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Birchbox Limited Edition Under The Sun Box Available Now!

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Birchbox Limited Edition Under the Sun Box

The Box: Birchbox Limited Edition Under The Sun Box

The Cost: $55

COUPON: UPDATE: BEAUTYMAVEN takes 25% off! Try any one of these coupons to save 20%:  TAKEOFF20  COMEBACK20  MOBILE20 WELCOMEOFFER20 or TAKEOFF10

Also don’t forget to add your free sample pack!

The Products:

Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour (Value $24)
Supergoop Skin Soothing Mineral Sunscreen with Olive Polyphenols SPF 40 (Travel Size)
Cynthia Rowley Beauty On the Go Multi Blush and Bronzer Duo (Value $24)
NCLA Swim Club Nail Polish (Value $16)
Sugarpova Flirty Gummies (Value $5)
Knockaround Sunglasses (Value $14.60)
Baggu Bag (Value $9)
Chloe + Isabel Birchbox Exclusive Medina Convertible Pendant Necklace (Value $38)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Even though I didn’t purchase 2 LE boxes as they wanted us to for the 100 bonus points, I am not happy that they removed them after the fact and I have been emailing with them about that. I didn’t know I was getting the 100 bonus points in error, and that is what induced me to actually pull the trigger on the purchase. I will often put things in my cart and not actually buy them, but once it was in my cart and I saw the 100 bonus points, that incentive influenced me to make the decision to purchase. Then once I purchase they take that incentive away from me? From a legal standpoint it is not permitted. It was their mistake evidently, and they should honor it. I’m not happy with how BB is handling this one, and in fact they are not handling it legally.

    • Well, IMHO, I don’t think we have justification to complain. The BB 100 extra points offer clearly stated that it was for the purchase of 2 LE boxes. I was surprised to get the extra points and thought it must have been because I purchased the Lovely Day box a couple of weeks ago. While it would have been nice to get the points anyway, this was just an oversight and corrected very quickly by BB. Errors like this happen in e-commerce, but we still got a great deal on the Summer box, especially with the various discount codes added on.

      • Except they took them from those of us who DID buy both the summer sun box and another LE box at the same time. It took me 3 days of back and forth to get the points restored. They clearly had no intention of looking at orders individually to check if they qualified for the promo and instead just zapped everyone. Mine even stated “didn’t purchase promotion” as the basis, when in fact those are the only 2 items purchased in that order. In other words, they lumped everyone together and debited 100 points whether we qualified or not then left it to the individual to request they be restored. Either way it’s a rather sloppy business practice.

    • Speaking as an attorney, it’s perfectly legal for them to choose not to honor a computer error when the requirement for promotional deal qualification clearly stated must buy summer sun box plus another LE box together to receive 100 BB points. Had the wording in the advertisement had incorrectly stated the qualification requirements, then they would have to honor the deal (as Glossybox had to do with the Christmas LE box, for their $20 off versus 20% off mistake. But that’s not the case here.

  2. On a side note to anyone who’s been sent the Birchbox branded pink leather tassel:
    I’m not keen on attaching something with a logo to my bag, but I painted over the strip that says ‘Birchbox’ with gold paint and it now looks pretty classy and fabulous.
    I wish I could upload a photo, it turned out better than I imagined.

    • That’s such a great idea – I bet it looks amazing! I actually cut the offensive tassel off (pretty close to the top knot) and it looks fine.

