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Hautelook Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty Exclusive Bag Reveal!

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Hautelook Beauty Bag

Thanks Celicia for letting us know about the Hautelook Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty Exclusive Bag spoilers! This bag goes on sale tomorrow at 11 AM ET.

The Box: Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty Exclusive Bag

The Cost: $29 plus shipping (shipping is free on Hautelook orders of $100 or more).

The Products:

  • Estee Lauder Makeup Bag
  • Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Crème
  • Clinique Moisture Surge
  • Clinique Chubby Stick
  • Bobbi Brown Discover Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
  • Donna Karan Cashmere Mist
  • Glam Glow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment

What do you think of the bag reveal? I was expecting there would be more products, but I like all the brands featured – I’ll still be grabbing one!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I agree with many others… I’m passing. This isn’t a good bag to me. Usually their bags impress me. Oh well.

  2. I know that a frivolous item like this is a silly thing to be upset about, but this bag really seems like an afterthought. I don’t see how there is such a derivation in the quality from last year from a brand like Nordstrom. That is all that bothers me, it seems like they’ve become inconsistent.

  3. hell no. this bag is nothing compared to last years’. seriously, donna karen cashmere mist, baby sample? i guess this is what happens when they don’t want something to sell out.

  4. Man I am so bummed! I was looking forward to trying and get this bag, I even have a reminder on my computer so I wouldn’t miss it! Thanks for posting the spoilers though, now I know that I can pass!

    • Agreed! I can remove my Google calendar alert for sure.

  5. I too thought it had to be only a partial reveal until I got the HauteLook full reveal newsletter overnight and saw that this is indeed all that is included. So, I did myself one better and used the money instead to buy Rue La La’s 40% off Tatcha coupon and bought quality skincare that I already know I love and trust.

  6. Yikes. Thank you so much for posting these spoilers…I looked at the photo and thought, “Maybe these are just partial spoilers.” This seems like an awful lot of foil packets and cardboard samples, too. Maybeee I would be interested if these were full or deluxe sample sized, but…no. Ah well. At least I know I’m saving some money!

  7. SO happy for the spoiler! It’s my day off tomorrow and I need the sleep. I would have been so upset that I set an alarm only to see this joke of a bag was being offered….

    My wallet is happy too

  8. I’m disappointed, too. I just got into subscription boxes, and this bag does not look like what last year’s was..

  9. What is this, their version of a department store Walmart box? Except it is a major rip off! Pass!

  10. I appreciate your reviews SO MUCH! I missed the previous Hautelook Nordstrom beauty bag and I was so upset. I’ve been checking everyday for a new one. I would have been upset if I had ordered this it. Seems like a bit of a let down after seeing the last one and waiting so long for this one. Thanks for saving me the trouble.

  11. I can’t belive you have to pay for this. All the fabulous gwp’s …who is in charge of their marketing.

  12. Thanks Liz. You have saved me another sleepless night. I am definitely not going to buy this bag after seeing your preview. I do not like anything in it so its a pass for me.

  13. I posted a link a bit earlier but I don’t think it went through because it had a URL. There’s a full-video (for lack of a better word) “review” on YouTube now – the photo above isn’t a creative crop or only a partial bag reveal by Hautelook and Nordstrom. That’s it. And as impossible as it sounds, the samples are even smaller / sadder watching someone hold them than they appear in the stock photo.

    • Whoops – I think I spoke too soon. Looks like the YouTube link is down further in the comments here now.

      (If you view it, enjoy watching someone get more excited than you can possibly comprehend over a perfume sample.)

      • She has to be a paid shill, right? Trying to create excitement over that absolutely crappy bag that almost angers me it’s so crummy. If it was a GWP, fine. But $29 plus shipping for that?? Hell no! I hope people use common sense and don’t buy it.

  14. I’d put this on par with the (free) GWP that I just got in a Nordstrom order. Actually, that had much better brands in it, and I think it even included the exact same Clinique lip balm stick. Add me to the list of people turning off their alarm for tomorrow. A huge thanks to Liz for sharing the spoilers! My wallet is happy to finally get a break after all of the excercise it’s gotten at the Anniversary Sale

  15. I’m passing. Hopefully they resell it at a cheaper price. I’ll purchase it for less than $20 after shipping not $35.

  16. I wonder if shipping is included in the $29 or if that is an extra charge.

  17. Why are my comments not showing?? I put a link to a video showing the Nordstrom bag being opened and shown twice. Both times not showing.

    • Sorry – comments with links have to be manually approved because of the amount of spam comments we get. Your comments should be visible now!

  18. At first I was like, OH NO, not while I’m on a no-buy. And then I saw the bag contents…

    I hope whoever does buy it enjoys it, but it’s not really for me this time.

  19. Wow, such a let down from last year. Definitely passing on this. Guess it’s okay since I got the ANFGB box today,

  20. Wow, this is a terrible bag. I would venture to say it’s probably the gift they are giving away at store for their anniversary beauty event. Nothing like last year and I am so sad about it. Agreeing with some others, my wallet is thankful.

