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Boxycharm May 2015 Full Spoilers!

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BoxyCharm May 2015 Spoiler!


Thanks Katie for the heads up on these spoilers! (Check out the #boxycharm tag on Instagram for pictures).

Each box will include:

The Lip Bar lipstick ($20 value)

Bodyography Brow Brushย (Value $19)

Bodyography Brow Trioย (Value $19)

ModelCo Bronzerย (Value $22)

Lauren B Nail Polishย (Value $18) (Colors will Vary)

What do you think of the spoilers?


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Actually I loved the boxy charm this month , which I thought I would hate after seeing the sneak peeks !! I got the coral kiss me its OK but looks FABULOUS combined with my lipstick from glossybox ( and I am not a lipstick person ) but I loved it.. the brow trio was awesome, my model co bronzer was broken(and I have never used bronzer) I put it in a old loose powder container and it works I have no complaints this month even loved the green nail polish

  2. This month was okay but definitely not as good as last month. I got lucky with the lipstick, it is a beautiful almost coral shade. I am so glad I didn’t get the purple but with nail polish I wasn’t so lucky. I got a green color that looks like someone smashed peas in a container. I guess I could use it on Halloween? Also I thought the brush was a little overpriced, I still liked it and was a good value.

  3. HI Liz. I enjoy reading everything in your page. I have Ipsy & Boxycharm subscription but I don’t use make-up much. I’m more on skin products & lipsticks. Can you tell me which subscription have more lotions, moisturizers, face creams etc.? Thank you & more power!

  4. I’m surprised to say I’m disappointed in this month’s Boxycharm. I think my expectations were too high because the last boxes have been awesome – I especially really loved March and April.

    The purple lipstick is not something I would ever wear. The packaging is gorgeous, but bright purple isn’t my look at all.

    The nail polish I got is a boring, warm red color…again, not something I would ever wear.

    The bronzer is a pretty shade, but I already own lots of bronzer, so it’s nothing special to me.

    I’m not a huge fan of doing my brows a lot, and I’ve been getting so many brow products lately. I have plenty to use on them already.

  5. I got my shipping email today and when I clicked on the link I received a message saying that a number of packages are delayed or missing tracking information. Did anyone else get this?

    • I got two products from Boxycharm in seperate envelopes but I didn’t order them and I haven’t been able to figure out how to cash my charms to even get a product so maybe that’s why they sent these free ones out because there’s a problem I don’t know it was strange

  6. Not sure about this box, got green nail polish, which is a bummer. My lipstick is kiss me, the coral shade, does not go well with my complexion, but seeing as I broke it and got it all over my hands I guess I am done with it. (I can really say that this stuff should LAST – washed my hands 3 times and wiped them off and they still are a coral shade….) Never done anything with my brows, but I may just try that this weekend. And the bronzer, I can’t use due to allergies. Should have skipped this month, but I may like the brow stuff we will see…

    • Same thing I was thinking I’m not very impressed by this month’s Boxycharm either. I don’t use any brow makeup, bronzer or the crazy colored lipstick. I wish I would have skipped this month but it’s too late now. Hoping next month’s box will make up for all the products i won’t use from this month!

  7. You know what I love most about boxes? Being proved wrong. I went in thinking I would hate near every product. The lipstick is so fun, and lasts FOREVER! I fell asleep with it on, and it faded to a more natural color, and it faded so evenly, I just threw some clear gloss over it and called it a day! I can’t believe the first lipstick I can see myself wearing on a daily basis is purple lol. The brow duo is super easy to use, even for someone who’s never used a brow product. The powder stays in place, but is easy to remove if you’re a newb like me and make mistakes (also the middle powder is much darker then it appears, so if you fall between black and dark brown hair, try the middle one first) . The bronzer is so light on me it’s like there’s nothing there, but I like that because even when I do full face make up, I never do any crazy YouTube tutorial stuff, but I can still use this, especially in the summer. The nail polish, the only item I went in expecting to like, is no bueno. All these bold, exciting products, and then a nude polish? Not even a glitter or a matte or something fun. Just a nude creme. How is that bold?

