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Allure Beauty Box Subscription Box Review – July 2015

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Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription from Allure Magazine. (Previously known as Sample Society).

(If you were a Sample Society subscriber, your subscription should have automatically transferred to Allure Beauty Box).

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


This box also included a Bloomingdales Estee Lauder GWP reminder – no coupon needed. (Offer good through end of July).


Also, the Allure Beauty Box has a new hashtag! (And a pretty confident one too! 🙂


The Subscription Box: Allure Beauty Box

The Cost: $15 a month

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty and makeup samples.

Ships to: the US

Delivered via: UPS

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The info booklet hasn’t changed – it details each item and why Allure editors decided to include it in the box.


Bb Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer 1oz – Value $4.50

This primer is a protective spray designed to help prevent damage from UV exposure and heated styling tools. The formula is very lightweight (the “invisible oil” name is accurate) and I like the fruity scent. It also made my hair feel instantly softer, so this product is a win for me!

Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist with Rosemary 0.5oz -Value $6

I have this in full size and I like it, so a travel-size version works for me. FYI – This is one of those products you have to shake really well before every application. After shaking the bottle a lot, I applied the mist (with eyes and lips tightly closed), and it works as promised. The finish is matte, and you get SPF 50 protection too. (This product can also be used as your last step for setting makeup).


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum .14oz – Value $18.20

This serum is a pretty good size (it should last me a week or two). I like the formula – it is a very lightweight cream, absorbs quickly, and the scent isn’t too strong. (I try to go with fragrance free skincare products when possible).

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length+Volume Mascara (Value $10? – size not listed)

I haven’t gotten a chance to try this yet, but the reviews on Sephora are encouraging. Hopefully it is a keeper!


Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo 39.6g – Value $7

I have SO much Oscar Blandi dry shampoo thanks to subscription boxes! It’s a great product, so I know I’ll use it when I get to it, but it isn’t as exciting as trying out a new product.

invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring – Value $7

These hair ties are designed to prevent any kinks/bumps/ridges in your hair that typically happen with a normal hair tie. I have medium-weight wavy hair, and this hair ring held really easily with only wrapping it around twice.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $52. I am happy with the value, the variety of items, and the sample sizes – I really hope Allure Beauty Box can keep this up month after month!

What do you think of the first official Allure Beauty Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I found Aug full box spoilers on IG under #allurebeauty

  2. I think I finally found a resolution!!! I have been charged 3 times, two from Beauty Bar for July & August. I was also charged from Allure for July. I never received anything. So, finally I just went to Allure and signed up like I was a new customer. That was a couple of days ago, I received an email from Allure today with my tracking number. If you want to get you account issues resolved, call Beauty Bar and tell them you want to do a three way call with Allure. That’s what I did today. The biggest issue I’ve seen is Allure isn’t trained and no one knows who is doing what. I was told Allure is totally in charge of everything. Today I was told that Beauty Bar will be doing the charging and Allure will ship (I do not believe this), however I really lucked up and spoke with a guy who did know what he was doing and he gave me his #, ID# (they do not have extensions), Name and sent his supervisor an email while we were on the phone requesting a refund for 2 charges. He is supposed to be calling me back Friday to let me know the status of my refunds. I told him I will just change my cc info and/or cancel my card and get a new one if it comes to that. I suggest if you want to continue your subscription, just sign up like a new customer because from what I’ve heard from friends and numerous other people, they signed up and received a box within 2 weeks and then try to get your refunds and if you do not, then go thru your cc company and dispute the charges. I just wanted to share because if anyone is half as frustrated as I am, this will resolve it (hopefully). Good Luck!!!

    • One more thing, they will be delivering via USPS, you can go to and setup an account (it’s free). You can then log into your account and any packages that are being mailed to you will show up, it will not say who it is from, but it will have a tracking number and city, state. This is how I keep track of boxes that I order as well as boxes that I ship. It may help some of you because if they are sending a box, it should show up and mine is being mailed from IL, so if you setup an account and show a package coming from IL and haven’t ordered anything else, it could be your Allure Box. I hope this helps as well!!! (you can also add tracking numbers and see the status daily once you log into your account, I did this today when I received the email from Allure (it wasn’t showing up yet, so I just added it). I hope this helps as well!!