  21. No way. Passing!

  22. What is this?? Who curated this thing? Holy hell is that bad.

    • lol totally agree!! I hate when they try to pass free samples off as valued items.

  23. The selection is lackluster but I might have gone for it if it were $15 with shipping included. Deleted the alarm off my phone. My actual reaction to the spoilers and price tag are not safe for the comment section. So I’ll just say “uh no.”

  24. *turns off calendar reminder alarm*

    Thank goodness for spoilers!

  25. Wow, this is terrible. This CAN’T be the Hautelook bag?!? Maybe there’s a misunderstanding and this is supposed to be some beauty gift with purchase for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? I don’t even think the value of this adds up to $29!

    • That’s what I was thinking… I really don’t think this would add up to $30!! I was looking for a link to the spoiler, but couldn’t find one…

  26. I’m sooooo happy that I saw this! I won’t be wasting my time or money on getting this bag. Absolutely awful.

  27. Wow. I can’t believe how much this pales in comparison to previous bags. It almost seems like a mistake! “Oops, sorry, we accidentally cropped out part of the pic with the other half of the products!”

    • ^^^Exactly^^^

      I mean if they’re not going to include as many products the ones that make the cut should at least be travel size or larger. And considering how much the bags often start at (usually around $25 though one year they had a $40 version), this beauty bag definitely isn’t worth it for me, especially with 2 Estée Lauder products (I personally boycott the brand entirely since they still conduct animal testing). It’s almost hard to believe they couldn’t round up a better variety of brands or at least newer product offerings from established ones (Cashmere Mist? That’s been around for over 15 years!)

  28. Ditto. Very disappointed compared to last years but also relieved and I’ll save my money this time 🙂 Thanks for the spoilers! Since I’m in CA I know to sleep in tomorrow and let this one pass lol

    • LOL, I’m right there with ya — already cancelled my alarm for tomorrow morn! 😀

  29. Hmm, seems as though the only takers for this bag will be the ones who don’t know what’s in it!

  30. Thanks so much for posting! So glad I can skip on this

  31. Thanks for the info! I was so looking forward to this. Glad I saw this before I pulled out my card. Such small samples!

  32. wow what a disappointment…passing. My wallet is relieved

  33. Thank you so much for the spoiler. I was. ready to hit the purchase button and so happy to know better now. I hope the haute look people don’t read these Comments or they’ll stop giving spoilers in the future lol

  34. Thank you for posting spoilers! This would have been such a disappointing box for me.

  35. Every single brand on that list is owned by Estee Lauder, lol.

    All animal-tested, passing.

    • Exactly the same reason I’m passing.

    • Exactly what I was thinking.

  36. I’ll be passing as well… I was hoping for something like last years.

  37. At the risk of the comments sounding like auto-loop, yeah, I’ll be passing. So disappointing compared to past bags. It’s like an after-thought of free samples you grab during a walk-through at Nordies – and then someone stops you at the door and says, “Oh sorry. This time we’d like $29.00 for that please.”

    • Exactly! That is a very lackluster bag, especially when compared to last year’s! SO glad spoilers were posted so I can skip the disappointment and save $$!

  38. Oh my! What a relief! Not tempted at all. The sample sizes are almost an insult. I can make a purchase for something I want and get all of these freebies as a gift. How surprisingly unimpressive.

  39. Thank you for the spoiler! After seeing what’s in it I will have to pass. I agree with everyone that said they can get these items as samples just walking around Nordstrom’s beauty department.

  40. Welp, that’s disappointing….

  41. I really loved last year’s bags and was sorry to have missed them. Since I will be on a plane tomorrow, I was planning on enlisting a few friends to get the bag for me, but now that I see the reveal I wont be doing that. It is not what I expected given the previous bags.

  42. I’d rather spend my money on 3 months of birchbox! So disappointing..thanks for the spoilers Liz!

  43. Comment

    • Oops! Hit enter before I was ready! 🙂

      My wallet is so happy this bag is not at all like last year! I was excited to see it was returning and VERY bummed when I saw the spoiler. Nordstrom usually rocks everything – but this is a sad excuse for $29. Thank you so much for posting this!!

  44. I was really looking forward to this bag, but sadly I’ll be passing. I’m both relieved and sad that I don’t like this bag. Only 7 products, two of which are tiny samples, the foil packet and perfume sample are disappointing to say the least. I just don’t see the value for $37( with shipping) I do like the bag itself so maybe I’ll see if I can swap for it. This just seems unimpressive compared to the previous bags. Good luck to everyone getting one who wants one since I know they sale out quickly. And if anyone wants to swap the bag let me know!!

  45. I’ll pass

  46. This one is so much worse than last year 🙁 I already own these and the samples are so small! Happy I can save my money!

  47. Yeah 4/7 of the things look like either ipsy samples or stuff you could get walking around dillards… i’ll pass.

  48. I was fortunate enough to get last years bag and hands down, it was THE BEST beauty bag I have ever received. I ended up buying full size in several things and felt it was never-ending in high end products. This, on the other hand, looks like something you would get when you go to a beauty counter and get free samples.

    • I agree with you 100%! I missed last years *tear* and was looking forward to this one and all I have to say is what a disappointment!

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