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POPSUGAR Must Have April 2015 Complete Spoilers!

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POPSUGAR April Boxes Have Sold Out!

Thank you somanyboxessolittletime for letting us know about these POPSUGAR Must Have spoilers! (Spoilers from this youtube video by Honeybee Philosophy).

The April 2015 POPSUGAR Must Have includes:




Produce Candle (Value $20)

One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Antioxidant Body Serum (Value $39)

Flip + Tumble Reusable Bag (Value $12)

Garden in a Bag Organic Basil (Value $10)

Dabney Lee Umbrella (Value ?)

What do you think of the spoilers? I’m pretty excited about this box!

FYI – they April box has sold out, but the May box is still currently available. If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.


Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. FYI:
    Each box will include a $25 Mott 50 gift card.
    The umbrella has a value of $20 which, in my opinion, is more reasonable that the suggested retail value of the bag in the March box.

    • Agreed. I can’t even give that neon pink pouch away! Not a single one of my friends/coworkers have wanted it. The umbrella is something they would fight over! But I’m keeping it 🙂 Proof that a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a more desirable item.

      • I thought the same about the pouch, but I’m in Vegas on vacation and the neon pink pouch is full of sunscreen and I literally looked at it 10 min ago and believe it or not, I thought that I wish I had another one! They’re bright, but are a great size. Not, however, worth their list price.

    • Mott gift card…I’ve never heard of Mott, do they have a website?

        • … thanks for the link… I for one am so relieved it’s not Motts applesauce… no offense, applesauce aficionados. 😉

      • Oh nvm I didn’t see it was Mott 50, cool sun protective clothing!

  2. There is a $25 gift card of some sort as an extra

    The umbrella is valued at $20

  3. I was underwhelmed by this month’s box.

  4. This didn’t excite me too much this month. I do love the May spoiler though!

    • Let me know if you’re selling or swapping – I’d love this box 🙂

      • I’m interested in selling the full box at cost plus shipping if anyone wants it. [email protected]

  5. Love this box. I’ll use everything in it. Who knew I’d be excited to get an umbrella, but I am. Well Done PSMH 🙂

  6. I love it! I just do. I can’t wait to get it!

  7. I like it! I’m happy there is no make-up or jewelry – not that I don’t love those things but something different like an umbrella is awesome and a reusable tote is perfect for the farmer’s market! PS always does a good job including different products so it isn’t the same thing every month. 🙂

    • I 100% agree with you! I love the variety that PSMH puts out!

  8. Im not a fan of anything in this month’s box, sadly. If anyone is interested, I will sell my box at cost + shipping, via Paypal.

    • Ugh, sorry about the double post!

    • Hi Lisa,
      I would be happy to purchase the entire box from you. Please e-mail me at [email protected].
      Thank you 🙂

    • I’m interested in purchasing from you if you haven’t already found someone. [email protected]

  9. I’m pretty excited about three bag and the basil, and to some degree the umbrella (I hope it’s cute! 😀 ). But I’m a little perplexed by the number of items.

    I went back and checked all the PSMH reviews, all the way back to summer of 2013 (because I am evidently a crazy person), and in that time there were never fewer than 6 items- often 7 or 8. And the total value has never been under $100; the [statistical] average value is about $140.

    I really don’t mean this as a complaint. But are we sure there isn’t one more item?

    • I noticed that too. My theory is that they probably cut an item because the serum and candle are heavy items. This probably allowed them to stay within budget for shipping.

    • Liz didn’t have the value for the umbrella so it is likely it meets the $100 threshold.

      • The value of the box without the umbrella is already $81, so I don’t think it would be a stretch for PS to value the umbrella at $30 or even $40 considering the value of last months pink pouch.

      • I tried searching for the umbrella online but couldn’t find any info or pricing anywhere. I’m thinking it may be an exclusive item for PopSugar (like that plastic pink zip pouch from last month’s box).

  10. Wish it was another herb as just got Basil in FFF. what are the chances LOL
    I too live in the severe drought of southern California but I’m going to England in a couple of weeks and an umbrella well certainly come in use there

  11. Wow, I am soooo glad I re-subbed. I tried to avoid the spoilers but it takes sooooooo long for my box to get to Hawaii that I knew I would eventually have to look and now I am glad I did because I am so excited! March and April have sold me on this sub!

    • Same! My tracking still says N/A for date. I’m guessing 3 weeks til it gets to Oahu. Such patience we have 😉

  12. If anyone is looking to sell their pop sugar box. Please email me 😉 [email protected]

  13. Well, I like everything but I wish I had more willpower and would have averted my gaze from the spoilers because I’m sitting here thinking…”that’s it?”

    Seems like we normally receive more than 5 items and it seems like the overall monetary value is low, but with that said, I like everything and I will use all of the products. It’s a nice curation and a box of very practical items. I’m most excited about the basil in a bag and the body oil. Also, thankfully I bought 6 months during Black Friday so this box only cost me about $25.

  14. Uggh why didn’t I get annual sub with the black Friday deal?! Good one captain procrastinate.

    • I don’t think that they offered an annual subscription with the black Friday deal, because I only get the 6 month as well!

