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Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – July 2015

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Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Box

Beauty Fix is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box from This subscription was previously known as the Blush Mystery Beauty Box.

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Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: Beauty Fix

The Cost: $24.95 a month (or $34.95 for a one-time purchase)

The Products: Over $100 of beauty products.

Ships to: US

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Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Info

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included with pictures.

Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Deva Curl

Deva Curl 3-Step Introduction Kit: No-Poo (1 oz Value $3), One Condition (1 oz Value $3), Light Defining Gel (1 oz Value $3)

My hair is naturally wavy/a little curly, and I usually end up straightening it, but I would like to see it more evenly curly, so I’m excited to try this kit. (I also like that it is paraben, phthalate, and sulfate free!)

Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Clips

Harry Josh Professional Styling Clips – Value $10

These clips are sold for $15 for 3, so the value of these is technically $10, but seeing them in a free gift bag kind of takes away from that value! These still are probably my favorite item in the box though – they are excellent at clipping and holding a lot of hair, and the rubberized texture of the clips makes them an improvement over the other hair clips I own.

Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Bliss

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask – 10 ml Value $5.40

This is a foam mask that only takes 5 minutes to work. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to sample this since I’m allergic to one of the ingredients (Red 40) – it will be gifted or donated

Vichy Purete Thermale 3-In-1 Cleansing Solution – 1 oz – Value $2.50

This is an alcohol-free cleansing solution – you put a small amount on a cotton pad and use it to remove makeup, cleanse skin, etc. I found it to be very gentle on my skin, and I like the scent too.

Erno Laszlo Firmarine Face Bar – .6 oz Value $2.80

This soap has a wonderful fresh scent – but it is so tiny! (The full size version is 5 oz).

Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Mascara

Dermstore Lip Quench – FULL SIZE! Value $12

Glo Minerals Lash Boosting Mascara – FULL SIZE! Value $19.50

Finally some full-size items! I was expecting this Lip Quench to be a clear balm, but it actually is a pale pink shimmery balm/gloss. I like the formula – it isn’t sticky at all, and it provides a natural looking amount of shimmer and shine.

The mascara is pretty good too. The formula provides a significant amount of length with no clumping – the resulting look is very natural. I prefer a little more volume, so this isn’t my favorite mascara, but I still like it.

Beauty Fix Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Skincare

SkinMedica Replenish Hydrating Cream – .25 oz Value $8

SkinCeutical Metacell Renewal B3 – Sample (size not listed)

SkinCeutical Reservatrol B E – Sample (size not listed)

I’m disappointed in these sample sizes, but I really like the Replenish Hydrating Cream formula – it left my skin feeling incredibly smooth!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $70 (not counting the two SkinCeutical samples). I’m not too happy with the box this month. BeautyFix usually sends out a lot of full and deluxe sized items each month, so this box just feels like a lot of small samples by comparison. I still like almost all of the products, I just have come to expect more from this subscription in terms of value and product size.

What do you think of the July 2015 BeautyFix box?


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hi,

    Can someone tell me how when they bill? Is it the date that you sign up for the subscription or is it a set date every month?
    I’m subbed last month and I’m giving them a couple months before I unsub. I’m hoping the boxes are better when they don’t offer 50% code but I don’t know when to expect to be billed. Can someone help please?

    • Hi! They typically bill at the first of the month!

      • Beware… Or at the end of the previous month. It has happened,

  2. How do you cancel BeautyFix? Do you have to call? I don’t see anything on the website…

    • Yes, you have to call. The number’s on your packing slip/invoice.

  3. I’ve subbed to this box for about a year and a half, and this is easily the most disappointing one yet. I kept feeling like something was missing when going through this box – like the hero item was accidentally left out. I paid full price for this box, and I’m honestly not sure which is worse: being a new subscriber and thinking this is representative of the box’s usual quality, or being a loyal subber and paying full price for a lesser box.