  8. Not happy with BoxyCharm. I was not interested in this box at all, so I cancelled last week. Today I get a shipping confirmation!

    • Really??? Oh, I just looked. I was charged for this boxy on May 4th. If you had already been charged then I’m sure they still would have sent it out.

    • You have to cancel before they bill, the FAQ will tell you which days to cancel by.

    • I think they have a cut off for billing for the current box and when you canceled they were already going to take the money out . You won’t be getting next months box though. I canceled mine after last month it was awesome. But having brown skin I want to see spoilers that will suit me before getting it again. I am glad I canceled this month wouldn’t have worked for me no bronzer needed lol.

  9. I’m super pumped for the lipstick!! Hopefully it’s not TOO close to MAC’s Heroine b.c I own it already ahaha. I’m really excited for the brow products too!!! Not excited for the bronzer and nail polish. I love model co, but I have SO many bronzers already. And in pretty sure the Lauren b nail polish has been in the charms section forever. Seems like they’re just trying to get rid of old stock ):

  10. It’s funny, even though I will end up eBaying or giving away the bronzer (too shimmery and I have enough bronzers) and the lipstick (pretty, but a little too purple), I still liked the box because BC always seems to give good value and good brands. They don’t seem to “phone it in” as so many other subscription services do. The one disappointment is the nail polish. Although I love trying new brands, this is the third orangey/coral polish I’ve gotten in beauty boxes this spring and I loathe that color family for nails and lipsticks. So, I guess I’m getting rid of that one too. lol

  11. CAN’T WAIT! I’ve never gotten a single brow product in my ipsy for the last year, lip monthly, or boxycharm. I’m stoked for both the tool and the trio!

    I have full thick brows but… I still use brow products to shape them and fill them in.

    I LOVE purple. As far as I’m concerned it is the only wearable “weird” shade depending WHERE you wear it. I’m not going to wear it to work but I’ll wear it out at fairs, festivals, and out and about. I really hope I get the purple shade. The two I have one is SUPER dark purple (barely tell) and the other looks purple but is fuchsia on the lips.

    I hope the shade of polish I get isn’t PINK or CORAL because I have plenty of those colors. I’d be happy with any of the others.

    The only thing I’m worried about is the bronzer. I have a few and I use VERY LIGHT ones because I’m a pale lady. I’m not sure what I’ll do with a super dark one. Maybe use it as a giant eye-shadow? lol I don’t know anyone darker than me either.

    • Model CO bronzer is my fave bronzer, and I am as pale as a ghost. Just go very light with it, tap your brush before applying, and blend it in well. Ilove that it isn’t so glittery as others Ive tried.

      • Thank you! I ‘ll do that.

  12. I have a question: I’ve got about $35 worth of charm points from getting a defective item and they weren’t able to send me a replacement. Their points section of their site is down for maintenance or upgrades.

    I want to cancel or put on hold my sub, but will that mean I will lose my charm points? Also, if I do get to redeem them, will they only send your free item with a sub box or will they ship it separately? Anyone know?

    • Don’t quote me as I’m not 100% sure but I believe it’s like Ipsy’s system (and maybe others). Your charms are still there, until they expire (don’t know when/if Boxycharm’s expire) even if you cancel your subscription.

      However, I know that Boxycharm’s rewards ship out with the next month’s box so I would assume that in order to redeem them you would need to be subscribed.

      It was like that with Ipsy as well. Anything you redeemed would ship out with the next bag, so I spent all my rewards and subscribed one more month. Once I knew it shipped out, I canceled my subscription. When my items arrived they gave me the wrong reward so I contacted them, they said they didn’t have it and gave me points to redeem, in which I pointed out that uh hello? My account was canceled and therefore I can’t redeem any points. Ugh. Eventually I got them to send me a new reward with the points they gave me without having to resubscribe.

    • I have this problem to the $36 Mistra complex was ruined so they gave me 3000 charms and no I can’t figure out how to use ch I have this problem to the $36 Mistra complex was ruined so they gave me 3000 charms and charms, but 3000 charms is a retail value of less than 15 dollars and I hope what I got today was not them using my charms up

      • I received a broken mistera as well in which they gave me 3k points. I used 2k of them to get an ofra long lasting liquid lipstick which is a 19.90 value. I get points for reviewing every box too so i have 2.5k again just saving them now. I still use the mistera product with a brush!

