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Little Lace Box Updates – Now Ships Every Other Month

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Little Lace Box sent the email below to subscribers today. (Thanks PA Anna and Jennifer for the heads up!)

The biggest change I see for current subscribers is that the box is now bi-monthly (shipping every other month).

Here is the complete email:

Hello everyone,

We wanted to update all of you on the recent changes you are seeing on the Little Lace Box website. As many of you are aware, we moved our website from our old host to an entirely new platform and host. We chose Shopify because of its reputation for being bulletproof and extremely reliable. And although the entire process is not something we want to do again…ever, Shopify has allowed us to give our subscribers some things we couldn’t before, like PayPal Checkout. Many of you have been asking for that and now we are able to offer it. Unfortunately we have also found Shopify to be quite limiting in some areas. Their claim is that it is a tradeoff allowing them to offer a 99% availability service level.

1) The LLB reward points have finally been added to your accounts. You just need to log into your account and you will find your point balance.

With the change to Shopify, we have had to make a number of changes to our loyalty program.

To redeem your points, you now have to claim a coupon (of any denomination shown), copy and paste the coupon code into a special field at checkout and go through the normal checkout process. This seems like a lot of unnecessary mouse clicks, and you can only use one coupon at a time.

I also think that if you pick a coupon denomination that is higher than the amount in your cart, you will lose the difference (I’m not sure about this because we still haven’t gotten a good answer to that question yet, but I wouldn’t take any chances).

Shopify does not support points for reviews. They support reviews, they just don’t allow shop owners to give points for reviews. This is a BIG DEAL. We need reviews because it helps us determine what we should carry in inventory. If a large number of you say, “I would never buy this again,” then we aren’t going to carry it in inventory. Reviews also make people feel better about buying a product, so they are critical to the success of an online store.

The other obvious issue with this, is that reviews are how most of you get your points. We want our subscribers to be happy, so we came up with what we feel is the best approach to fixing this problem. We looked at the average number of points obtained by all of you through reviews each month and that number was 300 points (the equivalent of $6.00). So we decided that effective immediately we would go to a Free Shipping policy on all store items. Prior to this, the minimum sale was $50.00 in order to get free shipping (and if you used an LLB Point discount that dropped the price below $50.00 you still had to pay the shipping). This should save all of you an average of $8.00 in shipping on the average order (the equivalent of 400 points)

If you buy from us once a month, then this change is basically “a wash” in terms of being a benefit. If you buy from us multiple times in a month, then this is a MUCH BETTER DEAL.

We will still give one point for each dollar spent in the store, and we added the ability to get additional points by referring friends who make purchases.

Although we feel we have created an alternative that will benefit all of you as much as the old review points, we know that some people will be unhappy with this solution. Regardless of how you feel about this, it’s important to LLB that you understand we had no choice in this matter. Shopify is not going to change for us, so we had to be resourceful and find another way to be competitive. If you do the math, this is a much better deal for you. The problem for LLB is that it doesn’t get us what we need, which is reviews. So we hope that you will continue to review the products you purchase as well as those items found in your box.

2) Annual subscribers are still not showing up in our system. Like the points program, we are at the mercy of the vendor to get these uploaded into our system, unfortunately in their defense, they are writing code to automatically create an account for the annual subscribers who haven’t already created a new account on our website.

This step is necessary in order to do the upload properly. For those of you who have gone to our site and created a new account, thank you.

If you haven’t already done so, please go to the site and create a new account. Please use the same email address that you used on our old site, so that all of the historical information matches up properly.

One way or the other, this will be finished next week. So if you are an annual subscriber, plan on seeing your information populate your account next week.

3) A Price Change: Effective April 26th, USPS has announced another price increase for its various services. We love using USPS Priority 2-Day Mail to ship your Little Lace Box. The fact that we can ship an LLB on Saturday from Florida and it shows up at the doors of our subscribers, on the West Coast, on Monday, is wonderful.

We have looked at a number of alternative shipping methods in order to cut costs, but we hated all of them, so we decided to stick with Priority 2-Day Mail. It also means we will be instituting a price increase that will be effective when we open sales for subs again in April. HERE’s THE GOOD NEWS: This price increase will only apply to NEW SUBSCRIBERS. If you currently have a subscription with us, then you didn’t have to read any of section 3 (and I apologize for the 90 seconds of misspent time used to read this section), because it doesn’t apply to you. Remember the old American Express tagline, “Membership has its privileges”? Well it’s not a tagline we particularly care for, but in this rare instance it applies. In the event that you cancel your subscription and want to come back, you will be under the new pricing. Prices will increase by $10 on a subscription and $20.00 on a one-time box purchase.

4) Effective in May, we will be changing to a bi-monthly box. We have come to the conclusion that in order to open up our subscription sales (which have been closed for two months) and provide you with a high-end box each time, we need to give our suppliers (and ourselves) more time. We thought we’d be caught up by now, but we are not. For monthly subscribers, this means that after the April box, we will not be charging again until June.

