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Sample Society Subscription Update

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Sample Society Subscription Update !

(Thanks Judy, Amy, Sarah, Christine, Lily, Sonja, Brenda and Haley for letting us know about this change!) Subscribers just received this email from Beauty Bar about changes to the Sample Society subscription:

Sample Society Subscription Update  Details

The box is now switching over to management completely under Allure magazine. If you want to continue your subscription – no action is needed. Otherwise call the number above to cancel.

I’m curious to see what we can expect from the new Allure Beauty Box. What do you think?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. So we’re able to subscribe to the allure box now?? I received an allure email and subscriptions are open now for $15 a month! These little addictions are burning a hole in my purse!

  2. Beautybar has no info because they aren’t told anything other than to give subscribers the new number. I don’t know why everyone is freaking out. If the price or frequency changes they will notify you. Either accept the new terms or cancel. This isn’t a life changing catastrophe. Remember these sub boxes are supposed to be fun

    • Well said.

  3. I called the phone number they included in the email to see if the price was going to change. They were extremely rude and said they knew nothing about any of the changes at all and gave me a different number to call. I called the other number and the man I spoke with (who was very nice) said allure would not have any details on price until July. So the whole thing is really weird. I am a current subscriber and have always received the red allure sample society box. So I’m very confused.

  4. There’s a spoiler up on allures site for next month, apparently everyone will get a tanner.

  5. I received the same email although I am no longer a subscriber. I logged into my account, clicked on “Sample Society” under account, and it does read ” You have cancelled your Sample Society membership”. It sounds like someone did not want to bother with sending two different emails – one to subscribers and one to former subscribers.

  6. I was a little irritated that they sent out an email with a link that doesn’t even work! A placeholder would have been more professional than a page that just says ERROR.

  7. I also canceled a while back and emailed them. They responded that my account will not be charged and they had the record of me canceling. Looks like it just went out to everyone regardless of their status.

  8. Guys, I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m sure they just have all your old emails in a database and are letting everyone know the box is changing ownership in case any of those who left will want to return. I really doubt they will start charging people months and even years after they have cancelled.

  9. I am a current subscriber. I’m curious to see what changes they will make with the switch,I hope they are for the better.
    It doesn’t say that the price rate will change, so I am assuming that it will not.

    • Im curious too . I hope the price doesn’t go up.
      Also the hope the June box is filled up to the max !!! For there goodbyes. Welcome Allure.
      I thought Allure had a beauty box for alot more money.

      • I had the same thought too. I was hoping they would spoil us in June since it is the last box.
        There are 6 items again for the 3rd month in a row. I have been wondering if that was a preview of the new Allure Beauty Box, or if they have been extras from Sample Society in our last few months.
        I also have high hopes for the July box. Too attract more subscribers, I am hoping they give us a spectacular 1st monthly Allure Beauty Box.
        Yes, they have a box that was called Allure Beauty Box that is offered for individual sale filled with tons of full size drug store items. The name was recently changed to Allure Beauty Thrills box…
        After beautybar stopped accepting new subscribers I was worried the box would be cancelled. I am so happy that it is just a change in the management of the box. I am excited for June and July.

  10. I just got this well and was wondering what was going on. I haven’t been a subscriber since 2012! I stopped this one years ago, are they really just going to charge all their previous subscribers unless we cancel?

  11. I thought about trying them out, at least for the first month of them being under new management, but i cant seem to find anywhere to sign up. sample society states memberships are not available at this time.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Let me know if you find a way to subscribe!

    • I am a current monthly subscriber and have wanted to get a yearly sub, but it has been unavailable. I am sure it is because beautybar could not collect for future boxes that they will not be selling. It looks like the Allure Beauty box will be sold on the Allure website. I would not expect them offer anything for sale until June 15th, at the earliest. According to the email that is when the page will be active for subscribers to log into. I would expect to see subscriptions open no later than July 1st (unless it lands on a Sunday), since the box usually ships the 1st week of the month… hopefully that will not change. It is not that uncommon for subs to make you wait until the month of to order that box.
      I hope they open up yearly subs in late June/early July.

  12. I had a comment typed and for some reason “comment” was submitted. Anyway, I also unsubbed a while back and received the email. However, I’m almost tempted to resub because I bet the first box will be nice!! Plus, June is almost always a good box month!

  13. I’m concerned that they don’t say whether the cost is going up. The omission almost implies it is.

  14. I would guess that Allure wants to have more control over their brand. The many misses in the Sample Society boxes was probably starting to hurt their brand. I know I e-mailed them about SS lying about why they didn’t include the serum in my first subscription and not giving a full refund. I imagine other people did too about whatever problems they encountered.

  15. I am hoping that I will not be getting at least one email a day like I do now from beauty bar.

  16. I hope it doesn’t change too much (at least not for the worse — but better is always welcome!) because it’s one of my favorite subs. I don’t like that they’re eliminating the $10 coupon code that we were able to use each month at Oh well, I guess that’ll curb my spending a wee bit. 😀

    • Hmmm, I’ve never received a coupon code for $10 to use at Beauty Bar…. that’s odd.

      • It was standard in the boxes…spend $50 get $10 off

      • It was a running promo for all subscribers, but they did not always email about it to remind you. It was one of those things you had to remember to use or lose it by the end of the month. In 4 mos of subscribing, I only used mine once, and it was to order a previous box. It was a nice perk, but it always expired. If they’d let the $10 codes stack up without expiring like Birchbox does, that would’ve been great!

        • What Birchbox $10.00 codes and what do you mean stack up?

          • Birchbox doesn’t have codes, per se, they give points for purchases and for reviews you write. And they let them pile up without expiring. So I meant it would’ve been nice if Sample Society had done the same with their $10 monthly codes so you could collect $50 worth or so and really splurge for something nice. Instead it was a “use it or lose it” situation every month.

          • Birchbox points actually do expire- one year from the time they are issued. I have never had any expire because I keep a close eye on them. Most recently, I saved and used up almost 19,000 points in a year.

  17. It definitely looks like they sent it to everyone. I cancelled months ago and still received that e-mail.

    • I did too, I haven’t had a Sample Society box since November, hope they’re not charging me for anything in July.

      • I cancelled a few months back too. I keep thinking maybe it will be more brands like from the jumbo Allure Beauty Thrills- which won’t bring me back. I’m confused.

  18. I’m curious, as well. I’ve never received a box that wasn’t red and had Allure Society on the top… I wonder if there will be a difference and I was just getting the new packaging?

  19. I’m not currently a subscriber, but used to be and I got this email as well. Anyone else? Hoping they don’t charge me, but also too lazy to make a phone call and make sure they don’t.

    • Same, I cancelled after that month that I needed a microscope to see that there were even samples in my box. April, I think. If i get charged, I get charged and will call to cancel most likely. Hopefully they just sent it to anyone who had been recently subscribed though.

    • Same thing happened to me. I’ll just keep an eye on my account…

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