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Little Lace Box Subscriptions are Open for the June box!

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Little Lace Box

Little Lace Box has opened subscriptions again! (Subscriptions start with the June box). Make sure to use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off a 6 or 12 month subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I received my box this morning. The curation is perfect. I love, love, love this box.

    • I agree that this is a perfect curation! I had a terrible week and just opened my box. My mood instantly lifted. That is what I want from this subscription – a special box. And that is what I get. I do adore reading their insert and I continue to love their sense of humor (tattoo joke – no spoiler, don’t worry).

      • I opened it with my sister on the phone. We both laughed about the tattoo joke. I’m glad it improved your mood and hope your week gets better.

        • Thank you, PA Anna!
          You are so sweet.

      • I liked the comment about not even being able to brush her teeth with her left hand.

  2. On the website under the subscription boxes it says that current subscribers will be getting a surprise sent their way in May 🙂

  3. Kind of glad I cancelled, although I was kicking myself initially. I’ve been very happy with Popsugar lately, so I’m going to keep that one.

  4. I’m already a subscriber but I ordered one for my mom because I know she will just love it. Hopefully the value is there!

  5. I had been waiting for a few months to subscribe. However, with the price increase and questionable customer service I’m going to hold off. Besides it’s been a VERY expensive box week for me with Popsugar LE, Glossybox Mother’s Day, and Birchbox LE. Plus I just bought another 3 month Love With Food from Groupon and some one time Greenkid craft boxes for my son. I need to stop shopping this week!! LOL 🙂

  6. I managed to get the sub last time so fortunately I can keep the $40 price point. I wouldn’t chance any sub if I had to pay $60. So I’m hoping they’ll knock it out of the park now. I think the next box will dictate if I stay or switch to popsugar.

  7. I have been trying to sub to the box for MONTHS! Now subs have opened back up, but I am totally unwilling to sub for three boxes (6 months) minimum. Seriously, why are they not offering a month by month instead of making you pay extra for a one time box?

    I was willing to wait through their reorganization, I was willing to accept their change to every other month and a hike to $50 a box. But I am unwilling to sub for more than a month at a time. And, by spending $60 for a one time box, you are not considered a “subscriber”, therefore you are not guaranteed a box every time, just the hope that you can jump in there in time each month.

    Not fair, guys.

    • Well, days after that unhappy post, I just got a 6 month sub. So, their evil, evil ways suckered me in.

      • I understand, Shannon P, and hope your subscription makes you happy. The April box is another winner for me.

  8. Interesting. I hope that reopening subs means that things are evening out with LLB. I’m definitely interested to see what the next couple of boxes looks like, and I hope that going to every other month will be good for both subscribers and the company.

  9. Pass.

    I’m a former subscriber but ended up cancelling.

    My hope for new subscribers is that the $20 increase yields at least a $20 increase in received products – and it’s not just the same value boxes with a larger profit margin for them.

    I’m in agreement with Anna’s comment about early success going to their heads. The only way this LLB fever is going to last is if the boxes are great. We’ve all seen it happen – one particularly bad box and the hype is over. That’s why it pays to not be snarky with customers – it’s easier to drop a subscription when the customer service isn’t great to begin with.

    • Agree with all of this. I was so excited about this box, but I had a couple of meh customer service experiences, and the boxes stopped wow-ing me, and now I’m over it.

    • I agree with your comment completely. I have certain subs I wont drop even though I know I should, yet the customer service and the consistency of the products month after month has been amazing. I had no issues with LLB’s customer service. What was annoying was the wait list. Once I finally subbed there was only 1 box I liked I think it was the Jan box. The other boxes I did not like at all. For the price point then, and now going up $20 I dont want another box I cant use. I would rather just purchase the items I want on amazon, comes out to be cheaper then the entire box – I hope new subscribers get an extra $20 in products and that the box is wonderful and is so much better then the other boxes.

  10. I agree that the past two boxes were pretty iffy. But I get the impression that they were overwhelmed with the very rapid expansion of business they experienced. And I think the change to bi-monthly boxes is an attempt to resolve that issue. That’s why I decided to take a chance and purchased a 3-box (6-month) sub. I am hoping that their boxes return to their previous glory.
    If they don’t I will cancel the sub. But I’ve been waiting for months to subscribe and I’ve got too much FOMO to pass it up right now.

  11. I think I have to wait and see. I am intrigued because the price point ends up to be 30 ish a month even though it is bi monthly so in the end it would be cheaper than PSMH on a yearly basis

  12. The 59.95 box is a one off purchase, not a sub. So for new subs, it is $149.95 for 3 boxes. Glad I got mine a while back.

  13. I’ve been waiting for this one for ages but between the increase in price and the DECREASE in quality we’ve seen over the last couple of months, I’m going to hold off as well. I think all the hype went to the heads-that-be over there. I’ll keep an eye on future boxes but it’s a pass right now.

    • It definitely went to their heads.
      What a big mistake to cancel customers subscriptions without telling them just because they find them “difficult”. They cancelled mine with no warning. I wasn’t even being difficult. I just had one month where my card was maxed out, I didn’t realize it and the charge didn’t go through. I emailed them wondering what happened they said something about my card not working so try again next month. I did….still no charge. Found out my account was cancelled and all my info was deleted on their website.
      It’s just so weird to me because whenever that’s happened with another subscription they always send an email first asking me to change my billing info or Atleast letting me know my card was declined. This company never did that. I’m kinda glad they cancelled me because I’m so over them and their past few boxes have been bad, in my opinion. Too bad. They were SO awesome. It’s just they need to hire someone to handle customer service and PR because they are in over their heads.

