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Luxor Box Subscription Review – May 2015

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Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 First Look

Luxor Box is a new subscription box for women that includes beauty, home, jewelry, accessory items and more.  (This box is currently in waitlist mode).

This is their very first box, so I took way more unboxing photos than I normally do:

Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 Wrap

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 Box

This box will definitely be reused for gifting or storage!

Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 Inside

Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 Items First Look

Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: Luxor Box

The Cost: $125 to the US, $155 to Canada (Ships every other month)

The Products: Every-other-month we curate a selection of five to seven full-size, hand-picked, products with a value of $250+ per delivery. Our surprise selections will range from high-end spa products, top-shelf beauty products, jewelry, apparel, home accessories and unique treasures from around the world.

Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 Info

This box comes with individual product info cards for each item included. The cards give a brief description, retail value, and coupon for the brand.

Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 Tea Light

Mariposa Lumiere Tea Light – Value $25

Subscribers will receive one of two variations (both silver).

Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 Candle

This is a well-made piece, but it doesn’t fit our decor well, so I think I may end up gifting it. (Fortunatly it already comes ready to gift!)

Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 Sugar

Chambre de Sucre Sugar Ball Set – Value $26

These are meant to be used for tea and coffee – they definitely look fancier than sugar packets! My husband and I don’t use sugar in our coffee/tea, so these will be another lovely item to gift!

Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 Earrings

Lisa Stewart Bar None Stud Earrings – Value $85

These are made with Sterling Silver Vermeil and 14k gold plated. They are beautiful and I love the delicate size. Here is a close up:

Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 Studs

(To give you a better idea of scale, these measure 1 cm long).

Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 Scrub

MSC Vanilla Exfoliating Sugar Scrub – Value $33

I’ve sampled the MSC line before and I really like their products, so I was happy to see three of them in this box! This scrub leaves a good about of oil/moisture on your skin, and the vanilla scent is very light.

Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 Oil

MSC Lavender + Bergamot Body Nectar – Value $30

This body oil is made with natural ingredients, and I love that there are lavender petals floating in it! The oil itself absorbs quickly, and is pretty fragrant – this is definitely for lavender lovers only!

MSC Lavender and Spearmint Lip Cream – Value $7

The Spearmint is the dominant flavor in this lip balm – which is my preference.

Luxor Box Subscription Review - May 2015 Lotion

Red Carpet Kolour Body Glow in Medium – Value $50

This lotion is paraben and fragrance free, and designed to give your skin color and shine, and hide the appearance of spots, stretchmarks, etc. It sounds great, but unfortunately I’m allergic to one of the ingredients (Red dye 40), so I’ll be passing this along to a friend or swapping it.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $256. That’s double the cost of the box, so I’m happy! The packaging of this box is fantastic, and it definitely has a luxe feel. I’m going to use about half the products and gift/swap the rest, but I’m still pleased with the brands/products they included. I’m curious to see more boxes in this subscription so I can get a better feel for what they deliver, and I’m also curious if there will be variation in the boxes, or if everyone gets the same items.

What do you think of the first Luxor box? Is this what you were expecting?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. ahhh not sure if i liked it or not(leaning to not really) its still sitting in the box on my table. For the amount i paid (plus $50 duty! wtf didnt realize that was going to happen) not sure if the value is there for me….$26 sugar balls??? and the earrings valued at $85…I know many people like them but for me meh, and of course i got the wave tealight holder when I really wanted the triple pearls which was the one thing I was excited for from looking at spoilers(darn it :)). I know that the items are of good quality and well curated for a specific group unfortunately it was a miss for me. I will hang on for the next box and if it turns out the same unfortunately i’ll have to cancel…and I had such high hopes for this box…

