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Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Box!

Little Lace Box is a lifestyle subscription box for women. They’ve been around for about a year so far – and I’ve been really impressed with the quality of their boxes so far.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Box Packaging

(I wanted to take a picture of the packaging – everything arrived individually wrapped!)

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: Little Lace Box

The Cost: $59.99 for a single box ($44.99 per box with an annual subscription)

The Products: Fashion and beauty items, with one item highlighting from an up and coming designer

Ships to: US

Delivered via: USPS

Check out all of my Little Lace Box reviews and the Little Lace box swap page!

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Letter

Each box comes with a letter detailing the theme of the month and hints at the next month’s box. This month’s theme is “Nonna’s Kitchen” – inspired by the foods, smells and little things the sisters behind Little Lace Box remember most about childhood.

Also – they revealed the theme for the June box. (Little Lace Box now ships every other month). The theme for the June box is “Classy and Fabulous” based on the Coco Chanel quote, “A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.” The box will focus on fashion accessories “to help you make the transition to summer and maximize your wardrobe for both day and night.”

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Info

On the flipside of the letter each item included is detailed, complete with retail value.

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Pasta

Filotea Pennette della Domenica Pasta – Value $7.99

Red Pesto Sauce with Truffles – Value $7.99

“Pesto pasta” was my favorite meal as a kid, so just seeing these items in the box brought back some wonderful memories for me of helping my mom prepare the basil, etc. I’m going to share these with her!

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Cucina

Cucina Dish Soap in Lime Zest and Cypress – Value $9

I love the scent of this dish detergent (I’m obsessed with anything citrus scented), and I think label design is cute enough to keep on the kitchen counter!

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Bowls

Le Cadeaux Olive Oil Dipping Bowls – Value $15.99

Market List Notepad – Value $4.99

These are dipping bowls are made with melamine so they’ll be perfect for any al fresco dining! I love the look of them too – I thought they were ceramic until I picked them up.

And I think this market list is a nice little addition to the box.

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Gift

Janelle Beaulieu Porcelain Jewelry Dish – Value $14.99

I love that this comes ready to gift! Here it is out of the packaging:

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Tray

This item was included since the sisters remembered their grandmother prepping for making meals and taking off her jewelry to keep in a trinket dish before she got to work. I’ve just been putting my rings on the window sill, so this will be an improvement!

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Folded

Belle & Union Co. Tea Towel – Value $15

Here is the tea towel unfolded:

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Tea Towel

I love that it ties in with the Market List illustration!

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Oil

The Ancient Olive Gourmet Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar – Value $13.99 total

These flavors were made exclusively for subscribers. The Balsamic Vinegar is a Sicilian Lemon flavor, and the Olive Oil is Milanese Germolata.

I must admit, I’m not an olive oil expert, I just know when they taste great! I’m so excited to try both of these. (Also The Ancient Olive’s products are certified gluten-free!)

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Sheet

Subscribers also get to pick out a full-size bottle of olive oil or balsamic vinegar from the Little Lace Box – Value $13.99

Little Lace Box Subscription Review + Coupon – April 2015 Order

Verdict: I think this is a fabulous and unique box, and it reminds me of the most popular Little Lace boxes from the past year – full of goodies with a very clear and thoughtful theme! The value is about $104, and I think that’s a good value for this box, and even more importantly this box just feels like unwrapping a very thoughtful gift!

What do you think of the April Little Lace Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Glad I cancelled. Looks like it was nicely put together, but olive oil, dish soap and pasta don’t thrill me at all. Guess I’m more of a beauty/fashion junkie. 🙂

  2. I received my box yesterday and was really delighted. I received the black olive pate and at first was really disappointed that I did not receive a pesto. However, I tried it on some crostini with some fresh mozzarella and oh, my word, how delightful.

    I can’t wait to choose a bottle of olive oil…I think I may end up purchasing some extras along with some of the vinegars. I love that they sent a list of pairing ideas. I think some of those pairings will make amazing salad dressings.