    Previously (when Blush) and since the relaunch (BeautyFix), the box had a nice mix of items and had mostly travel/full size items with a few sample/deluxe sizes. This particular month felt like an odd assortment of tiny samples were randomly tossed in a box with little thoughtful curation. Perhaps we’ve been spoiled by stellar boxes, but when a company makes claims of a certain number of items or a certain value, it’s disappointing when they fail to meet it.

    I really feel like this month wouldn’t have such a negative response if just one more full sized item had been included. This box just had such an aura of incompleteness about it. Also, I’ve noticed that the whole Dermstore “two free samples with every order” promise is very hit-or-miss when applied to this box. Dermstore, if you’re listening: Your loyal BeautyFix subbers are getting a little tired of seeing the the same SkinMedica and SkinCeuticals samples in just about every box. Tell you what – if you’re so keen to get rid of these bitty sample tubes, why not count those as our two free samples and include a proper item as part of the box? That way, you get rid of your plethora of SkinMedica/SkinCeuticals sample inventory, and we get to look forward to sampling a new product each month. Win-win! If those little tubes were just an extra and didn’t count as part of our box, I don’t think quite so many people would be so down on them.

    • Well said! I hope Beautyfix are reading this!

    • After the Laura Geller foundation that was orange, I thought, “no way am I keeping this box when I can’t use what they send me and they don’t care that I can’t use it.” Then the Cargo tinted moisturizer happened. This month was my “one more shot” box and I cancelled. It is so disappointing. I thought it was odd as heck when they sent us out two Klorane shampoos nearly back to back, and the Avene Cleanance literally back to back, but I would have those days back in a heartbeat to keep from getting any more tiny skincare tubes.

      • Helen: Thank you! I hope they’re reading this, too. Er, well, I mean I hope they’re reading it with the intent of gaining actual insight into their product and ways it can be improved. I hope they aren’t reading it in a Darth Vader/LLB sort of way!

        Meagan: Yes, I felt the exact same way! I’m extremely pale and found the LG foundation to be orangey, was miffed that the Cargo tinted moisturizer was too dark, and even the old Dr. Brandt BB cream of last year was too dark. I’m sure many were in my situation, or found the products to be far too light. While I typically don’t use foundation or BB/CC, I am willing to give them a try – but only if they’re actually in a shade I can use. It’s disappointing to receive something you know you can’t use, when a simple customer profile would solve the problem. And yes, I remember the multiple Klorane (meh), the back to back Avene (yuck), and the multiple Julien Farel (yay – actually liked that one, though I know I’m in the minority there). And you’re right – that was a much better problem than this current one.

    • And if they’re going to offer a half off sale, don’t plan to send boxes that are worth less than 20% of previous boxes. Or better yet, don’t offer the discount and keep sending the same quality boxes. I think a big part of what angered many, both existing and new/sale subscribers alike, is the underhanded bait and switch type tactic DermStore chose to use to offset the discount. It’s no different than marking up a price then offering an equal discount, just the other way around. I didn’t sub because I wanted the appearance of a good value. I expected I was buying a legitimate one based on past performance.

      • Exactly, EC. I must say, I always appreciate your insightful and well put comments. This box certainly was operating on the appearance of value, rather than the previous boxes that actually had quality items in large sizes.

        I feel that the best way to have this month’s box work would have been to take a note from other (typically more expensive) boxes that are now offering “petite” and “mini” versions of their typical boxes. Had this box been offered alongside the typical BeautyFix as a smaller version of it for a lesser price, I think it would have been more successful. Sending this particular box to existing customers for full price was an egregious error.

        Perhaps the best thing to have done was what you said: “Or better yet, don’t offer the discount and keep sending the same quality boxes.” I think we’d all prefer that.

        • Well said Kimberly (and EC). Although I do really like the SkinCeutical products this box was a huge turn-off! We paid for the items that DermStore proably received for free. It was as though they forgot to pack the main (or if you like, hero) item(s). The July box was definitely a mini-box and. Not extending the discount to those of us who are loyal monthly subscribers makes me feel like DermStore has no loyalty towards us. If August is a repeat of July, I’m out. There are so many subs out there vying for our business. They need us more than we need them.

