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Summer Bonus GoodeBoxes Available Now

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Thank you Jayme and Nancy for letting us know about the Summer GoodeBox bonus box!

The Box: Summer Bonus GoodeBox

The Cost: $20 with free shipping

The Products: “Each Summer Bonus Box includes 10-12 products from the brands we’ve worked with over the past 6-12 months, some of which are or may be included in current or future Member Goodeboxes.  They contain a mix of skincare, body care, bath products & makeup and may contain hair care, scents, nail color or lifestyle products.”

FYI – this is a one-time purchase box, and the picture is only an example of products you may receive – it will vary box to box.

Are you grabbing one?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Very happy with mine! I should have bought more than one. I ordered on 6/12 and it shipped on 6/12 and arrived on 6/19.

    It’s my first order with them and I really enjoyed the thorough little cards for each one. I got 12 items:
    Shea Terra in Bourbon Vanilla
    Aila Nail Color #likeaboss
    Derma E Evenly Radiant day cream
    Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder
    Suntegrity Self Tanner
    BalancedGuru Scrub
    DN UNIK Age Defying Day Cream
    Some kind of one-use clay mask
    Some kind of cellulite cream
    A facial oil (small!)
    And I already forget what else 🙂

  2. I really want that nail polish. I waited too long though to get a box and hope I get the polish in it, since they’re all sold out now.

  3. I couldn’t resist and just ordered one… question for those ordered one: how long did it take after you ordered before it shipped and arrived?

    • I want to second Randi’s question- I ordered on the 18th, the box arrived at the ‘shipping partner facility’ on the 19th, left on the 20th, and I have no other update. I keep checking the tracking # on the USPS site. Should I be nervous? I emailed Goodebox and they said if there wasn’t any ‘movement or update’ by Friday that they could file a claim. Keeping my fingers crossed!

      • I’m in NC, and Goodeboxes usually take 7-10 days to arrive since they use DHL. Don’t worry – I’m sure your box is on its way!

    • I ordered the 12th and mine arrived today (24th) on the East Coast.

      On the fence about ordering a 2nd to get to try some different things, but since not ordered together I’m not sure how they could do that.

      Mine had about a $90 value. One full size item and some deluxe sizes. A nice mix of products I am interested in trying and quite a few different from what I’ve others post.

      Ellovi lip balm – Full size
      Eco-jot mini notebook (~ half size)
      LOTUS MOON skin brightening complex (half size)
      Derma E Evenly Radiant day cream (1/4 size)
      MSC skincare scent (sample size)
      Elegant Rose mini bath bombs (half size)
      Meraki rose grapefruit face oil (half size)
      Hair ties (3)
      Suntegrity sunscreen (.25mg)
      mineral eyeshadow (small sample)
      buttermilk sandal honey mask (small sample)
      soy candle (small jar)
      rescue and relief spray (1 oz – full is 6 oz)

      • Laura- thanks for sharing. I’m on the East Coast as well so I’ll try not to panic until the 30th.

    • I ordered on June 17 and received my box on June 23. I live in PA outside of Philadelphia.

    • I received the following:

      Ecojot wooden notebook
      2 packs Healthy Hoo Hoo feminine wipes
      Ellovi tinted lip butter – full size
      Lotus Moon hydro-therapy roll on eye serum – full size
      derma e evenly radiant brightening day creme .5 oz – quarter size
      Meraki Botanicals rose grapefruit cleansing face oil 1 oz – half size
      3 pack Poppy & Elle knotted hair ties
      2 pack Elegant Rose Boutique mini bath bombs in lavender mint splash
      Suntegrity 5 in 1 natural moisturizing face sunscreen .25 oz
      CV skinlabs restorative skin balm .25 oz – half size
      Wild Honey Apothecary buttermilk sandlewood honey mask
      Au Naturale organic eye shadow stick in palma
      MSC Skin Care parfum scent 002

      I received 13 items with at least two full size items. Most of these are new to me. I felt this was a great buy.

  4. Just rolled the dice again to see if I can get the Balanced Guru scrub, Tatcha Powder, and the SheaTerra Body Butter. I ordered two boxes and I hope I can get at least the Tatcha Powder. 🙂

    • I saw the the Tatcha Powder is available for swap in that area here. Have you gotten anything in a box you don’t particularly want? I’ve swapped once now and I love the process.

      • I finally received 1 Tatcha in my second box. I am waiting on the third box and hope I get the scrub because I sounds unique and I can never get enough bath products in my life. I am finding lots of new to me stuff in these boxes and having fun with reading up and using them.