  3. Add me to the list of subscribers with broken bottles. One of mine was cracked through but mostly intact in terms of leaking, but the other one was totally shattered. The box arrived in a plastic bag and was soaked through. My notepad was ruined, the pasta had a tiny puncture from a glass shard and had to be tossed, and the towel and dish package were both oily so ungiftable which I would have considered with them. I’ve put in an email to LLB about it and hope that I’m able to get replacement items or credit. I think the box theme was awesome, but clearly the bottles needed to be packed better then in just a single layer bubble wrap sleeve.

    • I agree, as the same thing happened to me, with the same items affected. Bubble wrap is not enough for glass bottles.

      • Just wanted to follow up to say that customer service was immediately responsive to the issue, and I was sent replacements for the affected items. The oil/vinegar combo were still packed just in bubble wrap, but thankfully held up the second time around.

    • Me too. Everything was covered in glass shards and oil. I reached out to LLB asking for a replacement as I had to toss my box. I emailed them pictures as it was literally covered throughout. The glass items were not packaged well at all and need more protection. It wad inside the box with the dish too. The pasta box had a small shard poking through too. Total bummer opening this box when I was totally looking forward to it.I really hope that they replace it.

  4. I LOVED this box! Next to the ‘Christmas’ box, this one is my favorite! (Also glad I have been locked in at the lower rate, bc I might not be so excited if I paid 60.00 for it though….)

  5. Meh. It’s nice but after the bad experiences I’ve had with customer service it hard for me to get excited about their boxes. I’m glad they “accidently” cancelled my subscription. Maybe I will go back to popsugar. Their boxes have been pretty awesome lately.
    I just was expecting a little more elegant stuff for the kitchen, like maybe a nice pepper grinder. I can’t really get too excited about pasta, although I would happily eat it.

    • Count me among those whose subs were “accidentally” cancelled. I don’t think for one minute it was an accident. I know I shouldn’t be surprised given a lot of what I’ve read here and elsewhere about bad interpersonal experiences with them but I’m rather stunned as a consumer that they would just turn away good money from a subscriber just because they shared a little constructive feedback. I always loved the boxes but really soured on the snarky/mean girl vibe and what I view as a lack of maturity and professionalism. If customers aren’t free to share their feelings about goods and services without fear of being dropped, it’s not a business I care to give my money, period. If you can’t handle feedback perhaps customer-service oriented business isn’t for you. A real pity too since I’m a big online shopper who liked buying from their store as well. I won’t be doing that again. It’s sad that my take away from my subscription won’t be the lovely items I received since Nov but how I was summarily dropped as a subscriber without so much as a word.

  6. I’m new to boxes and was wondering if broken items are common since it seems a few items broke and leaked in this box. I received my first PSMH in April and the candle was wrapped very well in bubble wrap. Do other boxes not do the same for glass items like that?

    • I rarely see a box have this many concerns with items breaking. LLB had the jars of oil and vinegar this time, and a few boxes ago it was the tea sets.

    • Take a picture of the item and send it to them as a message on Facebook. I had very good service and a complete replacement of a broken item.

    • Everything was wrapped in bubble wrap. My box traveled to Napa Valley and it had a hole all the way through it. I was sure it was going to be a disaster but nothing was harmed. Sometime The post office does a good job and sometimes not. I think they are rougher on boxes than UPS. But I like getting my box so quickly.

  7. Hi Ladies!

    I reached out to CS about the jewelry dish as my design was imprinted on the bottom. Turns out it’s the most authentic one!!

    Here’s their response:

    Hi Samaria,

    Some of the ring dishes will have the lace pattern on top and some have the lace pattern on the bottom. Here’s the reason. The ring dish was designed to look like a piece of an antique or ancient olive jar, which if you google “old or ancient olive jar”, you will notice they are quite rustic and covered in a unique patina.

    Your particular dish is the most authentic of the dishes we placed in the box. It’s fashioned to look like a piece of an ancient olive jar, and with time, will develop a beautiful patina from being in your kitchen and in your home.

    Should you like to have one of the dishes with the pattern on the top and/or glazed, we do have those for sale in the online store.

    Thank you so much for reaching out to us and feel free to let me know if you have any further questions/concerns.