  3. I have never purchased a LE Birchbox but this thread has intrigued me beyond control! (I typically buy full size products) I had hoarded $90 in points- so I decided to take the plunge and get the summer and Lovely Day box so I could get the 100 point bonus. I used a 20% off code and my total came to $3.60!!! Super excited to try these LE Boxes. Liz your reviews have convinced me to get boxes I didn’t think I was interested it (especially in reference to the Lovely Day box) Birchbox owes you some commission 😉
    Regarding the Summer box I am most intrigued by the neckless, bag and sunglasses. I am sick of all the nail polishes from subs tho. Oh well! Also Maura Mercier is always a win

  4. Woohoo! Used my points AND the BEAUTYMAVEN code! Did not cost me one penny! Looking forward to getting this one.

  5. I also got my bonus points taken away, even though I *DID* purchase two LE boxes. Annoying.

    I’m sure they’ll fix it for me, but it’s annoying to have to email them and explain it, and wait for their reply, double check and make sure it gets fixed… and I actually earned the points! 😛

  6. Alas, my points were taken away, too. Siiigh.

  7. I’m a bit confused. Don’t understand why sponge papa are saying the sunscreen is only around 12$. I asked BB on their Facebook page and they said the size was 2.4 ounces which the Bb store says costs 28.00..”

    • Some people. Lol

      • “Sponge papa” has been the only thing to make me crack a smile on my cranky face this morning. Thank you 🙂

        • I love autocorrect errors. (I also don’t have a smartphone or tablet so any typos in my posts are typed there directly from my keyboard and I have no one but myself to blame.)

          • Someone put me out of my misery! What was sponge papa supposed to be? I’ve been puzzling over it all morning.

        • Your welcome! Tee-hee! 😛 Hope your day has gotten better!

          • Some people, silly goose!

    • So, the sunscreen they’re sending is a travel size, and you can see in Birchbox’s photo of it that it’s going to be one ounce, instead of 2.4, which would come to around $12.

    • I got my box today and the sunscreen was the 1 oz. size. Nice to throw in your purse.

  8. I used the code ONEYEAR that was emailed to me for 13 th month anniversary. 25% off, got the 100 points but were later taken away.

  9. I just ordered mine! I’ve considered ordering the Home Sweet Homespun LE because I liked how it looked but I’m so much more excited for this one! I’m new to Birchbox and loving it so far! I LOVE the necklace so that plus the baggu make it worth the money I spent. The rest could be seen as a bonus but I’m pretty sure I’ll use all of it. yeah!

  10. So I’m a bit irritated that I purchased this LE box and another LE box together just to get the extra (promo) 100 points. They were credited after I checked out. And then someone took them back and noted “didn’t purchase promotional items required.” Um, yes, yes I did. In fact the only reason I bought another one was to get the 100 points. I contacted CS so we shall see whether they’ll honor their promo as advertised. Otherwise the second promo box is going back for a full refund. I mean really, they have someone auditing points to snatch them back 4 hours after they’re credited? Not happy.

    • I bought the summer limited edition box and I had the same thing happen on my account. I took a screen shot of my order saying that I earned the points and sent them an email asking what was going on. (Nicely of course). It says it’s a limited edition promotion so it doesn’t make sense why they would remove the bonus points. I’m adding this to the ever increasing list of issues with Birchbox lately. I will see what they say. I’m starting to think I may have to cancel.

      • The promotion on the LE box page said you had to buy two LE boxes together in order to get the promotional points. They inadvertently awarded points to those of us who did not buy two boxes. It would’ve been nice if we had gotten to keep them, but I can definitely understand why we didn’t – it was a mistake to award them in the first place. Unless you did actually buy 2 boxes (like the commenter above), I doubt you will get the points back.

        • Thanks for the information! 🙂

  11. I bought this LE box earlier today, my first since becoming a subscriber in 2013. The be lovely one was intriguing but this box is even better. Everything looks to be something I’ll use. I love the glasses, necklace, nail polish, and candy for sure. I have a lot of neutral shadows but Laura mercier is a good brand so I’ll use it instead. Doesn’t look too shimmery which is good. The creamy bronzer and blush are a maybe, I usually use powder but those colors look nice. I like supergoop so looking forward to trying another product. I can always use another tote. Both prints are cute but I like the sailor stripe a little better. I’m so excited and feel the $34 I paid with the code and bb points is worth it. Gosh, I will always subscribe and love bb. I got my mom, who never pampers herself, hooked too!