        I am approved for swapping but I’m slowly reading up before I attempt any trades. I like to know as much as I can before I throw myself in to the ring. 🙂

  5. I got my FIRST one of these (haha, I have 2 more coming) yesterday. Here is what I got:

    Eco-jot mini notebook
    Shea Terra in Bourbon Vanilla
    Aila Nail Color #likeaboss – FULL SIZE
    Derma E Evenly Radiant day cream
    MSC skincare scent 002
    Au Naturale Eye Shadow Stick in “Palma” – FULL SIZE
    Tatcha Polished Rice Enzyme Powder
    Suntegrity Self Tanner
    Plantlife soap – cassiaclove
    BalancedGuru Scrub
    DN UNIK Age Defying Day Cream -FULL SIZE Although is small

    I was sooo happy to get the Eye Serum as I have always wanted to try a roll on eye product with a metal ball to see if it would be cooling. And it really does feel like ice when I use it!

    • I just got the exact same box.. and now I want another! Going to see if they are still available…

      • .. and I got another! 🙂

  6. My box just arrived and as far as I can see doesn’t contain any off the products I hoped for:

    Eco-jot mini notebook
    Elegant Rose mini bath bombs
    REAL Beauty lotion bar
    Shea Terra in Bourbon Vanilla
    Aila Nail Color #likeaboss
    Derma E Evenly Radiant day cream
    MSC skincare scent 002
    Organic eyeshadow stick in color
    Feminine Wipes 2 pks
    Gress renewal polish
    Plantlife soap – cassiaclove
    Wild honey apothecary pumpkin in coaca mask (tiny jar)

    I guess the polish is my full sized item. Maybe I didn’t read carefully but I don’t recall seeing any other boxes like this.

    • I got this box too today. I was really hoping for the box with the lotus moon eye roll on stuff 🙁

    • I think the au naturale eye shadow stick in “palma” is full size too. BTW I am soo jealous of your pumpkin cocoa mask and your bath boms!!

      • That’s too funny because I wanted the tacha and lotus moon! The bath bombs do smell amazing. The mask is teeny, tiny. Have you tried it before? I’m starting to feel like I have so many tiny samples of things that I don’t even have a plan as how to use them!

    • I got this exact box, arrived today. Using the full size pricing on the info cards, I calculated about a $70 retail value. Considering the shipping prices involved with ordering individual samples of all the items and that most of the products are new to me, I am happy with the box.

  7. I’m beyond happy with this box. I got a combination of most of the above, with 12 items, four of which are considered full size. Check out my blog above to read the full list of products. I’m even considering ordering it again to see if I get some of the things I didn’t get this time.

  8. I’m pretty satisfied with my box, 12 items and there are only two that I’ve already tried… although Petit Vour just released their *spoiler* that this month will contain an Aila polish, hopefully it’ll be a different color. The sizes and prices below pertain to the amount I received. So, for $20 I received about $92 of product. Not bad, I’m happy.

    Aila nail polish “like a boss” FULL SIZE $17
    Ellovi tinted lip butter FULL SIZE .15oz $5
    Tatcha rice enzyme powder .35oz $11
    Gressa renewing polish .25oz $5.70
    SheaTerra whipped butter 1oz $2
    DnUnik anti-aging night cream .34oz $18
    Seaweed detox cellulite cream 1oz $2.50
    Meraki rose grapefruit face oil 1oz $10
    Balanced Guru scrub 1oz $4.50
    DermaE brightening day crème .5oz $7.50
    Zosimos raspberry & honey mask 1oz $7
    Earthwise Beauty green leaves & co face oil ~ .2oz $8 (price from website)

    • Hi! I have a hunch that Petit Vour is going to include nail polish remover instead of nail polish, since the June box already contains a makeup item (eyeliner), and also because they included a nail polish in a very recent box. :^D

  9. My box is arriving tomorrow. It will be one of my last splurges for awhile. I am hoping that the Balanced Guru scrub, Tatcha Powder, and the SheaTerra Body Butter are in it.

    • Good luck! I got mine yesterday and didn’t receive any of those in my box. Maybe it will be hiding in your box!

      • It is hiding in my box 🙂

        • I was going to type up what I received when I realized that my box is the exact same box as Chellersm. I am very happy with it.

  10. After reading what others received, I got one. Moments later I received an email saying it will be mailed out today.

  11. Just got mine, and my box was a lot like Laurens. 12 items. Two were full sized –

    Aila nail polish – “Like a Boss” color – full size
    Lotus Moon hydro-therapy eye serum – full size
    Au naturale eye shadow stick in a coppery color
    Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder – .35 oz
    Balanced Guru – Scrub me gritty – 1 oz
    Suntegrity self tanner – small pot
    SheaTerra Organics Bourbon Vanilla whipped shea butter – 1oz
    Derma E Evenly Radiant Brightening Day Creme .5 oz
    Unik DN Day Cream
    Eco jot mini note book
    Msc 002 parfum- small vial
    Plant life bar soap

    Overall I thought it was a really nice assortment and all were brands I haven’t yet tried except for the derma-e, so that’s great for me!