    Thank you,


    • Hmmmmm. I’m not buying it. If it was the most “authentic” version, surely they would have that version available for purchase in their online store. Im pretty convinced it’s a production error and they are trying to cover for it.

      • they actually both versions on sale on their website.

      • That was what I was thinking too.

      • Both of the styles are in their shop. You have the option of the print on top or bottom and they are both $14.99. So it’s not a defect as everyone seemed to think.

  8. I love their boxes. I really do. It is such a treat to sit down, explore all the items and read the letter. Yes, I think the letter is part of the whole experience. Gives it such a personal touch. I am sad that they changed to an every other month model though.

    My favorite items this month were the dipping bowls and the jewelry dish. They are just my style. I love them so much!

    • I totally agree, Jenny. I feel like everyone is on the hate wagon for LLB, but I just love their boxes. The letter they include is such a nice thoughtful way to explain the curation & how they picked out various items. And subs just don’t do that kind of personal touch! This month’s note even took me down memory lane thinking about my family & memories in the kitchen. Is it going to be a 100% win for everyone everytime? That’s impossible! But they bring me joy & give me at least one item each box that’s “outside of current style” — which isn’t that part of why we subscribe to these boxes? To branch out or discover something new? Broken items aside, I hate that some people were so disappointed, but man oh man the negativity here. I’m sad to read it after the box made me smile so much.

      • It is a shame.
        I personally do not blame the company wanting to drop customers that like it enough to go on buying the box for themselves but post so many negative things online, that they convince 100 people not to subscribe every month.
        I have to say that if I had only read the one post about the cover up and none of the posts by others correcting that information, I might have decided LLB was a shady company and never looked at them again.

      • I loved my box! I have always loved LLB’s curation. I got the dish with the print on top, but I can understand being confused if the design was on the bottom (opposite of what it looks like on the MSA review). I would have thought it was an error. The company did post an explanation because I am sure there were many confused by the same thing. Whether you believe their explanation or not is another issue. Some thought it was “spin”, I am sure. Would it have been okay if someone replied on the comments “I love everything about my box except the dish. I wish I had received the one with the imprint on the top.”? I don’t find that particularly negative. It’s some feedback. And I wonder, if LLB had the chance to redo this box, if everyone would have a jewelry dish with the imprint on the top? It may have saved them some headaches. And, I can’t blame others for being disappointed in the broken items. But that seems to be an understandable (possible) issue when shipping glass items.

        The only things that gives me great pause are customer service emails such as Browning received. What respectable company does that? Whoa. Just whoa. It seems counter-intuitive that the rude emails could come from the same family curating the boxes and writing those lovely detailed insert notes.

  9. I love this month box. I will use everything in it. I got the basil pesto which is yummy.

  10. I had an awful customer service experience, so I know I’m not unbiased. However, looking at this box objectively, I would eat the pasta, olive oil, and balsamic, and the sauce if I didn’t get the truffle one, and use the dish soap and notepad. None of those items are particularly special to me in an I’d like to pay $40-60 to have them curated kind of way. They would also cost me 29.97 using their value, and less if I bought them locally myself. I can see how those who don’t live on the California coast might not have as good a selection of fresh products though. As for the towel, bowls, and plate, they aren’t my style. I’m glad I didn’t get this box.

  11. Not trying to jump the gun here but did anybody notice on the LLB website there is something labeled as A REALLY NICE SURPRISE and if you click on it, the description says “We Love Surprises! If you’re a current subscriber, then we have a surprise headed your way in May!” SOLD OUT.
    And it is listed with the other sub boxes.

    Anyways…I thought this box was so unique with products that I never would have tried before. I am a fan of olive oils and love going to a restaurant that has fresh parmesan to put in the olive oil for the dipping sauce. Throw a little fresh squeezed lemon and add fresh ground pepper and it is magnificent! This has the lemon infused in it and I am seriously considering that as my full bottle. Thank you LLB for a wonderful box.

    • I saw that too! That would be such a nice way to transition current subscribers from a monthly to bi-monthly box! I was already getting anxious about not receiving a May box.. 🙂 Love LLB!!

  12. I love the box but my jewelry dish broken in half was the first thing I saw as soon as I opened my box. I hope they have a few left for replacements.