  12. I got mine today for $14 using 300 points and 20% off! I knew I was hoarding points for a reason. Just a note for everyone, it does say on BB that the baggu bag prints will vary, and the eyeshadow will vary. However, it does not say that the sunglasses will vary (there is a tortoise version also) and the nail color is listed as Bikinis and Martinis (soft pink) so no variation there. Whoever has been curating these LE boxes in 2015 has been doing a bang up job!

    • Got mine today. Baggu was the navy and white and Laura Mercier Hot Chocolate. Everything else was as stated. Really liked this box.

      • That was quick! Do you live on the same street as Birchbox?
        I don’t see the Laura Mercier in that shade on the site, but would be delighted to receive it.. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the elephant Baggu.

        • I received my box today. I was hoping to use these goodies for Memorial Day weekend, but Dallas is under flood advisory. I got the elephant Baggu, it’s more adorable in person. I was disappointed in the necklace and my mystery pack arrived with the product all over the bag. But I don’t know if it’s worth it to contact them over it.

          • That’s happened to me, the Mystery pack all smooshed. I didn’t contact them about it as it was a freebie and hadn’t spread onto anything else. Birchbox’s CS is consistently excellent, they seem to go out of their way to put things right – it’s probably worth getting in touch in your case.

  13. Oh shoot! They took away my extra 100 points too. Too good to be true I suppose as I only bought one box and nothing else.

  14. Just checked my account and they took away the 100 points. Kind of annoying since it was their mistake to begin with, but since I didn’t actually buy two limited edition boxes, I understand.

    • My extra 100 points were deducted too ~ it said “did not purchase promotional item”. So obviously BB has caught the mistake. No complaints from me, this is still a good deal on this LE box!

      • But if it was a 100 bonus point promotion for purchasing a limited edition box it shouldn’t be a mistake and they shouldn’t have taken points away from people who bought limited edition boxes. To those savvy enough to have spent the points right away; I hope they honor them and don’t cancel your orders.

        • The promotion was for buying 2 LE boxes.

    • Thanks for the warning ladies, they didnt take mine yet so I went ahead and spent them lol.

      • Lol, sneaky! I just wish I’d thought of it.

        • As a VIP I just grabbed the first 10 thing I could think of lol. Free Candle is better than none!

          • Come back and let us know if they cancel your order. I hope not!

      • I spent my 100 promo points last night and got a shipping notice just now so it looks like they’re honoring them! (or they haven’t caught mine yet)

        • Same here 😉

  15. I just used BEAUTYMAVEN, added the sample pack and a small Marvis toothpaste so I wouldn’t lose any points and with tax it came to $49.75 so with 500 points… Whoohoo! Free 🙂

  16. I just tried the beautymaven code but I got a message saying the coupon code is invalid. Do you think they removed the code so it can’t be used on this purchase?

    • Still works for me. Are you not a current subscriber? Or maybe it’s only for Aces?

      • Hey Angela,

        I am an ACE, hmmmm maybe I’ll wait a bit and try again? I even logged out and went back in and the system still wouldn’t let me use the beautymaven code. Thanks girls for the updates.

        • It’s not working for me either, I am also an ACE.

          • BeautyMaven was an 18 month subscriber code.

    • I too am an ACE. A lot of the coupon codes are sent via email and I’ve found that if I didn’t get an email with a code then other codes listed will not work for me. So I’m not sure if the email ‘activates’ the code for your account or not but I’ve started to wonder if that’s how it works. I have also found that once I use a code (like MOBILE20) it doesn’t allow me to use it a second time. I used COMEBACK20 this time and got 20% off plus 100 bonus Birchbox points.

