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May 2015 Golden Tote Options – Full Spoilers!

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The May Golden Tote goes on sale Monday May 11th at noon ET. Below are all the clothing options!  (Check out my review of the April 2015 $149 Golden Tote to see what you can expect with Golden Tote).




Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. After torturing myself in April and not being able to score even one item I wanted (even after the restock) I swore no more GT! But there are too many great items I’d love, so of course I’ll be gearing up for the keeping my fingers crossed, begging the screen to load and not see a sold out message stress-fest that’s sure to begin on Monday. 🙁

  2. I’m thinking of getting a tote for the first time. Is there anyway to find out what comes in the $49 or the $149 totes before the sale launches on Monday?

  3. Anyone have any experience with the sizing of the puella swing dresses? I’ve been eyeing them for a while, and love the print panel, but they seem so huge!

    • In my experience, the puella swing dresses/tops are very tent like. I would recommend sizing down and/or belting it! 🙂

  4. Size 0 women are real too.

  5. I ordered my first golden tote in april. It seemed as if they didn’t read my style profile at all as I asked for no baggy or flowy shirts, only tight fitted shirts and marked that down in all the appropriate places on the style profile. Yet my surprise item was a long, baggy, flowy shirt that goes past your butt and looks like a rent because it’s so baggy. So they obviously did not read that I did not want any baggy shirts. 🙁 and you can only dry clean the shirt and I never use the dry cleaners. Ugh

  6. I LOVE everything!!! I’d love to order but what if an item doesn’t fit? Are you able to exchange sizes??

  7. Do they have a no skirts/dresses option? And if you choose that, is it still worth getting? It seems like the majority of their items are skirts/dresses, which I don’t wear.

    • In your style profile, you can say that you don’t wear dresses and/or skirts. I’ve done that, and I haven’t received any dresses or skirts! I’m very pleased with my tops and bottoms!!

  8. Took the words out of my mouth 🙂

  9. I only see one thing that I really really really want, and am hoping it’s in $49 dollar tote so I won’t be tempted to splurge on the $149 tote! (My luck does not normally work that way…)

    • Me too! I would have bought from them every month for the last 6 months or so if a number of pieces were available in the $49 tote. I can afford that… the $149 is a bit much for me.

      • I have bought a few $149 totes and while I think they really are a better value I can’t spend that every single month, whereas I can typically spend $49! I’m the same way, they ALWAYS have one thing I would love if it were offered in the small tote, but the small totes options are SO limited. However, I’m also a SUCKER for free shipping and with the $149 totes having free shipping now I’m WAY more tempted to splurge.

  10. I’m having a love/hate relationship with Golden Tote right now. I’ve disliked everything I’ve received in my last two totes and returned both. Even the items I picked out didn’t work for me and didn’t look as pictured. I love almost all of the May options shown here but I’m afraid of the same thing happening again. I should probably just buy the items I’m interested in and not take chances with the mystery items!

    • I’m in the same boat!! My first couple fall totes were fantastic but my last two were so disappointing and I love a few pieces from this month I think I will have to give it another go.

  11. I saw these earlier on their tumbler post. This time they sure release a lot of pictures, which helps to see all the different combination. 🙂

    Usually I don’t order from them, but there is a top that I’m eyeing, and hope that the fabric is cotton instead of blend, and in the $49 bag.

  12. Wow, I like at least 3 pieces in this tote, hard to make a decision.

    Thank you for posting.

  13. OK, I know they aren’t an option, but so many of the shoes on those models are SO CUTE! GT needs to get in on the shoe market!

    • I know! There were 3 pairs of shoes I really wanted!

  14. I am so mad at them! I got my March tote a couple of weeks ago. Apart from the 2 items I had chosen, the rest was absolutely not my style. Then this week I got my April tote ( I don’t know what is their problem for shipping to Houston, but it takes ages…) . I had a jean as an add on, the site recomended going one size down. I did, but it is still too big ( and slims are made to be, well, slims), I got a pencil skirt that won’t go pass my bum ( I am a size 4) and a bunch of really oversized hippie t shirts and such. My profile states Kate Middleton as a reference, when did that turn into boho cool? Not one piece I can wear to work. When I contacted them reagrding the sizing problem ( I didn’t even mention the fact tht they had forgotten to even look at my profile), they said the problem was mine and if I wanted I could return my 2 totes and my add on. I still haven’t herad from them regarding how to do this. I think since they started revamping themselves, they went down the wrong path. Customer service takes forever to answer and shipping is the worst.
    Has anyone been having this problem? How do I send everything back?

    • If you are unhappy with your totes, simply return them. The instructions are on their website and simple to access rather than waiting on someone to lead you through the process (this is clearly provided on their website: Tote curation is also not 100% guaranteed to match your tastes…hence the “surprise” items. I think they do a good job most of the time but are certainly not going to be able to provide perfection for $149 (large tote). And yes, they do suggest ordering one size down if you don’t want the “boyfriend” fit or if the brand runs large. “Slims” aren’t even a style they offer but they do have boyfriends and skinnies on the site this month (and the past several). I’ve subbed to them almost a year with some hits, some misses, and some so-so. And in regards to Kate Middleton, where is that a choice on the styling profile? Maybe this was a choice on the old site but I’ve not seen it on the new site. Adjust your profile and your sizes if you are unhappy. I don’t work for Golden Tote or am I affiliated in any way, however, these kind of misleading comments hurt subscription companies when they are written as though they (sub company) purposely did something wrong.