  13. Amazing box and theme this month! I am looking forward to Sunday dinner. I think I am going to do an all out Italian Sunday Supper and romance the pants off my fiancé. 🙂

  14. I liked this box a lot, but didn’t love it. The soap, oil, balsamic, dipping dishes, and towel are all great. I can’t eat gluten so the pasta is a miss and the pesto also includes wheat, so I can’t try that. Will be happy to receive my full-sized oil! When I pulled the trinket dish out of the box, my teenager exclaimed that it looks like something she made in 2nd grade 🙂

  15. I think they did a great job with this box! I can’t wait to use everything in it! Mine was packaged great so nothing broke & I’m so sorry for those who had broken bottles 🙁
    I haven’t taken my jewelry dish out of the packaging yet, but my design must be on the bottom too, because it definitely doesn’t look like Liz’s & I was so confused while reading the letter because I couldn’t see a design on mine!
    I can’t wait for the June box. This month was my 3rd box & they’ve gotten better & better.

  16. Did anyone get the text message? Nice touch!

    • I got a text from them this morning. I thought it was pretty neat!

    • I got it, too. Fun!

    • I got it last month, but not this month?

  17. I love this box. It’s really on theme. The olive oil bowls are my absolute favorite and I’m always excited to try a new oil.

  18. I got home and no box. 🙁 I was so excited to get mine today, I even have a shipping email saying it was to be delivered today but the last update is from it leaving Orlando. 🙁 I hope it arrives tomorrow and not damaged.

    • Same with me! And I’m flying out of the town for a week tomorrow morning so I guess I’ll have to wait extra long 🙁

      This is a great box – so on theme and everything so usable. Can’t wait until I finally get to open it!

  19. Yay!!! They nailed the theme perfectly… The past two boxes really let me down in that regard. I think it’s important to stick to the theme if you’re going to bother with one. Otherwise, it can lead to unfulfilled expectations.

    And I am so excited for the June box! A style box is why I originally signed up for LLB. I have loved all the jewelry, scarves, and clutches from past boxes.

  20. Has anyone not received their box? I haven’t even gotten shipping notice yet. I’m wondering if they cancelled me. I recall someone else mentioning that happened to them after they posted criticism of a past box. This looks like a good box so I hope I didn’t get mysteriously dropped. But I’m kind of thinking that May have happened.

    • The cancelled on me for no reason! I was their biggest fan until that happened. Now I pretty much hate them and I am not planning on bothering with them anymore. I refuse to deal with a company that doesn’t treat their customers right.

      • They cancelled me without even bothering to tell me. I had to email and ask what was up. Said I was cancelled due to irreconcilable differences!

      • Interesting, you’re the first person I’ve heard of that they admitted their mysterious cancellation was purposeful to. Everyone else just seem to have surprise no box, no helpful response when contacting them experiences. I’d love to hear what you did to offend them, if you care to share.

      • I dared to share feedback here, and despite saying how much I enjoyed the boxes their take away was “how dare you criticize us.” The immature, petty, mean girl vibe is insane when running a business. You can’t conduct business that way forever since you’ll eventually run out of customers. Last I checked this isn’t China. Customers are allowed to share their opinions. Frankly I was put off in my very first dealing with them after them tracking me down from here and emailing me about my subscription back in Oct. It had a creepy, big brother feeling to it, like being stalked. But I let that go in favor of getting the boxes. So sure, they might be able to get away with ditching paying customers because they don’t like hearing anything negative but eventually most customers will have something less than sunshine and roses to share. God help all of the subscribers with broken items this month. I wonder if they should expect to receive the axe next month too? I’m in my 30s and this isn’t the sorority house so for my part I say good riddance. But I absolutely think this is something others need to be aware of so I decided to share what happened. I wonder what will happen now. Maybe I’ll get a mean email or be blackballed during rush week. SMH

      • I’m Sorry to hear some people haven’t had a great experience.