  2. Hi, did anyone else sign up early for this box? I signed up on March 20, through PayPal. We just received the box in May which means the next box doesn’t ship until July however Luxor Box just tried to charge me through PayPal yesterday! So basically they are getting two payments from me when I’ve only received 1 parcel.
    I wrote them about this and they responded saying that the agreement is a reoccurring agreement so you are billed every 2 months from the time your purchase. However I think we should be billed every two months according to when the parcel actually is shipped. At this rate they will receive two full payments from me for every one parcel I receive. I don’t want to pay 2 months in advance for a box I haven’t received and then when it arrives pay again for the next box.
    I called PayPal and they aren’t able to change the payment date. So hopefully Luxor box will. Since I don’t think I should be paying for Julys box until July.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    • Yes, I noticed it. Their FAQs state that you will be charged every other month on the anniversary of your subscription, so if you signed up on 3/20, you will be billed on 3/20, 5/20, 7/20, etc. I guess you could cancel and then re-subscribe closer to the shipping times, but then I assume you would lose the early subscriber discount. Maybe they’ll change your billing date, since you asked. Good luck!

      • I noticed this, too. I assume that charging two months in advance helps them with cash flow – they have everyone’s money in advance to purchase what goes into the box. It’s definitely something to keep in mind if we decide to stop subscribing – need to cancel before you’re charged again for something you won’t get for two months!

  3. I opened up my scrub for the first time and just realized it’s a dried up brick. Anyone else had this? I don’t mind that the scent isn’t really detectable but I’m not sure what to do with a hardened brick of sugar. Throw it in the blender with some of that body oil to reconstitute it…?

    • My sugar scrub also came in dried up. I had to add body oil to be able to loosen it up which is just pitiful. The Lavender oil also had a leak. I cancelled immediately, Ridiculous!

    • Mine was pretty dry but not totally dry. But there’s basically no scent at all. Maybe that dried up with the oil??? And I must say the lip balm is nothing to write home about. Haven’t tried the oil yet – hoping I love that!

  4. I was not ready to sign up for this before seeing the first box but did sign up to be on the wait list in case it was awesome. Originally they said the wait list will be really long it can take up to a year. Well I got an invite today. I won’t be signing up because this box was not for me but looks like enough people cancelled after box one and those who love it will get a spot soon.

  5. A lot of people have commented re: age on this post/box but I am 27 and I think the items are great. The tea light is cute and would look nice even mixed with other styles of decor, the sugar balls are nice for entertaining, the msc items are quality natural skincare items and the rck item is really practical. Sure maybe it is not the most exciting box ever but I think it’s nice and definitely not geared toward “old” people

    • I agree! I’m 43 but don’t consider myself “old!” and I thought the items were reasonable – you’re trying to please a pretty mixed crowd, after all. I will gift the tea light as I have two small kids and it won’t get the love it deserves but I agree that it could mix with almost any decor. I didn’t care for the MSC items. The sugar is cute and good for entertaining or gifting and I’ve been wanting to try the RCK for a while so I was thrilled to receive that.

  6. I just got my box yesterday. I wasn’t sure what to expect because the spoiler they did release was defiantly not me. As some of the others that stated they couldn’t find a login account to look at they’re account was a bad sign! I agree, you do want to know whats going on with the money you spent. I contacted them because I too was very frustrated with this. They did get back to me and told me I would have to login to my paypal account to see my account. Honestly that told me nothing besides how much and when I paid for it. Second of all the box was nice but, everything was I felt geared towards older people. I’m 39 and I felt it was things my grandmother might. This was a box a was truly excited to be getting. I was hoping that it was going to be the next and upcoming great box like that of PopSugar’s Must Have only maybe a step up. Unfortunately it totally fell flat!!!! Now I’ll just have to figure out how this swap thing works because that’s where my items are going!

    • Did you pay for the sub via PayPal? Everything will be communicated by PayPal to Luxor. The good thing is that it’s easy to cancel a PayPal occurring payment.

      • *reoccuring, not occuring, payment

  7. I got my box yesterday and gone thru the items. I did use the sugar for my herbal tea last night, and I thought it is quite fun to drop a couple sugar balls (still need to figure out the amount, whether 2 or 3 or more, for taste). I wore the earrings to work today. I hardly buy earring, and almost all come from sub boxes, and I always reach for the smaller pair for work. For some reason, I thought I know the brand Mariposa from somewhere, and was excited about it, even if it is a candle tea light. I thought it would look great in my patio (not the best place, but it works for me). Not a big fan of the beauty/skin care item, but it’s something that I ‘might’ use or swap.

