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POPSUGAR Must Have March 2015 Spoiler + Coupon!

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We have the first spoiler for the March 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have box! Each box will include:

POPSUGAR Must Have March 2015 Spoiler
Bliss Micromagic Microdermabrasion Treatment ($48 Value). What do you think of the first product spoiler for the March 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have box?

FYI – if you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.

POPSUGAR Must Have March 2015 Spoiler Hints!


The themes for the March box are Renewal, Citrus, Fresh and Traveling. I’m guessing this treatment covers the renewal theme. What do you think?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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    • Oops meant 4 for the price of 3! Though I wish it was the other way!

      • Perfect timing for me – my 3 month sub that I signed up for after Christmas is just running out. Just got myself another 4 months with this great deal! Yay!

  1. Liz-
    You might want to note that on the PS site they state that all new subscribers will start with the April box, not the March one. I was tempted to cancel and resub to use the coupon, but I think they’re trying to discourage that now. There will still probably be some people who get the box, and get off the wait list next month like in February, but it isn’t guaranteed.

  2. That was rude.

    Good grief, what has happened to this site?! From now on, I’m just skipping all the comments if I come back here at all.

  3. Is there any way to require that FedEx get my signature upon delivery? I received a notification when my February box was delivered. I was at home, so I went to get it and nothing was there. So my box was either stolen within minutes of delivery or not actually delivered to my address. I contacted FedEx but all they had to say was that it was delivered. I’m reel let bummed out that I didn’t get my box and I’m out some $$$$.

    • Anita, contact them and let them know! They will send you a replacement box as the SAME thing happened to mine! It was stolen from outside my apartment door 🙁

    • Yes there is a way, I ended up doing that through the FedEx HQ. Well what they ended up doing for me was just leaving my packages at the fedex delivery location and I would just drive up there and pick the box up. But if your always home, then def have them require a signature……or install a nanny cam over your porch area. Its sad that people must take things that others pay for. Hope my nick of advice helped.

    • I have actually gotten the FedEx notification an hour prior to my package being delivered. That really stymied me (not to mention concerned me when the box wasn’t there when I went outside to retrieve it).

  4. Hi if anyone is interested in swapping their February pop sugar box for my February little lace box let me know [email protected] thanks

  5. Does anyone know when this box ships?

    • The Popsugar Facebook page says by March 20.

  6. FYI, the ladies over at MUT are pretty convinced we’re also receiving a Sphynx Travel Razor in the March box. The Sphynx IG account has a popsugar hash tag and says “the cat’s out of the bag.” Since the razor is at about a $15 price point, I doubt it’d be in the LE box. Looks interesting!

    • At first I thought, ‘Oh no, another razor. I usually just use my husband’s’. But looking at the Sphynx, it’s actually pretty nifty. Sleek design and fantastically convenient.
      I hope it’s in either the March box or the LE.

    • It also looks like they used #musthavebox a lot on their Instagram. I’d like one of these…I have a few trips coming up! I also really want that bliss scrub.

  7. I am looking forward to the Bliss product regardless of parabens. I also want to point out that you should not believe everything you read via the Internet or news sources. Many of the comments on this thread have cited very unreliable sources. The findings that you read in the news are often post preliminary results that are take out of context. Many of the studies that have shown correlations between parabens and health issues are problematic and have not been duplicated in subsequent studies. The studies have shown minimal if any correlation between parabens and health issues. The only thing that can be confirmed for sure is that parabens have been found in the air, water and soils. They have been found in urine and breast milk in almost 100% of those tested in several studies. They are present in the food we eat and are actually produced naturally by a few organisms. They are all around us and even if you use parabens free products, they are very likely to be in your body. Additionally, parabens are not banned in Europe. They are allowed in small amounts though certain parabens may be banned. My information was obtained from an academic review of the pertinent literature published in 2014. I will be happy to share with anyone that wants to read and has access to Science Direct.

    • Thank you for your informed comments! Well stated and well researched.

  8. I received a gift subscription for my January birthday – it was somethign I really wanted. After February boxes sold out very early, I was disappointed that I had to wait until March. When I saw the February box I was glad I didn’t get it because I’m plus-size and the cute necklace definitely would not have fit.

    And then I see the Bliss product with all the parabens for March… For what it is worth, I sent Pop Sugar an email where I politely explained that many people have concerns about that (and similar) items. I attached a link to this blog post as well. I would encourage you to also contact them if you have similar concerns.

    • Did POPSUGAR ever email you back?