    • Samantha if you still want a July box you can have my extra for free. I didn’t see your reply under my post til just now.

  3. Still no box….customer service said they will have it mailed before the end of this week. I let them know that I was told a replacement was going to be sent off on 7/17 and they said that is wasn’t sent. I told them to just cancel and refund my money because all this run-a-round is just not worth it. Very disappointing since I was excited to try everything in this box.

    • Did they refund you? I’m in the exact same situation. I called on the 15th and was told they were sending another one, but still nothing.

      • so, I called again last week and just asked for a refund since I still haven’t received my box. I spoke with a supervisor, who said that they would issue one and send me a confirmation email. Of course, I’ve not received that either. I’m calling again tomorrow and they’ll give me confirmation of a refund while I’m on the phone or I’ll just do a chargeback on my card. This is RIDICULOUS.

        • Still no July box. I called and talked to a supervisor who said they can issue a refund but it’ll take about 3 weeks to get. And apparently they will send me a check since they asked for my address again (3rd time during the call.) The supervisor gave me a 1800 # to call and ask for a refund but the # she gave was their 1800 line…they are geniuses over there. I told her to refund my money and cancel my sub because I shouldn’t have to spend this much time getting this taken care of. Now I’m going to call every week until I get the refund since no one in that company is on the same page.

          • I can completely sympathize. I originally ordered the July box on 7/10, chatted with customer service at three different times as it never showed up and never showed up. As recently as 7/31 the rep insisted that the box on its way was the July box. I had asked to cancel and for a refund – the box was still at the warehouse prepping for shipment – when she checked the status and confirmed that it was absolutely the July box.

            I was elated to come home in early August to a box only to find out I had received the crummy, in my opinion, August box. I chatted with customer service that evening and was told to call a customer service manager. He basically said “too bad for you”, you get what you get and they’re nonrefundable. They ran out of July stock so subscribers are just getting August, despite a rep having told me that I was getting July. No apologies or anything. I asked that my account be discontinued and when I logged in later I saw that it hadn’t been. It is reprehensible that he did not follow my request to discontinue the subscription.

            I’m disputing the charges with my credit card company and hope I don’t have to pay for the box I got.

            I am so very disappointed with Allure. I expected much better than this from such a big name brand. I sent them an email stating this and got no response back. I even said I’d be happy to return the August box.

  4. Is anyone willing to part with a duplicate box? I was charged on 7/5 and still haven’t received anything. I called Allure and they are now saying I will be charged once my box ships, so I will also get a duplicate charge (one from each company), however the are saying I will receive 2 boxes around the middle of August. I like the products in the July box and do not want two August boxes, so if anyone is willing to help me out and sell me a July box, I would be extremely grateful!!! Please help out a fellow subscription addict!!!
    Thank you!!!

  5. Came back from vacation to find my box waiting for me. Loved every single item in box!

  6. I’m really interested in all of these items and getting this box. Seems like most people having issues are rollovers from BB? Any new people having problems with shipping?

    • This will be my first Allure box…..if I ever get it. I just got off the phone with them and they said the box shows that it was sent out and delivered, but I never received it. They are sending a replacement box and said I should have it within 7 business days and to let them know if I get it or not. Fingers crossed that this one shows up.

      • I had the exact same problem. First box I’ve ever ordered, never showed up, sending another one and it should be here in 7 business days. Customer service rep said future boxes will have tracking numbers. Did you ever get your July box?

        • I’m having the same issue. This was my first box from them, and I still haven’t received anything. I called about a week and a half ago, and they said they were going to send out another one…which also hasn’t arrived. All of my other sub boxes find me without issue (I even get Allure magazine!) so I’m not sure what the deal is. If it’s not here by early next week, I’ll be calling in to demand a refund. At this point, I’m even considering a chargeback on my card. This is ridiculous. I’ve already cancelled my subscription.

