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Choix Subscription Box Review – July 2015

Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Box

Choix is a new way to try and buy makeup where we bring the makeup counter to you!” Choix is a new beauty sampling subscription service.  Each month, subscribers have the options to choose all or a few of their samples, or to totally surprised.

Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Package

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - SCREENSHOT

The Subscription Box: Choix

The Cost: $20 a month + free shipping and 250 points ($5 Choix store credit)

The Products: 5 luxury beauty samples of your choice from the Choix store. I chose all of my own samples this month.

Ships to: US only


Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - DELAY Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - DOUBLE POINTS

Good to Know: Choix is gaining new subscribers at a rapid pace. They posted this message on their shop page and are offering bonus points to those affected by the influx of new orders.

Choix points do not expire and can be redeemed for a maximum of 750 points ($15) per purchase. They offers additional ways to earn points by: reviewing your samples, referring new members and purchasing select products for 2x and 3x points!! Please visit their Choix Elite FAQ page for further details.

Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Box Close Up Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Opened Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Letter

Since this is the first box we’ve seen from Choix, (pronounced “SHWAA”) French for “choice”, I took a ton of  extra photos. My box came with a handwritten Thank You card for subscribing, and everything was packaged very well. The outer shell is made from a sturdy cardboard, and has a magnetic closure. This will make a perfect re-gifting box!

Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Presentation Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Items 1

Inside the big box is the sample box with another Choix sleeve, and the “etc.” pack (the tools you may need for your samples). Each month your etc. tools may vary.

Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Closeup Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - ORDER

These are the samples I chose this month. I picked many brands I’ve never even heard of, not to mention, even pronounce!

Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Inside Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Sample Letter Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - All Items

Here are all my samples. Every month your lid will list the brand name and color of each sample. This very handy to have but you can also go back to your order history to view it online. FYI- there was a cotton square directly over the samples. You’ll see a ton of white specks everywhere. I contacted customer service and they are aware of this issue and are working on a solution. Each sample vial/jar is also glued down to the box.

Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Items Close Up

Because beauty samples are technically “free”, I’m providing Choix’s shop prices for the full sized items.

ELLIS FAAS – ELLIS SKIN – SKIN VEIL FOUNDATION – Value $90 – Available in 8 shades.

I really enjoyed this foundation. It’s very lightweight, but buildable. I had an issue getting the most out of this foundation due to the glass container. Customer service is addressing this issue and have some solutions coming very soon.

DOLCE & GABBANA SECRET EYES LENGTHENING MASCARA – Value $31 – Available in 2 shades.

I love mascara and for such a small sample, I can already tell that I NEED this in my life.  I’ll have to save up some points ASAP, because this stuff was pretty amazing. On another note, the mascara wand was a tad too long for the sample bottle.  Customer service agreed that this is another small issue that they are correcting.

Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Item Closeup

CHANEL PRECISION LIP DEFINER – Value $29 – Available in 9 shades.

Not my favorite color for the summer, but I picked it out. I can’t be mad. I wore this liner as a full lip color three days out of the week. I’d say I have enough left for at least another work week.

Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Item Close Up 2


Come again? I can’t say the brand name, but I can spell “expensive”. I’m going to be honest here, I would never buy this with my money… (I hope my husband is reading this.) Will I add this to my box again…YES!! It’s worth it. This setting powder was the only product that left me feeling like I didn’t have enough to begin with. It lasted all day and made my makeup look flawless. I’m saving the last little bit for date night.

Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Item Close Up 3

GUERLAIN METEORITE PEARLS – Value $62 – Available in 3 shades.

These pearls are difficult to describe. They are suppose to illuminate your skin and work similar to that of a highlighter. I used it over my blush and across my T-zone, and it gave me a youthful glow. It’s very beautiful. If I continue to use it like this, I’ll have enough for 3-4 weeks!

Choix Subscription Box Review - July 2015 - Item In Use

Here are swatches of the Chanel Lipliner in Rouge Noir, and the Guerlain Pearls in Dore.

Verdict: Choix is my new favorite beauty sampling subscription. I love getting to pick my own samples and the colors!! Choix sends more than enough of every product for you to try two times or more; and both boxes will be used for gifting and swapping. I love being able to test these higher end products out at home with the makeup products I use daily. I very impressed with my first Choix box and very pleased with the prompt response times from customer service.

Are you one of the many new subscribers of Choix? What products are you putting in your bag this month?