      • Yes! They emailed me back right away and thanked me for the feedback and said it would be passed to the higher ups.

    • I’m also plus-sized and have the same issues with these teeny necklaces in boxes. I bought a set of chain extenders off Amazon and they’ve been great – now I can wear everything I get, and they look surprisingly good.

      • Interesting! Can you post a link to the ones you bought? I tried extenders before but it seemed the necklaces would never hang centered for me.

        • Hi Sarah – in case my link doesn’t get approved, the extenders are sold by GirlPROPS on Amazon, and they’re called “Deluxe Nickle Free Set 10 Bracelet Necklace Extenders.”

      • Same here! I had quite a stash of the dainty necklaces I didn’t think I could wear, but the extenders totally changed my mind. Now I’m all about layering the delicate pieces and they look really pretty!

        • Thank you for the info and link on the extenders! I’ll have to add them to my wish list.

  9. Meh, I’m not super impressed. PopSugar is one of the boxes I was thinking about trying, but I’ll probably hold off now.

  10. I really don’t care whether it has parabens or not. But I’m slightly disappointed because my skin usually can’t handle any product that’s even the least bit abrasive. But I’m happy to try it. Hopefully this one will be the exception.

    • I’m thinking if it seems to harsh for the face, it will probably make an outstanding foot scrub!

      • *too

  11. Is this their first time featuring a beauty product with parabens in it? Or do they normally only include all natural beauty products?

    • Popsugar is not an all natural box – not sure why it’s expected they only feature organic / natural products.
      Bliss is a well known company with good products in my opinion.
      People just love to be haters.

      • It strikes me as funny that the people who dislike the product are able to share their opinion without insulting the people that do like it and the people who like it insist upon calling those who don’t haters, whiners, and complainers. I loved January and February. I do not like this product. End of story. Insulting people is completely unnecessary and not very nice. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and it’s completely possible to share one without putting someone else down.

        • I should amend my post to say SOME of the people who like it. There are plenty of people who like the product that are not name calling.

          • How is WD comment hateful? I just really don’t see it.

          • Stephanie,
            I didn’t call the WD comment hateful at any point in either post. If you had read either of my posts you would have read that I posted that some people who like the product were calling people who didn’t like it haters and that the people who didn’t like it were able to express an opinion without putting anyone down. My point was that people should be able to express an opinion without being called a name by the opposing side. I was not calling anyone anything. WD and several others did.

  12. Loving my ps sub! Super excited about trying this! I think when my six month sub is up I’m gonna just go all in and get a year, they never disappoint me!

  13. I would love to try this product so please trade it to me instead if just throwing it out! I have a few things for trade so hit me up at [email protected] if interested thanks

  14. One of my friends introduced me to Bliss. She got me two large sized lotions, one unscented and one with grapefruit. I’ve also tried the fat girl slim.

    I do not recommend the bliss products I’ve tried and I have not bought another item from this brand. I know it is from a luxury spa but I just plain don’t like the formulas of the products.

    I am not totally confirmed on this but I do believe there was some kind of hormonal interaction with the products. SO if I get this box, I will gift it to my friend who likes Bliss. No way in hell I’d keep it!

    That being said, the Feb box was amazing but I am glad I am waiting on spoilers for March sign up!

  15. I eat clean and try very hard not to consciously put known carcinogens in or on my body. So do loads of other people. Chemicals add up. They’re hard, if not impossible to avoid, but I do my best to avoid them. Organic products DO have a short shelf life. In Europe, Lush puts expiration dates on all their products and informs the consumer about the short shelf life due to lack of preservatives. I wish more companies did what they do. I wish America would adopt the same restrictions on beauty products as Europe has. It isn’t an overreaction to be displeased that this product is SO very full of parabens. I would not be able to gift this in good conscience. No, I should not expect to receive organic products from a subscription that doesn’t specialize in such things, but people have every right to be disappointed about it.

    • I used to work for LUSH over here in the United States and they have truly spoiled me when it comes to natural cruelty free beauty products. I would highly recommend them as a place for others to try out

      • Just a FYI – Lush may be cruelty-free but they’re not “all natural.” They use parabens in several products (which is the least of their problems). Lush also sells many products filled with irritants that can be harmful for the skin (fragrance, citrus fruit, not to mention harsh scrubs that create microtears in the skin).

        • They are in Europe. Which is where I bought a bunch of stuff this past summer. There are different rules over there for what can and cannot go in beauty products. I was disappointed when I came back and found that the American versions of their items have parabens in them.