  7. My box has always been later than most, and I didn’t notice any change.

    I liked everything in the box this month, especially the eye cream. Hope it works!

  8. I was charged twice then refunded for the extra charge then yesterday received 2 boxes lol Allure told me keep it. I didn’t get a tracking number either and mine came regular mail. I love the hair elastic. Mine is hot pink and actually works in my thick long hair. I love the dry shampoo and can always use more. The hair oil is one of my favorites so I can toss this small one in my gym bag. I adore the Super Goop brand and I am always happy to get their products in a sub box. Estee Lauder is a favorite brand of mine so I look forward to using both the mascara and eye cream. I’ve used them before and loved them both. Total win for me this month.

    • Do you want to sell one of your boxes, they have charged me twice and I’ve received nothing and now they are saying I will receive two boxes around the middle of August, but I would like a July box instead of two August boxes, would you be willing to help out a fellow subscription addict?
      Thank you!

      • I just saw this. Sorry for the delay. If you haven’t already gotten a July box you can just have my duplicate free.

  9. I still have yet to receive my box. I’m considering canceling. I never received tracking, I called customer service to at least see who was delivering so I can make sure if someone needs to be home incase it needs to be signed (they told me FedEx). August better have an amazing box or I’m done.

    • I haven’t received mine either and after getting the total run around between whom to actually speak with(Allure or Beauty Bar) I was told no tracking and if I still don’t have box by Wednesday they will send a replacement. I’m frustrated, but I think I will like the box if I actually ever get it.

      • I got the same runaround. Still no box. They sent out a replacement box, but I should have just asked for a refund. I’ve already cancelled my subscription. I was so hoping that the change from BeautyBar to Allure would improve this box, but all the improvements in the world don’t make a difference if they can’t get it to me or at least provide tracking so I know to be mad at USPS instead!

    • How much are the allure boxes? Are they worth the money? And I think I tried to sign up once but the website was really weird and I think they were sold out.

    • I still haven’t gotten mine either, and still no tracking. I haven’t called yet, but I’ve already cancelled. I get that this is their first box, but I’m frustrated with the lack of tracking and the products aren’t that exciting to me. Under normal circumstances I would’ve given them a few more months, but I need to work through my product backlog anyway. I’ll keep an eye on the reviews and see if it’s ever worth re-subscribing to after they work out the kinks.

      • I just called them and asked for a refund. It’s been well over 10 days since it shipped. I don’t have tracking or anything like that. For all I know it could’ve gone to the wrong address and I wouldn’t know because there’s no way of knowing if it was delivered or not. They cancelled my subscription and issued me a refund but couldn’t even send me a confirmation about the refund. I don’t even want the box anymore if it does come.

  10. I’m glad Allure didn’t make any significant changes to the box since Sample Society was almost always a win for me. I wish they offered longer term subscriptions at a discount like some do. I was delighted with the coiled hair ties as a pony is often my go-to look (almost year-round, as I live in CA) and it’s always fun getting something new and different in sub boxes.

    A question about the EL night repair eye cream: wasn’t that in a tiny round jar a little while ago? I’m almost sure I’ve had this sample in other boxes, but this is a new style (or perhaps just a little larger). I’ve yet to try it out…still searching for my holy grail eye cream!

    • It was the EL eye repair cream (instead of the serum) in the December Sample Society box. I just looked it up because I was also curious if it was the same. I actually just recently ordered a December box when they had them available for purchase again. It will be nice to try to the eye serum in conjunction with the eye cream.

      • Ah, thanks Trish! Good to know!

  11. Has anyone else not received their box yet? I did an online chat with Allure and they said they didn’t have tracking info and they couldn’t help me. They told me to call Beauty Bar. I’m so confused. I thought Beauty Bar wasn’t doing the fulfillment any more. I did get an email directly from Allure on July 1st saying they shipped my box, but of course, no tracking info. The charge to my cc was from Conde Naste not Beauty Bar.

    • I have 2 boxes. I think it’s a bit of a mess over there!