For annual subscribers this means your remaining subscription is now twice as long. However, we realize this is not what you envisioned when you purchased the annual subscription, nor did you think we would be forced to remove the review points, so if any of you would like a refund for the remaining boxes in your annual subscription, we completely understand. You don’t even have to say why. Just send us an email ([email protected]) and we will process a refund and place it back on your credit card. We wouldn’t make the change to bi-monthly, if we didn’t think it would lead to an improvement in the overall customer experience.

5) A word about the Canvas prints. We have received a lot of artwork and images for the March Canvas print offer, unfortunately most of them will not work. Here’s why, the canvas is a 12 x 12 canvas, so it’s a square. Most of you have sent in rectangular images, and that will not work on a square canvas, so please crop them into a square prior to sending them to us. We can enlarge them and crop them, but it’s really not a good idea to have someone else crop your picture. Also, please do not use anything that you download from the internet, even if you own it. Here’s why, internet images are typically 75 dpi (low resolution images) and to print, we need 300 dpi, so please send us photos that are taken with a camera and uploaded onto your PC /Mac and then sent to us.

6) We apologize for throwing so much at you all at once, and I truly apologize for authoring this dull, discursive email, so I’d like to end on a high note. LLB will be featured on an upcoming edition of GMA (Good Morning America), and we will let you know more as we get closer. Also, a large multinational company (a brand with which we are all familiar) has asked us to curate a box for a program they are starting. This box will not be for sale to the public, but instead will be given to customers who make a certain type of purchase (i.e. buy a first-class plane ticket to X and you will get this box as a thank you). We will be branded just as the curator of the box. We were flattered to be asked to do it, and will give you more information when we are able.

Thank you again for being a subscriber and friend and have a great holiday weekend.

Team LLB

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. There’s something on their website about a real nice surprise in May for current subscribers…I like really nice surprises! 🙂

    • Oh! That sounds nice!!!

  2. Personally, I have no real interest to tear apart their email. All I truly care about is a wonderful box at a reasonable price and at least passable customer service (i.e. box not received, product missing, etc I get a refund or replacement; they don’t need to be especially pleasant, just get it done). The behind the scenes stuff is only interesting to me when it comes to something like The French Box Debacle or my experience with Whimseybox going under while I had an active sub.

    What DOES interest me is the fact that I have been trying, since January, to get a subscription of any length. What DOES interest me is the fact that they are doing all sorts of marketing, GMA for example, when people that have been aggressively trying to get a sub have been unsuccessful.

    This new influx of customers is highly annoying to me. Do I get a sub before one of their new prospects? How do they pick and choose? This really does interest me.

  3. I’ve had nothing but pleasant dealings with this company and very fast courteous responses to any inquires made. I’ve worked in customer service in my younger days and for those who are having concerns, I suggest taking a step back and call them calmly to resolve your issue. I feel like they are doing their best to make it great for everyone but I also realize they still need to make a profit. The points system is still giving us the opportunity for free items and given their current sub prices and value is well over any other sub that I can see. Also, they will convert your points into a voucher to allow for a larger item, you just need to ask them, really.