Written by Celicia Gantz

Celicia Gantz

Celicia was introduced to both The Honest Company and CurlKit in March 2013 and has been addicted to subscription boxes ever since. Always on the hunt for the undiscovered family staple, she loves trying new skincare, natural hair care, makeup, and finding delicious snacks with hidden veggies for her kids (and Hubby too). Favorite finds: Body Oil, Stuffed Animals, Books, non-GMO Tortilla Chips and Perfume Samples.

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Comments (54)

  1. Thanks so much for your review! I ordered immediately as I’ve been wanting to try some high end orange lipsticks (I wore a Chanel orange lipstick in high school and when it was discontinued i bought more in Paris. now 30 years later, want to find an equivalent color. I’ve ordered three lipsticks, Dior foundation and Guerlein meteorites. Since they sell these products I’m sure it’s safe to presume the samples from testers are real. I’m totally afraid of trying on tester lipsticks in department stores, plus it’s so much work to counter hop looking for colors.
    I can’t wait!!

  2. My question is does this company have permission from these other companies to repackage their products into samples like this? i don’t know if they need permission but alot of high end companies like chanel and dior are super picky about what samples they give out and to whom

    • They don’t need permission. In the US there is the doctrine of “first sale” which means that once you sell something, the buyer can do whatever they want with it, including selling it to someone else.

      It gets more complicated when we talk about intellectual property and items that are licensed, but for tangible items, that’s how it works.

      • Thanks for the clarification.still gross with a capital g.i try to avoid china made products as well.

  3. Great idea but terrible execution. Not only do you have to trust that they are being sanitary but you also have to trust that you are actually getting what they say you are. Anyone can put say Cover Girl powder in a jar and call it Chanel. And even if it’s authentic product how is the consumer to know how old it is without an expiration date? Gross. Definitely passing on this.

    • Exactly what I was thinking! There’s no way of knowing if the product is really authentic or if the repackaging process is even sanitary. Plus it’s cheaper to purchase a CoverGirl product and repackage it than something more higher end, they’d be losing money then.

    • It wouldn’t be super hard for them to get caught if they made substitutions. I’ve seen people do chemical analyses of products to check for authenticity on the past. Also, many customers world be able to tell the difference – not all, maybe not even the majority, but enough that I really think they’d get caught.

      As to their hygienic practices, it’s a risk. But if they’re not doing a good job, eventually someone’s going to get an infection. And I hope we would hear about it. And the company might get sued.

      • I don’t care how many tests have been done to prove the authenticity of their products the fact that these are not fresh sealed samples is enough to make me say oh hel* no

      • Just to be clear, I wasn’t saying THIS company’s products have been tested, I’m saying I’ve seen it done in general. Meaning, it’s possible to test the products this company sends out. So they could be caught.

      • The contamination of makeup and cosmetics is a serious issue, but it’s naive to believe it’s a bigger issue for this box than others. Kloverbox and other beauty boxes, for instance, often send stuff made by small manufacturers of natural products. They are often working from their own homes, and the potential of contamination is there. We only need to look back to the Kloverbox toner fiasco to see that.

        But it doesn’t stop with them. Cosmetics that are manufactured industrially are just as likely, if not more, to be contaminated. Click on my name to take a look, for example, at this list of cosmetic manufacturers that the FDA/customs found to have tried to import seriously contaminated cosmetics. In most cases we don’t know under what brand level these were to be sold, but among them is Estee Lauder.

        Personally, I just avoid Chinese products. Not only am I afraid of bacterial contamination, but I have no trust that the products have the ingredients they claim they do. And, honestly, I don’t trust cosmetic companies that are so concerned about the bottom line to take the risk of manufacturing in China.

  4. Seems like this might be easiest for liquid foundations or glosses something like the pearls. Seems like a pain for lipsticks etc.

  5. I actually think I’ll sign up for this, for maybe a month or two. They have great brands and really seem to emphasize hygiene so I’ll trust them with making samples. Their points system is hardly a selling point, though, since it’s a maximum $15 off a minimum $50 purchase. Celicia (or anyone else who knows), do they require you to pick something from each category, like eyes, face, lips, or can I pick 5 different lipsticks if I wanted?

    • I just signed up. Super excited! You can pick anything you want…you’re not limited by type. I picked eye shadows and several Hourglass powders I’ve been wanting to try.

      • Alright Lelanthe! I want to hear all about it when you get yours.

    • Hi Em, I believe you can choose what you like! And I agree with you, I wish we could use our points the way we want especially since the cost of items here are much higher.

  6. There’s certainly a way to make these samples sanitary. Use gloves, use fresh utensils when spooning out/cutting, pouring, etc the samples. It’s just a matter of confirming that they always use them.