    • There was only a 3-month subscription and a 6-month subscription. If they offered a 12-month subscription I would have jumped on it for the price

      • Thanks for the info ladies. I will definitely do a 6 month sub come Thanksgiving if they offer the deal.

  15. I’m wondering if the body serum could be used on the face as well.

  16. Lol. I still love PS but I will probably keep the umbrella and swap everything else and throw in the basil pod from FFF. I am looking forward to May’s box bc I do like the spoiler but am worried it will get lost in my cleavage. They are all still great quality items but this month’s box wasn’t really for me. I seem to have a black thumb instead of a green thumb and even manage to kill fake plants somehow. So if there is any interest just let me know.

    • Don’t worry, Raquel… I feel your pain. I’m still trying to figure out how I managed to kill our fake mini Charlie Brown Christmas Christmas tree… : /

      • LOL! I decorated a small cactus for Christmas and it still seems to be doing well – Your comment just reminded me to water it –

    • I’ve killed cactus… CACTUS!!! More than once. Lol. I love basil but I wish I could keep it alive.

  17. I wish the spoilers were released when the box was still available for purchase. Would have soo jumped on starting a subscription. If anyone wants to sell their box, let me know!

    • I might be interested in selling my box! Although I might keep the candle depending on the scent. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll update you when I get my box (tracking says it will get here on the 10th, but I’m guessing it might be earlier). My email is [email protected].

  18. This is great! I love the umbrella, and I’m so glad there is no makeup. I’m on makeup overload.

  19. This is such a great box!! I have been a subscriber since November last year and I love Popsugar but I realize that I have been trading or gifting most contents from previous boxes. I think this is the first box where I am certain I will keep and use every item! I have been needing an umbrella but I’m too cheap to buy a nice one so the umbrella will be super useful! I love candles, can always use another reusable bag, and the herbs & serum are very interesting! I wish I could have ordered a second as a gift for my mom! Very rarely is there a box we can both enjoy! Great job Popsugar 🙂

  20. I’m excited about the spoilers. I can’t wait to try the serum because I ran out of body oil. I’ve been wanting to try a Produce Candle ever since I heard about them. I can always use another reusable bag and umbrella. I love growing plants and am excited to try out the Garden in a Bag. I need my tracking number!

  21. I’m sorry I missed out on this. I hope I can swap for most of the items.

  22. Wishing I could still get this…

  23. What does the umbrella look like??? The vlog link was so long, I looked through and couldn’t see anything about PS.

    Curious about the basil, does it have dirt? Will it attract bugs? If not, then that’s awesome!

    The body spray looks cool and I wonder if the saddle is soy.

    • Skip to 35 minutes and you will see it. 🙂

  24. I wonder what the monogram on the umbrella is going to be!!! That is Dabney Lee’s thing is personalized monogrammed items. I hope it is just one letter because I always think my 3 and 2 digit initials look weird (AEC like I can’t spell ACE or AC like i’m an AC repair gal) Maybe i’m just too self concious lol!

    • The girl in the video’s had the Dabney Lee monogram, DL

    • Trust me I understand, my initials are JLO, and every time someone sees them I have to explain that I am not a huge Jennifer Lopez fan.

    • Just got my box and my umbrella wasn’t monogrammed.

  25. Love this box! I’m genuinely excited about every item! Glad to see a candle, we haven’t gotten one in a while. Does the basil count as the snack this month? This is the first month since I’ve been subscribing that there isn’t a food item.

    • LOL – a basil plant…. yummy! – Hope they put a real snack in it – i’m hoping for maybe veggi chips

      • Another basil plant. Surely one will grow from FFF or popsugar.

  26. I sent them a few FB messages asking for a chic umbrella this month so needless to say I am stoked! The other stuff is great also. I really really like this months box.

  27. This is the 1st time I can say, I am looking forward to this box, and love all the items in it. All the items are different, fun and usable. Due to allergies I can a lot of products yet I can use: ANTIOXIDANT BODY SERUM! – YAY! I’m looking forward to that product. Garden in a Bag Organic Basil – Great idea! – I’m very excited about this box. An umbrella is perfect for April showers ( hope I get my box in April 🙂 –

  28. This is a perfect spring box, I love it!

  29. This is the BEST PSMH I (will have) ever received!!!! All is forgiven, PSMH, I am again yours….

  30. Wow! This box is a complete 180 from last month’s box. I love all of this! Can’t wait for my box to get here this week.

  31. My mom would love that serum, so I’ll be saving it for mother’s day. I also need a new umbrella, and I love everything else. Fingers crossed for a honey candle, and not kale!

  32. I’m in Arizona, so I guess I could use the umbrella as a sun umbrella… The whole “April showers” thing doesn’t really apply here…

  33. Normally I try to avoid spoilers for PS, but caved this month and glad I did. I have a severe allergy to gardenias and will know to take precautions before opening the box. I usually love my PS box, but am disappointed in this box. I am a little sad that the highest value item will have to be gifted. I have tons of bags and umbrellas, don’t use candles, and I have the worst luck with killing plants. Hoping the May box will be a redemption, since I really like the spoiler.

