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New Deux Lux Travel Mystery Box

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Travel Mystery Box

Deux Lux has a new mystery box available!

The Box: Deux Lux Travel Mystery Box

The Cost: $100

The Products:Β You will receive 3 travel perfect items, one of which will be a weekender bag.

Are you going to grab one? (Check out my review of a previous Deux Lux Mystery Box to get a sense of what you can expect from this mystery box. The one I reviewed was aΒ $50 box though).

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. ARG!! My weekender is the Anguilla in Peach! SO not my taste. Drat! BUT that is what you risk when you get a Mystery box. It’s going up for trade, as is the Bellini passport holder in “Mermaid.” But I’ll probably be keeping the Le Cirque wing satchel in Navy. (Oh, how I was hoping for something from the Mod line!!)

    Here’s the thing. It’s all just a matter of taste. As far as I can tell, none of these bags are of any better or worse overall quality than the others. It’s just which styles match your taste.

    None of us got bad boxes (unless your products are defective or damaged.) Some of us got boxes that did not match our personal taste. And that’s what swaps are for. πŸ™‚

    (Although I imagine these will be pricey to ship. Still worth it if we get what we want, though.)

    • Haha – and see, I loved the peach anguilla so much that I just swapped for it! I think this is a fantastic deal and am glad we’ve got swaps for when we don’t get exactly what we want.

  2. Sadly, not super thrilled with mine. The stuff I got is beautiful, and great quality. But sooooo not my taste, which is kind of odd since I love like 90% of their stuff. I got the Baha weekender in navy and white with pink (and yes, also got the Baggu bag, and no, don’t particularly like stripes!) the Mod D-string messenger in Mink and the Havana ID case in pink. I will likely swap all of these, but would prefer to swap for other Deux Lux bags, so let me know if anyone is interested in switching!

  3. I received my travel mystery order today and could not wait to get home to see them so I had my son open the box for me but not too happy with my bags, thinking I might put them up for trade. I received the LeCirque Wing Satchel in Orange and the Anguilla Weekender in Green.

    • If you are interested in swapping my Baha weekender for your Anguilla, please let me know!!

      • Hi Treat, I just got home and I actually like the Anguilla bag so I will not be trading it. The leCirque wing satchel is really nice too I just wish I would have gotten another color besides Orange and plus just like you I have the Baggu bag from Popsugar too. Lol. Thank you for the offer though.

        • Thanks to you too! I was able to swap for the peach anguilla – glad you like yours. I’m looking forward to getting mine.

          • I’m happy you were able to swap and get something you liked.

  4. I received my box today I did put one up for swap which is the Deux Lux Bellini Passport Case. I’m not looking to match RTV value so be sure to check it out. I rather have something useful to me.

    I received:

    1. Deux Lux Baha Weekender Bag – This is huge! It’s larger than my current weekender bag and more sturdy. $155.00.

    2. Sonoma Mini Messenger Bag – – $85.00. I love this bag!

    3. Bellini Passport Case in Cotton Candy – $35.00 – It’s pretty. I placed it on swap because I am not going to use it.

    I’m very happy with my purchase. I feel the two items that I am keeping are worth the price I paid.

  5. Looks like my bags still won’t arrive until Tuesday!!! I’m taking my son on a college tour near the end of the week. It will be nice if the weekender bag works out for this. I have one that I use already, but it’s not as nice as what Deux Lux offers. I’m enjoying reading what everyone has been receiving.

  6. I’m very happy. I love two of my three pieces. I got the Mod Weekender in Ecru which is amazing!!! I also got the Cotton Candy passport cover in Aloe which is lovely.

    My only dislike is the Havana Wing Satchel in Pink which I will swap.

  7. Got home from yoga and the box was waiting. I got a passport cover in gold, the cheyenne draw string, and best of all, the mod weekender in Ecru. This bag is huge. The mod weekender isnt in a dustcover but rather wrapped in tissue with a mesh-like sack around it.

    • Cayenne not cheyenne!

  8. I have to add that this mystery bag was so much better than the last one. Even though it costs twice as much – for me a it was a hundred times better. I basically ended up swapping everything but one pouch from my last two mystery bags, so even though I spent more this time, the value was definitely there!

  9. I ordered two boxes, not realizing they were $100 apiece and not $50. Thankfully, they are both fabulous!

    I received the
    (1) Cayenne Sunday Drawstring Satchel ($105 RV) – so awesome – I can’t wait to carry this bag!
    (2/3) Two passport covers ($35 RV each) that I will swap – I prefer to have a zippered cover and these are both open).
    (4) the Coquette Mini Messenger ($110 RV) will swap – it’s beautiful, but cloth and just not that practical.
    Best of all –
    (5/6) the Desert Bleecker Weekender ($205 RV) and the Ecru Mod Weekender ($155 RV) – both of which I will definitely keep!

    So basically, $470 in bags that I love and will definitely use and another $180 in items to swap!

    The only issue is the the zippers on the Bleecker Weekender stick a little and I’m wondering if they are going to go off the anyone else having this problem with their weekender bag? Next to my Cheyenne Satchel, this is my favorite bag, so I hate to return it and risk not getting the same item as a replacement. I would also hate to keep it and have the zipper quit working next week.

