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Reminder: POPSUGAR Summer Special Edition Box Launches Today

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POPSUGAR Summer 2015 Special Edition Box Launch Date

The Summer 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have Special Edition Box launches today, May 13th! (I would guess the box will launch sometime between noon and 1 pm ET, but I’ll post again as soon as the box is live).

The POPSUGAR site doesn’t list the price, but I’m assuming it will be $100 like all of their previous Special Edition boxes.

Are you going to grab one? Check out my review of the Summer Special Edition box from last year to see what you can expect!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is now listed as sold out, I don’t blame CFDA purchasers for being upset still. All the PS boxes I have ever gotten have been great, but if someone got burned with the Neiman Marcus and CFDA boxes, I could understand the resentment.

  2. Obviously I need to reconsider my future. If a company can sell 8 crappy LE boxes in one year (I’m excluding the target) box and still get people to hand over money then perhaps they are on to something. At what point do you stop warning people and start capitalizing…thankfully I have ethics.

  3. There is absolutely no reason for Popsugar to provide a spoiler when people are going to sign up anyway lol… even after the CFDA debacle. I thought more people would hold out, the CFDA purchasers for sure. I can’t wait to see what’s in this one. Every time I don’t order an SE box I regret it, when I do… story of my life.

  4. Skipping it without a spoiler. Just dont want to be stuck with earrings I cant use. Even though I did not order the cdfa box after seeing what was in the box and reading the comments I dont want to take a $100 chance on this box.

  5. *snort* Not bloody likely. Fool me six times…..

  6. I can’t order it without a spoiler. I didn’t care for the spring box, only loved the train case. I got the holiday LE box and didn’t love it either, I need spoilers PS!

  7. ……. and go!!! Just couldn’t resist!

  8. I just ordered too… seriously, I am crazy after the CFDA fiasco but I just couldn’t stop myself. It was too easy with just one click! LOL

    • My faith was restored after The CFDA junk box, since they emailed me a return label. I have always been happy with PS until CFDA. They deserve another chance, but no more $200.00 boxes for me EVER!!!!

      • Totally agree! I was glad they did something to right the situation with CFDA and I also won’t drop 200 again. πŸ™‚

  9. I just ordered mine. It’s my first se box as I’m pretty new to subscription boxes. After the cfda box I’m nervous but wiling to take the chance based on past summer se boxes. I hope I don’t regret it.

  10. Its open!

  11. Just got mine!! why don’t I learn after the CFDA box….it’s a sickness!!

    • Me too! and CFDA box was so disappointing! I may try to return but waiting until I have mine in my hands to decide. I’m on the east coast. πŸ™

  12. FIXED

    Your order is complete!

    Your Special Edition Summer box will ship by June 15.

    We hope you enjoy this unique POPSUGAR Special Edition Must Have box! We can’t wait for you to see what’s inside! You will receive a confirmation email shortly, and we’ll notify you when your order is on its way!

  13. No way I’m getting this without a stellar spoiler and if it sells out before that happens, it wasn’t meant to be for me this round.

  14. I just ordered! Yeah!!! (for now)

  15. Seriously? It’s sold out?? I went from “not on sale yet” to “maintenance” to “sold out”

    • I know, right?!!! Grrrr

    • It is going back and forth it’ll come up soon (maybe)

      • Weird! I refreshed again and it was back. I got one.

    • I just went back in and it was available. Go for it Jessica!

    • try again. It’s working. I snagged one

    • I just ordered one so I don’t think it is sold out. Try the link again? Good luck, hope you get one. πŸ™‚

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  16. Maintenance mode! Aghhh!

    • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • That may mean they are updating the site so they can open the sale up

    • I hit refresh for the first 7 minutes that it was on sale and now it says that it’s sold out. This isn’t fair!

  17. Call me crazy but I have no hesitation in buying this. I didn’t get the CFDA box (and would have been sad if I did) but I have loved all the other LE boxes
    Oh and I got up early (I’m in California) in case they released the box first thing LOL

  18. What is CFDA??

    • Council of Fashion Designers of America

  19. Over on FB, those people are chomping at the bit to order this box. They are complaining like crazy because it’s not available yet.

    • I like that they keep asking why they are not able to purchase it. It hasn’t dawned on any of them that Popsugar never released a time. Ugh, I’ve been shaking my head at them all morning.

  20. It just occurred to me, my CFDA box isn’t scheduled to arrive until 5/21. The shipping info hasn’t been updated since 5/9 (at which time it was still in CA). I know that those shipping labels are only good for a limited time AND I don’t have a UPS anywhere near me. What happens if we don’t get the box back within the prescribed time?