    It finally dawned on me, that if the box description said understated luxury, and not over the top luxury, it might get the ‘right’ target people. To me, these reflect that. I like simple luxury. However, I would like that they stop sending beauty/skin care item.

    I like it enough to continue. Plus the packaging is so so cute!

  8. Just got my box today and I am quite pleased with it! I am locked in at $95 and will not be canceling anytime soon. I think this box (hard to judge from just one) fits a different niche. Maybe it is age? I’m 36, but nothing about the other previously mentioned boxes excites me, in fact most items look like items that could be found in clearance bins at 90% off.

  9. I just received mine today and think it is a nice box. Items well wrapped and nice presentation. I appreciated that the oil and scrub was wrapped in case of leakage. Thoughtful and extra care. I liked everything but have to admit it missed the mark for me for as far as luxe or a wow factor. Looking forward to seeing the next box.

    • i am looking forward to the next box to see what they have in it . if its a wow i have no problem paying the 125 for the 3 box to me this box was not a young person box more late 50 box hopefully over time this box will get better we will know buy july . i must admit i like the boxes that come with sneak peaks and you get a review first easier for me to say yes or no when i know what i am getting but no box is going to be perfect for every one and i am glad some women like this box and i hope it gets better xoxo dorothy

  10. Sigh…since I never got an email “receipt” from Luxor, and they don’t have an account log in on their website (problem #1), I just spent 30 minutes online looking at my banking accounts to see what I paid for this box. Thank god it’s only $95. For what it’s worth, I’m 42 and a mother and this box didn’t do it for me either. PSMH and LLB both list their “target” audiences as well below my advanced age and I have largely liked theirs to date because they felt well curated and fresh (esp PSMH in 2015). The values seem inflated here– for example, while I like the earrings fine, the two Bauble Bar necklaces from MSA and PS had a similar vibe and had a retail value of $32- much more reasonable when you are talking about CZ pieces. And I’m sorry, any brand that spells “color” with a K is definitely geared towards all you under- 20 somethings, regardless of whether Christina Applegate is shilling it or not. And the tealight is a total HomeGoods (dare I say Tuesday Morning?) item. Not a horrible box, just not one I’m going to spend $95 on. Like others have said, you can do PSMH for half the price and it’s just as good.

  11. I received my box today and it’s ok, nothing I’m excited about, but things I’m willing to try. I tried the lip balm, but it felt like it was just sitting on my lips and did not sink in – I ended up putting my normal balm on. My tea candle holder is the triple pearls design and this is something new to me but not the candle, I have been subbing to boxes for only 4 months and in that time I have gotten 3. I do like the earrings and will wear them. I gave the sugar scrub away (just opened a new jar from a different brand) and will give the oil and RCK a try. I wish 3 items weren’t from the same brand. I’m going to stick around for the next box and if I’m not wowed, cancel.

    • I was hoping for the triple-pearl design on the tealight holder but got the wavy one.

      That lip balm, I’ve had it from Petit Vour before. I’m sure it’s well made but with the white color, lavender scent and something about the texture… I can’t get past feeling like I’m somehow putting deodorant on my lips.

  12. I’m excited to see another ‘lifestyle’ box, with a mixture of items. I LOVE Popsugar and am dying for another one like it… LLB might have been that, but after seeing all that drama, I’m steering clear.

    With that said, this box feels a little too old to me. I’m 28, but this definitely feels like it’s geared toward 40 or so. Maybe a bit formal? I’ll watch the next box or two, and if theres a little fun added in, I might bite!

    • That is exactly how I felt!! I’m 31 and was like who is this geared towards?