    • Hi Guys… Hope you’re all having a good week so far! 🙂
      Just thought I’d throw this out there to help ease any confusion. The code BEAUTYMAVEN is tied to a 16th box anniversary promo they recently ran, so regardless of ACE status, from how it was explained to me, you have to have been subbed for the past 16 months/boxes prior for it to work. Those who hit their target 16th month this past month would/should have received an email with this promotion, but those who have been with BB beyond 16 months wouldn’t necessarily have received this specific email blast, and the code should still work for you.
      If you haven’t had your BB sub since at least around Dec 2013/Jan 2014 (I think- sorry, my math brain cells were damaged during a grueling workout session this morning, so I may have the math abilities of a drunken minion at the moment. Ba-na-na.), then the 20% off codes should be all good, and at least you still can get your mystery bonus pack and bonus points. Majority of the codes available are one time use codes, so you may have to try a few ’til you find one that sticks. Despite my currently half discombobulated brain at the moment, hope this makes sense and helps! 😉 /tj

  17. I’m not able to process my order! I’ve tried on 2 separate devices and I keep getting an error message. Is anyone else having trouble ordering? It happens when I’m finished and I hit submit to complete the order…any advice, ladies?

    • I had this issue once while using internet explorer, I used Google Chrome instead and it worked.

      • Thx Kelli. I will c if that does it!

  18. How fast were the 100 points added to your account? I just ordered and nothing’s been added to my account yet. Really hoping I still get those points

    • mine were added immediately, i used the code takeoff20

      • Darn, I used takeoff20 as well. My order was the box, sample pack and a quirky cordster. I paid with all points. Still haven’t had the 100 points added 🙁

        • Hopefully they come too! I used a different code and the points were added pretty quickly. Maybe it’s just a delay!

        • I had a 100 points added to my account and then they were taken back. When I looked under rewards credit, it said, “did not purchase promotional items.”

  19. Update for those about to buy! BEAUTYMAVEN takes 25% off down to $44 (CA tax is included in my totals ) BUT the 100 bonus points will not be given. Only with the 20% off codes which is only about a $3 difference and brings it up to $47 but 100 points are added to the account after purchase!! Just a heads up

    • I definitely got the bonus points with the 25% coupon.

      • I’m saying for just the one box though, you actually bought multiple limited edition boxes so you earned the 100 extra points! Right now a glitch is offering the points to anyone getting the new box with just a mystery sample pack but it is only working with the 20% off codes on all the accounts I have tried

        • Well foo. I hope everyone else is able to get them! Such a great deal.

        • When I tried it (before I posted the code this morning) BEAUTYMAVEN was also giving the extra 100 points, so it was $41.25 for the LE box, mystery samples, and 100 points. Guess they caught on :/

    • Scratch that, now no code is working to give the 100 points unless you actually get an extra box with it. It was fun while it lasted!

  20. Wavering on getting this box. I really like that this le box doesn’t include any lip products, have so many lippies right. Love those polarized sunglasses, the necklace and bag are so cute too. While I’m not excited about the makeup, I could always do with more blush and bronzer. Travel sized sunscreen is such a downer though. Hmmm so conflicted…

  21. That was a great deal!
    I purchased 3 boxes, one for me, one for each of my BFFs who are teachers then added the mystery sample pack. The 25% off code worked. Received 100 bonus points. Used 200 points. Got free priority shipping. Grand total: $103.75

    I basically got one free and received $20 back in cash. I’LL TAKE IT!

    My mail man is going to love me extra this week!

  22. Wow, I was also given an unexpected 100 points. Hope they don’t take it back!
    Looking forward to this box, I didn’t expect another LE so early in the year.

  23. I should have checked here for codes. When mobile20 worked, I went ahead and ordered. I had 200 points and got the 100 bonus points. I think I got the points because I ordered the Lovely box recently also.

  24. Thanks for posting the BeautyMaven code. It worked for 25% off for me as well. I’m excited about the Cynthia Rowley blush/bronzer duo and I hope I get the elephant print bag that is featured on bbox website!

  25. The 100 Bonus is an awesome surprise! I got it for $34 using code and $10 BB Bucks. And it was really $24 because I got those 100 Bonus points (I got 134 points total for the purchase). Awesome.

