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Yogi Surprise Support Nepal Limited Edition Box

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Nepal Yogi Surprise Box

Thanks Lily and Anna for letting us know about this new limited edition box from Yogi Surprise that benefits relief efforts in Nepal. “100% of the proceeds will be donated to International Medical Corps, who is deploying mobile medical units to provide emergency care and vital relief supplies.”

The Box: Yogi Surprise Support Nepal Box

The Cost: $49.95

The Products: This limited edition Yogi Surprise Bonus Box has been created to support the Nepalese earthquake disaster victims. You’ll receive 6 items in this exclusive bonus box, all made in Nepal and neighboring Tibet. 100% of your proceeds will be donated to help provide relief and recovery to the 8 million people affected.

FYI – the actual items sent will be different than what is pictured above. The box ships June 16th. Are you grabbing one?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. OMG! To say I am shocked it to mild a way to phrase it! Your Nepal Box is a joke! Items from Nepal, this may be dubious claim as the items sent can be easily found in the USA and some can be purchased on Amazon. I believe I have been totally ripped off as well as duped regarding the size and qualitly of the prayer wheel. My box came with 5 items, nothing was wrapped. Items just thrown in. I am missing the Buddha Prayer Bone Mala which is mentioned in the card. I have read on FB regarding a substitute but I would like the Mala as advertised as anything else would constitute false advertising on the company’s part. To add insult to injury the Prayer Wheel is bent and does not work! All this waiting due to the constant delays and this is it! Unbelievable!

    • I wasn’t going to buy this until I saw the prayer wheel spoiler. Of course I got the bowl…no mallet. The Bone Mala looks cheap, as does the random bracelet thrown in there, not on the info card. The incense smells so bad and strong I had to toss it. The mantra scroll is tiny and the flags are a joke. I also got some chimes. I feel like someone sent me a box of garbage. Not far from the truth considering my bowl was wrapped in a little newspaper, but everything else was just tossed in the box. I haven’t contacted customer service yet. I’ve never been this disappointed in a sub box!

  2. After they released a spoiler that all boxes would include a prayer wheel I ordered one as that was an item I would use. Low and behold the box shows up with no prayer wheel and a replacement item that is missing a part so is purely useless. I feel like I got ripped off by this company.

    • I received the replacement item as well, also without the mallet. I notified customer service. They said there were no more mallets to send out and they are to issued me a $10 credit so I can ” go buy my own”. Although, I’m not certain where I would ever find one not in a set. I agree with your disappointment.

      • I just looked and Amazon sells mallets separately, although most of them are over $10 with shipping.

        I’m expecting my box today. Suspect I will I have the same issue. 🙁

        • Thank you for the info, I’ll look it up.

      • They only gave me a $5 credit for the missing mallet. =(

        I’m beginning to think they didn’t send out any mallets. It would be exceptionally odd for only people who post here to get missing mallets.

        • I am very unhappy with this box! not only was there no spoiler item but my replacement “singing bowl” also was mallet-less. I have multiple of these bowls as is and would not have got the box if i had known i would not get the prayer wheel. Did anyone get the prayer wheel? Did anyone get a mallet? This is very shady and upsetting!

          • I got the prayer wheel. I’m actually surprised it seems to be working – it was just thrown in the box without any kind of wrapping or packing whatsoever. I didn’t get the mala – instead I got a(n actually very nice) bracelet. Some people on FB mentioned getting two bracelets, but you get what you get, I guess. I’m mostly disappointed in how poorly everything was packed (or more accurately NOT packed). They clearly took very little care with this.

          • I also got the prayer wheel, but mine arrived in two pieces and the metal shank that was supposed to hold it together was bent. Although I’m sure my husband can bend it back, it’s sad that simply wrapping it in a piece of tissue paper would have prevented this. I received a bracelet also, which is actually quite nice.

            All in all, I consider the money spent on this box as a charitable donation more than anything else. Since I did some research on the charity before buying this box, I’m satisfied that most of the proceeds will actually go to help the victims.

          • Looking at it that way brings me a bit of peace, as I would have donated that amount of money for the relief effort anyway. So, here’s hoping the items were provided for pennies on the dollar & most all the money goes to the people!

        • I actually got a mallet with mine! I didn’t get it until yesterday but everything was neatly wrapped. Some of the items were, in fact, small. I almost couldn’t read the scroll and I haven’t opened the prayer flags yet. I like the scent of the incense but I can’t burn it due to my asthma but my friend routinely cleanses her new apartment because she found out it’s on top of an American Indian burial ground. I give her all my sage and she’s excited about the incense.

  3. Oh man I really want this!!! But I just signed up for the monthly to get the jade bracelet AND bought a must have dress from Modcloth that just got restocked. Decisions! Ugh, I think I have to pass….

  4. Is there a way we can verify they will actually send the money to the International Medical Corps or at least know what they consider as the “Proceeds”?

    Three big name cancer charities just got busted for fraud. It just seems too easy to get people to hand over money under the pretense that it will somehow get to a charity in the end.

    Hate to be pessimistic, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the ‘proceeds’ are 10 cents per box.

    • I’m totally with you on that statement.. I was appalled when doing my clinical rotations smithy only 10 cents per pen for karmanos cancer foundation was actually going towards research.. If you want to donate and get further educated about what is going on around the world ( 2015 will be the year for “boat people’s”, the biggest amount of refugees since the Second World War, visit Avaaz, a legit association with no ties to any government.. They try to make a differences by organizing and sending help to the people who most need it..

      • Darn autocorrect.. Have no clue why the word smithy got in my comment.. Lol..

      • I just read their financial statement. About 85% of their incoming funds go to their programs with only about 15% going to administrative expenses . Now, granted, “programs” is a relatively loose word, but they do break out fundraising in a separate category, so it does not include that.

    • You can try visiting to see what they consider are effective/good/transparent charities. I looked up International Medical Corp and they don’t seem to be anywhere near top tier, but of course that shouldn’t stop one from buying boxes

  5. Definitely ordering one (and tomorrow’s hubby’s payday!) The lady who threads my eyebrows, as well as her whole shop, is from Nepal. One of the women who works there hasn’t heard from her parents since the second earthquake.

  6. I just bought one, I’ve never got yogi surprise before but this seems like a good “first” box if not at least I supported Nepal a bit

  7. I know this has nothing to do with the post but have you heard about the new clothing subscription Nadine West? You don’t have to pay anything up front and they mail you clothing or Jewelry based on your profile and the only thing you pay for is what you keep. I signed up! It seems really nice with upfront fees!

    • I just looked up this subscription and it seems pretty reasonably priced, with some nice stuff. I hope it gets reviewed here!

    • FYI… It is in the Subscription Box List on this site.

  8. What a wonderful idea! I just ordered one.

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