        I’ve had a wonderful experience with LLB so far, My earrings from February box was damaged and they replaced them right away. Their Customer Service was polite and quick to resolve issues.
        I really can’t wait to see what future boxes hold, This box is different from any other sub I get which i really like, and if items are a miss for me,they are easy to gift and even easier to swap. so far I love LLB 🙂

        However I know they’re are some subs out there that treat their customers poorly, Glossybox is one that soo many have issues with and then you find that one person who never has a issue with them for over a year.

        for me it was Sample Society… every box was either lost in the mail, arrived damaged,or was missing items. They never wanted to make it right and blamed me for all the issues.

        They finally told me I could no longer subscribe to them, as they would no long ship to my address. As if it was my addresses fault that items arrived broke or missing. I had ordered a couple of their past boxes, only one arrived and it was missing items!! they didn’t want to reimburse me the money I spend for the missing box.I had to threaten legal action before they finally gave me my money back. Thats when they told me to never order again…

        and I haven’t wasted my money since… I don’t miss them one bit. The box is boring and each month the samples are soo tiny they’re disappearing!
        Sample society was a giant headache I am glad to be free of!!

  21. Received my box today and love everything in it. I enjoy reading their letter with the thoughts about why items are chosen. Makes me feel like I have been to Nonna’s kitchen myself and made be think about my Grandmother and Mom’s kitchens. Sure do miss them. Looking forward to the June box and theme. As far as Aprils box, the girls knocked it out of the park. I do feel bad for those that received broken items. My box looked a little beat up but luckily everything inside was well wrapped.

  22. Did the price go up? I thought it was the same price as pop sugar but it’s $20 more a month.

    Looks like a really nice box this month, I haven’t been a fan of the previous months though. I’m a PSMH girl all the way.

    • They switched to bimonthly to accommodate the heavy interest. That way they can curate a better box and give their artisans more time to create what they are including. I imagine there may be more in the boxes?

  23. I got my LLB today and loved it all. I loved the unglazed lacey trinket plate – but it arrived broken – and LLB already has a replacement headed my way. It’s my favorite item in the box and I plan to check out the Stuck in the Mud Pottery site for other items. I’m going to pair the tea towel and notepad as a little gift for my mama. Love the vinegar and olive oil and can hardly wait to get a full size bottle. The dipping bowls are cute and versatile and I’m happy with the dish soap, pasta and sauce. I’m extremely pleased with this months box.

  24. While I like this box I dont love it.. As a few ladies have said my jewelry dish seems to have the
    Imprint on the wrong side. I think I will be swapping the whole box.. Or breaking it up to swap.. It’s one heavy box though! I can’t wait for the next box though!

    • My imprint is on the wrong side, too! The usable part looks like a third-grader made it. I hope they will switch these out.

      • Mine too! Looks like they used woven baskets to make the design…it’s as if on some of them, they pressed it on the inside of the basket, hence the design on the outside of the dish, instead of pressing the clay to the outside bottom of the basket, which would leave the design on top of the dish. Very odd. LLB, if you are reading this…you should follow up with Stuck in the Mud Pottery. Something got lost in translation! Otherwise, I really love the rest of the box. Just sad I got the “mistake” jewelry dish.

      • Has anyone heard back about the print being on the wrong side?

      • I apologize if this is a double post but it’s showing it did not go through.

        I can’t believe what they did to you Browning. I read your comments and your email exchange with them and they were completely unprofessional and downright rude. The Britt McHenry award and mud statements were completely uncalled for. I can’t believe once again they are using comments made on MSA to go after a customer. If they can keep it together their customer base will grow and then they will be dealing with truly disgruntled customers and at this rate they won’t be able to handle it. I was on the fence about getting this box, but after this, no thanks! I actually got pretty snarky with Glossybox and they were always professional in their responses.

      • Thanks for your comment Adele. I was pretty upset by the whole interaction. What business does that!? Soooo unbelievably unprofessional.

      • Wow really? What did they say? Which thread did you post about it on?

      • @blessedmommi I posted it a few times but it’s not staying up. You can see it on MUT if you google make up talk little lace box and go to that general thread. It’s on the last page of that thread.

      • What did they say? I’m not finding a comment post about this? Was it on a different thread?

      • I’m amazed that they’d speak to you that way Browning. I haven’t had any bad experiences with LLB, and I like the boxes a lot. But they are accumulating a history of being very rude to customers, and that’s not the type of business I want to support. I’ll be canceling once my shop order arrives.