  26. I think I’ll pass on this one. It’s a great deal for anyone who will enjoy all (or most) of the items, but I don’t see many items I’ll get use from, and nothing I absolutely NEED. Plus, I just caved and ordered the Lovely Day box. 🙂

  27. I recently used up my points so I’m still debating whether or not to buy, but code BEAUTYMAVEN for 25% off appears to work for me. I got it in an email that said “Celebrate your box milestone!” so I don’t know if there are any restrictions on it, though it does say you have to be an active subscriber.

    • Wow, this code worked for me too! Too bad I bought this last night with a 15% off code… I’ll use this for something else I have my eye on. Thanks so much!

    • Forgot to mention – the BEAUTYMAVEN code requires a subtotal of $25+ and expires May 29, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. ET. As always, only valid on purchases of full-size products, can only be used once, cannot be applied to subscription orders, and cannot be combined with any other offers.

  28. When I saw that this was $44 with everything included (full size sunscreen) I definitely thought the value was too good to be true. $55 with the travel sunscreen makes more sense… but with the 20% code and $10 in points I still got it for $34 and I think that’s a great value still. I love the polish color and the necklace. I’ll use the travel sunscreen, sunglasses and bronzer/blush duo for a trip I have coming up. I love gummies and can always use another tote. My first Birchbox LE box so I’m excited, especially since I missed out on the PopSugar Summer box!

  29. Best deal ever! I love everything. With points and discount I got it for 14.00. I earned 10.00 in points so really it was only 4.00. AWESOME!

  30. Argh… don’t like the shade of the nail polish and know that I wouldn’t wear the necklace because it’s not my personal style. Decisions decisions. On the other hand, I love every makeup product in this box, and I really want the sunglasses.

  31. I used the coupon code (Thanks Liz) and points and got it for 24 and free shipping!! My first LE box!!

  32. I bought one! I can’t resist boxes like this that combine lifestyle items along with beauty products.

    PS: I’ve been a long time reader, but never commented. I’m a huge fan of your site (and of course, subscription boxes) and plan to start joining the conversation regularly! 🙂

    • Thanks so much – welcome to the discussion! 🙂

  33. I got it but I’m a little less excited now that they told us the sunscreen is travel sized and the cost is $55, but thank goodness for the 20% off!

  34. I was more excited when it was going to be $44! (did I dream that?). But I bought it anyway. Like a true addict.

  35. Initially I was going to purchase this box, yet now I’m not sure. after going through beauty, suncare and makeup item, and looking at the ingredients I know I’m allergic to all the those items in the box. The necklace is nickle free, which is wonderful yet I’m not sure if I would wear it since I did not wear the one that was similar in Popsugar LE resort box, the sunglasses are cute, the candy sounds like fun, the bag I’d use, the nail polish is a pretty shade for summer. The box is a great deal – decisions … decisions … decisions

  36. This almost kind of reminds me of a PopSugar monthly box… and that’s not a bad thing…

    • Exactly – I just quit PSMH after 2 months because it just wasn’t fulfilling my expectations for the money. *This* is exactly the kind of box I was hoping for out of PS. I guess I will just save my money for these special editions instead!

  37. Birch box lists this as $143 value. That means the travel sized supergoop is valued at $12.40. Hopefully it’s not too tiny!

    I’m on the fence. It’s still a great deal if you’re going to use these things!

    • Aaaaaand five minutes later (at most) I bought it!

  38. Went for it, they will make great gifts if there is a shade I don’t care for. Spent $40 in points and got 100 bonus points with code Takeoff20. Cost $7 out of pocket and I now have another $10 to spend in the shop! Not too shabby. Makes up for them mistaking the price.

    • From the Birchbox Limited Edition Box Page “Bonus! Score an extra 100 Points when you purchase our latest collection, Limited Edition: Under the Sun, with another Limited Edition Box. Offer valid until June 1, 11:59 p.m. ET.” It gave me the points with just the box and the mystery sample pack!