    • I received the same box as yours. What I like best is that they include mini cards this time, which really help to identify the products. I was hoping to receive Suntegrity sunscreen instead of the tanner, oh well.

  12. satisfied with my mystery box! i got 12 items and got $120 worth of product. a few full size but all the rest were a good amount-ful! debating on purchasing another! >.< my birthday is in 3 days why not!

    • -eco jot mini pad booklet – 3×4?
      -msc scent 002 parfum – 5ml
      -lotus moon hydro therapy eye serum – 10ml
      -balanced guru scrub my nice-n-gritty – 1oz
      -tatcha polish rice enzyme powder – .35oz
      -derma-e brightening day cream – .5oz
      -shea terra organics bourbon vanilla whipped shea butter – 1oz
      -aila nail polish – .5oz
      -unik anti aging day cream – .34oz
      -au natural eyeshadow stick – .3oz?
      -suntegrity self tanner – .4oz?
      -plantlife lavander bar soap – .5oz

  13. Got my box today. I ordered two boxes but received one box with 13 items, so I contacted customer service about the second box, but the box I did get had these items, if anyone is interested

    Earthwise Beauty Facial Oil – small sample (maybe about a teaspoon and a half)
    Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder – .35 oz
    Meraki Cleansing Facial oil – 1 oz
    Balanced Guru – Scrub me gritty – 1 oz
    Aila nail polish – “Like a Boss” color – full size
    SheaTerra Organics Bourbon Vanilla whipped shea butter – 1oz
    Derma E Evenly Radiant Brightening Day Creme .5 oz
    Seaweed Bath Co – Detox Cellulite Cream – approx .5 oz
    2 Ellovi Lip Butter – full size (and 2 of them!)
    Gressa – Treat Renewing Polish – .25 oz
    Zosmos Facial Mask Raspberry N Honey – sample packet
    Unik DN Night Cream – .34 oz

    I LOVE the Balanced Guru scrub (I’ve bought it full size before), I’m happy with the box – just need to get the second one shipped now!

    • DARN! I was doing so well restraining myself from this box. But that Tatcha makes the box worth it for me……

    • Oh NO! I ordered 2 of these bonus boxes as well and now I’m worried because I only got one tracking number. I’m gonna bet you that I only get one box like you. 🙁 If you could, please update us on how things go with customer service.

      • They said there was a label printing issue and I got a second tracking number today. You might contact them just to be sure 🙂

  14. Are there any discount or GWP codes valid with the purchase of this box?

  15. After much indecision finally got this box this morning – 10-12 products for $20 with free shipping is a great deal. Goodebox has had some wonderful products in their boxes in the past 6 months.

  16. Liz- Do you have any reviews of their past Bonus boxes?

  17. I loved the spring box, so I jumped on this one!

  18. Oh boy. I am going to have to snag one. My husband is starting to wonder if I have a sub box problem! 🙂

  19. Lordy. I am officially out of subscription box control. I managed to stick with just Ipsy and Birchbox for a year. Then I got the pop sugar summer box….and subbed to glossybox….and a skin care one I can’t even remember the name of….bought several allure boxes….and now two of these. My DH is gonna kick my arse. Lol. Oh well. At least I will look fabulous when he gripes at me….

    Heh heh!

  20. Got one! Thanks for the info!

  21. Just picked this one up! It’s a pretty good deal for the price and I’d love to see what they offer!

  22. This is a great deal. – Trying to talk myself out of it, gonna resub to fabfitfun and getting cause box this month, along with my usual boxs

  23. I want one but I am going to have to control myself as I have purchased way too many boxes lately and placed way too many orders from Ulta, Sephora and Nordstrom.

  24. Are these generally samples or full size items or a mix? Thanks!

    • Samples. It says at least one full size item.

      • Since they list polish as a possibility, I am thinking everyone will get a ‘full size’ nail polish to meet this criteria. (Not the item I would prefer to be full sized!)

  25. I got one. I got the spring box and it was pretty good. 🙂

  26. I am going to snag this one, I was a subscriber a few years ago. It will be nice to see what they have to offer now.

  27. Ahhh I made this mistake last summer and what I got in the box was such a bummer! Its still so tempting though. I want to hope this one will be better but I don’t know if I could handle the disappointment.

    • Same here. Disappointing and took FOREVER to arrive. Must resist!

      • I ordered this morning and mine has already shipped!

        • Mine, too- already shipped! I did order the last special box and was disappointed at first glance (no curation- it is definitely just the leftovers), but then I took a closer look and realized there were enough items I could use to make the price worth it, and then several others I could swap for something I really wanted. I think it’s worth it and am excited for this to arrive.

  28. I’ve been thinking of trying Goodebox, so bought one to see what types of products they offer. Thanks for helping me keep my sub box addiction going LOL.

  29. sweet! got to snag one, thanks 😀

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