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Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review – July 2015

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Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Box

Beauty DNA is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends you one full size beauty item each month based on your preferences. They have three categories of items: skincare, hair, and body. When you sign up you take a very specific survey on your beauty preferences, and they match you with a new beauty item each month.

Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review – July 2015 First Look

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Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Open

Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Item

The Subscription Box: Beauty DNA

The Cost: $25 a month with free shipping

The Products: One new full-size product each month that matches your beauty preferences.

Ships to: US Only.

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Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Info

Each card details the item included and a why it matches your specific interests and preferences.

Beauty DNA Subscription Box Review – July 2015 Body Treatment


Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin Body Lift – Value $94

This gel is designed to tighten/firm skin, and help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. (Yes, please to all those things!)

I just tried it out, and I like how quickly the gel absorbs, and the scent is light and fresh (a little citrus-y).

Verdict: I’m really happy with the value of this month’s box! I’m always skeptical of stretch mark reducing items, so I love that I have a full-size version of this product to sample and see if it actually works for me.

What do you think of Beauty DNA? Have you been happy with your product matches?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have had a wonderful experience with them so far. The first month with them was July and I received Lumanique Age Defying Complex and I didn’t even bother to research the product, I just started using it and then I started to break out. After about two weeks I started to notice it getting worse and worse so I looked it up and found that it is made my Hydroxyatone and they don’t have the best reputation for being a good company. After further research I found that they have been reported to the feds a number of times for not actually putting products in their creams that do what they claim they do, they charge people’s credit cards for months after they’ve cancelled and all kinds of bad business practices. I emailed Beauty DNA and provided links to the research and complaints and they sent me out a new product and I love it! They were s nice about it too! Very good customer service!!! They even take into consideration my allergy to fragrance in products. No other sub box has done that!

  2. I am always interested to see what people are receiving with this subscription. My July shipment came today and I received Juara candlenut body creme. It looks like a heavy body butter, but absorbs easily and has a nice lightweight scent. I also received as a bonus item the Dr Brandt pores no more cleanser, although not a match for my profile, my husband is interested in trying. Very pleased with the products this month.

    • Did you do the Rue La La deal? I wonder if the Dr. Brandt is our extra item for the month (were we supposed to get an extra item every month)? Because I got that too — although it is perfect for me, so I wasn’t sure. (I didn’t have an info. card for it.)

  3. I got the [re]fresh Skin Therapy Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel and a bonus item of pores no more cleanser from dr.brandt. Both items retail for $35 each (and Amazon’s retail value matches!). Really happy to try both and I feel like both items were a good match for my profile.

  4. Thought this may interest some folks here. I have lost all respect for Dr. Brandt products. Good thing this isn’t for my skin type or I would be tempted to not waste it. Maybe I could give it to someone I am not fond of at work?

    Check out the first two non h20 ingredients in this $35 face cleanser. And here we worry about putting these on our hair. Egads….

    Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

  5. Wow, their customer service is terrible. Buyer beware. I received a product that was low value to begin with, and available for 14.99 on Amazon. I emailed them about it and they basically said oh well, better luck next month. This was my first and last box. Lesson learned!

    • But did it sell for less than your purchase price on the manufacturers website? What was the product?

      They told me via email that this sub is to find new products and “value” has nothing to do with it. Funny how they feel this way but us customers have a different perception.

      They really should advertise a strict dollar amount that would trigger a bonus item. This would clear up a lot of confusion and customer dissatisfaction.

      • The technical retail value was 35, but you don’t have to pay that ANYWHERE so I just can’t buy that excuse, especially considering the great value most others are getting. i cancelled immediately and they didn’t even attempt to get me to stay, which is pretty unusual in customer service! They also gave me the speech about the value of matching you to a product and i was like “google does that for free”. no hesitation in canceling as even if I would have to pay 35 for the product, saving 10 dollars isn’t worth the risk of getting a mystery item. I’d have to see more like a 45-65 value for the risk to be worth it. But since my product is 14.99 on every website, just not worth it!

        • I received my first box this month and was really disappointed…. Sarah McNamara miracle balm
          On the retailers website it sold for 36 dollars, but on Amazon 2 were being sold for 20 dollars, so 10 dollars each with free shipping! I feel so ripped off and didn’t receive any additional items!

          • On Amazon, was it a third party seller? You have to watch out for those. You get a lot of counterfeit and expired products if the prices are too good to be true.

  6. I too have to eat my words – got $110 face cream this month, as well as the bonus Dr Brandt cleanser. Wow!

  7. Ok this isn’t too shabby compared to the past. Although I love 3lab products, and would have loved to try something besides the M cream and cleanser that I have used, I got the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic. If this works as well as others say in reviews, I would definitely be buying this again. Also got the Dr Brandt cleanser, which I would only use in the T zone area.

    Many thousands of dollars worth of high end, full sized skin care sitting unopened, and I am opening the Ferulic right away. 🙂 (I tend to stock up with sales. LOL… )

    • Comment

    • Should have known it was too good to be true, the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic was oxidized and had that telltale mild bacon scent.

      Why oh why do these things always happen to me? My second product with my last BeautyDNA sub smelled musty.

  8. They need to have a dollar value listed in the FAQ for the value that will automatically include a bonus item. I think what is happening here is for many, they only send one when you complain. Although I have seen some reviews etc where they got two. Very inconsistent.

