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COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review – July 2015

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COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - Box

COCOTIQUE is a beauty subscription geared towards women of color and diverse ethnicities. “We find the best beauty and lifestyle products targeting your unique needs and desires and ship them to your door each month.”

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - inside

“Each month COCOTIQUE will ship to your door a specially curated deluxe box filled with 5-8 sample size and full size beauty and lifestyle products.”

COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - presentation COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - damage

I really enjoying Cocotique’s packaging. Unfortunately, my box lid was slightly damaged from the bulk.

When I went in for a close-up, I noticed there was something else underneath the product box!! No peeking, let’s get through the basics first.

COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - Opened

THE BOX: Cocotique Box

THE COST: $20 a month (Discounts available on 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions)

THE PRODUCTS:  A variety of hair care, beauty, and lifestyle products

COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - Products

Good To Know – Make sure to read your inserts. Every month, one subscriber will receive the “Bonus COCOTIQUE Box” which includes a gift certificate for a special gift. (If you were lucky enough to receive one of these in the past, tell us all about it below!)

COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 0 Info Card

Each box comes with card detailing the items included.

This month was Cocotique’s first ever Takeover Box and they are so excited to bring us a box filled (to the breaking point) with FULL size Lottabody products! If you aren’t familiar with takeovers, it’s exactly how it sounds.  One brand takes over the box for a month. It’s pretty cool if you already enjoy the featured brand and need to stock up, and can be not as exciting (down right devastating) for those that have already tried it, and just don’t like it.

COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - ad

The only issue at this point is marketing. I was totally surprised to discover this month was a takeover. I went back online to make sure I didn’t miss something. It’s just confusing. I’m ok with receiving ALL full-sized items instead of deluxe sized, but from the same brand with no warning? I don’t know, a heads-up would have been nice. A takeover is just one of those things that should always be advertised from the beginning. The disappointments and confusion that is likely to happen, could have easily been avoided with a simple sneak peek/hint or Facebook post.

COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - comb in box COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - comb

Lottabody Styling Comb Set – Value: $4.99

Underneath the Cocotique box was this wide tooth comb and rat tail comb duo. These are always great to have. They aren’t the best quality but we’ll use them nonetheless. I couldn’t find this online for sale, so I believe this would be a bonus that Lottabody provided for their takeover.

COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - lotta body

Lottabody Style Me Texturizing Setting Lotion 12oz. – Value: $3.99

I’ve used the Foam Wrap Lotion from Lottabody, I’m assuming this works the same. I’m very happy to have more. I up’d the price from the listed $2.99. Online it cost much more, due to its weight to ship.

Lottabody Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk 8oz. – Value: $4.49

This smells really nice and it has a super thick consistency. Think this will work great on second day hair.

COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - multi item COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - close up

Lottabody Love Me 5-n-1 Miracle Styling Creme 5.1 oz – Value: $4.79

This reminds me of the 7-n-1 leave in treatment by Creme of Nature. The bottles and consistency are exactly alike, but I like this scent is sooo MUCH better. It’s not as overbearing as Creme of Nature. I think I’ll fall in love with this one. I also up’d the value from the $3.99 listed price. I found this online at SallyBeauty for $4.79 and higher on other websites.

Lottabody Control Me Edge Gel 2.25 oz – Value: $3.99

I have yet to find the perfect edge control for my 4c hair. I’ll give it a shot because it smells really good!! But otherwise, this will be great for my kiddos looser curl patterns.

COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - lotta body card

Coupons – Value: $5.50

I like that this box came with coupons for Lottabody. The brand is relatively inexpensive and these would cover the price of nearly half the value for 3 items. Both coupons expire April 2016. Nice!!!

COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - pamphlet

We also received a nice little tri-fold brochure about Lottabody’s complete Styling Line, how to reach them via social media and how to enter their contest…which ended December 31, 2014!! Why Lottabody, Why?

COCOTIQUE Beauty Box Review - July 2015 - all items

Verdict: July’s Cocotique box promised a summer love inspired box full of deluxe sized products. Instead we received a full-sized takeover from Lottabody. I can’t complain much. The value is just over $27 including the coupons and I know that we will use everything included. Is this a wow-box, no. A satisfactory-box, Absolutely! Considering what we’ve discovered so far from Cocotique’s Mega Beauty box, I have hopes that the coming month’s will be a lot better than this. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for August. Fingers crossed for spoilers.

What did you think of Cocotique’s July box? Have you tried any products from Lottabody?