  13. I love my box this month! I really wanted a brow product and this works well for me. The lipstick is actually a very pretty color applied lightly with a little gloss on it and it lasts for hours! The nail polish went on smoothly and looks great with a quick drying time. I even like the bronzer which surprised me. Boxy did a great job this month IMO.

  14. Ugh. Boxycharm is my favorite sub, but I am not a fan of this month’s items at ALL. I think I’m going to cancel and then re-sub only after seeing the monthly spoilers. $21 is just too much of a gamble for products that are hit or miss. I will probably use the brow brush, but literally everything else will be up for trade.

  15. My subscription addiction indeed:)

  16. I can see why people may have an issue with the lipstick colors as they are definitely not for everyone. That being said, I’m totally fine with a purple lipstick! I’m interested to try this brand (They were on Shark Tank) and I’m okay with colors like purple. Blue however is a HUGE no for me.

    I’m happy with the brow brush as I personally can never have enough. I’m not sure how I feel about the brow trio yet, I’ll have to wait until I see it in person before I make a decision. Same wit the bronzer, I need to see it before I can pass judgment.

    Now what I am NOT happy about – The nail polish! Although I did see a pretty pastel color which if I wasn’t a chronic nail biter for the last 20 years, I would love. That being said, I have no use for nail polishes but rather than complain I usually just swap it. HOWEVER, this is a repeat product from Boxycharm as they had the same item in the July 2014 box. This worries me once I start seeing repeat products in boxes.

  17. I couldn’t be more excited. I rarely get brow products in any of my subs, and I’m happy to have both a new powder and tool to experiment with. I use bronzer everyday to give my pale complexion a little Pop of color.
    I could go the rest of my life and never need to purchase another red lipstick. I am so, so excited to have an exciting lip color in a lux formula to experiment with. Same goes for the nail polish. Thank you Boxycharm for actually including bold colors in a bold and beautiful themed box.

    • my lipstick was purple! not like purpleish pink… straigh up easter egg purple, think bright lavender……. i swatched it thinking ok well this could be sheer, but its not ๐Ÿ™

  18. Boxycharm is one of my favorite subs, but I got my box yesterday and put it all up for swap. I don’t do brow products, I got purple lipstick which I will never wear and pastel nail polish which I hate pastels. And I don’t use bronzer, it’s like it was my Wantable box. I kept saying no brow products in it and that I wanted lip colors, so they sent me a brow product every month and lip colors I would never wear. If you cancel boxycharm do you have to go back on the waitlist to re-sub? I’ve been thinking about canceling it for a while I have soooo much makeup I need to use up.

    • I’ve canceled and re-subbed twice and didn’t face any waitlist. So now I just wait until I see one or two spoilers to decide whether I want that month. Their website is so easy. And one of my favorite boxes of theirs ever looks to still be on sale on their website – the December box (with the Coastel Scents Revealed Palette) for $31. Boxycharm is probably my favorite beauty box (because I like makeup more than face/hair/body products) – excellent value, curation, and quality products. And they ship early in the month.

      • Thanks so much! I’ve been wondering, I have soooooo much makeup I need to use up and the last few Boxycharms haven’t been my fave. I just realized my longest sub has been Birchbox, I’ve had almost 4 yrs.

  19. I had boxycharm for awhile and it was my favorite subscription. I just was not using many of the items unfortunately and I cancelled. I think the only item I would use from this box is the lipstick and maybe the brow product; maybe not. I love my ABH prow pencil. It would be fun to try none the less.

  20. Another instagram pic shows the lipstick in a bright peachy/coral shade that would be at least marginally wearable for a lot more people (~*fingers crossed*~). If I luck out with the lipstick, and my daughter enjoys the sparkly bronzer, this box won’t be a *total* bust. But I’m cancelling my subscription after this one. Out of the four boxes, there have only been four or five products I’ve been genuinely enthusiastic about (as opposed to, “Eh, I guess I don’t HATE it…”). That’s not nearly a good enough track record for me to keep spending my money on the box.