  4. I should disclaimer this by mentioning that over the past 12 hours or so, I’ve consumed way more than the recommended dosage of chocolate bunnies, robin eggs, Chico crisp bunny money, Annie’s organic bunny grahams, and other random assorted sweets, thus rendering me quite chocolate wasted. Additionally, the episodes of Walking Dead withdrawal I’ve been experiencing over the past week culminated in utter frustration tonight, as I sadly realized that #TheSeasonalFinaleWithdrawalsAreReal is indeed legit. There is only one cure for this slump, and that is the start up of a new season of Game of Thrones… hurry up, GoT…. ugh. Anyways, in the meantime, I’ve had a moment to catch up on the LLB thing and for what it’s worth, here’s where I’m at… sorry in advance for the length… ffwd here, if you wish, it’s cool and no offense.
    As someone who struggles back and forth each month with which boxes to keep, which to quit and whether I can afford to try another, I have to say, in addition to reviews, I really do appreciate reading the many perspectives and personal experiences of other MSA users. I have a pretty limited amount of subs I can justify each month, so for me, issues like how a company handles CS is very important. In fact, it is probably the most important, next to value and quality. I like to feel at least a mutual respect and gratitude from any person or company I give money to, and it’s pretty disturbing to read the way some people have been treated. Even though we don’t necessarily know each other, I’d like to think most of us are here because we share and enjoy a common interest and are in ways, somewhat like-minded, hard working, good quality people. The changes LLB are instituting are pretty significant, especially for a relatively new contender in the sub box business. How they address us and relay these changes matters, because it can be a big indicator of character, integrity and intent, and a helpful predictor of what’s to come.
    It’s certainly interesting to see so many impactful changes to the initial business model within the first year of business and it is justifiably worrisome. Growth that is ‘so big so fast’ can seem good and enticing for revenue, but how do you continue to provide the same level of quality products and service if you struggle to even properly manage the existing load? It’s fine, actually good to recognize this early on, reassess and scale back to a bi-monthly model to ensure quality and integrity in order to maintain the reputation that got you there, but it feels somewhat uncomfortable to me to say you’re going to reduce part of a service, yet raise rates for the existing service (lessening the revenue loss the co suffers from dropping to bimonthly right off the bat) and further, to site a very significant price increase that is ‘out of your control’ and blame it on shipping, yet when easily researched by concerned subscribers, is found that there is no actual increase… well, it’s pretty concerning to say the least. It would be different if there was a $10/mo increase that would result in better/more box value or products, but… to know that it’s not being applied in any way beneficial to the customer and that according to the shipping agency contracted, it’s not being instituted there, then is it safe to assume this extra $10/box sold is purely extra profit? So fewer boxes, higher price, same production cost basically equals higher profit margins by roughly 25%… and the fact that it’s been made very clear to us more than once that you couldn’t handle the huge load of subs you acquired so fast, so you have no choice but to resort to these measures (that negatively and directly affect the consumer), but that if we stick with you through it, we can retain our grandfathered rate, however if we skip or quit and ever want to come back, it’ll be at the higher rate… then to BTW mention that you’re going to be promoting said product on GMA… Lemme just get this straight, you’re going to promote -on a national platform, pitching to millions of potential buyers- a product that you’ve struggled to maintain even your existing load of loyal subs… it makes little sense other than a selfish kind of corporate greed money grab. It is so unfortunate and discouraging to see such a young company succumb to this so soon. And the worst part of it integrity wise, is that it doesn’t matter what us loyal subs say, because it’s obvious the play here is: who cares if a client valued at $39.99/mo jumps ship, when there’s now a waitlist of fresh new naive and gullible $49.99/month clients ready and willing to take their place! This, THIS is the part that I find disturbing… that plain and simple, since they have this current rush of newfound success and opportunities available to jump on, the very subscribers that encouraged and supported them through their infancy are basically of no real (profit) value to them now that the prospects of more profitable/valuable customers are on the horizon. That’s the injury to insult… and that’s what I’m wrestling with when trying to decide how long to stay aboard. Look, I understand business, and I know there are times when there are risks to be taken and money to be made and difficult decisions to be made. I get it. But there are so many variables to consider when factoring in any of these, and in this case, the resounding priority seems to point towards greed. Sucky as it sounds. Coming from a company that from day one pitched this product as a passion project and a dream, and indicating that it was fueled by heart, soul, inspiration, the desire to share their joys and a host of other heart warming, warm fuzzy Hallmark type sentiments, it sucks to feel shark-swindled by the almighty dollar, to be a number… and just another ‘sale’ in the books. As a big advocate of supporting small business and encouraging young start ups, it just doesn’t feel nice as a consumer to give your money to people who don’t seem to value you as a customer… or at the very least barely try to pretend to. : /
    …sorry for the rant… and for those of you who read through, thank you : )

    • You perfectly summed up how I feel. I’m also very disappointed with their new direction and how they seem to be disregarding loyal subscribers. I don’t understand how you can advertise to new customers when you can’t support current demand.
      CS is also important and I know many don’t mind as long as the job gets done, but even a small company needs to operate professionally. I have gotten responses that are also snarky and have taken me aback. I don’t expect them to bend over backwards but if I reach out respectfully I would hope they can respond in the same manner.

    • Very well said, including the chocolate bunnies, robin eggs and bunny money!

    • BRAVO!!! I couldn’t have said it better! I hope the folks at LLB read this!

      • *Sidenote… It just occurred to me that I’m pretty sure that the only person who probably has and/or can actually write an email as mentioned above would be Paris Hilton circa early-mid 2000’s, when she had that MTV reality show where people were competing to be her BFF. I never actually followed the show, but as I read that back, I literally had to laugh thinking how very Paris it sounded. 😛

  5. I can’t believe the vitriol people have for this company. It’s absurd.

  6. I’m on the wait list for this box, but seeing them institute a $10-$20 price increase that isn’t truthful leaves a bad taste in my mouth and canceling people because they didn’t like them complaining or for giving them a bad review is unacceptable. They even canceled a blogger for a review she gave. Sounds like they have some growing up to do.

    • Good points… feels like they seem to get defensive when in any way questioned or criticized, and rather than show any empathy and work through an issue, they prefer to say Bye Felicia, because they know there’s another paying customer waiting in the wings. I wonder if part of the marketing plug to engage new sign ups will involve offering a ‘special one time only offer to GMA viewers’ like the $10 off first box initial discount (resulting in the original regular price anyway, no loss to them), and of course potential new customers being encouraged by outstanding reviews made from customers of their original business model, not including these new issues at hand? Just wish they’d be more honest and sincere.

