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Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015

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Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - Theme

Hamptons Lane is a monthly gourmet food subscription box. Each month you get to preview the theme, and you can opt out if it’s not for you.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - Box

Hamptons Lane sent us this box for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

FYI – if you are interested in this box, it is still available as of today if you sign up for a subscription.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - Contents

The Subscription Box: Hamptons Lane

The Cost: $47 a month (with the option to skip any month).

COUPON: Use coupon code Subscription10 to save $10 off your first box!

The Products: Artisan food products centered around a new theme each month.

Ships to: US only, extra shipping costs for Alaska and Hawaii.

Keep track of your subscriptions: Add Hamptons Lane to your subscription list or wish list!

Check out our past reviews of Hamptons Lane or visit the Food Subscription Box Directory for more food boxes!

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - Items

This month’s theme is Gatsby Cocktail Party, and Hamptons Lane has included a booklet to accompany the shipment. The booklet includes a detailed description of the items included in the box.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - Info

The booklet also contains tips from NYC-based experiential event designer Adam Aleksander to help you create the perfect Gatsby-themed party. Of course, there are also plenty of recipes to try.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - Shakers

Duo of Mini Cocktail Shakers from Hamptons Lane- $30

At first, I wasn’t quite sure why Hamptons Lane would include two of the same item, but, given the party theme, I think it makes sense. With two shakers, more than one cocktail can be made at a time! The stainless steel shakers are the perfect size for a single cocktail, and the lid doubles as a .5 oz measure.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - LavenderSyrup

Lavender Lemon Syrup from Royal Rose (8 fl. oz.)- $11.50

This award-winning, organic syrup is used in a number of this month’s Hamptons Lane Recipes. The syrup blends citrus and floral flavors, it and smells incredible.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - Muddler

Wooden Cocktail Muddler from Hamptons Lane- $10

I’ve been in search of a good muddler, so I’m very excited to receive this one from Hamptons Lane. A muddler is used to crush fruit and herbs with sugars and bitters in order to release more flavor from the ingredients. It’s a tool often called for in classic cocktail recipes, and I think this one is beautiful.

Citrus Twist Peeler from Hamptons Lane- $5

This twist peeler creates curly ringlets of citrus zest that can be used as cocktail garnishes. More than once, I’ve tried creating the same effect with a vegetable peeler- with pretty poor results. I’m glad that I now have the proper tool to use.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - Bitters

Ginger Lemon Bitters from Hella Bitters (1.7 oz.)- $9.95

These bitters from NYC’s Hella Bitters are made with real lemon peel and both candied and dried ginger. According to Hamptons Lane, the flavor is great in “sweet, savory, spicy, and earthy cocktails.”

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - Sugar

Gold Cocktail Rimming Sugar from Dell Cove Spices (2.5 oz. tin)- $4.25

Rimming sugar adds a sweet crunch to cocktails, and this product adds a golden sparkle, too. Hamptons Lane recommends using it with champagne cocktails.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - Invites

To help get your Gatsby-themed party off on the right foot, Hamptons Lane also included a card with a discount code to receive 20% your next order of paper or digital invitations from Paperless Post.

Cocktail Party!

Every month, Hamptons Lane provides recipes to accompany their box. I’ve had a lot of luck with the Hamptons Lane recipes, and I always look forward to making them. For this month’s cocktail party, I decided to make a Polo Player’s Mint Julep, an F. Scott Gin Rickey, a Party Thyme, and Lavender Cakelettes.

Recipe #1- Polo Player’s Mint Julep

This twist on a classic Mint Julep is made with fresh mint, bourbon, and Lemon Lavender Simple Syrup.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - JulepIngredients

To prepare the drink, you combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake them vigorously with ice. They’re then strained into a glass with ice and fresh mint.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - Julep

I really like Mint Juleps, and this was a great recipe. I also really liked the suggestion to garnish the glass with lots of mint.

Recipe #2- F. Scott Gin Rickey

A classic Gin Rickey is a refreshing drink with very little sweetness. It’s made with lime, gin, and club soda. The F. Scott Gin Rickey adds raspberries and Lemon Ginger Bitters into the mix, and the result is beautiful and delicious.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - Rickey

This cocktail was fruity and refreshing. As per the recipe, I used the Hamptons Lane citrus twister to create the lime garnish- such a nice touch!

Recipe #3- Party Thyme

Party Thyme is a cocktail made with gin, Lavender Lemon Simple Syrup, white nectarine, thyme, and lime. Based on the ingredients I had on hand, I made this cocktail with a couple of adjustments: instead of nectarine and thyme, I used white peach and mint.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - PartyThymePrep

I muddled the peach, lime, and mint together and then added gin and syrup and shook over ice.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - PartyThyme

This cocktail was my favorite of the bunch! The white peach was delicious with the gin and mint. It was also just so darn pretty!

Recipe #4- Lavender Cakelettes

To accompany the cocktails, I made Lavender Cakelettes. I made the batter in my Kitchen Aid mixer, according to the instructions. The recipe recommended using a mini muffin tin, but I decided to use my min bunt pan, instead.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - CakeletteBatter

The cakelettes baked at 350 until the set, approximately 15 minutes.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - BakedCakelettes

As always when I use a bundt pan, I had a nail-biting moment of will-they-or-won’t-they-release-from-the-pan. Luckily, they popped out with no problem! To finish the cakelettes, Hamptons Lane suggested brushing them with syrup. Instead, I made a simple glaze from powdered sugar, lemon juice, and Hella Bitters Lemon Ginger Bitters. I dipped the cakelettes in the glaze and topped each cake with a pinch of lavender buds.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - GlazedCakelettes

The cakelettes were so pretty! Honestly, I would have liked for them to be a bit softer and moister, but the flavor was lovely.