  4. Well my box never arrived. I kept checking the tracking number and it seems stuck in transit. Anyway I called customer service and they immediately processed another shipment. Like I said before, I’m going to stick around for the August box and then it’s a wrap even if the box blows my socks off. My stockpile of products would probably last me a year.

    • Yeah, I have so much stuff that I’m actually considering cancelling a couple boxes.

  5. BOOOO!! Worst Beautyfix/Dermstore box EVER!! When I opened it I was pissed, I paid full price(not the 1 time cost but the monthly)! This is usually one of my fav subs but WOW what a HUGE let down!!! What were they thinking?!?! Let’s rip our subscribers off?? And those clips I’ve gotten for free with almost every DERMSTORE order I’ve ever placed! I just got my Popsugar box and I’m still smiling but this box, BOOOOO!

  6. I’ll give this box one more month. If August is as big of a let down as July, I’m done.

  7. I also received the box for half price, I had been wanting to try this box for a long time and i’m glad it was half price because I would not pay full price for this box, i’m very disappointed. I’m going to cancel, I put the samples in my box that I use to send out goodie bags in swaps or donations. When I pulled the clips out of the bag, I was so excited! I used to use these types of clips in FL but they were metal and they held my hair great, unfortunately these did not. I tried both clips and they still did not hold my hair, it’s very thick and extremely long, so they will be donated. Too bad, I would have kept this box if it had a few bigger/better products.

    • I wonder if the clips from Birchbox would work for you. I used them last night on my daughter that has thick, straight hair, and they worked great. You may be able to find some to swap for.

  8. I was able to return my box for a full refund, including shipping, because they charged another of my cards, not the one on file with them at present.
    They have done things like this in the past, so has Glossybox.

    This time, though, I’m done. Completely finished with Dermstore and all their little tricks with charging this card, that card or any other card they can find in a customer’s ordering history. I don’t trust the company now, and that makes a bad box intolerable for me.

  9. Am I the only one that *didn’t* like the Lip Quench? I didn’t like the texture, the smell or the taste. The color would have been great if I liked the formula, but that’s definitely a fail for me. I’ll see if my eldest daughter likes it, if not, it goes to my youngest daughter. :\

    I am enjoying the Vichy Micellar Water, and will likely to add it to my skincare routine, eventually. As for the Firmarine bar…… I’ve watched how you are supposed to use it… but… I use the Clarisonic….. any suggestions on how to combine the two, because I’d like to try it out.

    I won’t be trying the other stuff until I work my way through the mountain of samples I already have; I like to rotate my stock so nothing is out of date, or goes bad before I get a chance to use it.

    The clips were OK. I mean, they can hold my hair up with just one clip, so that’s a plus. But I wasn’t wowed by them, AND they were also a “free sample.” I just feel like there was no real thought put into this box and they just threw a bunch of samples in it and shipped it out.

  10. I have to admit this months Beautyfix is not my favorite. I feel it is full of tiny over priced samples. My favorite items were the hair clips. I put many things up for swap. I am debating cancelling.

  11. I got it with the half price coupon, and cancelled as soon as I got the box. I was surprised that the samples were so small. I do like the hair clips, mascara, and lip balm…and I’m happy to try the rest. But I’d be really upset if I paid full price for this.

  12. This box was a bit of a disappointment, but as with all boxes they have their good months and bad months… This happened to be a bad month. I wasn’t really wowed by anything in the box. I received that Harry Josh clips for free from Dermstore a while back, so I wasn’t excited for them, but I’m a cosmetologist and I prefer alligator clips when I’m doing hair… So they’ll get used. The Devacurl didn’t work for my wavy hair at all. I do like the Lip Quench, it’s pretty great. I needed new mascara (I never thought I would say that again). The Bliss stuff us pretty cool and Erno Laszlo is always welcome! Still my favorite box!!