  7. Add me to the list of people who had their box cancelled because of being an inconvenience. I’ve liked this box when I’ve received it, but have had difficulty getting it. At some point their rejection of inconvenient customers and inconsistent customer service will bite them, but they aren’t at that stage yet apparently. There are a lot of things in the email that seem fishy. Blaming a price increase on postage when postage prices didn’t go up, going to bimonthly boxes to be able to meet their demand- yet simultaneously advertising on a talk show and having the ability to do a specialty box for an airline, sigh.

    • Plus 1 to all of this. Here’s what I found about postage

      IMPORTANT UPDATE! On March 27, the USPS announced they will delay the implementation of the 2015 rate increase and classification changes scheduled to start on Sunday, April 26, 2015. USPS rates WILL NOT be changing on April 26, 2015.

      Priority Mail
      For Priority Mail packages, rates will NOT BE INCREASING in 2015. As a reminder, Priority Mail rates were reduced in September 2014. With 2 day delivery to over 90% of U.S. addresses and improved tracking, Priority Mail is a great shipping option for e-commerce sellers.

      • Wow! They knew that postage prices weren’t increasing anymore, and send the email anyway? I understand increasing the price of the box by $10–supply v. demand, it makes sense. But don’t blame it on postage cost increases (which wouldn’t come CLOSE to $10 anyway–maybe $1, which is why Glossybox increased the price of its annual by $2). That’s not very honest.

        I don’t know what to think about this company anymore.

      • Wow! Thats not right. If the rate went up for new subscribers based on postage going up, if it does not go up for what ever reason they should not be charging the additional $10. Or come up with a new email stating it is because of something else. Things like this, make me loose trust. – Advertising on GMA when it was a hard time to even sign up to begin with is annoying.

    • Spot on, Rachel… all of this. I agree, *sigh here too*

  8. Great boxes, but some CS reponses sound freaky bad. Scratching my head…

    • Same here… I wonder if they ever read any of the Comcast customer service nightmare articles, LOL.
      That being said, if anyone receives their next box and it’s addressed w/a snarky name like “Little Miss Wants to Tell Us What To Do” or something, instead of your actual name, please post it. 😛

  9. I am excited for LLB and their new endeavors. I have had a couple of customer service interactions and they have been very nice and kind. I appreciate their way of keeping it “real ” which may come off wrong to some. I am an older subscriber (60) but really enjoy everything these girls but together. I find the letters and the humor refreshing.

  10. I’m excited for them that they will be featured on GMA and doing a curated box for a well-known company. It must be an amazing sense of accomplishment to have your company featured on GMA. I don’t see how the curated box for a well-known company is any difference than Glossybox doing a box for the O subscription. It’s good that they are exploring other avenues of income.

    Reading between the lines, I am wondering if they will have a deal of a week or sales in their online store? What else will prompt people to do this -“If you buy from us once a month, then this change is basically “a wash” in terms of being a benefit. If you buy from us multiple times in a month, then this is a MUCH BETTER DEAL.” It sounds to me that there may be more news to come.

    I’m glad that they kept 2-day shipping. I don’t want USPS handling my boxes any longer than necessary especially if they are shipping breakable items.

  11. I have wanted this sub box for quite awhile. However, after seeing their customer service I am extremely appalled an offended and will never subscribe to this box.

    I am shocked that MSA has not addressed the offensive and down right harassing manner they respond to some customers. I look to MSA for recommendations and guidance when buying sub boxes and really wish they would acknowledge the horrendous and mean customer service. It is a disservice to MSA readers to not address this.

    • Calm down, Beyoncé!

    • Admittedly, since I’m sent this box for review purposes each month, I can’t personally comment on their customer care experience, since I’m not a subscriber and don’t have first-hand experience interacting with LLB customer care.

      I really appreciate that subscribers add their feedback in the comments to help everyone get a well-rounded view of this subscription. In general that’s been my approach to customer care feedback on all reviews.

      We also added rating systems to the subscription box directory so everyone can rate the customer care experience of each box (and other criteria) and leave their specific feedback comments as well. Here is the Little Lace Box page:

      I’m always open to suggestions on how to improve this – please feel free to give me feedback!

      • Great idea Liz. Perhaps it’s like most of us – bad days and good days.
        I have had great customer service from some other boxes- Treatsie , Birchbox and Glossy Box come to mind. But I have to admit being told that if I didn’t like how things worked to cancel my box was unexpected.

        • The fella I dealt with was incredibly rude and even called me a liar, wouldn’t let me respond to his remarks and used profanity when talking to me. Tho, I’m not delicate, nor easily offended. I talk like a trucker myself. However, for customer service personnel, I found his behavior appalling. A woman finished up the issue and was polite and handle my issue perfectly. Unfortunately, his actions left a bigger impression.