        • That’s true! I don’t understand why they have those parabens. The United States is so weird.

  16. you’re not eating the stuff! A few seconds won’t hurt you as much as the food you eat daily.

    If you don’t like them I’ll take it off your hands 🙂

    • I found out and started ordering Popsugar boxes since September of 2014 and have loved almost everything delivered to me. Unfortunately I don’t use any products of any brand with any parabans. I will be happy to make arrangements with Lotsaboxes or anyone else who is interested in taking the Bliss product off my hands. I believe I will have two to get rid of.

      • I can be easily found on the swap page! I’ll be happy to take any extra bliss scrub for u!

  17. I thought these blogs were for information, and shared opinions. If people want to complain about items in a box they are paying for, it’s okay. If people love the product, and want to voice that, it’s all’s not a matter of complaining, it’s we all have opinions. Nobody is going to love everything, it just so happens that this particular spoiler released has controversial ingredients. It’s not the same as not liking the color of a scarf. So if we want to trash it, sell it, swap it, whatever, it’s all okay. As far as the FDA, they allow a certain amount of flies in peanutbutter, and other gross things in food, and as long as they don’t think it’s excessive, it passes with them. So, I take their “regulations” with a grain of salt.

    • I agree with you. Honestly, I try to be conscious of what I consume and of the products I use on my skin, but that’s mostly because I’m a mom to young children and I am VERY conscious of what they consume and of the products that they use on their skin and I was during my pregnancies too. I think that’s the norm these days.

      That said, I use Dr. Brandt products because they’re amazing and I know they are not even close to being natural. I also like Bliss products and Lush and Lush uses parabens to preserve their products too.

      Fact of the matter is that it is difficult to find really great products that don’t use parabens because it means that the products have very short shelf lives. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Almost all BPA free bottles contain BPB which is just as bad as BPA. If anyone is really informed then they know that even organic products still contain an awful lot of pesticides and chemicals and that organic beef and chicken still consume non-organic matter, it’s all just regulated to be a little bit better than their non-organic counterparts.

    • Amen sister! Isn’t the whole point of these sub boxes so that we get a surprise bunch of items we would not have otherwise bought for ourselves or discovered on our own? I try just about everything I get and if I don’t like it I get rid of it. It’s a gamble we take. One box is great and then the next box might be…meh. I’m cool with that. Popsugar is one of my favorites and I look forward to both their good and “meh” boxes!

  18. Ok. I’ll be the one voice of dissent and say that I’m excited to try this product. It gets rave reviews, and I usually like Bliss.

    Kind of surprised that so many subscribers seem to think they will love every product in every box, and are annoyed when PS releases a spoiler that they don’t adore. Last I checked, this box wasn’t vegan or organic, so I don’t expect to receive all natural products (nor do I particularly want all natural products). If you are that particular about ingredients, consider subscribing to one of the many natural boxes instead of this?

    It just seems like people LOVE to hate Popsugar, and I honestly can’t fathom why.

    • I totally agree with you. I love Bliss products, and am excited to try this one.

      Btw- anyone who i just going to throw theirs away, I’ll pay shipping to have you ship it my way.

    • Thank you for your post Marie. I totally agree with you. People just love to complain..

    • You can get Bliss products at TJ MAXX or Marshall’s so it is a bit less luxe than pop sugar usually offers. I am disappointed. And I LOVE Popsugar! I LOVED my Feb box! 🙂

  19. I’m not as paraben-conscious, but bliss is just too common in subscription boxes and the products aren’t all that great. The tarte blush was so nice last month, I hope there’s a product just as stellar in this one. 🙁

  20. Besides the parabens in it, there is: methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone both function as preservatives.

    • Without some kind of preservatives, this stuff will go bad in a matter of months (maybe weeks).

      I just had to throw out a full-size body butter (different brand) because it was all natural oils with no preservatives. Before I even opened it, one of the oils had gone completely rancid. It smelled terrible.

      I’d rather err on the side of non-rancid oils and no bacteria than avoid preservatives, especially when the studies that purport to show hazardous effects have serious design flaws (see the FDA link someone posted above).

      • I had to throw away an organic body butter away myself this week. I did end up using 1/2 of it and liked it. One thing I’ve found with preservatives, is some people have sensitive skin and can not tolerate them as ingredients. The products I find most irritating are those that say suitable sensitive skin, yet when you look up the ingredients, many of the ingredients are not suited for sensitive skin and cause skin conditions to get worse. Unfortunately organic beauty products and even organic food the shelf life might not be as long, and have to get tossed out quicker.