  13. This is a box I find myself cancelling only to get lured back in with a good month, followed by a bad month so I cancel again. This box is one of the worse ones I have gotten, and I will be cancelling again, hopefully, we will get another good box that will have me resubscribing.

  14. I stopped getting this sub a while back. Small sizes, value not even close to what they say. Repeating the same stuff. Some of the samples were expired at time or looked old and dirty. Looks like not a thing has changed.

  15. What a dissappointment! What a let down! I feel as if this marketing ploy to sell the box for half off and get customers made the value low. As a long time subscriber, this box really really upset me.

    Canceling for a few months; your move beautyfix. This box was not worth my money.

    • I cancelled after getting this horrible box in. I’m with you; I’ve had some great boxes from them, but the past 2 were complete duds for me. I’ll give them 3 months and if they have good boxes for 3 months and I’ll resub.

  16. This was my first month. I’m probably going to cancel. I can’t believe how tiny the samples are

  17. I normally love BeautyFix/BlushMystery but this box?! No. Samples and freebies should not make up the better part of the box. I was so frustrated about the larger part of the value of the box being from two free “not for resale” samples! I squeezed out one of those entire tubes and weighed it on my mailing scale and it was 4 grams of product… Ill be honest and say that it looked like more in a big glop than it did in the tube but still. Unacceptable.

  18. I agree with Rachel and Mary Beth that I actually liked this box. No, it wasn’t their best and yes, the samples were small – but I find that some of the small samples actually last for a lot more uses that I ever thought they would.

    People are happy when $10 Birchbox or Ispy are worth over $20 (double the cost) – or amazed when they’re $30-$35 (triple the cost). Yes, BeautyFix promises over $100 (4X the cost!) so if one month isn’t quite there, that’s okay for me b/c it’s still well over double and probably really triple the price. (Assuming you paid full price and not the half price deal.)

    I do understand why people are frustrated but just wanted to give a little perspective – my 2 cents.

  19. I got this box only bc I was able to get it half price. I don’t think this box is all that great, but for $13, it’ll work. I probably wouldn’t be happy at all if I had paid full price for it.
    And my favorite thing is probably the hair clips too, they just come in handy! Haven’t tried any of the other products yet – the samples are so tiny!

  20. Those hair clips were given away for free about 6 months ago at numerous salons across the country that carry Harry Josh products.

  21. I called DermStore to complain. My argument was that the box does not reach the promised $100. They tried to say it did, by counting the alleged value of the “free samples”, but I would have none of it. Finally, they offered me a 50% refund from the full price I had paid (so a $13 refund). I was fine with that so I accepted. I encourage anyone who paid full retail to call them. DermStore, at least, has great customer service.

    I’ve been stalking DermStore in social media, and this is what their Facebook person wrote to me about the next box: “You will not be disappointed with next month’s box – I saw it for the first time today and it is looking good. A lot more full-sized products, great brands, and great value – you’ll see.”

    So I’m giving them one more month, but if they don’t come through, that’s it for them.

    • That is good to hear. This is by far my favorite box, and I’d be sad if it wasn’t that good anymore.

    • Eh. It wasn’t as amaze as previous boxes, but I feel like they take good care of me and I don’t feel it’s necessary to argue $13 back. I still feel like it was well worth my $26.

      • I’m glad that you do. For me this box sucked big time. The only two items I will use are the face cleaner and mask (though the last one reluctantly, as it’s made with some industrial solvent not usually used in cosmetics). So that’s a value of $8 for a box that I paid $27 for

        That’s just not reasonable. I think a box needs to have a large enough variety of useful items and a big enough value, so that subscribers will get their money’s worth.

        • I agree completely. Even with my Ipsy, I get more samples that I will likely use… this months Beautyfix box? Not so much. I *do* like the Vichy Micellar Water, and will likely buy the full size AFTER I run out of my full sized Microwater, AND my full size Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel LOL. I like the way it smells AND the way it feels on my face, so that will likely be my new go-to toner. I haven’t really had a chance to try any of the other things yet… but if those tiny sample tubes make up the bulk of the “value” of this box…. I’m not likely to buy the full size based on those tiny samples.