          • I think maybe they are using an outside firm to handle telephone calls. This could be why some folks have had problems

          • All of my dealings were via email, and I think they were directly from the sisters, so that would reflect on them, not a hired agency. I have received emails from them four times. They have varied between a snarky refusal to provide customer service, polite helpful email when in regards to me wanting to spend more money with them, dismissive email when I tried to figure out why my box hadn’t arrived, and a dishonest email where they clearly pointed out money is their only consideration. At this point, I’m thankful I didn’t end up with an annual subscription. At times they’re dishonest, greedy, and rude, and I haven’t been on the receiving end of any particularly good customer service. Thinking back, I’m reasonably certain I could get the items I would have purchased on my own without having spent $40 a month. That is a lot because many of their months I have had little to no interest in their box, while other months I’ve liked most of their box. So, perhaps we’ll see how long it is before all of the $40 accounts have been unceremoniously cancelled, without notification or justification,

    • Sooo what you are saying is….you are not a subscriber, have not experienced this box or CS first hand….but read a handful of “bad” reviews and a negative blog post and LLB is “horrific”?

      Have you read the scores of other reviews and comments here and MUT, etc. saying the exact opposite? Personally, I have had wonderful customer service from this company, and I am so happy they are open with their customers and keep us in the loop about their challenges, changes and successes. I sure hope they don’t change their humorous style due to a few delicate and easily offended flowers.

      • I also have had wonderful customer service from them. They have gone above and beyond when I have had a problem. I even emailed them after they sent out the letter and told them how much I enjoyed their boxes.

    • I’ve been a subscriber since October, and I’ve been quite happy with customer service. They forgot an item once, and it was sent to me right away after I emailed them. Another time I wrote a review that wasn’t glowing; I got a personal email from one of the sisters regarding it (very pleasant). I don’t always like what’s in the box, and yes, the last two months have not been my favorite, but wowza… everybody has their good and bad days. I’m going to stick with them.. at least for now. I hope they can keep it up. Their business has just grown too fast. They are young women who are doing far more than I was at their age. I’m rooting for this company to make a go of it.

    • I’ve been a subscriber and the customer service I received has been absolutely horrific. This company not only took it upon themselves to misunderstand my entire post but to come back and tell me I was holding them hostage. I found this wording extremely offensive and when I replied this I was told to get off lifetime and move on. Totally offended by them as no one should receive an email with those comments especially since I was wanting to purchase more. I’ll keep my monies.

  12. I’m actually really really glad they are going to every other month. I was on the fence about subscribing but now I will. I just hope they open up new subs before their GMA appearance or figure out a way to give priority to people who have been waiting to sign up since February.

  13. I’ve liked my boxes so far but sometimes they have snarky CS. Anyone else experience this?

    • SUPER snarky, and almost mean! I hope for no problems, because whichever of the sisters that I dealt with a while back was a customer service nightmare, and I do NOT want to deal with their customer service again. So I hope for smooth sailing so I don’t end up in fetal position sucking my thumb again. And I was really nice about a mistake that they made. Yikes!

      • I have had dealings with Brianna in the past and she was absolutely delightful. Couldn’t be sweeter!

        • I agree. I have only had good experiences and I love how open they are with their customers when there is an issue.

      • I have not had a snarky experience but they did cancel my subscription because I used a coupon twice. I subscribed originally in October and used a coupon but had to cancel after a month due to unforeseen financial needs. I was able to subscribe again in February and tried another coupon and it worked…..according to the email I got that was “not allowed” even though they accepted both coupons and they canceled my sub. Not the best way to handle that, in my opinion, so I am done with LLB.

        • If its not allowed, it should be stated in their terms or FAQs. I’m nosy enough to go check this out

          • And it is stated in the FAQs… Not saying this is the case for you Kathy, but just reading some comments on various blogs I notice people don’t take the time to read so I’m sure if one didn’t read the FAQs in its entirety they wouldn’t know. I’m guilty of this, but as a consumer I try to read all policies before pulling the trigger and making any purchase.

            Question: If I find multiple coupon codes on the internet, can I use all of them, or am I limited to just one?

            Answer: Sorry, but you can only use one coupon code per subscription/customer. If you attempt to use more than one code, your subscription will be canceled.

          • I am totally guilty of not reading the FAQ’s and not paying enough attention. It is my fault for not following the rules…..I guess I thought when the coupon worked it was ok. I never got an email or anything letting me know my subscription was canceled and it was only after I inquired that I found out. It was a bit abrupt. Oh well, first world problems and I will survive:).

        • They cancelled my sub too after I used the coupon twice (with 3 months in between). I didn’t know that wasn’t allowed either. The response I got was kinda snarky too but I thought maybe it was just me. Apparently not! It could have been handled differently, I would have paid the extra money if asked. There was no need to make me feel bad about it. Needless to say I will not be subscribing again…there are lots of other boxes I can spend my money on.

    • Yep. Overall I find them to be accommodating, but in some email interactions there has been a snarky/condescending tone. Whoever that particular individual is, they may think it’s subtle enough not to be detected (and I’ve just let it be), but believe me it does not go unnoticed!

    • I agree about the snark. Personally, it doesn’t bother me, it just gives this box a different flavor. The girls who curate it are young, they are still being themselves on how they approach the business, soon enough they’ll learn they can’t do that, they’ll put on professional veils and just be like everyone else. Meanwhile, I like seeing their personalities.