      • My question is why do they need 8 different preservatives though. Some of the parabens are better than others, and phenoxyethanol is supposed to be better than that

        Is there something chemically going on that makes it better to use that many different parabens plus other preservatives?

        I use some parabens but try to limit them as they are in so many things and I wonder about total exposure (especially in creams that you leave on the face.) I HAVE to avoid phenoxyethanol completely, even washing my daughter’s hair with shampoo that uses it makes my eyes swollen by the next morning.

  21. This product has phenomenal reviews on Sephora and Ulta websites. I can see why Popsugar featured it.

    • I’m not understanding all the hate either. This isn’t a strictly natural box and 80% of reviewers on Sephora gave this product 5 out of 5 stars.

    • I saw that. I was starting to think I’m the only one who was happy to see this product in the spoilers!

  22. Yuck, no thanks

  23. I had to check the spoiler and am glad I am not receiving this month’s box. I’m not able to use the product. I do hope that they have other items that everyone will enjoy!

  24. Thanks! This is why I love this site! I canceled my sub after the Jan box and in the back of my mind I keep wondering if I am am going to regret it but after reading all the feedback about the spoiler I dont have to wonder! I dont need a big tube of parabens and rocks!

  25. Ugghh… I cant stand the spoiler. I m not even gonna look at the ingredient list it will irritate me more. I ve never been fond of the ingredients in any of the bliss products. I wont even give this as a gift. i just resubbed to popsugar so for now I m not going to cancel yet I m hoping the rest of the box is a lot better.

  26. I’ll be throwing this out – I don’t want to swap it to someone who may be unaware of the risk. I’m still excited for the March box though.

  27. The ingredient list is Paraben City! Into the garbage that goes, what a waste. I can’t believe that for a $48 value PS couldn’t find something better. If I didn’t have a subscription, I wouldn’t even buy the March box.

  28. Def not an item for a lot of subscribers but if you think about it, it is such a small item
    There will be plenty more that I am sure people will love in the box. Even if I toss this, for $40 I know there will be value for me.

  29. Yup…I was going to sign up and this product is a deal breaker. I’m all set with acne.

  30. I love popsugar, and normally like bliss products but i don’t like all the funky ingredients in that particular product. it’s too bad, i bet all of the other march products will be wonderful though and i’ll be kicking myself for missing out again.

  31. Of course as soon as I decide to go all natural they have to throw this in there. I love popsugar but wouldn’t it be great it they would only feature natural brands! Ugh, now I’m conflicted on if I want to stay subscribed. Does anyone know of a all natural subscription that is comparable to popsugar?

    • I’ve struggled with a similar problem – I’ve been trying to switch over the cruelty free and I’m nervous I’ll get products tested on animals or leather. It’s too bad, because I do like them and there doesn’t seem to be a comparable subscription for that…

    • Nothing seems to compare with popsugar. I sub to goodebox kloverbox eco emi beauty box and petiit vour I like all of then. Vegan cuts alsi has some fun one time box purchases. I just got the vegan cuts yogi box. Liz has it it listed with all the items. Looks like a great box.

      • Liz’s box did 🙁 and was definitely worth the $10 more. *sob

  32. Well I’m super excited for my big fat tube of toxins! Even if I didn’t know about the parabens I would never use anything this harsh on my face.

    There’s probably no point as it’s Popsugar and their track record is hardly customer-friendly, but wouldn’t it be great if we could object to this product en masse and have it removed from the box?

  33. I wonder if it’s too late to cancel. 🙁

    • I tried to cancel yesterday and this morning and I kept getting a grey screen with a white box – I think it’s a website problem – but simply, the site wouldn’t let me cancel. So I emailed them about an hour ago. They got back to me within 15 mins and cancelled for me. Fingers crossed I won’t be billed for March.

    • I liked PSMH was featuring more natural brands. I just cancelled 🙁
      I remember reading you have until the 23rd to cancel.
      I will stick with my natural, non-toxic subs like Kloverbox and Yuzen.

  34. Legitimately asking/I am ignorant, could someone tell me what is so bad about parabens exactly? Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • They pose a serious risk in cancer causing/aiding.
      My aunt has breast cancer (fine at the moment) and was warned by all her doctors to avoid parabens in all forms (makeup, mouthwash, some foods). They could be fine for some people but if you already have a high risk or th cancer itself it is best to avoid them.

      • And they are banned in Europe for their serious risks.