    • Maybe you shouldn’t open it at all and just swap/sell the whole box. There always seems to be someone who wants it.

      • I was considering that option. If anyone is interested, please comment.

        • My popsugar subscription ended before March and I’m loving this month, so Im willing to take this box off your hands 🙂

          • the umbrella might be monogrammed- that is dabney lee’s thing- initials… just to give you a heads up

        • If for some reason Marina changes her mind, I would be thrilled to buy it from you!

        • I’m interested. I’ll use everything! 🙂

          • If you’re still interested, I’d be willing to sell my box for the cost + shipping via Paypal!

        • I decided to give this to my mother for Mother’s Day. So I won’t be selling or swapping. Sorry ladies. I hope you get one from someone.

    • I love everything in this box! I would be so happy to swap with you! Do you use the swap site?

  34. I am really looking forward to this box! It is well curated and perfect for April. I will use everything for sure.

  35. Yay!! I’ve been anxiously awaiting April spoilers. What a fun box! I love that there are some different, interest things, like the basil-in-a-bag and the body serum. I’d never seen either of those things before. I love reusable totes — they make grocery shopping infinitely easier since they hold more than the flimsy plastic bags and never break.

  36. I am super excited for this one! I have never even heard of body serum, but I am very excited to try it! Everything is fantastic! What a great idea to do an umbrella in April, makes sense! Reusable shopping bags are not something I have used yet (way behind the times!) but I totally will!

  37. Wow! This will be my second PS box and I’m pretty excited about this one. The March box was a bit of a stinker for me, although I did discover the magic of the Wet Brush and have already bought a full size one. But the rest? A Lisa Frank-ish pouch, jalapeno popcorn, and face scrub with parabens? No thanks.

    I love basil for pesto, etc. and I don’t have a reusable tote. I love gardenia flowers and am excited about the serum. It’s pouring rain where I live, so a cute umbrella will be good too!

  38. I loved getting the January box at half price and, of course, I wish they continued to not be sold out so I could get some of the other boxes at a discount. But this box would really not be for me. I also live in droughted California and can get basil pods at my local discount grocery store and, of course, at the farmer’s market. As they’ve done away with plastic bags at the supermarket, I have a zillion shopping bags. I’m not big into candles.

    The only thing I would like is the body mist. The spoiler for May doesn’t look great either.

  39. Mine still says processing!!! 🙁

    Flip and tumble bags are great! I already have 6 for groceries, but I don’t mind adding another to my stash especially since plastic bags are banned in my area. The serum sounds great! Can’t wait to get it. The umbrella is great since mine is broken… Although I’m in SoCal so I don’t know when I’ll use it in this drought. Regardless, I’m happy to get a new one! Everything else is okay.

    Hope my box ships soon!

  40. Woo, I can’t wait for this box to arrive! I like everything, except probably the candle, which I gift it.

  41. This will be my first Popsugar box and I’m not too excited. I don’t like basil (tastes like black licorice to me) and I live in drought stricken Southern California, so no need for another umbrella. But I know they can’t take everyone into consideration, so I’ll wait to have my box before I decide to keep it or not. May is tempting because I like silver jewelry and I saw suggestions on how to wear a y-shaped necklace if you have a full bust, which I do.

  42. Sadly this confirms PS is not for me. I don’t use body products (too lazy), I don’t cook (too lazy/no time), I don’t use bags like that (plastic grocery bags), candles are OK but no, and I never have and never will use an umbrella (curly hair can get wet). Happily this is my last of 6 months and thank goodness for Liz and the swaps! I hope you guys love it though!

    • Maybe you should think about switching to reusable grocery bags 🙂 !!

  43. Awesome! I was hoping for an umbrella, the body mist seems interesting as does the candle. I got a basil pod in my FFF so Im a little disappointed to receive another, but I love basil and will use it. This box is a hit!

  44. The serum looks nice and I will use the candle. Excited to see what the umbrella looks like… I really need one!!

    The basil and bag are okay. Not great.

  45. Thank god all I like/can use is the candle :p I had to cancel this sub but if the spoilers were amazing I would have had to resub! (necklace won’t work because boobs, umbrella isn’t needed because San Diego decided we don’t need those anymore :'(, don’t like the smell of tea, and why is every sub giving out basil? Am I supposed to garden? This is news to me :p (but basil is delicious so always a good thing) overall though I love how well rounded the popsugar boxes are! This is a great month! Just not for me 🙂

  46. This box screams Spring to me, I love it. My subscription ends soon and this easily became one of my favorite subs ever. I’m totally resubbing as soon as it ends.

  47. Excited about the serum, the candle and the umbrella. Yay!

  48. I haven’t gotten my shipping confirm yet. It just says processing on the website.

  49. Love it! Some good/different stuff from the usual. I use flip and tumble bags already and always give them as gifts – they are so convenient.

  50. I’m super stoked they’re including an umbrella!! That’s what I was guessing and hoping for. The body serum sounds interesting, but not sure I’ll like it. I just signed up for April after missing out on February and March’s boxes.

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