      • I’m not a fan of verbatim comments on an unaffiliated review blog being used in company emails in a rude, condescending manner. It reeks of immaturity, unprofessionalism and is incredibly off-putting. I’m 100% certain where they got the quoted language in question, as it was quite unique and used/sent within 3 hours of it being posted here. So now I’ll just sit back I guess and wait for my cancellation email. It’s a real shame, I think the sub itself is fantastic, with good curation, very nice, quality products and variety for a reasonable price. I don’t even mind the every other month shipment model, and in fact prefer it financially. But I don’t care for feeling a need to censor public impressions and general business feedback for fear of subscription retribution. It’s just not appropriate nor is it a recipe for business longevity. I mean, this isn’t Dick’s Last Resort. I don’t sub to be on the receiving end of personally directed snark. I’d love to see their success expand exponentially. I think to do that they’ll just need to hire professional PR as well as better trained CS reps to handle both direct customer issue communications as well as public constructive criticism they unfortunately seem to take personally.

        • That’s awful! Can you give a little more details about what happened? What did they quote and what did they do to you?

    • Absolutely, I have been on the receiving end of some snarky emails. Not all of them. Some have been very nice and some are very rude. After reading the comments on here I realize that they probably intentionally cancelled my subscription because they found me a “pain” after one month where my credit card didn’t work. I thought it was an accident but seems like it might have been intentional. Oh well. I loved this box. But I just can’t deal with their customer service anymore. I’m spoiled by companies like julep and birchbox who bend over backwards to make their customers happy. I get they think because they are in such high demand it doesn’t matter if they treat their customers badly, but it will affect their business if they don’t figure out how to get it under control.

  14. Oh no! I had over 1,500 points saved up. Are they now worth nothing?
    If I’d known what was about to happen, I would have gone on a spending spree.
    My plan was to apply all my accumulated points towards next year’s sub.
    Bad news as far as I can tell.

    • I was going to ask about that too, or I’d all else fails, you can shop in their store, you don’t loose them, mine are showing up.

      • I don’t see where on my account the points would be. I feel like my account page is missing some order info. Do your past monthly box purchases show somewhere on your account? It only shows my march box. Also I always get my shipping notices but I didn’t receive this email (not in my spam folder either).
        I’m perfectly fine with the change from monthly to every other month.

    • Your points are still there and you can still use them, but now only in $5, $10 or $15 increments. When you log into your account, your points balance is on the lower right hand side of the page. Click on it and you can redeem points for a coupon. Bad news us you can use only one coupon per transaction. I also have a lot of points saved, so here’s what I’m going to do; I plan on buying all the things I want one order at a time with the $15 coupon so I get the maximum amount off my orders. And since there’s free shipping it won’t be a problem.

      • Let me get this right – I want to buy the $49 fresh water pearl necklace, but am only allowed $15 off, even though I have 2,110 points?

        • I’m in the same boat, Helen. I find this very frustrating as well. I had been saving up my points to help with a bigger purchase. Since there was no indication the points system would change with the website move, I decided to wait, get the march box points, then buy.

          Well there are no march points and there is now a redemption limit.

          Wish this info was known ahead of time as I would have applied my accumulated points for the purchase before this move.

          • Right! That seems really unfair, I have $50 in points saved up, I was trying to save enough to get a couple items and free shipping. Now we can only get $15 coupons? Their email made it sound like you could get it in any denomination, not just 5, 10 and 15 dollar increments.

        • Yea, they did not make this clear in their e-mail. I had to go onto their website and investigate to find all this out. I also have over 2,000 points saved up that I was hoping to spend on one of the bracelet bangle stacks, but now I can only get it slightly reduced. I’m not happy about it, but I’m trying to look on the bright side and make lots of smaller purchases for free.

    • This was my plan too Helen. I currently have 5400 points!! And customer service confirmed that you will NOT lose your points EVEN IF YOU CANCEL YOUR SUB. Also, you can request any denomination coupons to use. Just email them and they can get it done within five minutes (unless it’s the weekend). They didn’t want people getting a $50 coupon and spending it on a $30 purchase and losing the balance of the coupon. That is why they only put three different denomination coupons on the holder. Also, there is no limit to the number of coupons you can use in a day, but you can only use one per transaction. I haven’t yet decided whether or not I want to cancel the rest of the annual sub, but I’m sure glad they are giving us an option to get a refund.

  15. While I will miss receiving this box monthly, I appreciate that they’re sharing their process and keeping current subscribers at the same rate. On the up side, now I feel no guilt about finally having jumped on the BoxyCharm bandwagon yesterday!

  16. I really don’t mind the bimonthly. I really wish others had that option. I also liked their old point system however that is not a deal breaker for me. I’m happy for their success and will stay with this one for sure.

  17. When they sent this out to my email I didn’t even read it because it look to long, dry, and boring and I knew for sure that it would had put me to sleep. So thank you Liz for posting this on here cause I would have never know about all the changes. LOL

    • Use Instagram to crop.