      • I’m a 34 year old single city dweller and love the box! You youngins are making me feel old 😀

    • I am going to continue with LLB as I have had very good customer service with them. I am so sorry to hear about the emails that some have received but I always think there are two sides to every situation and sometimes in communication thru emails things can go downhill quickly. I believe everyone deserves a 2nd chance and to be selfish, I really have loved my LLB boxes and not ready to give them up.

    • I’m 33, the one item that looks a bit “older” to me is the tea light holder. It’s cute, but does look like something my grandmother would buy before I would.

      The rest of the box doesn’t feel “old” to me but I can see where other folks could reasonably have that view.

      • I didn’t get this box but I’m 37 and this box is boring and honestly kinda hideous for the price. My 80 year old grandma would be bored with it. I’m glad that a lot of ladies are thrilled with it though.

    • I’m 41 and find this boring.

    • I’m 36 and think it’s boring.

  13. My box arrived today. It felt luxurious, unfortunately, most of it wasn’t my taste.

    The silver tea light, while a nice quality, feels very formal. My house is pretty casual.

    The earrings don’t work for me. Dainty is fine, but I avoid studs. I have long hair, and, unless I wear it up, these will never be seen. I also agree that these are over-valued, but they’re definitely not bargain-bin quality.

    The tip of my lip balm is broken off in the lid, so it is a crumbly mess to apply. I cannot smell the spearmint at all because it is totally overpowered by the lavender. The lip balm also feels very waxy on my lips. I’m not a fan.

    I haven’t opened the lavender body oil because I don’t care for the scent of lavender, and I’m not quite sure whether I want to try it or not.

    The sugar balls are a cute novelty item. I usually put stevia in my tea, but these will get used up. My kids will love them.

    I tried the vanilla scrub out on my hands. It’s a very nice scrub, and I’m sure I will use all of it. Honestly, though, it is virtually unscented. I didn’t detect a scent either before or after application.

    I’m anxious to try the RCK lotion. I’m very fair complected, and I don’t tan very well. I spend a lot of time at the baseball fields in the summer, so I hope this will give me a little color without looking like a fake tan.

    While I am not too excited about this box, I think I’ll give Luxor another chance. I’m locked in at the $95 price, but that’s still a lot of money. I’ll need to love the next box.

  14. I really liked this box and I appreciate that they gave everyone the same items in each box. I’ve started using all of the products and I’m happy with the way things are working for me. I looking forward to seeing what they send out in their next box.

  15. The sugar looks neat but I’m glad I skipped. The website was too vague and I couldn’t figure out who was actually running the company.

  16. I put my box for swap, it was an okay box, just not meeting my expectations for price point, $95. I would feel seriously unhappy for 125 cost. I’m cancelling. I can’t wait for Cfda, popsugar box. I have Rachel Zoe for annual sub, so I’m good.

    • im pretty new to subscription boxes my view if a beauty is 95 or 125 a month or very other month i would like the box to be mind blowing . this box did carry more then what than what was charged so it hits on that point where it miss is on the luxury part . for me i would like big names names i can not get in another box my expectations are high when a box is 125 or 95. if the box for me is 50 under i am happy what ever i get . but most of us at the 95 over we want the box to rock and it has to be perfect or at least me i start think what else i could have done with the money i will watch this box see if it improves it will have to to keep that price tag . because there are tons of people at 20 to 50 dollar boxes there are fewer at 95 to 200 dollar boxes and at the higher price box you want on point everything and when it is you dance sing and everyone you speak to its what a great box i got . a bad day becomes the best day ever when a box is great bye great i mean every thing in that box i will use not trade or give away that s just my view i have been luck i have bought boxes at that price and they have hit that mark and they have to have off the chain customer service because if they do not i do not buy again xoxoxo dorothy

  17. I love this box. I would use everything in it. I was a little afraid to order the first box but I think I am going to join 🙂

    • Robin, would you be interested in purchasing my box for $95 plus actual shipping costs? Everything is still wrapped individually as it came and untouched.