  25. I got the same box and I am super happy with it. I am a major foodie and my husband just got into olive oils so this is perfect! Only issue I had was my soap leaked. But considering it’s soap and didn’t damage anything beyond repair I don’t plan on even saying anything to them. I love LLB!!!

  26. For ladies asking about the olive oil or vinegar coupon, I would think it will be in the end of this month. The letter explains that they wanted to include a full size bottle, but due to production issues, they weren’t available. The full size items will be available at The Ancient Olive the end of April, so I would expect them in the LLB shop then.

  27. This is the first box I truly don’t have any excitement for. Also for the first time I have box envy. My unglazed dish looks like a bad 3d graders art project. It honestly looks like a blob of play dough someone squished. The lace design is completely and confusingly hidden. I have zero use for this and it will probably end up getting donated shortly. I received black olive pate, and olives are one of the few flavors i truly detest. My husband is a chef, so our house is filled with oils and vinegars already, as well as dipping bowls. We usually make our own pasta. The tea towel is adorable, and already hanging from my oven door. I generally stay away from food boxes because they rarely wow me, so this is definitely not a thrilling one for me, though I can appreciate that is a perfectly lovely box for most people. I’m so sad that I don’t like this month.

  28. LOVE!!! Although I married into an Italian family and have a steady supply of olive oil coming out my yahoo I can never have enough!! This box is just as beautiful as the baskets our family’s winery puts together (minus the vino) and I have always coveted one while I have gifted many. This one is mine, all mine…well dh can have the pasta, I don’t do gluten on most days. Great box LLB! Can’t wait for the next one as Chanel is my idol. <3

  29. Can’t wait to open my box! I’ve never been disappointed with LLB!

  30. Darn, it’s so difficult not to look! But I wanted to see what the general feeling was about this box so I could adjust my expectations. It seems people like it.

    I couldn’t help but learn that we’re getting olive oil (hope it’s good or at least interesting!), a tea towel (not exciting, I wonder where the one from GlobeIn went) and a small dish. So I’m not super excited but hoping the items I didn’t read about make me happy.

    • Yay, it finally arrived!

      I’m really happy with it. I think the curation is great. There isn’t any one item that I think is great, but I love getting lots of items in one box! And I’ll put everything in this box to use. I do wish I’d gotten the pesto rather than the olive sauce, as I don’t like olives. But I like tapenade and I’m willing to give the spread a try. Now I’m going to have to go and make some bread!

      • Nana, Can you post your bread recipe? I love homemade bread.

      • Oh, I’m not a baker, I’m just going to make a standard recipe on my breadmachine. The wonderful thing about working from home 🙂

      • 🙁 I need one of those.

    • I highly recommend a bread machine. I don’t use it all the time, but when I want bread and I don’t want to go to the store it’s great to have it. It’s also very easy to use, the recipe I use calls for all purpose flour, so it’s very cheap, and it has an express bake setting that gives me bread in one hour.

      That said, the electricity went down just as I was putting the ingredients in the bread maker and it just now came back on. Still, an hour is not too long to wait for some bread with olive oil and tapenade.

  31. I LOVED this box. If anyone doesn’t want theirs, I’ll buy it from you. My sister married into an Italian family, and their “Nonna” passed away this year. I think she would greatly appreciate the box, but I love mine so much I don’t want to give it up. If you want to sell one, email me at bekkileigh (at) gmail dot com. Thank you!

  32. Now THIS is the box I signed up for! I opened up everything with a smile on my face and I loved the descriptions of the items. Oddly enough my favorite thing is the dish soap! …And at the end of opening ALL that stuff I find out that I still get a full size olive oil?!?! Very impressed, ladies! Keep up the good work, LLB!

  33. I love this box and agree with Liz’s verdict. It’s well curated. I called my sister when I received the box. I originally thought that the dish soap was some type of lime zest and fruit passion mix to drizzle on bread. I was all set to try it out and am glad I read the letter. That would had been a big surprise LOL.