      • You can also try selling and trading items on the Facebook Golden Tote Trading Group. I’ve done a lot of selling, buying, and trading on there if I wasn’t happy with an item I got or saw something that I wish I’d received. That said, I did return a large tote a couple weeks ago because I didn’t really love my chosens and wasn’t having much luck with selling/trading. I used a medium flat rate box from USPS, and it cost about $11 to send back (they refund initial shipping, if you paid it, but you have to pay to ship back). You also have to include the tote itself and the invoice that came in the box.
        Also if you want to keep a chosen item but return the rest of the tote, you have to pay “boutique” price for that item. Or if you want to keep a “surprise” item, you can do that for $35, I think. You just have to make a note on the invoice.

    • I agree with you on your comments since the the website revamp…I’ve been extremely happy with all my totes until the new website {including my mystery tote!} I’ve only contacted customer service once, it took FOREVER to get a response {my style profile would not save, pg 5}…when “Jen” did respond, she asked what browser I was using to open & save my profile with, didn’t offer any help.

      I say, if your style is Kate Middleton then put it down!! If a stylist can’t figure THAT out then you don’t need to invest anymore money there!!! Btw, great style choice…Bet you look AHHH-mazing!!

      Make sure you send your tote back w/in 14 days, mark on your invoice if you kept anything…in sent mine back in a priority mail box {11-12 bucks, took 2 days}. You’ll get an email once they receive it and refund your $$…takes about a week.

      My opinion, I think GT is overwhelmed right now…the website threw them for a loop & they can’t keep up. Maybe they should apologize to their loyal customers and pick up the speed on the shipping {that’s where ppl are getting frustrated, their orders sit pending for weeks}…they’re are pocketing our money so fast & from the looks of it, the quality of the work/craftsmanship/customer service is all going downhill…fast.

      My tote FINALLY shipped for March after a long waiting period {can understand a delay for thoroughness, but I ordered the tote on launch day w/in the hour it launched}. Think I received it sometime mid-April. It was nothing like my previous totes, haphazardly thrown together & nothing like my style profile. Returned it all except my chosen add-on {which is crazy to pay the boutique price for AFTER you pay the add-on price for already…JUST realized how much of a rip off that is. I paid 35 originally, then 45 boutique. Ayayay}. Oh well, THAT won’t happen again!!!

      The sizes listed on my invoice were large {2 shirts}, they sent mediums…they were ginormous! They sent a large dress, it fit like a small and another large dress that fit well {but not my style bc I clearly stated on my profile no cleavage…my 36 FF’s were walking themselves out of the dress!}. It’s obvious they don’t read the profiles…they are just filling orders to be shipped.

    • Hi! You can send back the tote via any shipping method. USPS priority would probably work best IMO.

      I haven’t personally had an issue with my curated surprises since the new site but their sizing can be weird The two pairs of skinnies I bought were sized very strangely…I initially got my normal size, then sized down, and they were STILL too big (this was for the skinnies, not the boyfriends).

      I still like GT but I think I like the trading group even more. I have bought “a la carte” several items and two mystery totes curated by members of the trading group. They were both fabulous especially for the price. I have always had good experiences with trading/ buying and the ladies are SUPER nice.

      If you do try to trade/sell, I’ve noticed that women who post reveals of the totes tend to sell faster.

      whatever you decide, good luck!

      • Thanks for your support!:)
        I totally admire the ladies who can sell the clothes that don’t fit. I have never done it, I just send them to a friend who is my size and has teenage daughters, who lives back home in Paris, post office makes big bucks with me on that one 🙂
        But, if any of you ladies are a size 2/4 with a cool boho style, I can send them to you if you pay post.

  15. I wish GT dresses were bra-friendly. I love that green print one, but who wants to wear a strapless bra with such a easy, flowy dress!
    Also, that floral jacket is MINE!

    • No jackets for me!! We’ll have to swap if I get jackets and you get those tops I’m lusting after, lol.

        • You got it LOL… I am one of those people who aren’t blessed with the ability to carry off jackets or hats, it’s so depressing because I adore hats. We have yet to find a hat my daughter doesn’t look good in, though. Thankfully, menopause caused me to not care about the jackets. 🙂

    • I would just get pasties. You can get the reusable ones (hand wash with gentle soap and water) for around $20 or you can get a pack of one-use at Target. I sometimes use them even with normal-coverage shirts just because I don’t want to wear a bra.

      • I just use two bandaids taped in a X shape…works just fine.

    • The majority of their dresses are bra friendly.

  16. Ack, and you can only pick TWO!! I could go… I want this, and this and this, no patterns please, nothing with a belt please, and this and this… lol.

    • You do have the option to add on items to the tote for about $30 or $35 each (depends on item), so you can pick more than two if you want (just have to pay more!)

      • Problem is, I’d probably be broke and they wouldn’t have anything left I like to surprise me with LOL

      • This is what I will start doing….last tote in March, I chose the pop tee dress in the $49 tote which I really like. I told them I liked knits and received a cool, light weight knit long open cardi! I then added on the puella dress for $35 and got the perfect tote for $85. This just seems to make more sense to me than the $149 tote with lots of surprises, especially since I am a size 12/14. I really like the new Puella dresses this month, so will either get a small tote and add it on or just buy the dress outright!

        • I did the same thing this last tote – got the small tote, picked three add-ons and got five pieces with only one surprise item for only $5 more than a large tote price. Course the boyfriend jeans were too tight, but that is my own fault. Boo!

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