  18. I didn’t sub to this box because I thought the website and spoiler were vague and after seeing the contents I’m glad I passed. I like MSC products, but I don’t know that I would consider them a high-end, luxury brand. The earrings and tea light are overpriced and not to my taste, and the sugar balls, while cute and interesting, are not worth $26 to me. I wouldn’t be able to use the body glow stuff due to the ingredients. Overall, the box doesn’t seem luxe to me. Everyone has different opinions and tastes when it comes to luxury and I’m glad that many seem to like it and are enjoying the products.

  19. Does anyone get the feeling that there are some Luxor box employees trolling the comments?

    • Why? Because some people are happy with their boxes?

      • No it’s based on similar phrasing and key buzz words, I see it on Amazon quite often.

        • I just went and read through all of the comments and none of these are from their employees. Most are from regular MSA posters. So I assume you’re talking about me. You made your points on the earrings, I made mine. I’m done.

    • I didn’t get this box but I agree. Those earrings are massively overpriced. I wouldn’t pay more than 5.00 for them. But I’m glad lots of people like them.

  20. Yikes, looks awfully overpriced to me. It’s similar to what you might get in a PopSugar monthly box…and PS is way less than half the price. If the brands were well known luxury brands, it would be different…box value isn’t outstanding. FabFitFun often surpasses that, again for less than half the cost.

    • Totally agree!

  21. I debated long and hard on this box and in the end did not bite the bullet since the spoiler was not interesting to me. For those who love it awesome but for me I am so glad I did not get it. Nothing about this box feels lux to me. The regular monthly popsugar box at $40 or less (depending on your sub length) seems better to me. It has just as many high end brands and more useful items for my life. I’m 31 but for some reason this box just feels “old” to me.

  22. The body scrub and tanner spray look amazing ! The values are pretty high though so I do not think I will be able to swap for either. I wonder how strong the vanillia smells and if it leaves scent after use ?

  23. LIz, please explain why you deleted my review from yesterday. Are we required to say something nice about a box we don’t like? Are we not allowed to use the word “garbage?” Are we not allowed to state that we wished we could get our money back? Please explain your actions.

    • Hi,

      I didn’t delete a comment from you, but sometimes comments may not be auto-approved and require manual approval by me if they contain certain flagged words, or are from a new email address.

      I can’t find any unapproved comments with the email address used to leave this comment. If there’s another email address I should check can you email me?

      Sorry about this!

      • Liz, If you say so, I believe you, but it was on the site yesterday right after I posted it, so I’m a bit bewildered. Others have expressed the same thoughts on the earrings and such so I won’t bother to repeat my review. Thank you for your quick reply.

  24. My box should arrive on Monday – was thinking of going spoiler free but of course I couldn’t wait! I really like what I see so far! I actually need a tea light candle holder and the one shown is beautiful, the sugar balls are adorable, I’m sure the quality of the earrings is much better gauged in person but I like them as shown and am happy they sent out a more classic/universal piece than the spoiler image indicated they might, I haven’t tried MSC products before – the scrub, oil, and lip balm look lovely and I do not mind having more than one product from the same line, and as a formerly beach bound now stuck in the city for most of the summer girl I appreciate the inclusion of the Blody Glow. From what I read on their site it is more of a skin perfecter than a tanner and will not transfer to clothing so I’m definitely looking forward to trying it.

    From reading the Luxor Box site I never really got the impression that we would be getting only well known brands. The use of the words discover and unique throughout made me assume we would be getting more up and coming and unknown brands so I am not disappointed.

    I can see how this box wouldn’t be for everyone but can any box really please all? It does seem impossible. And of course I probably wouldn’t pay the RV for the tealight or sugar on my own but that is why I love boxes like this! You get a chance to try products you would never splurge for in real life for much less. I am so far quite happy I jumped in at the $95 price and look forward to seeing what else Luxor Box will do! I can’t see myself cancelling anytime soon 🙂

    • I can tell you, the more I have the box and started using some of the products, the more I liked it. I am actually trying to swap for more of the the oil and the lip balm smells great. I do think that the box is a bit overpriced and probably should be abut $80 given only the amount of products and so heavy on beauty items and jewelry which have a substantial markup for retail. .

