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Bespoke Post July Selection & Coupon Code!

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Bespoke Post July Options


It’s Bespoke Post selection time! Remember – use coupon code RESCUE to save 25% off your first box! (FYI – the Carry and Vibes boxes have customization item this month – so make sure to check your account and pick the variation you want!)

There are new box options this month:

Bespoke Post July Selection & Coupon Code! Cheers

Cheers Box:

Teku Beer Glasses – Value $30

A great beer is a beautiful thing. But a plain pint glass isn’t doing your pour any favors, which is where these come in.

The design is the result of an intensive collaboration between an Italian brewer and a sensory analysis expert. The carefully designed curves were engineered to create the be-all, end-all beer glass for any and every style, similar to the wine world’s internationally standard ISO glass that sommeliers use in any evaluation. The resulting creation boosts every aspect of your beer. The angular shape creates a cannon of aroma and a just-right head, the stem keeps your palms from warming up the beer, and the slightly flared opening lets the flavors jump out as you take a sip.

They’re dutifully made in Germany by Rastal, who have been making ultra high end glassware for nearly a hundred years, and will make whatever you pour into it taste that much better.

Felt Coasters, Set of 4 – Value $24

Ever since the old days of outdoor Bavarian beer halls, patrons would set their beer on felt coasters that could absorb the condensation from their oversized mugs. And when they weren’t busy sipping, they’d rest the coasters on top of their glass to keep bugs away from their crisp lagers. The tradition is so ingrained that Germans call any kind of coaster a bierfilzl (“beer felt”), and Graf and Lantz are bringing them to the rest of the globe. You don’t have to be sipping a beer outside on a balmy, bright day to use them… but it doesn’t hurt.

Bottle Opener & Re-sealer – Value $9

When you’re opening bigger bottles of intensely flavorful and high ABV stuff, it’s not always easy to polish off the entire thing in one sitting. Which is why this tool lets you pop open the cap and then hermetically re-seal the bottle so that your beer stays crisp and carbonated for a few extra days.

Original Blend Pistachios – Value $4

A good beer demands a good snack. These extra large nuts are tossed with cold pressed olive oil and a blend of garlic, oregano, smoked paprika, sea salt, and a few other spices, all of which come from California farms and suppliers.

Beer Tasting Journal – Value $5

Don’t let a remarkable beer go unremembered. This pocket-sized notebook has room for 33 quick-hitting reviews, with a clean layout that’s designed for easy note taking. It’ll leave you with a deeper appreciation of any given brew, and a clearer idea of what you like and what you don’t. Each notebook is made with 100% recycled paper that’s sourced in the Pacific Northwest, and printed with homegrown soy-based ink (plus a splash of beer) in Portland, Oregon.

Hop Tasting Kit

See where your favorite IPA’s flavors come from with this custom-made kit. We put it together with our favorite local brewery, Finback, to give you a hands-on taste of hop flavor across distinctly different varieties.

Pop open the packets of hops, breathe in the aroma, and then toss in a few of the pellets into an especially mild beer, and reseal the beer. After a few days, the hop flavor will have infused into the brew, and you’ll be able to taste the different flavors that each variety can bring to the table. You’ll find three 1oz packets of hops (Equinox, Cascade, and Chinook), a full how-to, plus a guided tasting, a breakdown of each hop type, and plenty more info in our pocket-sized guidebook that’s packed alongside the hops.

Bespoke Post July Selection & Coupon Code! Vibe

Vibes Box:

Fillmore Headphones – Value $100

This is what happens when you combine audiophile quality components with a design that’s just as sharp as your best suit. The casing is made from a handsome, richly grained wood that puts plastic versions to shame. The on-ear shape gives you an immersive, isolating sound. The padded headband is especially comfortable for long listening sessions. The cable is wrapped in nylon, equipped with a microphone and wood-enclosed plugs, and is fully detachable so that it can be replaced if you ever manage to wear it out (not likely). Not to mention, every pair LSTN sells helps restore hearing to a person in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

And, most importantly, they sound like a dream. The acoustics are carefully calibrated to get the most out of your music, so you’ll hear crystal-clear details. As for the really technical stuff:

  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 113+/-3dB At 1KHz1mW
  • Impedance: 40 Ohm
  • R&L balance < 3dB (20Hz-10KHz 1mW)
  • Rated input power: 10mW
  • Maximum input power: 20mW

Manhattan-scented Reed Diffuser by Antica Farmacista – Value $26

To complete your personal space, set up this softly aromatic diffuser. The vintage apothecary-inspired bottle is filled with fragrance oils, which get carried up through the bundle of white birch straws and slowly imbue your space with a rich, lasting scent. The blend is based off a Manhattan cocktail, so you’ve got an orange citrus zing accompanied by a bit of spice in the top notes, then a deep base of bourbon, amber, and vetiver.

The company, Antica Farmacista, was founded back in ’03 by two aroma experts, and were the very first to bring diffusers to the States. They’ve since blown out their offerings into all kinds of aromatic home goods, but we figure it doesn’t get much better than this booze-inspired upgrade to your desk or coffee table.

Settle in and set your vibe.

Bespoke Post July Selection & Coupon Code! Bask

Bask Box:

Oversized Linen Blanket, 6.5′ x 4.5′ Go-Throw – Value $80

Move over, cotton. This oversized blanket — seriously, this thing is huge — is made from carefully sourced, prized linen. Why? Well, when compared to cotton, linen is lighter, thinner, twice as absorbent, three times stronger, faster drying, and sand- and dirt-repellant.