    • They are apparently doing something with Good Morning America and that may well make it even harder to get in in the future. Still, I agree and I’m going to hold off.

      The #1 most important thing for me in a subscription box is the value of what I got vs. what I paid. I know for some people the #1 is liking everything in the box – but for me – it’s 100% feeling like I got an awesome deal. Even if there is one item every month that I don’t like, if I’m getting $80 worth of items for $40 and I like 70% of them – I’m happy and I’ll keep subscribing. I’ll gift what I don’t like — but if I spend $50 for a box and the value is $55 – every item in that box better not only be 100% on point, it also better be stuff I really wanted and would have bought soon myself. When the value nearly matches the price, it feels like a direct purchase and if the lipstick is a color I don’t like or there’s a food sample or something – I’m done.

      • Raquel, This is 100% how I feel & you articulated it perfectly. I am a bargain shopper but do splurge on some things, so if I love a box that’s more than I would normally spend I am fine with that. Otherwise I feel like I am paying full retail for stuff I would never pay retail for & that’s not fun!

  14. Was going to subscribe but has anyone else noticed the $20 jump in the monthly subscription? Is there a reason for this jump? $39.95 to $59.95 is not a small jump…

    • Wow! I currently subscribe and hadn’t looked. I wonder if the current subscribers are grandfathered or are also getting the increase. I will be unsubscribing at that price.

      • Don’t unsubscribe yet!! Current subscribers are still under the old price, but if they leave, they come back at the new price. They did send an email to subscribers a few weeks ago.

    • I was going to say the same thing!! Had been trying to subscribe for months to no avail, but now I see why…this price increase seems a little steep in my opinion. Granted, their boxes are normally pretty good but I’d rather save my $$ for a limited edition popsugar or something similar. Anyone else agree?

      • I agree 110%

  15. I really like popsugar and LLB for different reasons, both are good in there own way. I subscribe to both and enjoy both.

  16. I’ve been waiting months for this to open, but with the price increase I definitely need to see some reviews since $50 is more than what I’d pay for the past boxes.

  17. I think I want to see a box or two first since their reorg.

  18. I’ll pass. I want to see at least another review before deciding. It’s a lot of money for a box that hasn’t impressed me the last few months.

  19. “we now realize that half of you hate lavender, and the other half hate earrings, and everyone hates gold, while some of you don’t
    like baths or use lotion.”

    Sounds like they have been visiting MSA, lol. 😉

    • Whaaaattt?!??? Where did they say this? I love lavender, earrings, AND gold.

      • It’s under their Sneak Peek tab in the body of the April Nonna’s Kitchen post. Here is the entire comment:

        “After the “perfect storm” that was February, we wanted to curate a box that everyone would love. Sure, it was painful, but we now realize that half of you hate lavender, and the other half hate earrings, and everyone hates gold, while some of you don’t like baths or use lotion. And I’m certainly not perfect, I find the occasional blink, to lubricate my eyeballs, to be a complete waste of energy. But we can all agree that everyone has to eat, and in our family, our Italian heritage brought us back to our two grandmothers, Nonna… we love food and that’s “all I know.” The April box will have things for you and your kitchen.”

        • Wow, I can’t believe I missed that. I had seen the quote, but didn’t catch what followed it. So, to interpret: here is what you thought of our curation, and in response I’m going to make some off the wall comment about how I am too lazy to blink- as in, the customers are being ridiculous.

          I loved their November and January boxes, didn’t like their December box, and wasn’t excited by their February and March boxes. Two out of five isn’t enough to keep my interest, even if their customer service wasn’t a big problem. Perhaps they will do better once they’ve had a chance to read the manners book they sent out in January.

        • Seriously…is it really necessary to throw that long-winded jab out at your customers…particularly, when all of your communications are notorious for their rambling anyway?

          • This rubbed me the wrong way as well. I get that they were being cute, but THEY were the ones who originally had a customization option when you initially subscribed, so you could opt out of things like earrings. And they they turned around and said “Oh, we don’t do that anymore.” Which is their prerogative, but kind of set themselves up for that when they offered the option in the first place. So this came off as a bit rude, tbh.

          • I totally agree with you. We all have clients we may not love, but we don’t openly complain about them. Between this and the snarky age comment a couple of months ago, they are not getting my $$$.

    • I love all of these things and I would especially take gold over silver anyday

    • lol I like that comment, I don’t like gold or lavender, and they’ve been lavender crazy. But thankfully in my February box I got silver earrings which I adore. I’m totally fine with earrings, but I know lots of people complained.

  20. Thinking about it…but it’s still like $46 a box even after the discount. That’s a lot for a box that’s been inconsistent lately. I might regret it but…I think I’ll have to pass.

  21. Signed up! I’m hoping these boxes will go back to their previous extreme awesomeness now that they’re bimonthly. 🙂

  22. I currently sub to the monthly PSMH but wondering if I should cancel and sub to Little Lace Box for a while? Would love to sub to both but with all the other boxes…..well my wallet can’t handle it as is haha 🙂 Seems somewhat similar based on the reviews I’ve looked at……but I’m not completely sold.

    • You can gift yourself PopSugar on the off months.

  23. I signed up! I am excited 🙂

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