      • Jerilynn, I’ll put my oil up on swap, I can’t see me using it. I’m using the lip balm though, I like it 🙂 Keep an eye out.

  25. Glad I passed on this box. Nothing interests me. I do like that all subscribers got the same items, I dislike when sub “review” boxes are so much better than subscriber boxes.

  26. I have to about l admit, when a box (or anything, really) yammers on about how exclusive and lux they are, I get suspicious. The spoilers didn’t strike me as supporting the lux image they were claiming. Time will tell if they are able to back up their claims.

    As for this box, it seems okay. There’s not much here to appeal to me personally, but that’s just me. Perhaps the items are more impressive in person.

  27. I would never pay $25 for a tealight. I would, also, never pay $26 for colored sugar. The variety of products is terrible. I would like to try some of the items, but for $125? This is not my cup of tea.

    • I agree, I would never pay retail for those items either, likely wouldn’t even purchase them on my own. That’s true for most every item I see in Popsugar, Oui Please, Rachael Zoe, etc…. That’s why I love these boxes! I get to try things I ordinarily wouldn’t purchase for myself at a fraction of the cost 😉

  28. I received my Luxor Box today and it is identical to the review. I’m very happy with the earrings, am wearing them now actually, but was shocked to see they valued at $85. I’m glad I got them in the box because I never would have bought them. Still, I like them a lot. I’ll also definitely try the RCK lotion and lip cream. I’m torn on the rest of it, whether to keep or gift. I locked in at the $95 and will keep the sub as I’m excited to see what they do in future boxes.

  29. I am glad I saved my $95. Rachel’s box seemed more lux yo me. I like Msc, but it is not a lux brand to me. The tea light and the earrings look like target $1 bin items. Whew!

    • I don’t get this box, but target dollar bins have earrings made of gold plated base metal. The earrings shown here have sterling silver on the inside, not cheap base metal, and vermeil is a much thicker coat of gold than gold plated jewelry. They will stay gold for a long time, and if the gold ever rubs off there will still be silver under, not cheap brass that turned green. Firemountaingems has a good page on the different materials if you want to read more. I imagine in person the difference would be more noticeable than in a picture.

      The box isn’t for me either at this price point. I’ll stick with ouiplease. The only thing that really sticks out to me is the scrub anyways.

      • Perhaps not Target bin, but having been in the jewelry business I must say the inflated value of jewelry in these boxes annoys me enough to post. For $85 you could have a really nice pair of sterling silver earrings, not plated. These look like really horrible quality diamond chips that in reality could be picked up for $15 wholesale max, like the LLB studs that were literally $1 worth of silver. At least those were cute.

        • Ok, I must not have explained myself. Jewelry terms can be hard to explain, and looking through their website it doesn’t look like they’re making it very clear either.

          These earrings are vermeil. That means that they are solid sterling silver, with a coating of actual gold in a measurable quantity. Gold plated jewelry would be solid brass, with a plating of gold so thin there is virtually none there. There is no brass or other base metal in these earrings. These are the closest you can get to having full 14k gold earrings without paying the exorbitant amounts that gold costs these days.

          • That is $3 worth of silver max.

          • Today’s price of gold is $38/gram, these earring are maybe two grams and the stones are worth less/g even if they are diamonds. Wholesale these would be around $75-80 if they were solid 14k gold…my point is the mark up on costume jewelry is ridiculous and generally I’m not happy to get it in any box.

          • I just pulled out a sheet of 26 gauge sheet silver that covers the size of my palm, it weighs 50 grams=$25. That is perspective. Please don’t use Fire Mountain for price comparisons.

        • I’m sorry you’re not happy with your earrings, but my whole point was that these are not costume jewelry. They are vermeil- solid sterling silver earrings coated in a measurable amount of gold. They are more valuable from a materials cost point of view than most subscription box earrings. I didn’t want people thinking that they were $1 earrings.

