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POPSUGAR Must Have QVC Box – Complete Spoilers!

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It took three different tries talking to customer care, but I got the complete POPSUGAR QVC Limited Edition product list. (The only thing we don’t have yet is the price). This box goes on sale on the 29th and is available for purchase only through QVC.

The box will include:

  • Foster Grant Aviator Sunglasses
  • Halo Pocket Power 3000 in Blue Leather (1 Year LMW)
  • 15oz Hampton Candy Assorted Sampler
  • Steel by Design Hoop Earring in Goldtone, Rosetone, or Silvertone
  • 1.7 fl oz GlamGlow Mask
  • 0.27 fl oz Peter Thomas Roth Mascara
  • Tangle Teezer Brush in Pink
  • 4.2oz Drybar Triple Sec Hair Spray

What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Did anyone find out how much the QVC POPSUGAR will be?

    • Its 100 with $3 shipping

  2. Subbies QVC is going to show the Popsugar box in the next few minutes. Find the channel, NOW!

    • DARN!! No sneak peek until Friday evening. Sorry!

  3. I was considering the box since I have been dying to try GlamGlow and I need a new battery pack but the price point is too high. I would purchase it if it was around $65. I may buy the June box instead.

  4. I won’t be participating at that price point. I am getting sunglasses in the regular Popsugar box and the rest doesn’t justify it for me. Hope others enjoy it.

  5. I’m going to pass at the $99.95 plus shipping and tax in my state. Not worth that much IMHO.

  6. I posted this once, my apologies if it is a duplicate, but my original comment seems to have disappeared!

    Just saw on another site that this box will be $99.99 plus $3 shipping, also available on 5 easy pays. I’m new to subscription boxes, and I’ve been reading MSA daily to learn about what’s out there… It’s definitely a new addiction lol. I think my money is going to go towards the Birchbox LE instead of this, I love those gray/red glasses! I also ordered the Popsugar LE and my first monthly Popsugar will be in June… So excited!!

    • Amanda what site did you see it advertised for $99.99?

    • I did a Google search and Ramblings of a Suburban Mom had a post about it. They also mentioned it should be on during the noon hour… So we will see!

    • I ordered the Birchbox LE box as well and am starting my PopSugar Must Have subscription in June as well!

  7. Interesting, I may go for it, depending on price. I don’t have pierced ears, and most sunglasses don’t look good on me, but I can easily gift those. Hopefully this will be under $100.

  8. I have a feeling this box will sell out quickly on QVC. QVC viewers buy a lot of things advertise on that channel and I have a feeling that it will be under $100 maybe even on EZ pay.

  9. Thanks for all your hard work. I can pass on this box. Like some have said, this maybe an introductory way to get the PS name out there for those that are not familiar with the brand. Maybe with a larger customer base the boxes will get even better.

  10. So I was actually watching QVC today (don’t ask). And it seems like they have some pretty good deals and if they are targeting the QVC audience then I don’t think they will be charging $100. $65 would be a great price point for this box!!

  11. Any way of knowing which Glamglow? I could use some more of the hydrating mask (the blue one) and that would make the box worth it to me.

  12. really curious to see how much this will cost. I’m really hoping $65 or $75

  13. Presumably Popsugar have some input as to the contents of this box. I’m surprised that there will be a hairbrush (there was one in a recent box) and there will be sunglasses in June’s PS box.
    Perhaps this box isn’t aimed at regular PS subscribers.

    • QVC has a kazillion viewers and I’m sure a lot have never heard of PS.
      So I think you might be on to something about might not be aimed at regular subscribers. Otherwise I don’t get the sunglasses and brush. It’s like they are shooting themselves in the foot.
      I’m wondering how they are going to present the whole thing and if a PS rep will be there and go into the sub service. It would be great advertising for PS.
      I cant wait to see the price and if they add shipping. ,

  14. It sounds like a nice assortment, but I either already own the products (or similar) and am just not interested in the rest.

  15. I feel like this in a good assortment contingent upon how much they decide to charge. It certainly is a random curation, but everything appears to be useful.
    However, the Quay sunglasses in the upcoming June box are really tempting me to subscribe again!

  16. I’m interested, deepening on the price. It will be hard to resist if under $100. But if it is at or above $100, I’ll pass bc I have bought too many $100 boxes for summer already.

  17. If its under $100, I think it might be worth it. But over that I don’t need it. I already have tweezers and hair spray. The GlamGlow is interesting but I
    don’t care for the moistrizing one. It smells too artifical. Let’s be honest all I want is the mask and chargeR, so if it’s over $100, not worth it!