    I don’t even know what to write because I love kitchen items and Italian food 🙂 It was a joy to open. My box is the same as Liz’s. I enjoy the thoughtfulness of the jewelry dish and dish soap. They are both next to my kitchen sink.

    The olive oil and balsamic vinegar are delicious. It’s going to be hard to decide whether to order the Olive Oil or Balsamic Vinegar. I see on the pairing sheet that they carry Black Cherry Balsamic and Chocolate Balsamic. Yummy. I’ve been to tasting rooms and enjoy all kinds of olive oils and balsamic vinegars. I love the dipping bowls which I plan to use tonight.

    I like the design on the tea towel and impressed by Brianna’s design for the notepad. I hope we see more designs from her. I love great Italian food and can’t wait to try the Marx Foods items. I think I will make the pasta tomorrow with a garlic olive oil sauce and use the pesto to make a caprese flatbread.

    I’m looking forward to June’s box and am glad there are no temporary tattoos 🙂 The theme sounds perfect for June. I enjoyed the letter and reading about their grandmother and the little things such as the sister who isn’t good at cleaning up after herself.

    They/the warehouse did a great job packaging the items. Everything arrived unbroken and nothing leaked. Thank you for the care that is taken in shipping out the box.

    • I was typing my above comment while others posted that their bottles broke. I hope no one takes my comments the wrong way. I hope that Wendy’s cut on her finger is not serious and heals without any issues.

    • “It was a joy to open” That is exactly how I felt…I smiled the entire time I explored the box and read their letter!

  34. My 2 little bottles of what not broke. It leaked everywhere. In the process of taking unboxing pictures for them, a small piece of glass cut my finger. Toke a picture of my bloody finger and sent it to them too. Sigh…

    • The same thing happened to me! I am not at home, but my family told me the oil broke and leaked over everything. I’m scared I’ll cut myself and I’m so upset, I’ve been waiting forever for this box.

    • I got a small cut too, from my broken bottle (I had to remove the tiny shard with tweezers) 🙁

      • If they respond to any of you, let me know what they say. I emailed them too, but I’m curious what exactly they’ll offer to do.

      • PA Anna, thanks. The cut is small but deep. A small piece of glass went in. I emailed them 6 pictures and they are replacing the towel, which is soaked with oil, the notepad, the letter, and the 2 bottles of vinegar and oil. They are not sending me a whole new box.

  35. My olive oil bottle broke 🙁 It leaked over everything and I’m nervous that I will cut myself on the box. This is so disapointing.

    • The exact same thing happened with my box! One of the bottle was broken, with broken pieces and tiny glass shards, and everything was soaked, including through to the outside of the box, which arrived in a plastic bag from the Post Office. I’ll have to contact LLB about this. So disappointing.

      • I highly doubt that LLB put the bottles already broken in your box and everything looks like they took great care in making sure it well wrapped and protected from their end. If it’s wrapped in a plastic bag from USPS it usually has a “sorry we broke your stuff but here it is anyway” sticker on it from them. I know it sucks and I get pissed when this happens too. Huge bummer!

        I feel bad for you all because this looks like an awesome box. Sorry your experience was ruined because of carelessness. I hope mine gets to me unbroken.

        Hope there’s insurance on their packages and they get reimbursed by USPS!

      • I haven’t seen the box yet (I called my sister and she told me the bottle broke), so I haven’t seen how they wrapped the items, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the post office didn’t take enough care. I’ve had so many problems with my local post office. One way or another, it’s disapointing though.

      • Just wanted to follow up to say that customer service was immediately responsive to the issue, and I was sent replacements for the affected items.

  36. If anyone knows where to go on LLB’s site to order the olive oil, please let me know. I looked for it under “Shop” and I searched on the word “Ancient,” but I can’t find anything.

    And oh, yes – I loved this box this month. 🙂

    • Stephanie – I noticed from reviewing items that sometimes the new items don’t load until the majority of the boxes are delivered. It may not be available yet. I looked too because I want to order now before I forget.

      • Thank you, Anna. I’ll check back later.

