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BeautyFix June 2015 Complete Spoilers!

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Beauty Fix Spoilers

Thanks Mary for letting us know about these June 2015 BeautyFix spoilers. Here is a complete spoiler picture:

BeautyFix Beauty Fix June 2015


Check out the spoiler video too:

FYI – subscriptions are currently sold out, but I will post when they open up. What do you think of the June 2015 Beauty Fix box spoilers? This box looks jam-packed to me!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. If anyone does not want their Roloxin packets, I am looking for more! If you post your email, I will contact you.

  2. t’s here! The Cargo tinted moisturizer looks dark and orangish when you squeeze it out on your finger. But it is ok when i put it on my summer face, I tan so easily that no SPF will keep my skin from tanning a tidge.

    The face cleanser says for all skin types.

    The toner is ARCONA.

    The self tanner is a concentrate that you add to your lotion.

    The Oscar Blandi is full sized.

    Any questions?

    PS, now that I looked in a mirror my face looks like it has an orangish self tanner on it. Will just use this for times I don’t want to waste the good stuff. Like right now since I am going to the dentist. I may get out in daylight and have to powder over it to get rid of the orange,

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    • I did have to apply a light powder on top. Pity since I was looking forward to this the most. Will just use this for quick runs to the store etc, but with powder….

      Forgot to mention, but there are 2 Roloxin lift mask samples on the same card. And the shave cream has a manly scent that washes off with water entirely. Not as gentile and moisturizing as expected either

    • What is the color of the cargo moisturizer?

      • Just found it not long ago. Nude… Would have a tough time believing this if it wasn’t on the box. It looks orangish on my skin. Maybe others will have better luck?

    • i had the same issue with the Cargo tinted moisturizer! I loved the Arcona toner enough that I’ve already bought the full size bottle, though!

  3. Just got an email…June BeautyFix boxes are now available for individual purchase or recurring subscription on the Dermstore website. Hope everyone that wanted to signup can get one!

    • I was about to share that too! I’m so excited I got a monthly subscription! I can’t wait, hope everyone that wants one gets it!

  4. I use an unscented men’s shaving cream recommended by Paula’s Choice. Daily.

    • I wouldn’t mind if it was unscented. The one on their website says amber and cedar-wood scented. I hope the one in the box is unscented or a new women’s version.

      • Neither I nor my husband will use the shaving cream, but I figure I’ll pass it on to my father, my brother or one of my brothers-in-law.

      • Way too much fragrance for my razor-burned legs. There are a couple of good unscented brands for just a few dollars at the drug store. Paula’s Choice also recommends Dr. Carver’s from dollar shave club (but that costs more!). It is weird to include a men’s shaving brand if it has a masculine scent.

        • Actually, given that this comes in time for Father’s Day, maybe not.

  5. I want this so bad! I have been wanting to try the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo, but I never get it! Also that Cargo tinted moisturizer looks great, and everything else too! This is such a great deal. I hope they open up subscriptions so I can get one. It’s such an amazing value.

    • Hi Alicia, I already have the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo and don’t need many of the items in the box. Please email me [email protected] if you would like and we can try to swap?

  6. I’m on the fence about this one. If I knew what color the cargo would be that would help. If it was the right shade I’m all in. I’m guessing everyone will get the same shade. Anyone receive yet to know which one?

  7. My bank account strongly advised me to take a break from sub boxes for a while. I cancelled everything but pop sugar…then I bought the qvc collaboration…yeah. BUT I am so GLAD I forgot about this box. It looks amazing. Maybe I’ll keep 2 boxes. Deal with it, bank account! 😀

    • I said the same thing. Cancelled everything besides this then resubbed the PS (thank gd I missed May) bc I liked the sunglasses and they were giving away the wallet/bag which I can use free. So now my 2 boxes are PS and BF oh and Rachel Zoe. Ugh how did I go from 1 to 3? LOL.

  8. I am so interested in this beauty sub, but from the comments, it sounds like they aren’t taking any new subscribers! Is this typical for them?

    • They do take new subscribers, you just have to keep an eye on the site to see when subscriptions open. I want to say sometime in the second week of the month. When the option is available, make sure that you check that you want a reoccurring subscription otherwise you’ll have to stalk the site again next month. I can’t remember when the “cancel-by” date is but they have amazing telephone customer service so you can probably call in to cancel. I’ve been getting these boxes since January and I love them!

      • Thanks so much! I appreciate the info! 🙂

  9. LOVE IT
    It’s so much stuff that I’m gonna end up using. I love this box it’s my forever home.

  10. Love this entire box! That Oscar Blandi dry shampoo works better than any other brand I tried. I have a full sized can from them in the past and just use it on my bangs. So it will last a long time. I give my daughter every other dried shampoo I get, so finally she will get a chance to try the coveted Oscar Blandi! I must love her a lot to give her this. 😉

    I have loved every Cargo item they have given me. Please let this foundation be my shade, I am dying to try it.

  11. I’m pretty excited! I mean, yeah, part of it is because I can’t really tell what is in it and am working so won’t play the video but I’ve been super happy with this sub. I love skin care! And donuts. But mostly skin care. Ok I lied. Mostly donuts.

  12. I love this sub! Always full size fantastic quality, not last season products! Love it!

  13. Comment

  14. Why are my posts disappearing? They are there then they are gone as soon as I refresh. I even signed out and cleared my cookies and still 2 of my posts are gone.