      • Yikes, I never knew this. Thinking its past time for me to be more ingredient conscious with the products I use. Off to do some research…

      • My mom also had breast cancer and they actually found parabens in her tumors. They also told her to avoid them. They are in A LOT of products and some products have 2 or 3 different kinds of paraben in them!

        • They disrupt the cell cycle and let the tumors grow larger by working like a preservative for the cancer cells as well (like they do in cosmetics). To an extent we all can and most likely do have them in us but in large amounts, they mimic hormones and can help aid many things to grow or produce more of inside of us including cancer cells.

          • I’m in my 40s and my youngest is 6. I know 2 moms in my circle that have breast cancer. I try to be ingredient conscious . It can be weary especially when trying to figure out what is usable in beauty sub boxes so don’t give up!

        • That’s the website of company that makes skin care products with parabens.

          Do a search for “parabens studies” and you’ll find abstract of actual scientific studies on them. The gist is that parabens are detected in the urine of people who use cosmetic products and in breast cancer cells. Parabens are also known to be hormone disruptors, but there is as yet no evidence that the use of products with parabens cause cancer or hormone disruptions. That doesn’t mean they don’t, they just haven’t found that they do as of yet.

          Here is a summary of the literature vis a vis breast cancer

        • There is no scientific proof that parabens cause breast cancer. They are found naturally in strawberries, blueberries and carrots. I don’t have the study open, but I believe they found parabens in 18 out of 20 tumors (a very, very small sample size). No one is sure how they got there (maybe from ingesting parabens but maybe the tumors created the parabens?) You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to, but don’t get a rid of a product because parabens are in them. (You might want to get rid of this one because of the pumice though! Ouch!)

          • On mobile so I can’t see which post you are referring to but I don’t believe I said cancer causing. Nothing can be cancer causing unless you are genetically predispositioned to it, like if your UC damage fixing genes (I’m being generic here but this is true lol) don’t work or are mutated then UV light will cause cancerous cells over time since your body can’t fix the damage. BRCA1 is the breast cancer related gene most commonly mutated or non functioning in BC patients, this puts you at high risk for cancer development if you have one or both genes that don’t work. I choose to not use parabens because they might, might I stress, aid in the production of breast cancer since I am already high risk with relatives who have it. Their doctors said to avoid parabens due to the risk and so do I. That does not mean everyone has to!!! I am still excited for this box and hoping to find other things I can use but this will put up for swap for someone to make a decision for themselves! If I didn’t have the risk I would totally use this! (and their cellulite products lol)

      • This is false. There was ONE study where some parabens were found in cancerous tissue. This does not tell us if they cause cancer in any way, only that they were present. There are lots of other things present as well, like water, blood, proteins, etc etc. We also don’t know if the parabens that were there were absorbed through a skincare product or ingested or if they occurred naturally.

        So far, nothing has demonstrated that they cause or contribute to the development of cancer in any way.

    • Samantha,

      They are endocrine (hormones)disrupters. Parabens are preservatives.

  35. Well THAT’S going right in the garbage. Great. That’s a ridiculous amount of parabens.
    The second ingredient is pumice. Am I crazy for also not wanting to scrub my face with rocks? I feel like that would cause tiny cuts.

  36. FYI for anyone that had referred friends – all my referral credits were gone after the site update. From some other’s comments I’m not the only one it happened to – go double check any credits you might have!!

    • All of my referral credits are gone too! 🙁 So now what do we do?

      • I emailed them, they originally asked for the emails of the folks who subbed, but I don’t know them, so I’ve given it out to a fair amount of people. I had to get a little forceful for them to just add the credits back.

        • Krista, I just checked and all of my credits are gone as well! I had enough to get 6 free boxes, Feb being my first free box. I may have 6 of the 10 referral emails, but the rest I do not have! How did you get them to add your credits back?

          • I basically said (after they admitted it was a problem with their website update), “I don’t have a list of emails with people who subscribed, since I’ve shared the link with a large number of folks. It’s frustrating that Popsugar is asking me to come up with a list of names for the referrals that were showing correctly a week ago. If it’s a problem with the website, then the onus is on PopSugar to rectify the situation.”

  37. I got SO excited then I saw that it has 5 (!!!!!!) types of parabens in it. Jeez. :'( good value but totally useless to me currently. Really hoping this isn’t the big ticket item.

    • 🙁 will be swapping

  38. Wow, if 5 different parabens was not enough, it has phenoxyelthanol in it too. Well that will be up for swap. Here is to hoping for something good.

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