    • You got the Mod weekender!!! OMG, I love that style! Maybe there’s hope that I’ll get one too! (A girl can dream…)

      I’m so happy you love your bags! I considered getting two boxes for about 5.627 seconds before deciding it was just too risky.

    • I got the Amalfi weekender and the zipper is a little odd, acts like it doesn’t want to zip up sometimes, but it will.

  10. I will come right out and say it. I thought rejecting the coupon code and paying 100 instead of 80 would get me better bags. I see that others received much better picks than myself. πŸ™ darn..I was all over that site at 2:30 too..plenty of good stock to pick from.

  11. I didn’t use the coupon code and I have grown so disappointed with my bags that they are going out with the trash. I don’t think they could be swapped. I regret rolling the dice on this one. I will never recommend doing this again.

    • Donate them – why would you throw them away?

    • I agree donate don’t throw away?

      I’m thinking you are the same person who said below that they got the baja weekender? I think it’s way cute and bet many other people would as well and be happy to swap for it. Your bag and passport case are way cute too, I don think you will have a problem at all swapping.

    • I agree the baha weekender bag is cute, you could totally swap it or at the very least donate it. It’s worth at least $150, claim for your taxes and someone at the thrift store will be super stoked they found such an awesome bag.

  12. I used the coupon I posted and my order is set to be at my house today. I didn’t get my order cancelled! 80$ bargain!

  13. I got the Amalfi weekender bag which I actually love, it’s metallic striped with orange handles and zipper. It’s sold out now but retailed for $185. Also got the Le Cirque wing satchel, which is as soft as butter it’s amazing. The color is kind of like a blushed nude color. I love the style of the purse, minus the patchwork looking front, not crazy about the color, but it’s so freaking soft I’ll probably keep it just so I can pet it lol. It retailed for $155 but is on clearance now in navy for $46.50. And I also got the Bellini passport cover, which I have no use for since I don’t have a passport. It’s pretty though and retailed for $35. I paid $80 with the promo code and am so thrilled with my weekender bag. I might gamble again next time they have a mystery box.

  14. I think I’ll swap the Havana Wing Satchel and keep the striped weekender.

    • Your striped weekender is nice. I hope I get one I like. Supposed to get it around Tuesday. Enjoy it πŸ™‚

  15. I ordered a mystery box same day/hour it was released. Haven’t received any tracking/shipping info and I’m crossing my fingers I receive a nice box this time. My last one was so very sad compared to the nice boxes you all received.

  16. I received mine 20 minutes ago. I received the striped bags (Baja?) Weekender as shown on shopbop in the blue and beige strip with pink handles and straps. Hip-hop says it retails for 145.

    I received the havana wing satchel. I can’t find it on the site built it has the havana style with pom poms with pink, yellow and blue. It retails for 135.

    I also received a Bellini passport case. I like it and will keep it. It retails for 35.00

    I am waiting for the swaps page. I am pretty much into neutrals and vegan leather and neither of the bags are my style. I was lucky with the last mystery box..maybe I shouldn’t roll the dice anymore since I have a specific style. I am bummed because I purposefully didn’t use the discount code because I was hoping for vegan leather bags. Guess it didn’t work out that way.

    • Mine came today as well. I got the mod weekender in nude which while not my favorite color wise (I love bright colors) it’s so nice I think I will have to keep it. I also got the coquette mini messenger in ivory which is super cute but again nude and then a bright pink shiny passport case which I LOVE!

      • Omg, you got the Mod weekender, too?!? Man, I might get my hopes up.

        Maybe if I get a weekender you like better, we could swap? πŸ˜€ (Although I imagine they’ll be pretty pricey to ship.)

  17. My box arrives Tuesday.

    • I have to wait until Tuesday, too!

      I’m pretty nervous. At $50, I was able to buy two of the boxes last time and it worked out for me. Of the six items, I liked two and was able to trade most of the rest. Now with only one box, I have less of a chance of liking anything.

      Oh well. There are worse problems to have! πŸ™‚

  18. Mine arrives tomorrow πŸ™‚

    • Let us know what you receive! Mine says Saturday. I like my items from the last time but some folks got amazing bags!

      • I loved my box, passport wallet, messenger bag, and weekender bag.. At least a $300 value.

        • which weekender did you get daisy ?

          • I got the Baja weekender πŸ™‚ love it!

    • I haven’t received a shipping notice yet! Boo!

  19. Liz, will you be posting a review of this? I won’t be purchasing it but I would like to know what I am missing out on

  20. How often are they doing these ?

  21. I was just able to randomly get one, so they do seem to be repleneshing stocks every so often.

  22. Tried last night and said sold out and just tried again and said sold out. Boo! I really wanted this one. If it opens up let me know!

    • Still there, you need to select from the drop down for it to work

  23. Saying sold out right now πŸ™ I think the Weekender bags are pretty cute!

  24. After seeing all the adorable purses and wallets ladies received from the last Mystery offer, I was bummed I didn’t get in on it- so I decided to take advantage of this one. As of about 5 minutes ago, the Mystery offer was still available on the website and I had no trouble ordering.