    • It’s a “teezer” hair brush, as in for detangling, not tweezers lol.

    • Not TWEEZERS… It’s a hairbrush. Lol

  18. I’m more interested than I thought I’d be. If we can choose the finish of the earrings, I’m in. I’d love some nice rose hoops.

  19. Liz- Thank you for checking.

    I’m in if it is in the $50-$75 range. I’m interested in the GlamGlow, the halo, and the brush. I’m sure my family will eat the candy. I can’t use the other items which is why it is not worth $100.00. The PopSugar Target was $65.00 so I am hopeful that this will be around the same pricepoint.

    I think it is smart that PopSugar gave control over to QVC. PopSugar does not have to deal with complaints, returns, price markdowns etc. Smart planning.

    • *Not worth $100.00 to me. I can see how the price could be $100.00 based on the retail values on the items.

      • I bet all laid out it looks impressive as boxes do. Just sort of weird they are giving out Quay sunglasses in the next box. Not worth $100 to me either. But I mostly pay for the thrill anyway…

    • If it were $50, I would probably get it. Otherwise… I might just buy a halo.

  20. I did some researching and found some general price ranges for these products.

    Foster Grant Aviator Sunglasses = about $20
    Halo Pocket Power 3000 in Blue Leather (1 Year LMW) = about $10
    15oz Hampton Candy Assorted Sampler = about $30 (I *think*. I oddly had a hard time hunting this one down.)
    Steel by Design Hoop Earring in Goldtone, Rosetone, or Silvertone= about $25
    1.7 fl oz GlamGlow Mask = $69
    0.27 fl oz Peter Thomas Roth Mascara = $22
    Tangle Teezer Brush in Pink = $15
    4.2oz Drybar Triple Sec Hair Spray = $26

    approximate total value = $217

    So the value is there if it’s a $100 cost. Personally, the main thing I’d be happy to get would be the halo (I already have a lot of Glamglow) and it’s only $10.

    • but for $10 you can get a halo yourself – I may do that….

    • My guess is the box will be between$50-$75.

    • Where did you find the Halo for $10? They’re about $30 at the places I’ve looked.

  21. If it’s less/same price as the GlamGlow I am in. If not, I’m out, since I’ll have to gift the earrings.

  22. Thank you Liz for calling and posting. Now I can go shopping tomorrow. Lol!

  23. That is definitely a pretty random assortment. Hmm. Yeah.

  24. My ears aren’t pierced and I don’t wear aviators, so this box isn’t for me. The beauty items sound kind of ordinary for an LE box. The candy, brush and charger sound nice though.

    8 items is more than usual for PS, so I’m curious about the price. It seems like it would be a good deal for $100.

  25. I think I need to know the cost to know if I like these spoilers. There IS some good stuff in there (hello, Glamglow!), but if it’s $100, I’m not sure I’m game. I’ll have to look into some of the products a little more.

    But what I’d really like is to see some PSMG Summer LE spoilers! ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. I’ve got a pretty impressive sunglass collection due to sub boxes! Very interested, depending upon price. $100, yes, more than that, definitely no!

  27. I Iove qvc and have halo products. Love glamglow and like the other items. I only wear silver so that is iffy. if it’s $100, I’m all in. $200 no way. Something in the middle, maybe. Glamglow 1.7 is $69 on sephora and the halo is $30 so it may be over $100
    Thanks for the info

  28. Yea I was expecting more high end stuff. But I can understand the “bulk” of these items on qvc

  29. Drybar Triple Sec Hair Spray, Tangle Teezer Brush, Peter Thomas Roth Mascara, GlamGlow, and the Foster Grant Aviators all sound great. But a flashlight, candy, and hoop earrings… meh. Just don’t complete the box for me.

    Wonder what the price point will be? Maybe it will be worth it to buy and swap what I don’t want.

    • The Halo is actually a portable charger. I have several of them and I love them. Perfect for vacation and long plane rides ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Hmmm, I guess it’s a good assortment, but not what I was expecting at all. I had high hopes for this collaboration but I won’t be buying it unless it’s a crazy good value & then I’ll probably gift most of it.

  31. Hmmm, looks like an interesting assortment. Curious for the price.

  32. Thanks for posting this. I can skip the box now cuz I don’t have pierced ears and I wear prescription sunglasses so right there are 2 things I couldn’t use. Otherwise, there are some fairly good items in the box, like the brush and the candy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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