITERALLY the best. I got it in one of my bags a few months ago, and I’m in love!!! I use it absolutely every single day!

  38. Please no be a bombshell…excited about anything else!!!

  39. I’m excited! I also think the eyeshadow brush would be really nice, and I like the color of the tweezers. As for the first spoiler, I’d be happy with the Teeez lipstick or the Tarte product, or at least anything but one of the nail polishes. I was disappointed with last month’s bag, so I hope July is much better!

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