  25. I just got mine to go through, too. I hate the feeling you get right after you spend a good amount of money. It’s a mixed emotion !! Well, we’ll just have to see if I did good!!!!!!!

  26. Broke down and ordered this. I travel for work so hoping it will be all items I can use.

  27. Thank You! I ordered one. I can’t wait to see what arrives πŸ™‚

  28. The site is up again and taking orders!!! I just placed mine at 7:00 am CST and received my order confirmation. Warning…keep in mind that it clearly states that a coupon can not be used on this item and that you have to agree to their terms and conditions to make this purchase….so if you purchased and used the coupon code…they are within their rights to cancel your order. I’ve seen this happen before on other site when there is a coupon glitch…which might be the reason the site kept having issues and I didn’t want to chance it…so I didn’t use the coupon

  29. Tell me if you ever get through to buy one. If you wouldn’t mind Starla. I’ve tried to several times and each time I get sold out

    • Just paid at 9:30AM. It finally worked. πŸ™‚

  30. Still tells me sold out, yet Facebook says not sold out. So frustrated…
    I’ll keep trying for a bit.

  31. Tried it a few times until it worked, mine is ordered now :)!

    • I had to try a bunch of times as well but it finally let me order. The signup20 coupon code worked too! Sweet!

      • Missed the code πŸ™

  32. It says sold out! It’s the first time I’ve been on the computer today. I’ll keep checking in case it is a glitch.

    • Try again, I just looked and it’s working again.

      • It must be me. It’s not meant to be πŸ™

        • I seriously tried every 15 minutes or so since 8pm without luck but it finally worked for me a few minutes ago. Now I’m getting that error again too. They must still be having issues with the page.

          • I’m giving up for the night. Maybe it will work for me tomorrow.

  33. I went for it. I really like my wallet from the last mystery box. If worse comes to worse I’ll put them in swap. I have Ann elle bag in Hunter from the last mystery box.

    • What time zone are you in, because I have been trying for the last 3 hours and it keeps kicking me out.

    • I am looking to swap for that bag Claudia!! It screams Christmas to me and I REALLY want one to carry for the Holiday season.

  34. It’s working again, just ordered!

  35. They posted on IG that it’s a glitch and they’re working on it, not sold out.

    • Yes, I saw that too. I hope my order went through okay. The picture of example items on Twitter are really cute! Want it!!!

    • Its back up on thier site

  36. I did some more poking arund on their site and found a link to a Twitter post they made today at 2:30pm, in which they state, “The travel mystery box is up early!” They made another post yesterday on Instagram that said the sale would start Friday. So I guess some people just got early access.

  37. It was taken off the sale page as well. I think they are sold out.

  38. Would like to sign up for the Deux lux mystery travel box..when I click on your link it says not found..could you provide another link?

    • Hm – that’s weird – I wonder if they already sold out, or just took the page down?

      • Liz-do you know if this was a new sale as of your posting..or has it been going on for awhile? Maybe because it is a guaranteed weekender bag…they only have so many to sell.

    • it looks like it sold out ! it was under the sale section on their website but is no longer there !

  39. The error code is odd. I bought mine an hour ago or so…I wonder how long this sale has been going on. Is it old but new to MSA? That’s really odd.

  40. As of 5:57pm, I’m getting an error code when I click the link. “Sorry, Product ‘DL100’ is not available at this time.” O.o I’ve poked around the site but can’t find the mystery box. They couldn’t have sold out already, could they??

  41. Passing on this box. I did not like the last box and that was only $50. I liked everyone elses items better then the items i got.

  42. I know it’s a mystery box..but I wish we could specify what colors we like. I like neutrals..for example..still a surprise but atleast they would have an idea what to pick.

  43. I’ll have to pass also. The last mystery box was awful. Atleast with this box you know of one item you will receive.

  44. I’m guessing Weekender, Passport Case, and Luggage Tag. I’m also guessing lots of Anguilla print. I’m going to pass.

    • Or a key chain….

  45. I used coupon code signup20 and it made the box only $80!! Totally sweet dude!

    • Thank you! I just used your code, I couldn’t pass it up for $80, I’d like the Anguilla Weekender but hope for green. I love weekender bags, I just bought one at Target a few weeks ago because I needed one. I’m hoping for a makeup bag or train case instead of a luggage tag or passport case that I’d never use.

      • Makeup bags, hoping for one of those. I like the Key Largo in Silver.

    • The coupon code isn’t working now. πŸ™ I was going to go for it at $80, but not at $100.

    • I tried to use my signup20 code and it wouldn’t work for the mystery box, hmm

  46. Ooh…I really like the black downtown weekender, too.

  47. I love the Sydney Weekender. Hoping for this one..especially the one that’s is black and pink. I hope it’s black and not navy. I really want that one.

  48. The last mystery bag wasn’t my taste, have to pass on this one.

  49. so tempting ! i wonder what else will be in it besides a weekender since thats the main thing they have for traveling

  50. I am trying this one. I am going to be taking a lot of trips this summer. I was more than impressed with their mystery box of bags recently. I loved mine!

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