  9. So my package arrived today and wouldn’t know I have to eat my words. I received Dr. Brandt’s pores no more cleanser as my bonus item. For the main I got 3Lab hydra Day SPF 20. I’m familiar with 3Lab products and the few ice tried I really like. None if them are cheap, that I know. I did write an email to them last month complaining about the Hydroxatone so I can’t say if this was by chance or not.

    • I saw a blogger who got the same thing. Omg, I would love to try both items. I just love 3lab products especially the M cream. Never knew this décolleté product existed. Been too wrapped up trying every other product on the planet. Lol.. I guess you tire of using the same brands all the time.

      Tried the Dr Brandt microdermabrasion and really loved it, so the cleanser would be nice to try also. Heard this is full sized. Been using the Neostrata Exuviance microdermabrasion right now, and it is ok.

      I also got the hydroxytone and it is still sitting. Was thinking about using it on my feet unless it is full of silicones. Blech….

    • I once went to a really fancy gala and was given a gift bag at the end of the night with two 3LAB products: an eye cream (retails $280?!!) and a cleanser. I gave the eye cream to my mom, but the cleanser is wonderful. I’m so glad to see 3LAB featured with BeautyDNA because I never really hear about the brand. I’m a little sad that I haven’t redeemed my RueLaLa deal yet because I would have loved that Dr. Brandt product! (Though I could have done without the hair balm from last month, hopefully it goes up from here.)

    • I think my 3lab is an older product too. I bought a Lab product last month and the packaging was very different. I haven’t opened the sealed plastic yet but I haven’t been able to find an expiration date either. I hope I’m wrong!

  10. I received Miracle Skin Transformer Miracle Balm. BeautyDNA gave the retail value as $36 and showed that I paid $27 and change (tax as they are based in NY). So to begin with, the value was too low. There were no bonus or other items included in the box. Amazon sells it for … wait for it … $14.99. I canceled and contested the charge because they used a new credit card without my authorization. I have no idea where they got it from. I used to love this sub.

    • You win!

  11. I am so jealous as I am dying to sample that brand. That being said, I have gotten quite a few high dollar items. My box is being held by the PO during my vacation and I am very curious what it is. It has a very low weight this month which I suspect means an eye product.

    • Got my box today. I got Primo Lash eyelash serum which is supposed to give you longer, darker lashes. One of my first items was Revitalash so I wonder why they gave me another product exactly like it (although I did rate that I was very pleased with that product). I will have to go back to my profile and uncheck this.

  12. I have received Natura Bisse before too. It was a Diamond Ice-Lift Mask, and it was valued at over $100. They really look at your profile and your top five list. I do have months too that are less and months that are more, but I don’t think it’s because Liz is a blogger she gets the products she does. My products are quite comparable to hers. I have had at least four months of high value boxes, and a few months of low value boxes. I was a subscriber before, unhappy, cancelled and now I came back and it’s so much better after I updated my profile. Good luck to everyone. I think it’s one of the better beauty boxes.

  13. I received osmosis enlighten this month which has a value of $54 but when I went online to check out the product I noticed that the product I received was the older version that they stopped making in 2013/2014 I emailed beauty DNA and they got back to me right away and sent me a replacement product which was my body let me clarify which has a value of $65 (cheaper on Amazon though) but I have been very happy with all the products I’ve received from the last few months of beauty DNA and good customer service is a bonus…just always check to make sure the products you receive are the current version…the value hasn’t always been high but more then the price of the box

  14. I got an acne cleanser. It’s actually working pretty well, better than expected, as long as I use it only once or twice a week. But still, my item was worth $34, and I didn’t get a second item.

  15. When I signed up for this box I got a cellulite cream that sold on Amazon for about $25. Super disappointing.

    • Mine sells for $25 on Amazon as well….

    • My item’s retail value was $35; I didn’t even want to check amazon for fear I’d be super disappointed! This next month had better be good…
      (I do have “dark circles,” “dull skin,” and “hyperpigmentation” listed as my top concerns…)

  16. Last months box I hot a cleanser by this brand. It seems ok for quality but I’m not a fan of it.

  17. LIz, maybe you need to have a box delivered to an alias elsewhere. You always seem to get high end boxes which I suspect is purposeful.

    • Also wonder if its based on your profile, skin care needs? I’ve never got anything under the $50 price tag & have been with them for a year. If its around the $50 mark usually get a 2nd item. My price tag is usually around $80.

    • I agree. Natura bisse it’s sold in Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Saks … places like that. The product I received last month is available in Kohls. A little different I think.

      • It might be the income bracket in your selection survey….If you are from a lower or average income family, they may be sending you lower level items because they want to send you items you might end up purchasing. If you typically spend 30-50 dollars on skincare, they might not send you higher end products because they assume you wouldn’t buy a $125 skincare product.

      • My income bracket is quite high, and I do spend a lot on products. I buy a $130 face cream that I got from them once to use on my hands (after a $120 serum). Best hand cream ever!

        But after this single goody, it was downhill.

    • To me, it seems like only Liz’s Wantables sub has ever been significantly better than mine. All the other ones seem about the same as what I have gotten (Birchbox, Ipsy, Barkbox, CitrusLane, etc.). But getting back to your point, an alias and different shipping address might not help because her contact info. would still be shown in the billing information. In other words, the company could still figure out it was her.

  18. What a great item to try. Sort reminds me of a product I picked up at a French pharmacy years ago, that product really worked well!

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