    • They are showing up. There is a filter so it takes time to post sometimes!


  15. Why was my post removed? It was there one minute and gone the next.

  16. What a huge disappointment. I’ll be swapping the whole box. I don’t know why they think it’s OK to put self tanner and skin tone specific tinted moisturizer in a subscription box. The shave cream, dry shampoo and facial cleaner I won’t use either. I canceled my subscription after seeing this. However, they told me it was too late to cancel for June as it was already pending. This was a total waste of money for me.

    • Are you on the swap site? You could trade all the things you don’t want! I am interested in the cleanser, for example. 🙂

  17. I really want this box! So far I’ve gotten lucky with skin-tone specific products since my color is light-medium for most of the year. I tan easily and become firmly medium during the summer, though. I hope I can use the Cargo, but it won’t be a big deal if I can’t because the rest of the box is awesome save for the self-tanning concentrate. I got the Sephora Sun Safety kit, but I wouldn’t mind adding three more samples to it and I love the dry shampoo, cleanser, shave cream, and toner.

  18. Looks pretty sweet but I am on summer product over load so I am going to be selling whole box for reg price and shipping. Or maybe up for trade too. Is anyone interested in buying ?

    • Hi I’ll buy this box from you! Email me at [email protected]

      • Just e mailed u !

  19. Just impatiently waiting for subs to reopen…!

    • Me too.

  20. I love these Beauty Fix boxes and Dem Store has AMAZING customer service. I’ve started buying most of my skincare items through them rather than Sephora. I don’t always like or use all the products but it’s a good variety!

  21. I hope the tinted moisturizer is for fair people and not medium/darker skin so I can use it.

    Can’t wait for the Roloxin. And if anyone doesn’t want their Roloxin, I am in the market for more! The only thing I really do not want is the self tanner. And I don’t need the sunscreen because I bought the Sephora kit. (Guess maybe I should have waited on that one!)

    • nice mix of staple items….bummed there wasn’t a makeup/beauty product this month, and of course, there is a color specific item that will probably be way too light for me to use, but all in all, it looks like another great value box. Why not send us a gift code so we can order tinted stuff in our shade?????

      • That’s a great idea. I wouldn’t mind waiting and ordering with a coupon if they would let me pick the shade of the tint (or whatever the applicable option is). Or, like Jouer, do a skin tone box where we can at least set a preference for light or dark or warms or cools, etc. although with Jouers new box, I am going to be interested to see if they do send out foundation as they only asked cool/warm, not light/dark.

        • Or have you pick your own a week ahead of time like Birchbox is doing. But dermstore could just let you pick between two shades at least.

      • I would love it if sub boxes sent a code for all items that need a skin-tone match. I doubt it will ever happen, though, because it greatly adds to the shipping cost. The only way it would be feasible is if the subscribers had to pay for the shipping (and you know we’d all be screaming foul in that scenario). But I would rather it be that way personally as I have very fair skin so find that many products are just too dark.

    • Resolution Kickstarters Grab Bag is still available too, and all of these have full spoilers online by now (they are the old ones from winter)

  22. I am so happy I went back to this subscription. You get such an awesome value!! I am looking forward to the Cargo Tinted Moisturizer… and I love not having to buy sunblock. Between all my subscription boxes, I don’t ever need to go out and buy any.

  23. It’s all stuff I don’t want or can’t use (or have tons of already *coughdryshampoocough*), so I’d be happy to sell mine for purchase price and actual shipping. I’d rather have the cash for a vacation than swap it. Any takers?

    • I would love to buy it from you! clarkie at agentintellect dot com

      • Sold! I’ll email you as soon as I receive it. I won’t open it.

    • I understand. I really like BeautyFix and have no complaints against them but at this point, I think if I get another dry shampoo or tinted moisturizer that doesn’t match my complexion in a beauty box, I’m going to scream! I also don’t need self tanner but I think the cleanser, toner, and shave cream will still make this box more than worth it for me personally.

  24. This looks like a great box, but I don’t miss it. I have enough dry shampoo, cleanser, toners, shave cream to last a long time. This looks like a great box though.

  25. I LOVE this sub!!! So happy I joined three months ago monthly. Honestly I don’t even know how they manage to pack everything into the box! Every month I’m shocked at how packed this is and this month is jo different!

  26. Looks awesome. Can’t wait!

  27. I love Beautyfix. All stuff we’ll use (except for the self-tanner and the mask, as it’s made in China).

  28. Wow. That is a LOT of stuff for $25!

  29. Oh – I just saw that you posted that about the closed subs.

  30. I want to sign up for this sub but when I emailed them they said they weren’t opened up for subscriptions.

    • Well, I just canceled after seeing the contents of this box of junk (I censored myself) so they have at least one spot that should be available. I am sitting here getting angrier and angrier just thinking about it. Men’s shaving cream? Really Dermstore???? I hate the smell of men’s products and my husband has a beard. What were they thinking? My box will be going up for swap as soon as I get it.

      • I would also be happy to sell my entire box when it arrives. What I paid + actual shipping costs.

        • Hi! I’d be glad to buy your box, just let me once you have it. My email is roxierogue AT yahoo DOT com

          • Thanks Melissa I will email you

      • Wow, thanks for pointing out that the shave cream is for men! Why on earth would they include that, especially when it’s one the the larger and more significant products? Father’s day I’m guessing. But still, I’m a woman paying to get a woman’s beauty box to get beauty products for women!

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