    • I think the label will still be usable but in an abundance of caution you might contact PS and verify. Given that they’re issuing return labels and many boxes are still in transit you would hope the return window isn’t that limited. If it is, PS is ultimately costing themselves money since they pay for each label they send and then have to pay again to send another if the first expires before being used. So it’s a question worth asking though to me PS should bear the responsibility of knowing when to issue a return shipping label if the box to be returned hadn’t even been delivered yet.

    • I do a lot of UPS shipping for my job. Return labels don’t expire. The shipper (Popsugar) would have to “void” (cancel) the shipment request. The reason why is that the shipper isn’t actually charged until the return package has been received by UPS.

      • Sorry, I should clarify this is only from UPS’s point of view. I don’t know if Popsugar put a deadline on the return.

        • PS did put a timeframe in their email – for me it’s the 27th and my box is scheduled to arrive on the 21st. If it doesn’t by then I will write to PS – it’s close but should be “doable”.

          • I had to email them because my box isn’t slated to arrive until the 28th. I havn’t gotten a response yet

          • Another option is that you can see if PopSugar will accept the return without it being delivered to you. I think either you or PopSugar should be able to contact UPS to turn around the package. Don’t do it unless PopSugar agrees because you do not want to be out $195.00.

    • They sent me a FedEx label…not UPS. Is everyone else getting UPS labels instead?

      • I got a FedEx label too and did not see any expiration date or “use by” date on the return label or in the email.
        My box is supposed to get to me on the 21st and I got the return label yesterday.

        • Sorry for the confusion, it is a Fed Ex label, not UPS. My Email from PopSugar doesn’t specify a return date but I do know that often shipping labels are only good for 30 days once generated. I’m feeling pretty confident that PopSugar will accept returns no matter what at this point. I would think that all this point they want to avoid more bad press

  21. Sticking with Zoe and the MSA/Klover box, mama didn’t raise no fool. πŸ˜‰

    • OH fantastic idea and MSA kloverbox is still for sale, that purchase will keep me from falling for this haha!

  22. I want to buy it but I cannot do it right now at $100 price. After the CFDA disaster, they should be offering this one at discount. If that happens, I will buy it.

  23. At this point, they’d have to pay me to buy an LE box from them. I’ll stick to the monthly boxes. If they miss the mark on those, I only spent $40, so I don’t feel robbed.

    I wonder how many of the CFDA boxes they’ll get back? I get the feeling they’re going to be taking a big loss on that one.

  24. “Our last Special Edition box sold out in less than 24 hours!”
    Yikes. You’d think their marketing dept. would try to avoid mentioning that; the lack of self-awareness doesn’t inspire enough confidence to pull the trigger on $100.

  25. Will I be ordering one of these? Nope. Not after being underwhelmed by the Neiman Marcus and Resort boxes. I didn’t order a CFDA box, and I am SO glad I didn’t!! That was an unmitigated disaster on PSMH’s part. At least they are allowing refunds. (Although, I think that was more motivated by the fact that they started getting hit with chargebacks left and right, than any real remorse over the poor curation.)

  26. I wanted to buy this as well but just can’t do it without a spoiler. I’m waiting on my CFDA Box to return it. If this box is better than the $195.00 one im not gonna be happy ;(
    Wish they would of just gave us $95.00 credit so we didn’t have to go through this and return it since mine was suppose to be my Mother’s Day gift

  27. NO! NO! NO! Never again will I purchase a POPSUGAR box after the CFDA debacle. I no longer trust POPSUGAR. Sad day.

  28. Surprised no spoiler. I can’t commit. I will just have to swap my ass off!

  29. Yay, I got my return label for the CFDA box today. Now I just have to wait until it shows up on Monday to ship it back. It seems that the boxes below $100 are way better than the boxes around the $200 price mark.

    • You can return the CFDA box? How did you print a return label? Mine isn’t even showing up in my order history!

      • You have to email them to request one, then they will send you one as a pdf attachment.

  30. I just printed out my return label for CFDA and somehow I still want to press buy on this. Someone get me a straight jacket!

    • I completely understand your drive! I want to go for it as well even though I’m going to return the CFDA box! It occurs to me that I may have a sub box addiction!

      • Is a fun oversized beach bag too much to ask!? I can’t deal with another clutch.

  31. You’d think they would release a spoiler after the complete disaster of the CFDA box. If those who purchase it do so knowing that they will like at least one item in the box, the chances of mass disappointment is reduced.

    • I agree–A spoiler is definately needed for this box!

      • I agree! I missed the CFDA box, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. So I’m hesitating on whether to order this one or not.

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