      • I also got the points and only ordered the mystery pack…. but if the wording says that you only get the points for ordering 2 LE’s, they might take the points away from us.

        Twice I’ve had a coupon code glitch and give me something I didn’t ‘deserve’ and both times they noticed in 2-3 days and took back the points/discount. I pitched a fit the first time and got nowhere, even talking to a manager. They had their legal dept all ready to go with a statement about the legality of them taking mistakes back…

        Not to be a Debbie Downer, I just hope they don’t take the points back.

        • You make me worried about that now and I keep thinking I need to spend them…lol. I have never had that happen though and Ive been a subscriber for about 16 months

  39. I snagged it for $4.00 with my Birchbox points, free shipping, 100 bonus Birchbox points earned for my purchase, Mystery pack, and 20% discount! You can’t beat that!

  40. I just got it – my first LE box ever! Not sure about the sunglasses, but we’ll see! I had 500 points to use, so I got the box, the mystery pack and some filler items to get the total to $49.98 (antiperspirant wipes? Lol), used 500 points and ace shipping and came out at $0! Plus, for some reason it gave me 100 ‘promotional’ points after checkout…so that’s even better. Excited!

  41. I just got it for $22.00 with coupon, and my points…..I also got 100 extra bonus points and the sample pack (not sure why I got the extra bonus points…I used Takeoff20 and when I did it said that I got 100 extra points) Even if I gift everything in it….it was a great deal….The necklace, sunnies, and gummies would make one niece very happy for her birthday :o)

    • I says 100 promotional bonus points on limited edition boxes! Thanks for posting this! I’m going for it.

  42. This is the first special edition box I’ve bought. Even if the sunscreen is sample-sized, it seemed like I’ll use all the products. And it sent me over the 500-point level so now I’m an Ace 🙂

  43. Ordered it and now see that the sunscreen is “travel sized.” Would have preferred a full sized sunscreen and no make up. Oh well. I’ll use most of it.

  44. Thanks Liz! Got it (& mystery pack) for $14 with coupon code and points.

    I probably wouldn’t have paid $55 for this but $14 works.

    I am systematically cancelling all subs … I’ve cancelled about 20 in the past 2 months and only have a few left, which I am cancelling this month. EXCEPT I am keeping bb for the points for the LE boxes!

  45. Got it for $4 between the coupon code (thank you!) and my points. In my haste, I missed the Mystery Sample pack though, darn it!

    • Email them! They usually will add it to the order or send it out separately.

      • I missed it too and emailed them… good to know that they follow up on stuff like this!

  46. I am such a sucker for Birchbox LE boxes. I only manage to save up about $20 in points before another LE box comes along and I simply have to have it. With the points and the 20% off its just too good of a deal! Or at least that’s what I tell myself as I’m buying it. Hi my name is Jennifer and I am addicted to subscription and limited edition boxes…

  47. Got it for $24 along with the mystery sample pack! Woohoo!

  48. How could I not?! With the coupon code, I got t for $44, free shipping for being an ACE, and the mystery samples!!!

  49. Wait a minute now the supergoop is travel size?? How small are we talking. That’s so sad 🙁 and it’s ten dollars more than expected

    • 1oz is only about $10 of sunscreen…rather just get a big Cotz purchase with my $55

    • I feel the same way. I didn’t catch it until after I added it to my cart with a coupon so I bought my son a belt. Coupon codes can only be used once. I was more interested in the box at the $44.00 pricepoint with the full-size sunscreen.

    • Hey, it looks like the ample size sunscreen is 1 oz.

  50. I broke down and bought this one, I tend to avoid limited edition boxes as they are just too expensive for me to justify. I am justifying this one because with the coupon code and points it came to just a little less than I would have spent on the super goop sunscreen, that I planned on buying anyway. So now I will get lots of extras to enjoy as well.

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