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POPSUGAR Must Have May 2015 Box Theme Spoilers + Coupon

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POPSUGAR Must Have May Box Theme Spoilers + Coupon!

We have semi-spoiler hints for the May 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have box. The themes are: Colorful, California Sun, Glowing Skin, Fresh Flowers.

Any guesses on what they might include?

FYI – they April box has sold out, but the May box is still currently available. If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon codeΒ MUSTHAVE5Β to save $5 off your first box.

POPSUGAR Must Have May Box Theme Spoilers + Coupon Words

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. now that I have my April box I’m impatiently waiting for and pondering about the May box! Perhaps glowing skin=glam glow… ???! Fresh flowers made me think of bouqs immediately. I’m hoping California sun means we’re getting some fun sunglasses, I’ve been really wanting some cat eye ones! Colorful could be anything but I love that clue! Don’t think you can go wrong there!

  2. It’s not a subscription box but it’s an AWESOME box gift to surprise someone you love with photos and memories shared by a group and then printed into a keepsake box set of cards. Just wanted to share this lovely idea πŸ™‚

  3. There is a May spoiler out on Facebook!
    I can’t figure out how to post a pic but it’s jewelry! πŸ™‚

  4. I am seriously dying to see some April spoilers!! Even one! Just one??

    I got my ship notification just now – and yet I want to know what I’ll be getting before I get it. Am I weird? Is it just me?

  5. Tanning lotion

    Hopefully sunglasses!

  6. Hmmmmmm… Perhaps they released this so early to get some ideas of what people want and don’t want through comments. If that’s the case pllllllleeeaassseee no more lip gloss or lip stain. I also love the spa day idea someone had and a pair of fun sunglasses.

  7. Has anyone seen any current prepay sub deals or specials for PS? With the way they’ve been going and not really being the sure thing they used to be (you know, past few months have been pretty hit and miss with varying extremes, depending who you ask…), I kinda have to wonder if they’re toying with the formula in terms of curation/value/exclusivity/overall cool factor of the products. It sure would be nice to lower our risk a bit by offering some kind of sub deal other than the 5 off first box thing… especially if they’re going to not leak spoilers going forward. With so many boxes competing for our business now, I feel like if they’re confident in their product and curation, they’d want to give us sneak peeks as reassurance to not fear the dreaded underwhelming and disappointing meh-ness of ‘oh joy, another scarf… and sunscreen… and bronzer… and floral perfume vial… and *insert excessively overused random sub box product of choice here*… because I was running low and only have 17 left to get me through to summer.’ ;/
    I mean not that any of us can’t use more 50 shades of pink lip gloss or Dr. Brandt pore minimizing exfoliator or random blue/red/pink nail polish in our Doomsday/Zombie Apocalypse beauty arsenal preparedness kits, but… I think we’re ready for something new and refreshing at this point. (Sidenote: proof there’s legit reason for stockpiling excessive amounts of tiny sample size beauty products, look at Michonne, Carol and Maggie’s skin. Seriously. You just know Michonne religiously exfoliates. I mean her skin is literally perfection all the time. Hence, she must have a serious stash of tiny beauty swag to maintain. I’m guessing Maggie gets the gloss.)
    Also, don’t you think there’s gotta be a Birchbox employee with a PS sub, or vice versa and they must have the same unenthusiastic ‘oh joy’ slightly Grumpy Cat-esque reaction when they get their boxes and find the same stuff…again?
    So what was my point… (sorry, it’s late and somebody made the bad decision of having a lovely dessert decaf mocha which turned out to be not so decaf at all, apparently :/)… oh yeah, A) hopefully Pop Sugar gives better spoilers again to reassure their loyal subs and encourage those on the fence or about to bail; B) if there is a evolution of sorts going on behind the scenes to get out of this stagnant rut of boring repeat product overload, hopefully they start offering some better sub deals to help us justify the risk a little until things stabilize and our consumer confidence is in a comfy place; and 3) should a zombie or any kind of catastrophic apocalyptic type situation go down in the foreseeable future, I now have an unrealistic beauty maintenance standard complex thanks to Michonne. Because why shouldn’t I be concerned about my ginormous pores while I’m trying to not die. Hmm… looks like all those extra Dr. Brandt samples will come in handy after all. πŸ˜‰

    • I love you

      • Awww…. *blush* thanks πŸ˜‰

    • While making my day (and I needed it, it’s only 10am and the world is coming apart at the seams), it got me thinking… what if they put in a gift card to a clothing or jewelry store, somewhere that sells products that everyone could find something they love. That would make it so incredibly personalized & definitely redeem them from this whole no spoilers ‘not so great’ box deal. None of this $30 of $50 crap, but an actual GC. I cancelled awhile back and so far there has only been one item that I swapped for from a regular monthly box & that’s the keep cup (I use it every day). Ever since they became ‘new & improved’, it just seems like they are getting further and further away from the PopSugar I originally signed up for. I want to resubscribe, for good, but won’t until I see how April goes. I did buy that box. But I’m holding out for Little Lace box ANNNND… I really do hope if the world goes goes to zombies, I also have skin like Michonne & Maggie… even CAROL’s is better than mine & she’s 2x my age. WTH?