Hamptons Lane Subscription Box Review & Coupon – July 2015 - Cocktails&Cake

My Gatsby Cocktail Party was pretty small (just a couple of friends), but we had an excellent time making cocktails, listening to jazz, and eating cakelettes. As usual, the recipes were fun to make and really tasty!

Verdict: I look forward to Hamptons Lane every month, and I love that each box helps me create a unique dining experience. I think this month’s “Gatsby Cocktail Party” theme is so much fun, and I think this might be one of my favorite boxes yet! For me, the tools included in this month’s box are useful and seem to be selected thoughtfully. I love that Hamptons Lane included syrup and bitters with interesting flavor combinations, and I think that this month’s recipes are creative and fun. Some of the recipes featured this month do seem more challenging than usual (French macarons, for example), but I still think there are recipes available on the Hamptons Lane site that are appropriate for cooks with all different skill levels. In terms of value, the items in this box total just over $70 (not counting the promo code for Paperless Post). That’s well over the $47 cost- a great deal, I think. (If you decide to sign up for a new subscription, don’t forget to use the $10 off code. That will bring the cost of your first box down to only $37!) Hamptons Lane consistently offers excellent curation and solid value for money, and I wholeheartedly recommend it for adventurous cooks and foodies!

What do you think of this month’s box from Hamptons Lane? Did you host your own Gatsby-themed cocktail party?

Written by Lindsey Morse

Lindsey Morse

Lindsey is a professional baker by day and a subscription box junkie by night. She first subscribed to Birchbox in 2013 and her addiction grew when she signed up for Graze, PopSugar, and Knoshy. Her favorite part about being a subscription box addict is discovering new products- especially gourmet goodies, beauty products, and kitchen tools!

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  1. what’s the “$10 off code”? i can’t find it anywhere

  2. I too had the problem with the shattered tagine. I first emailed them in July and they replied that they’d replace it, but I haven’t had any other update from them and I’ve been emailing them for the last week.

    The idea behind this subscription service is really great, but they don’t have the customer service part down yet. The fact that you can *only* email them and there is no way to call or escalate your problem is really frustrating. (Thanks my subscription addiction for providing a place to vent a little!)

    • Kathleen, you may want to buy a heat diffuser to use with the tangine once you get the new one. It is helpful in diffusing the heat and I had good luck with it when cooking with my tangine. I also followed the curing instructions to the letter, but used the diffuser when heating the tangine on the stove. I must say the chicken recipe they gave is too much for the tangine’s size so it was all over my stove and diffuser so I recommend cutting the recipe in half.

      • Thanks for the suggestions! Hopefully, someday, I’ll be able to give it a try. My tagine was during shipment in July so I’ve been unable to get the opportunity to shatter it myself ;-). But given the warning I’ll baby it and half the recipe. Now if I just could get hamptons lane to reply.

  3. So excited to try this. Put Moroccan box in my cart then went to faqs to see if they specified how they shipped (they don’t) as my mail and ups/fedex addresses are different, proceeded with my order but didn’t realize that my order had reverted to the box of the month. I immediately email them to straighten out my order and never heard back. I few days later I checked my account and it said that the wrong box had shipped. Immediately emailed again and another 3-4 days have gone by and still not received an email back. I am beyond disappointed and lack of phone number is infuriating at this point seeing as they ignore the only means of communication. I do not want to put one more second into fixing this issue but will obviously have to. Really too bad as this concept is a great idea.

    • Erica St. Georgeq,

      Thanks for the comment on our Gatsby Cocktail Party box! I apologize for the inconvience! I looked up your name ‘Erica’ in our customer management system and I do not see any emails from you! Could you have emailed from another email? If you would, please send us an email to [email protected] and we can take a look into the issue for you and resolve it as quickly as possible.


      Hamptons Lane

      • I resent an email on the 11th. Did you receive it?

  4. Your peach cocktail and cakelette’s look delicious. I so want to taste them. What a fabulous presentation.

  5. I was on the fence about this month, but your lovely review made me decide to get it! Now I can’t wait!!!

  6. I have been cutting out subscriptions, but I’m thinking about adding this one. I wouldn’t have thought I’d like this particular box, but your review makes me want it!

  7. Wow, this box looks great and parties at your house must be awesome! 🙂 Your food and drinks are always gorgeous!

  8. This was waiting for me when I returned from vacation, and after a week with my MIL I sure do need a drink!!! Mine wasn’t packaged as neatly, but everything arrived intact, unlike last month with my tagine. They did not respond to my email either, so I’m going to try again 🙁

    • ….to contact them and see if they will exchange the broken one.

      (I sometimes forget to finish my thoughts…which is better than when I say my thoughts most of the time)

      • Hey there! I see that you have a broken tagine, we apologize for this! I also see your email and I am sorry we didn’t answer you! I will get you out a new one tomorrow via 2 day mail. We have been having some trouble with the tagines as the vendor, Le Souk Ceramique packaged them and didn’t package them all correctly which we are disappointing with – we are trying to get this fixed up.

        Thank you for your understanding!

        Hamptons Lane

        • Thank you so much!

  9. I must have this box! The items included are awesome, and the recipes sound amazing as well. I love that you put your own spin on the recipes, with excellent results! Great review 🙂

  10. Beautiful review! Loved that you used the mini bundt pan and made your own glaze!

  11. Your food always looks so good– I’ve taken a few months off Hampton’s Lane (we’re about to move), but hope to jump back in soon! Might have to get this box.

  12. The timing was just bad for me needing anything in this box, so I opted out. But comparing the quality of what they included this month (and not their BS estimated prices they give you), this is one of the best boxes they’ve curated.

    Plus the theme was super awesome!

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