      • I called BB 2 weeks ago and they told me my sub was transferred to Allure so I called Allure to confirm. Allure didn’t have a record of my sub so after a big run around (long story) I decided to purchase a year subscription (hoping I don’t regret this). This Thursday I received 2 boxes. I called BB and they refunded my money and told me to keep the box. I think they are over it too. I’m really happy with all the contents of the box so at least all the extra effort was worth it 🙂

        • I am trying to figure put myself. On chat with an executive who says that he doesn’t know why shipping information is missing and that my box has already been shipped. I asked if it was a normal and he said that it will be shared on future boxes. This is my first Allure box and I am already unimpressed with this mess. These kind of things put off people from trusting and subscribing.

      • Do you want to sell one of your boxes, they have charged me twice and I’ve received nothing and now they are saying I will receive two boxes around the middle of August, but I would like a July box instead of two August boxes, would you be willing to help out a fellow subscription addict?
        Thank you!

      • Do you want to sell one of your boxes, they have charged me twice and I’ve received nothing and now they are saying I will receive two boxes around the middle of August, but I would like a July box instead of two August boxes, would you be willing to help out a fellow subscription addict?
        Thank you!

  12. Seriously?? This will be my 8th can of Oscar Blandi. YARRRRRRGH.

  13. The Estée Lauder night cream is the same as the allegedly wrong size cream they sent last fall so I’m curious about the age of the product. I will not use any Estée Lauder products for personal reasons dealing with their animal testing policies so 2/6 items were a fail. The B&B spray is a freebie at Sephora right now-came in my order this week. The hair ties even my 10 year old daughter didn’t want. The Oscar Blandi dry shampoo has been done to death, by Allure/Sample Society and everyone else so it’s hardly a new discovery. That leaves me with the Supergoop spray. Given the tiny size it’s hardly worth $15 to me. In short, the tiny samples are apparently going to continue and they’re now repeating products in under 9 months. I cancelled. I get a lot more (usable) value with Petit Vour and Glossy. For the same price.

  14. I was very impressed with this box! I’m really happy I signed up for it. Might be putting my Birchbox box on hold for a while!

  15. I have two boxes, lol. I made the mistake of NOT shaking the Supergoop before spraying. Don’t make that mistake!! It’s like being blasted with rubbing alcohol, not a nice experience at all!

    • Do you want to sell one of your boxes, they have charged me twice and I’ve received nothing and now they are saying I will receive two boxes around the middle of August, but I would like a July box instead of two August boxes, would you be willing to help out a fellow subscription addict?
      Thank you!

  16. I think this is a great box. I put the Invisibobbles up for swap because I already have a bunch of them, but I’m really pleased with this month’s products. I hope they can keep it up!

  17. I’ve tried that mascara before and boy did it make my eyes burn something fierce! I have oily lids that tend to drip into my eyes by the end of the day (gross, I know) and that mixed with whatever is in the mascara was super painful.

  18. My Invisibobbles were black — the exact same color as my hair…

    We’ll see how this one is, going forward. My subscription did transfer, but not as quickly as Allure indicated. Wish it was easier to get into my account.

    Other than the dry shampoo, I’ll give everything a try.

  19. I think I may sign up for this sub! Looks great! Does everyone get the same products?

    • Yes, every box is the same, which is part of what I like about it because you don’t see a bunch of exciting spoilers for items that you end up not getting.

      • I HATE when Company’s do that cuz you never get that great item you want to try. Could that be false Advertising?

      • I agree, Joy! It’s one of my fave things about Allure — no box envy (hello, Ipsy!).

  20. i am very impressed with this box. My bobbles were clear which is even more practical! I love them, only wear them now in my hair. I love all the other products too. I hope this sub is another keeper like my ipsy!

  21. Liz I think we no longer get the $10 off

    • Thanks – copy and paste fail on my part! 🙂 Fixed!

  22. All I can see when I see the invisbobble things are telephone cords…

    Everything in the box looks good and like it would get some use though. Plus, I feel the value is there.

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