    They do address the hygiene issue in their FAQ. We just have to decide if we believe them. I’m inclined to, but I tend to be trusting. 🙂

    (Meanwhile, I must be excited about this, as I have now commented 3 frigging times. Lol.)

    • My question is does this company have permission from these other companies to repackage their products into samples? i don’t know if they need permission or not but alot of high end companies like chanel and dior are super picky about what type of samples they give and to who.

      • Good question Kerri!

    • LOL

  7. Oh! And I’m with everyone on enjoying reading your reviews! 😀

    • Thank you Tamara!!

  8. Okay, those are some SERIOUS brands!! Cle de Peau?? NICE!

    This of course reminds me of the free samples Sephora will make for you- but not all of these brands are available there. They don’t carry Cle de Peau at all -or, I think, Ellis Faas. I believe they carry Channel and D&G, but the selection is limited. I know they carry Meteorites, but I’m not sure they’ll give you some balls (heh).

    Also, this could relieve the sanitary issues of many Sephora hand-made samples. It’s not uncommon to see people just dipping their hands into jars or putting mascara wands back into the tubes. No. Thank. You. Also, I’m pretty sure they can’t send you home with a sample of any pressed powder product.

    If we can establish that the samples from this sub are indeed clean, this seems like a GREAT option to try these brands! I’m excited!! 😀

  9. I was dying to see the weight so I could do a price comparison myself because it was not included. I was dying to ditch Glossy finally and replace it with this sub, I love high end beauty products, my wallet might not, but I do 🙂 lol And the concept is great, choose what you want, get points & [limited] discount (not found of only getting $15 off, but better than nothing!).

    However, the execution seems totally flawed. I am not really a fan of someone handling stuff that is eventually going to go on my face! I don’t know if we all are germaphobes or just have common sense! I cannot explain why subscription has gone up so fast (maybe they’re lying? If something seems like the next hottest thing and everybody is signing up, herd mentality basically. That’s my only reasonable conclusion!! Jk)

    If I can get over a few of these issues, if love to try this box. I know those peals are like magic and last a while. And I let they cut the lip liners up and then sharpen one end so you have a mini lip liner. But not being able to really use the mascara is pretty bad.

    What would I do without all these wonderful MSA reviews?! Thank you & sorry this was long!!

    • It would be nice if we had a video peak inside of the “chop shop” MichelleSomer….and thank you, you’re very welcome!

  10. I tried Choix for a few months to try out some of the products I can’t find easily here. For those who are unsure, they make the samples themselves from full sized products. For things like pressed samples, they will re-press them into the sample jar. Lipstick samples are slices of the actual lipstick bullet in jars. I quit Choix after I was able to sample all of the products that I was interested in. I did end up buying a Kevyn Aucoin pressed highlighter from them one time when they had offered a $10 credit each month. The item I received was indeed an authentic product.

    I would recommend them IF you do not have access to most of the brands they carry and you really want to try out a certain item. I highly recommend trying Cle de Peau products if you can’t find them locally. Everything I’ve been able to sample from them has always been of amazing quality.

    • Thank you for your feedback Dom!

  11. Does anyone know of a sampling service where you can choose your samples like choix, but unlike choix the samples are the packaged deluxe samples you get from ipsu, birchbox, etc and they tell you the size of the sample. I would love it if I could choose advanced night repair, sea salt spray, rose water face tonic, argan oil for your face and Kate spade live colorfully perfume. That would be my dream pick of 5 delux samples and I would pay more for that then what I pay for the surprise assortment I get from ipsy. I actually have to accounts with ipsy with different customization quiz choices and I rarely get repeats. I like it a lot because I find the sizing of their samples usually fairly generous. If what I described isn’t out there, anyone who reads this amazing blog, thanks Liz and your partner reviewers – you do a great job, I bet if you can find a way to work out the logistics of sample choice, the business would stand out from the others.

    • The closest thing I can think of that matches what you’re looking for is Beauty Army. You don’t get to pick a sample of everything they have like Choix does, unfortunately. They give you a selection of samples each month and you get to pick all of the ones you want. They’re also manufacturer packaged samples and not decants. Unfortunately, they usually don’t have a very good selection. I’ve heard from other users that Beauty Army used to have great selections, but they’ve gone down.

      • Dom,
        I just noticed you had already told her about Beauty Army,,,.

    • Hello,
      I have a friend that just told me she joined Beauty Army because you can pick your products. I haven’t seen this for myself, so you might want to give them a try. I’ve been meaning to look them up on this site and see how it works. I hope this helps.

    • Maybe they’ll get there one day to bring us a deluxe option, right now, just little samples.
      And thanks for the nice comment; Partner reviewer….I like the sound of that Leslie! LOL, but this is the Cadman residence, I’m just a visiter.