  18. Can anyone give tips on how to crop an iPhone photo to a square in order to redeem the canvas?

    • Sorry, type the reply in the wang comment above. Use Instagram to crop.

      • *wang* wrong.

    • Go to, upload photo to edit, select crop, under crop, there is an option to select square. Then it will let you size the picture only in a square shape. Hope that helps! Yes service is free

  19. I think the move to bi-monthly is good for them. I can also understand that the new platform doesn’t support the points system. I’m having trouble with the price increase as priority mail is NOT going up in April or in 2015 in general. Although they are grandfathering current subscribers in, I don’t buy that explanation.

    • I think they pay a corporate rate for shipping – maybe the corporate rate is going up? Not sure. I mailed the box myself from last month and it cost about $12 to ship it. Even assuming they get a discounted rate, they must still be paying a fortune to ship these every month. However no one is requiring them to ship the box that fast either.

    • Interesting. I looked it up and you are right, USPS was going to increase some mailing rates but commercial priority mail was not one of those. In any case, the increases have been suspended. Now, it may still be that the mailhouse that handles their boxes has increased their handling prices and that’s what they meant.

  20. that email was so long that when I read the email sent to me I actually missed the bi-monthly part! It was only Liz’s headline that caught my eye

    I have not liked the last two boxes at all. OK the first one they had all these problems but the second certainly didn’t match the theme they said it would. And the Downton Abbey box was perfect but not for me.

    so 3 boxes = 3 swaps

    Also re their CS- as someone above mentioned I queried one of the products and was told if I didn’t like it to cancel.

    Telling us they are doing some fancy box for a giant corporation and telling us that it will be a giveway ie fly first class you’ll get the box.
    Doesn’t sound attainable for us mere mortals

    I wait until April but pretty sure I’m going to cancel. I’ll try Oui Please maybe

  21. A lot of info to state that they still can’t accommodate the folks they currently have on monthly subs, (hence the move to bi-monthly) much less take on new subscriptions. Sigh….

  22. 1. Way too much info in one email.
    2. Sounds like they’ve grown faster than they can manage…
    3. …so less frequent, more expensive boxes and no points system
    4. …yet they have the bandwith to be on GMA and do a box for a multinational company
    5. In summary – all good things have to end.
    Oh, and the Canvas Prints thing is super annoying. They should have given explicit instructions upfront on what was needed for a successful image.

    • I completely agree about the Canvas Prints. I sent an image in last week that was uncropped because I had no idea I was supposed to crop it. I didn’t hear back from them, so I’m assuming they cropped it themselves, and now it worried that it won’t look right. If I had known I would have cropped it to begin with.

  23. I’m happy with the changes. A bimonthly box will give them a larger opportunity to create something really great, and it’ll be easier on my wallet.

    I also appreciate that subscribers are grandfathered in at the lower price for the box. I think that shows that they care for their customers.

    All in all I’m very impressed by how they are going about these changes and how open they’ve been in their communications.

  24. Every other month is fine with me:)

  25. While I am a little sad that they will be going bi-monthly, I think that my bank account will thank me. I love this box and I’m happy that they’re doing what they need to make sure they give us high-quality boxes. I’m also thrilled at how honest they are and how they are going to great lengths to explain all of their decisions. It is refreshing to see this kind of honesty from a subscription, since it doesn’t happen very often. So I hope that these fabulous high-quality boxes will make up for not having the excitement of one of their boxes at my doorstep every single month.

    • I agree.

  26. Are the month to month subscribers also locked in at $39.99?

    • From what I read, I think so. As long as we’re a current subscriber our price is locked in to the one we signed on for. Anyone new will be getting the extra shipping fee.

  27. Just know that if they fail to send you something and you have to send more than one email to customer service they will cancel your account for being a pain. Hope they don’t treat many like that or they will be gone like many other subscriptions.

    • I sent CS an email asking for my points way before they send the email out explaining the points will be added later. Got a reply after they sent out the explanation email and all CS said was did I get and read the email they sent. I thought that was rude. Maybe it is just me.

    • That’s not true. I had an item left out, I emailed them, got a very pleasant email back, and the item was sent to me within the week. I can’t imagine they cancelled a subscription because they made a mistake?

      • “Not true?” Not sure how you can say someone else repeating what happened to them specifically isn’t true. How could you possibly know that? I try to avoid calling random strangers liars because I had a different CS experience with the same company than they did. I’ve also been the recipient of snarky responses on several occasions. And now we’ve heard from (by my count on this site alone) 6 subscribers whose accounts were cancelled due to their questions and/or feedback.

    • They cancelled my subscription. I thought maybe it was a mistake from the website switchover. Now I wonder if it’s because of me emailing a few times with questions.