  21. This is my first truly eh box from bc. I do nothing with my brows, the bronzer looks way too light, i love nail polish, so that’s always a win, and the lipstick is fun, but whatever i get will be useless because it’ll either be some nutty color, or a red or pink that i can’t wear. I really wish boxycharm would at least try to tailor their boxes to their specific customers. I am a black girl, I would like make up that is suitable for black skin. I can’t believe it, but this month, beauty box five beats boxycharm for me. I got a blush stick that’s a beautiful red, but doesn’t look clownish on me, a face lotion, adorably small tweezers, hand soap, and an eyeshadow brush from coastal scents. Boxycharm lost to /hand soap/, lol. They best up their game next month.

    • That’s interesting because the lipstick was made for women of color according to the website. I was curious as to if there would be complaints, but I thought it was great because it seems that anyone who isn’t white with straight blond hair gets overlooked. Guess they missed the mark, not that I think you speak for every black girl ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • i loved the color. im black as well. it was almost close to a MAC heroin. maybe a little lighter or less pigmented tho. i really like it though.

  22. Oh God, are we all getting purple lipsticks? Most of this box is going to be swapped, and I don’t have high hopes for anyone picking up purple lipstick and bronzer.

    I get that they can’t please everyone with shades, but I think those two items would appeal to a pretty small segment of their target audience.

    • ….and I pull up quick to get wit’ em!
      *flash to picture of me diving into a pool of purple lipsticks scrooge macduck style*

      • Too funny, made me laugh out loud {literally}….I REALLY needed that today!!!

      • You are about to be in purple lipstick heaven then… I have a feeling there will be plenty of the swap boards, lol

  23. This is the first Boxycharm I will use everything, I’m so excited it’s on its way ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. This will be well received by my daughter, who I believe at the age of 20 is in their target demographic. She is obsessed with brows and is daring enough to try the lipstick. For me Klover and Yuzen are more up my alley. Any updates on when the Klover/MSA summer box might ship Liz? I can’t wait!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I am pretty sure I have a lipstick or gloss in every possible variation of pink or red: I’m actually kind of excited to see what kind of lip bar colors go out, and hopefully snag one off the swap boards for an experimental night out!

    • You can also check out Nyx Wicked Lippies for some odd colors (blue, purple, black, white, green). They’re only like $6.

      • THANKS! ja ja ja if you see a girl at the bar making duckfaces at the mirror in green lipstick this weekend, that’s just me in my just-ordered nyx wicked lippie in ‘risque’!

        • I was only bold enough to buy “Power.” But I pretty much only wear lipstick to work. At a law firm. While no one has ever specifically said not to wear black or blue or green lipstick, I don’t think it would go over well…

  26. I received my first Boxycharm yesterday and the nail polish I received is a nude color called Sunset and the lip is Purple Rain. I don’t wear bronzer or eyebrow powder but willing to try it and the purple lipstick is a bit much on my fair skin. The polish is very liquid-y. Just be careful applying. The nude color is growing on me, I didn’t care for it much on my pale skin. Looking forward to next months box.

  27. I love lipstick and checked out the Lip Bar website. Yuck! They apparently don’t make wearable colors. What a shame! Maybe I could use one at Halloween?

    • My lipstick was the purple rain, and thankfully it wasn’t as neon purple as the site makes it look. Purples work with my skintone though so it wasn’t a total loss I’ll still use it.

  28. i love boxy charm boxes ๐Ÿ˜‰ the value is always amazing. I’m excited even though I’m not an eyebrow person but can’t wait to try it !!!

  29. This box looks amazing! I don’t have boxycharm but this is so tempting!!!

    • I am not thrilled.I have full thick brows…And can only wear so many lipsticks..Maybe its me but the boxes are disappointing this month.My wantable sucked,Orange Glad..not so good…Pop SugarCFDA?That is just sad.Love w/food?low value..Julip…hated the colors,and again too many lipsticks..Hope the rest of the month gets better

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