          • I like the Vichy Micellar water, but it’s no better than the one by Simple which I buy at Ulta for $6.99 and usually buy 1 get 1 50% off.

          • I can never give up my Thayer’s Rose Petal Witchhazel – it’s a product that just make me say, ahhhh. Perfect for removing any residue after washing my face.

    • Hi can u post a link or can u please tell us where we can see next months box ? I am debating cancelling and would really like to see the box so I can decide thanks

      • I don’t think any sneak peeks are out yet.

      • Yeah, they usually don’t post sneak peeks until the beginning of the month (so early August). That’s just what the DermStore customer service rep wrote on DermStore’s facebook page. You can read it under posts to page.

  22. I got my box the other day and was quite disappointed. I do LOVE the hair clips, I already owned a few, but having some spares around is great. The rest of the box was simply mediocre. Hopefully it’s just a one-month fluke.

  23. Looking at the teaser photo it appeared that the Deva Curl box held sample BOTTLES, not packets. I signed up for this planning to give them to my big-haired friend – presenting a handful of foil packets will seem like I’m just passing on some freebies.
    The Barbie-doll-sized Firmarine is just silly. Who even knew anyone made soap for grown-ups in such itty bitty sizes. Perhaps there are people with truly tiny faces, I’m not one of them.
    Also, I have enough mascara to beautify every long-lashed camel’s eyes in the entire Sahara Desert, so I’m not terribly excited to receive another.
    I phoned and cancelled. I was really hoping they’d ask why.

    • LOL – your comment cracked me up. 🙂

      • I’m glad someone noticed my daftness!
        Crazy thing is, my Julep Mstery box arrived today – with ANOTHER mascara! lol

    • Love your adults with little tiny faces remark. Actually made me laugh out loud. Really though, that bar of soap will problem slip out of my hands and wing across the bathroom anyway. I may just give that away.

  24. I don’t understand how this is a 35 dollar box. Looking at the items and sizes, it seems like maybe two or three of the items aren’t bulk samples they were rushing to get rid of. Very glad I didn’t subscribe to them.

  25. I was actually really liking this month’s box. I thought it had a great variety of stuff and I liked looking through all of it. I’ll try most of it. And I love the clips.

  26. My box shipped 7/1 and seems to be delayed. After reading all the reviews about the tiny sample sizes, I plan to stick around for the August box and then cancel. I’m also suffering from product overload and I’m going on vacation and buying a house so it’s time to cut my spending. I plan to cancel the Allure Box too and just keep Boxy Charm which seems to disappoint me the least out of the three.

  27. I have subbed over a year and this is the worst box. I do like the vichey water. It removes cream eyeshadow like a charm. Had that been a full size, I would be happy. I have short hair and cannot use mascara. Will see about next month.

  28. I was definitely disappointed in this month’s box. I’m going to see how August’s box is to decide if I’m going to continue the sub, or drop it.

  29. This wasn’t the best month of BeautyFix for me, but I still liked my box enough to stick around for next month. I’ve liked all of the products that I’ve tried so far (haven’t made it to the hair clips or deva curl yet), but the lip quench is probably the only thing I’d actually purchase on my own. I’ve really liked the SkinMedica cream as well, but find the full size price to be a bit much. Between an upcoming move and having a bit of an issue with product overload, I’ve cancelled most of my boxes lately, but BeautyFix is one of the only ones I’ve kept. We’ll see if that was a wise decision next month!