Even though it’s twice as big as a beach towel, it folds to the size of a newspaper, so it’s easy to fit into a backpack or beach bag. The built-in straps help it to roll up and tie closed, and corner pockets keep the blanket in place when filled with some sand or dirt. It’ll be a reliable companion on any of your trips to the great outdoors, whether it’s a summer trip to the shore or a picnic amid the fall foliage.

CoolDry Sport Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Neutrogena

You’re gonna need some sun protection with all that outdoor adventuring, and you don’t want it to fade away the second you start sweating. Layer some of this oil-free formula on and it’ll keep you safe from UVA and UVB rays, while letting sweat safely evaporate away without losing SPF. It’s lightweight, absorbs quickly, and has you covered no matter what you’re up to.

Playing Cards Theory11

Once you’re spread out, unpack this stunning set of cards and start dealing. The thoroughly elegant design is printed on quality stock with the brand’s signature ink finish for a glowing presentation, so they feel sturdy and look like sized-down art prints. They’re made in the US with paper from sustainable forests, and will bring a major cool factor to your next round of Go Fish.

Find your perfect spot in the sun.

Bespoke Post July Selection & Coupon Code! Carry


Carry Box:

Slim Wallet Line of Trade – Value $40

This slim, refined wallet will lighten your pocket while easily fitting everything you need. It’s made out of leather from the S.B. Foot tannery — the same resilient, buttery leather that Red Wing uses for their boots — so you know it’ll last for ages and only improve with time.

There’s just the right amount of space for cards (up to 15 of ‘em) in the side pockets, and cash in the hidden center one. That means it’s got room for everything you need, and nothing you don’t. It’s just right for a carefully edited selection of necessities, and but doesn’t have loads of unnecessary space for you to fill up with old receipts and gum wrappers.

And your carefully chosen cards are all easy to access, thanks to the layered pocket design that lays flat in your pocket to help eliminate bulk. You’ll wonder how you ever put up with your old, overstuffed version.

Raw Brass Bullet Space Pen by Fisher – Value $23

This pen has one hell of a résumé. It was first machined way back in 1948, with a heavy-duty design that was originally made out of solid aluminum. Now, it’s made from raw brass (which develops a one-of-a-kind patina as you use it) and has long held a spot in New York’s Museum of Modern Art as a masterpiece of industrial art.

Inside, it packs a pressurized ink cartridge that lets the pen write at any angle, in any environment — including outer space. NASA adopted them in the ’60s after intensive testing, and the pen has seen action in American ventures off-planet ever since. The unique ink is hermetically sealed and forced out by compressed nitrogen, which lets the thing write for three times longer than your standard ballpoint.

Shard Tool by Gerber – Value $7

One small addition to your keychain gives you seven tools. The pry bar, wire stripper, bottle opener, lanyard opening, and three different screwdrivers will see you through most any situation, and — here’s the best part — it’s barely bigger than a key. It’s built from stainless steel with an anti-corrosive titanium coating, and comes with a lifetime warranty.


Which Bespoke Post box are you picking this month? My husband wants the Cheers box, and I’m getting the Vibes box – I can’t believe it comes with $100 headphones!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I get why people quickly hopped on the Vibe box given the $100 RV. However, if you missed out on it, IMO you really are only missing out on the ability to say “I got $100 headphones for less than half price.” In actual use, these headphones have some quirks that are a bit annoying and the sound is just on par with headphones in the $50 range. Again IMO. On the other hand, if you did snag Vibe, you’ll probably be more than happy with these at a $45 price. (That should be their normal price, though!) I opted out of all the boxes this month, mostly because I already own several similar items in all of them.

  2. I couldn’t see Vibe on my cellphone when I posted my previous comment. I wasn’t sure if it was my phone or if it was sold out. I wasn’t able to add anything to my cart either when using the phone.

    I did add Carry and Bask now on the PC although I am not sure if I am buying both. I need to sit with my teen to figure it out. For some reason they selected Roam for my box.

    • Very strange that you would default to one of last month’s boxes! Mine defaulted to Carry. I wonder how they decide which is the default?

  3. Dang, just made an account and no more vibe. 🙁

  4. Arghhh!! The Vibes box is totally sold out. It isn’t even an option anymore. They only show Bask, Cheers, and Carry. I really wanted those headphones too!

    I ended up opting out because that was the only box I really wanted to spend $45 on.

  5. Looks like Vibe isn’t an option anymore. Is this a sell-out record for Bespoke?

    • Wow! I think that is a record! Not surprising though – what a great value!

  6. Bespoke is not mobile friendly. I’ll have to see what is available when I am back home.

  7. Thanks Liz been looking for good headphones and with your coupon got them for $35. May just cancel after this box but who knows…lol

  8. does the coupon code work for current or previous subscribers? would I need to use a different email?

  9. jumped on the vibes box as soon as I saw it! The cherry and beech color is sold out by now, but I wanted ebony regardless .. Got the small Lstn earphones with birchbox man sub couple months back, love them and wanted to invest in the headphones.. So glad I waited!!

  10. Liz- you have the throw valued at $8 – should be $80

    • Thanks – Updated

  11. Wow – what great selections!!!

    They had me in for Carry and I immediately went and switched to Vibe and Cheers. I’m bummed I didn’t think to do this sooner (although it’s only 11 am…) – they are already sold out of one of the headphone colors! Maybe some folks will opt out or switch between now and the 6th.

    I hope they arrive before my wedding anniversary on the 19th!!!

    I wouldn’t mind Bask either but have to admit to myself that I haven’t been on a picnic in years….

    • If you need them quickly, send an e-mail to customer service. Bespoke post will upgrade your shipping for just $5 (per box, I would think). I did that last year for the Bask box (which had the checkers/chess set instead of cards.

      • That’s great – thanks for the heads-up!

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