      • Also, Carol is awesome and I want to be her.


        • Be prepared to bake a lot of cookies! πŸ˜‰

      • Awesome idea about a gift card thingy, Rhianna! That would be so amazing, they could even do it for their own products… just to allow the opportunity to choose a unique item would be fun!

        Also, I have to wonder if their super exclusive top secret post-apocalyptic magical skincare regimen involves a serum type concoction of free radical killing zombie goo (since it obviously is in massive supply and pretty much gets splashed on them on the reg)?? Gross, but… seems plausible. #barf. ;P

  8. I’m hoping the next few boxes are an improvement over February and March. Crossing my fingers for a few months off from the color pink. I feel like these last few months have been more geared toward teens than adults.

    In general, Popsugar doesn’t dissappoint me, so I’m assuming April and May will be great. I hope they get some good home items in there. Maybe spring cleaning items.

  9. I hope the glowing skin item is a skincare serum or something similar and not tanner or bronzer as others mentioned. The fresh flowers hint makes me wonder if a small decorative vase may be included as a home item.

  10. Oh please NO bronzers or sunless tanners

    • AGREED. With all of them in every box, I think everyone must know we sub to boxes. We are all the tannest ladies on the block. I have a drawer of bronzers & sunless tanners. That’s all that’s in the in the drawer. Yep, we get it, summer’s coming! Just in case you didn’t realize…

  11. If there are temporary tattoos I swear……

    • Lol! Seriously! I haven’t found temporary tattoos cool since I was in elementary school.

    • Ahaha! YES! THIS!

      • The temp tattoos are good for decorating easter eggs and adding embellishment to cards if anyone is looking for ideas on how to use them πŸ™‚

        • Thanks for this idea! I have tons of those things and I would never wear them on my body. I’ve been trying to think of who I could give them to but its such a smart idea to use them as card embellishments.

    • I have real ones…I don’t need temporary ones…especially since I have an arsenal from my sub boxes. I’ve actually been giving them in gifts for my tween relatives and kids friends. In fact, I haven’t been keeping much from the boxes.

      I agree that a gift card (bonafide, not a coupon) would be great. Also maybe a lux line product like La Mer…even if it is only the foamy cleanser, which is one of their lower priced products.

      I’m over the whole scarf thing and may hang myself with all of them if I get another one.

      Jewelry that doesn’t look like my nana would wear it would also be nice.

      SUNGLASSES!!! A girl can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, especially if they happen to be a name brand.

      I can’t even think about if I get another bronzer or stinky lotion/body wash. I can’t do certain scents because they trigger migraines for me.

      Here’s hoping this monthly box is better than the PSLE!

      • I am so over statement jewelry as well. II just can’t do anymore. That’s why I love the GC idea. It lets us pick something out we know we’ll love. And make it from somewhere that sells fifferent things. Clothes/jewelry etc…

  12. A minor point, but why use daffodils in the picture? Daffodils are a first flower of spring and would had bloom already in most of the US. I think they should had used a picture of a California Golden Poppy. That would had been colorful, California, and fresh.

    My guesses are Rifle Paper, sunscreen from CA – I remember receiving one in a sub box from California and can’t remember the brand. It worked well, a body scrub, seed packets, and soap with rose petals in it.

    April’s hints are Spring, Simplicity, Markets, Outdoors.

    • Here in RI we still have SNOW on the ground, no daffodils for us yet πŸ™

  13. It be nice to see some April spoilers. ..

    • I agree! Did I miss the April spoilers?

      • No. I guess they aren’t releasing actual item spoilers anymore; just the theme hints.

  14. I’m in NorCal, wouldn’t a nice bottle of Napa wine, some mud treatment, goat cheese with flowers, gourmet crackers, a beautiful sun hat and some luxury spf be good?

    • I like your suggestion, box it up and I’m in!

    • Same here! North cali, so I’m Def hoping for some spa something πŸ™‚

  15. These are more hints than actual spoilers… I’ve been disappointed by too many boxes to commit to buying one without it anymore.

  16. I’am guessing: Nail polish, Strong perfume, Luminizer and Sun screen.

  17. Please no bronzers! I am naturally bronzed and can’t use these products. Pretty please?

  18. Please, no bronzer, perfume or sunglasses!

  19. These “semi-spoiler” announcements from PopSugar just aren’t cutting it for me– I need a little more substance!!

    • I completely agree! I want an item too or I just can’t commit.

      • I agree! I guess I won’t be buying pop sugar anymore since theres no more spoilers!

  20. No spoilers for April? Weird.

  21. Scarf- Body lotion with bronzer- perfume

  22. May spoilers before the April box has even been released? Huh. I have high hopes for both April and May now. I love the spoilers, but they’re too vague!

  23. I’m hoping no bronzers – On the March I took a few guesses, I got my hopes up high, and got disapointed. This box I’d rather not think about what I would like to see in it.

  24. Lipgloss, luminizer, sun screen, perfume, sunglasses

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