          I really hope everyone who has these earrings enjoys them, or is able to swap them to someone else who does if they do not. I imagine they will be an easy swap item, being that they are made from genuine metals and a very practical, yet cute style.

          • I didn’t purchase this box, but I’m just overall tired of vastly inflated prices in sub boxes, especially in jewelry. With fine jewelry you have an asset that will increase in value, there is no basis for the RV of these earrings and I say this relying on everything I have witnessed in the wholesale jewelry world and as a designer and artisan. This company is not the only offender and I mentioned this with LLB before and their silver earrings that were $1 worth of silver at best.

          • All you need to do is attend one wholesale jewelry trade show and you’ll vomit.

  30. I hate typing on my phone! This is my second time trying to post on this thread. I held off subscribing because the spoilers didn’t interest me.

    It’s not what I pictured. The sugar is nice for company. The earrings look pretty although I don’t wear earrings. I tried MSC products through Goodebox before and liked them. I will be looking for them on swap.

    Wow on red dye 40 being in a cosmetic. That’s a common allergen.

    I’ll look for the next review/spoilers to see if it interests me.

  31. If anyone wants to buy my box at the price I paid ($95) plus shipping, let me know 🙂

    • What is the weight of the package? Can you email me at sxyqban1102 at yahoo dot com?

      • hi are you still interested in purchasing box? I would ship for $5, please let me know, thanks.

  32. Lucky girl! Their website stated that they would not be sending boxes for review purposes, glad you got one! My box is scheduled to arrive Monday but I could not resist peeking!!! For $95 I am thrilled with the contents of this box, I will use each and every one of them! Their Facebook page indicated that every box would be the same. For those afraid to try the RCK, the (RCK) webpage Indicated that medium is good for use on all skin tones and offers just a touch of color. I am actually hoping to swap for more 😉

    • Thanks for the info on the glow, I was originally afraid to try it, I have light ivory toned skin but maybe I’ll try it afterall. I’m going to CA in a few weeks so I guess it can’t hurt to give it a go.

      • Please post how it works for you. I have extremely pale legs and I’m afraid to try it in case I’d be better off swapping it.

    • I’ve just listed mine for swap if you are interested :)!

    • So, I cannot figure out… is this a tanner or a glimmer/glitter type lotion? I am African-American, so I have no use for a tanner, but a glimmer lotion would be wonderful! I’d love to find out without opening it, so I can swap it brand new if it is not something I can use! Does anyone know?

  33. Comment

  34. I’m interested to see how the RCK stuff works. It has great reviews on Amazon, somebody said it was like photoshop in a bottle. Apparently the medium is actually for all skin colors, there’s also a tan version. If anyone tries it let me know!

  35. Ah I was curious about this box. Glad I didn’t order though. Like someone else said, you’d think they’d include more “lux” brands (I’ve never heard of any of these brands and they don’t scream luxurious to me). I mean it has a decent mix of products but really, three MSC products? For $125, no thanks.

  36. I got this box and I am keeping it for now. I locked in the $95 price. I think the earrings are a bit overpriced but very pretty and definitely my style. The RCK body glow will go up for swap as I am pale and older and have made peace with my fair skin. I think I am keeping the tea light but still on the fence as not completely my style and the sugar scrub is 50/50 as I am not a huge vanilla fan. I do think these items will trade well. Love the body nectar and chapstick, the sugar balls (why did I get these when I am trying to cut down on sugar!) and the earring though overpriced. I still think I prefer Oui Please for this price point but will stick it out for a few more months.

  37. I have this arriving Monday, already canceled. I appreciate the variety of types of items (home, beauty, food, jewelry, etc) but nothing is exciting me.

    I’m probably the wrong audience for this one, but it has to be said – those earrings are NOT worth 85$. They’re bland and look like something you’d get for 8.99 on a peg-board at Target. I’m sorry, the earrings are bordering on being a joke for me.