Written by Celicia Gantz

Celicia Gantz

Celicia was introduced to both The Honest Company and CurlKit in March 2013 and has been addicted to subscription boxes ever since. Always on the hunt for the undiscovered family staple, she loves trying new skincare, natural hair care, makeup, and finding delicious snacks with hidden veggies for her kids (and Hubby too). Favorite finds: Body Oil, Stuffed Animals, Books, non-GMO Tortilla Chips and Perfume Samples.

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  1. Love the review of this sub box. As some of the posters stated, some of these products are for all types of hair 🙂 I was on the fence but this will surely be my next sub box! I hope this box goes on sale on the site…soon!

  2. Thanks for the review. Just subscribed starting Aug. Want a box that has both makeup and hair care. But don’t mind an occasional takeover. May purchase the July box too cause I like Lottabody.

  3. Lottabody has been in literally every natural hair box over the past 2-3 months. I have about 9 bottles of Lottabody bottles in my closet that I will probably give away. I do love the curl milk and edge control though! Other than those two products, Lottabody does nothing for my hair.

    On the bright side, I’m glad that Cocotique finally did a takeover box. It was long overdue. Not disappointed with this box, but not completely happy either.

  4. I’ve been curious about this box for a while now, but I’ll have to wait until they send out a normal box to make a decision lol. The big box was great, and this one would be fine, but I’m looking for more then fine, and great if I could afford it. Hopefully August has some make up, because that’s what I get boxes for. Right now I get beauty box 5 (went for the yearly, otherwise I’d have cancelled lol. Never again.) And boxycharm. Boxycharm is wonderful, but their items aren’t very universal. I’m mixed, so most of the stuff I can make work, but it’d be nice to have make up I didn’t need a four step process to wear lol!

  5. OK even though I’m a white girl I read all the reviews lol What is 3c curl and 2b curl etc???

    • White girls have curly hair, too! The first time I decided to try a product that was specifically for curly hair, it changed my life and I didn’t even realize that it was marketed toward black women hahaha. Besides, a lot of curly-specific products target dryness, which straight hair can suffer from as well. Anyway, your question: there’s a scale to determine your curl type, it ranges from 2 to 4, and in each level, from a-c. You can click my name on this post for a website that has pictures to demonstrate, but the scale has to do with the texture of your curls and how tight your curls are (fine vs. coarse, looser waves vs. tightly coiled).

      • “Agreed” said a white girl with 2c hair. 🙂

        I like your link, Em!

      • Thanks for the link. I *might* be 2A. If that. I have been using a Shea Moisture leave-in for curly hair and it doesn’t really do anything to alter the appearance of my waves but it is just a really good leave-in conditioner for a lot of different hair types. My hair is really soft and manageable after using it.

        • My hair looks more like 3A when I use shea or hair oil. Using the right products makes all the difference. I wish someone could come up with a box that has hair oil, shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair minus the SLS/parabens, and is amazing for curly hair. I end up giving away most of my hair products from sub boxes although I do luck out once in awhile.

          • Hey Anna! I hope you enjoyed your Naturebox. I have’nt seen these products in any boxes but personal recommendation= Paul Mitchell foaming pomade(a big bottle could last almost whole summer) it really helps moisurize and train your hair and smells good, also if you mix it with the sculpting foam = perfecto. Someone told me about Carol’s Daughter also, her products should be good because I remember purchasing body products when she just a small mail order from her home. I just purchased a co wash she makes i’ll try to remember and post results.

      • Thank you! I’d never heard of it before but then again I have minus minus 2A hair LOL.
        Baby fine, no body.

        • Kim you should really try the combo of very small amount of foaming pomade and more sculpting mousse and scrunch your hair as you distribute the product in your hair. Best wishes

      • OMG. I finally know my hair type

  6. Omgee! I have always been curious about this box, but I didn’t want to take the plunge without reviews. So happy to have you on the site reviewing boxes. I have 3c curls that I love and I am always interested in new products. Thank you for a great review! Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  7. I discovered shea based products last year which I love. I used one today and still have great curls even though it is almost 9 at night. My curl is a 2C. My sister’s curl is 3B. Using the right products have made a huge difference in my curl presentation.

    I enjoy reading your review.

  8. I would be bummed about one brand without notice, great review and nice hair in your profile picture. .

  9. Great review! Ooohhhh! I love Lotta Body! I guess I am a little biased! Bummed I missed this one!

    • The shop on Cocotique’s website offers full subscription boxes for sale. I love this feature! You will be able to buy this box soon on the site. The price is the same but you pay $5 for shipping.

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