  12. I sort of get the concept, but I don’t really like the idea of someone handling things that I’m going to be putting on my face. I would much prefer a pre-packaged sample. Also, I don’t see how this can be feasible long term-I guess they have employees who literally cut chunks off of full-sized lipsticks? If I wasn’t a borderline germaphobe, I’d much rather save my $20 and visit my local Sephora or Blue Mercury and try out the samples there. Really enjoying your reviews, Celicia!

    • I wish I lived close to a Sephora, I used to live in West Palm Beach and could walk to one on my lunch hour, now I have no clue where the closest one is but I would love some of their samples,,I can’t really afford their products anymore!!! (:-(

    • Thanks Purpa, I appreciate that! I’m doing my best for you all. I was once a germaphobe….and then kids just changed all of that. LOL I wish I had a Sephora near by. It’s a stretch getting out there.

  13. Comment

  14. The printed labels make me question the authenticity of these products. If they’re authentic, why not use original packaging? Or list the full prices? It reminds me of the hair stores that sell “brand name” perfume samples but they’re totally labeled and aren’t in packing that seems remotely original.

    • LOL, I know exactly what you mean Brittany.
      I doubted at first until I saw a reviewer on YT swatch her Choix product along side the same color that she already owned. They were exactly alike. So maybe, just maybe I can figure out a way to get samples and compare them. I just don’t live near Sephoras or Ulta is the problem. Let me think about it. See what I can do, ok.

  15. I love the curls in the one picture. The owners of this box is smart in finding an unmet need in the beauty sub box market. There are many comments on blogs and forums about the inability to select products and more importantly shades. I like how they included the tools needed for application.

    My concern is the same that others have voiced. I was shocked to see labels on the products. It begets the question how are they being repackaged? I did read the FAQ and saw they anticipated these concerns.

    Your excitement comes across in the review. I can see why they are picking up tons of new subscribers. The pearls are beautiful.

    • Thank you PA Anna!

      When I was subscribed to Wantable’s Beauty Box it was the feature of being able to tell Wantable what to send and what not to send that appealed the most. This is like the next best thing. I do wish they had more brands that I don’t know. But I sorta like that the stock is small, nothing gets left behind.

  16. I used Choix for a few months and unfortunately didn’t like it. The lipstick was hard to use because they just cut a chunk off and put it in a small pot. The blush was hard to use because it was in a tiny pot. The mascara was hard to use because of the issue you described. Also, there’s no way you’d be able to tell how the mascara really is because if you buy the mascara, it’ll have a different wand. The only things that were actually reasonably easy to use were the lipgloss, liquid foundation, and liquid eyeshadow. Just didn’t really seem like a good value to me.

    • That’s a really good point about the mascara wand.

    • Hello Heather, if the kevin au coin lipstick is still on Double points when my order window is open, I’ll review it next so that everyone can see. Thank you for your feedback of the orders you placed.

  17. I wish they would do a value breakdown themselves. The values you listed are for full size products. They don’t label the net weight of each sample they repackage, so it’s hard to know what the actual value of the samples is.

    Also, I wonder how sanitary the repackaging process is.

    • Hi Jamie, that’s a legitimate concern. It was a risk I was willing to take. I had seen a few unboxing on YT and I had to try them out.

      • I totally signed up a couple of days ago. I couldn’t help it. The brands they carry are definitely things I want to try before I buy, and you can’t beat this price!

  18. I am so glad to see that these brands actually show up on brown skin. Sometimes its hard to tell from a computer screen and I never really looked into them since I wasn’t sure. Guerlin for instance I never would have thought would work for my my nc45. I only new the ef and cdp did from wayne goss and crystalis007 but had never actually read a review of them from someone of color.

    • I love me some WG on YT! I’ve never seen they other YTer I’ll have to check them out Latasha!

  19. why do they have printed labels and not the actual ones? Have they changed bottles?

    • To me it looks like they repacked items to make samples. But that does not explain the lipliner bc I have never seen that being changed before.
      I think this box looks very interesting since some of those brands I woul never purchase myself but I have heard great things about them.

    • It seems to me like they are creating the samples from a full sized product, which does concern me a little bit. We don’t know how long their products have been sitting around or how they’re handling them. I definitely would prefer to see actual brand samples.

  20. This box looks interesting. Your reviews are always so much fun to read, Celicia! I love your sense of humor.

    • I agree. Your reviews are great and so fun!

      • Thanks Lin!

    • Thank You K!! I appreciate that!

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