    • i thought this box was suppose to have Tiffany in it? I also think luxury is subjective and i must admit i expected bigger names or names that are Synonymous with luxury and i think they missed the mark but i do think the boxes will get better . i think the box is worth it if you have extra money. still a good treat since its not montly box xoxoxo dorothy

      • The Tiffany thing was a giveaway they were doing the first week or so of their launch.

        • thank you so much for letting me know i did not find this box to be a luxury box the names were not ones that i have ever heard of . the website was not done like they were selling a luxury box . but it had great value if bigger names join this box then i am all in but this box if you are a person looking for big names in a beauty box .this was not the box if you are looking great value or new things to try then this box is great but since i was looking for big names this box i was a bit disappointing i want a box that i really want to use this box had 0 things i could use so for me a waste of money and i want to use most of what i get in a box otherwise new york city has million of boxes i can get in the store xoxoxo dorothy

          • Although I agree they were not the names I expected, the company does provide detailed info cards about each company and also publications and tv programs on which they have been featured. I too thought they would be looking at Chanel, Kate Spade, missoni, etc. but I tonight i tried the lavender body nectar and admit that I am thrilled. You have to be a big lavender fan to like it but it is perfect and all natural. I decided to keep the vanilla sugar scrub as well based on the lavender body oil. THe more I am sitting with this box, the better I like it and may even end up keeping the body glow and tea light holder. Luxor box, if your listening, would love a scarf or a nice size vase(nobody ever sends those) or high end candle like archipelago (Charleston , lanai, or Savannah scent please). High end linen goods like napkins or placemats would also be appreciated.

    • Willing to sell it for cost plus shipping?

  38. I just received my box, it matches this one. I would have preferred any other jewelry expect for earrings since I cannot wear them though bummer, they are very nice. I’m also very fair skinned so the glow won’t be used, I’m afraid it will make me look like I tried to self tan unsuccessfully. I liked everything else they included. They shipped priority and evertything was packaged really nice. The sugar balls are really neat as well.

  39. I got mine today and am about 50/50 on keeping or swapping the items. That having been said, I loved that everything was full sized and packaged so that I could gift if I wanted, for the 95 intro price that I locked in it is totally worth it.

  40. What a luxe box! But I am glad I didn’t get this one since all I would use are the earrings and the candle holder-which I love love love and the chapstick. However will keep an eye on them for the future!

  41. I really like the box – I’m sure I will get it next week. I don’t know if I will keep it but I did get in with the early bird subscription.

    I like that the earrings are delicate. I love lavender so that’s great.

    I can’t see me not using anything other than the oil.

    Well done Luxor

    • Oh, that oil was my favorite thing in the box, but I have incredibly dry skin, so…!

  42. I signed up when it was $95.00. I will get mine in Monday but after looking at your post, I just cancelled. I won’t use a single item in this box. Waste of money for me.

    • i am glad i passed on this box i would not use anything in this box .nice box tho and i think some women will love it . so far its a no for me on this box . but it is a luxe box and i hope those who got the box enjoy it xoxoxo dorothy

  43. Received mine today, as well, and I am thrilled with the contents! I will use everything in the box. I thought the exception would be the sugar balls, as we don’t use real sugar, either… but then I thought how lovely these would be to offer to guests having coffee at our house. So now I need an excuse to invite people over! The MSC items are so decadent-feeling, I just love them. I only wear silver, but will make an exception for the Lisa Stewart earrings! And the tealight tray is beautiful, to keep or as gift. And the Red Carpet Kolour body spray, I am excited to try!

    This box gave me the vibe of a Pop Sugar Special Edition Box, but a little nicer! What a fantastic box. I truly hope they can keep up this level of service going forward. Some other recent luxury boxes (cough cough:OuiPlease: cough cough) have disappointed recently, but Luxor Box really shines! What a fantastic discovery!

  44. The retail value is there but the items are not enticing enough for me to spend $125. I think it probably would have been better if they didn’t include 3 items all from the same MSC brand.

  45. I did not buy this. I think they certainly delivered on value and luxury items. I think the box is pretty generic, which is good or bad depending on how you look at it. I think I still prefer Oui Please, but this is still a great box.

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