  28. I hate that they are going bi-monthly. It was nice to get something every month, looked forward to it.

  29. I am so happy about their openness. I just signed up for a year and now I have two left and don’t have to pay the extra cost for shipping! This is my favorite box and the only “fun” box I recieve on a monthly basis so I am sad that I will only be getting it bi-monthly now. 🙁

  30. Trying to log in to their website to create a new account as instructed but I’m getting a security message saying it’s not a secure site. Is anyone else getting that?

    • I don’t know if this helps much, but I think it’s a Shopify issue… I bypassed it when I did mine a while back and my computer hasn’t exploded or had any symptoms of a freak out. I just figured my anti-virus avengers were being overly protective. But… I’m about as much of an IT tech as I am a lion tamer, so… : /

      • Thank you! Good to know.

  31. I had to take some time with this email because there really is a lot to process, and holey moleys, those are some pretty significant changes. I agree in the bi-monthly switch, and believe it will be a good thing over all. That part actually gave me a sigh of relief because I do feel they have always emphasized how personal this project is to them and that is what I most love and appreciate about LLB. I’d much rather have a less frequent, but consistently awesome and thoughtful box as they grow instead of sacrificing heart, soul and quality for quantity of members and $$$. As my thoughts marinate about the email contents, I find myself making mental comparisons to the various highs and lows we’ve experienced with different boxes and how we’ve all sadly witnessed a sort of complacency once some companies achieve a certain benchmark of growth and the curation, quality, and value starts to tank… you know, when you start receiving random nonsensical items with an inflated value, or coupons described as gift cards with extra costs or minimums involved and so on… to me, making the tough decision to prioritize quality over quantity and to be so open and honest enough to face your subscribers and say ‘look, we understand, we’re listening and we’re taking your concerns into consideration and doing the best we can in all fairness,’ says a lot in terms of integrity. So far I’ve only seen that kind of concern and consideration from Liz and hopefully it’s what is evolving here. Fingers and toes crossed that despite the crumminess of losing the review rewards and the pretty big increase in shipping and loss in frequency, LLB will thrive and stay true to their original concept where it counts!

    • Ugh. Sorry for the duplicate post… my page wouldn’t refresh and when it did, poof!, my comment was gone… and now, apparently there’s two. : / Please excuse my suckiness… it’s been a rough day.

  32. I appreciate the honesty of this start up and for them, what a good problem to be in such demand. Really happy to be an annual subscriber and looking forward to watching this company mature. They have the potential to be the next Birchbox but at the luxury level.

  33. Well, now I have another year and some on my subscription. I guess that’s ok if it means the quality will be good. I really like the box and I love how straightforward they are being, so I’m giving them the time to sort it out.

    Now in a perfect world, they’d would schedule opposite out please so that I would get one or the other each month. That would make me really happy.

    • Sigh autocorrect. Oui please

  34. I appreciate their emailing us all and not just relying on a FB post to keep us up to speed as they deal with issues that arise and evolve with time and growth in a market that so quickly reached a peak and is becoming saturated. I really hate when businesses solely rely on their social media to relay news, deals and whatnot because it isolates and ignores a lot of people who’s lives don’t revolve around it. Just my opinion, but email is really the way to go with things like this. That being said, there’s so much to process because these are some pretty significant changes… I agree in the bi-monthly switch being a good thing. That part actually gave me a sigh of relief because I do feel they have always emphasized how personal this project is to them and that is what I most love and appreciate about LLB. I’d much rather have a less frequent but awesomely curated and thoughtful box as they grow instead of sacrificing heart, soul and quality for quantity of members. And as my thoughts marinate about the email contents, I do find myself making mental comparisons to the various highs and lows we’ve experienced with different boxes and how we’ve all sadly witnessed a sort of complacency once some companies achieve a certain benchmark of growth and the curation, quality, and value starts to tank… to me, making the tough decision to prioritize quality over quantity, and being so honest and open about it really says a lot in terms of integrity. So far I’ve only seen that kind of genuine concern for their subscribers from Liz and hopefully it’s what is evolving here. Fingers and toes crossed that they remain this way no matter how much this box grows.

  35. I’m really sad they’re going to bi-monthly boxes, it’s so exciting to get it each month. Sad about the price increase too, but I understand the value is usually amazing. The only problem is if you don’t like the month you’re out more money. I do like their open honesty, just sad it’s going up in price and bi-monthly boxes.

  36. i think these are good decisions for their company. I’m bummed about the review points, as this was one of the reasons I signed up for an annual sub, but I’ll still enjoy my boxes, and hopefully the boxes will return to the awesomeness of pre-February once they go month to month. I also think stopping new subs while they thought things out was a great call. I really hope they have great success. They have great taste and are poised for a lot of success and growth, I think.

  37. I only had this box for one month, and I disliked it and cancelled… basically I think b/c I am not the target demo. What I mean is, I think they make a good box – it’s just not for me.

    BUT I read this anyway, because it was that or work on work reports, and I am EXTREMELY impressed with their open-ness and their decisions. Good company.

  38. That was a whole lot of info. The main takeaway for me is regrets I didn’t do the annual while I could for that discounted price. Even on a “bad” month, this is a fantastic box.

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