  30. Had I known I was getting a box of free samples and maybe 1-2 full size products (I rarely ever count lip balm as full size because to me it’s just filler for beauty boxes to up the item count and claim full sizes included; I also won’t attribute value to the Deva Curls foils just on principle) I never would have subbed at the “discounted” rate. Nowhere did it say we’d get a lesser box than they have sent in all prior months but it’s pretty clear that’s what happened. I would rather have paid $25 and gotten the same boxes as prior months. Or even just a 10-20% off coupon would have sufficed since I planned to sub in Jul anyway. But to send this specific box and still charge existing subscribers full price? Wow, that took some cajones. So while they didn’t do the 2 different boxes nonsense that other discounted subs have done in the past, as I said in response to the spoilers, it felt like a bait and switch. From a marketing perspective I don’t see how anyone would be enticed to sub at full price if this is what they should expect. I literally got what I paid for which isn’t why I sub to beauty boxes in the first place.

  31. Yes, seems like they likely got a lot of these samples for free. This is very unusual for a BeautyFix box. The last 3 boxes have been outstanding. Not sure what has happened. Hopefully it is a fluke and next month will be another winner. But, if this is their new normal, I won’t be continuing with this box (which makes me sad because before this month it was my favorite of all 10 boxes I get). 🙁

  32. I am happy with the things they sent: I am enjoying the Vichy and the Firmarine soap, so I wish they’d sent a larger size of either or both of those, and then I’d be happy with this box. It’s just that everything seems so small by comparison with the things they’ve been sending since April, when I enrolled.

  33. I went to order this Saturday and the reviews stopped me. People were definately pissed and all the reviews were 1 star bc of tiny samples. Now I see what they were talking about after reading your review.

  34. I disagree with the hair clips being worth anything since the packaging says it was free. 99% of the box was totally worthless – the only full size items were the mascara and the lip quench.

    When you promise subscribers that your box will be worth “at least $100” you need to deliver. They just punted the ball. Especially after so many great months.

    I got a full refund for my box.

  35. Yeah, this was not a great month for me. I had already received the hairclips in a previous mystery grab bag, and I have so much mascara and lip balm/gloss that I haven’t opened those two items. The other samples are things I will use eventually, but nothing that I had really been wanting to try (like the Needles No More from May, I think).

    I did really like the Deva curl, but with foil packets, it was hard to really get an idea of whether my hair would respond well to it on a consistent basis – I’d like to try more of it before buying the full size – it’s expensive.

    I ended up canceling my subscription. I went back and forth – the first two boxes I got were great, the third was good, I just already had a backlog of most of the stuff in it (like dry shampoo, sunscreen, etc.) and July’s box was a bit of a bust due to the small sample sizes and the fact that there weren’t any terribly exciting items (the Deva curl could have been it for me if the sizes had been bigger). I realize that my disappointment is partially my own fault – I have subbed to too many boxes in the past 6 months and I may just need a little break so that I can make some headway into my mascara stash. 🙂 I’ve just cancelled a couple of other boxes too. I figure I will wait and see what next month brings for BeautyFix. If they go back to form with boxes like April and May’s then I will likely be back in, as I think it has been a great value and a good opportunity to try some higher end brands.

  36. I use the hairclips to hold a sheet-and-chair fort up for my daughter. They hold really well! Having short hair, that’s the best use of these clips for me.

    I used the Vichy, but, eh, I don’t like it enough to add it to my normal skincare routine. I’ll finish up the bottle and not use it again.

    I really like the lip quencher! It’s nice to have in my purse.

    The foam mask tickled my face. It was fun to use, but I didn’t feel anything fantastic in my skin after using it. I’ll save it for when I need a face tickle.

    The rest I haven’t used, or I’ve given it away already (Deva, I’m looking at you!).

  37. I completely agree. I actually really like the mascara, so I’m happy with this new discovery, and the hair clips are really nice. Other than that though, I listed everything for swap. I really hope this was just a bad month for them!

  38. I felt the exact same way as you this month 🙁 my favorite item was the hair clips and everything else felt like freebies that had little or no value. Hopefully they go back to the awesome large full sizes like before otherwise I am going to have to cancel. I can buy hair clips much cheaper 🙁 (bring back more cleansing oil dermstore!)

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