  37. Just received this box and I love it. Looking forward to trying and using everything.

  38. I love this box and can’t wait to use everything. I got a different designed trinket dish. Mine is lace.

  39. I really like this box, and I’m excited to try everything! We’re definitely having Italian for supper tonight!

    It looks like there are variations of the sauce. I got Cream of Peppers & Eggplant. It sounds delicious! I also can’t wait to pick out my full-size olive oil or balsamic vinegar! I hope we don’t have to pay shipping, though. The letter states that they will “send…for free”, so I’m betting we don’t. Yay!

    I am confused about one thing, though. I received the unglazed trinket dish, but my lace design is pressed into the bottom of the dish, so the top is just plain, unglazed porcelain. It’s not very attractive. I would like to know if anyone else got one like this or if mine was inadvertently pressed on the wrong side. I know I would like it much better if I could see the lace design.

    I’m also super excited about June’s theme. I already can’t wait!

    • Mine has the design on the bottom, which I found strange as well. Maybe we should contact them and see if it’s an error?

    • I too received that dish! and am very disappointed, especially since it was the first item I saw when I opened the box. Just looks like a squished lump of dough! Not very special looking at all. No way is it a $15 item. 🙁

      • I am going to paint mine. I got the same one and it’s very nice but plain. I think a cute picture or saying on it is just what it needs.

  40. Hi Liz,
    So a couple questions about the changes. If you have been a subscriber the price change doesn’t apply to you right? And if that is the case then buying the year is more expensive then just staying monthly (or bimonthly) correct? Also points can only be used in $15 increments now, yes?

    • Hi! The price doesn’t change/increase if you are already a monthly subber. The one time it’s best to be monthly=best $ rate as long as you don’t cancel and come back as then you are at the new higher rate. I don’t actually remember the point change though

  41. I was able to resist the spoilers till I went and checked my mail box and it was worth it being a total surprise. Normally I have no control what-so-ever, I see the spoilers and open them to see what I’ll be getting. I LOVED this box, it was sooooo nice, I’ll use almost everything in it, there was so much thought behind it and everything goes together perfectly. I’m so, so, so, so sad they’re going to bi-monthly I love getting this box every month. There were a couple not so hot months, but glad I stuck around for this box and I adore my silver earrings in my February box. I really liked March’s box too and used every item.

  42. I LOVE this box. I listed a couple of items for swap (the jewelry dish and the dipping bowls, both because they aren’t my style) but would love to pick up more of the towels and such. They do a great job on curation and I am really happy. The hardest part will be picking either the olive oil or balsamic when it arrives on their site (not up there yet). And if anyone isn’t going to use their towel, I would LOVE to replace all the ugly ones in my kitchen with cuter ones…

  43. I think that they nailed it with this box– really fits the theme! This was a “fun gift to me” to open! I especially like the Olive Oil Dipping Bowls, and my designs seem to be a little different– this was the only item variation that I could see. Very happy with this months box!!

    • I think they bought them in 12 packs and broke those up – when I looked online for them that was how they always seemed to be sold.

  44. Thus is my third LLB…. I liked the others….but LOVE this! Definitely staying on especially since it is now every other month. There is really nothing I’ve received from LLB that I haven’t liked. Their style is very much in line with mine. BTW, I’ve been using the Olive Oil shampoo and conditioner from the last box for a few weeks and didn’t think I liked it at first….but after adding a leave in conditioner (I almost always do this since my hair tends to frizz) my hair looks great!

  45. Maybe they need to change their product descriptions since none of these times are “Fashion and beauty items, with one item highlighting from an up and coming designer”. It seems like people would sign up for a food box if they wanted kitchen and food items.

    • Wait until you see June’s box 🙂

      • Wait! Does this mean you have spoilers?? Or is your comment just based on their letter describing next box’s theme?

      • Sorry, no spoilers. I do think it will be a great box based on past items I received in my LLB boxes.

    • They announce the next box’s theme well in advance of payments being taken, so I think most everyone knew this was a kitchen-themed box with plenty of time to cancel (or skip) if they wanted to. I like that their themes vary. I don’t mind the occasional break from getting beauty items. There are definitely fashion items for the home in this box, and, I believe, the “up and coming designer” would be Janelle Beaulieu, the designer of the trinket dishes. But, as PA Anna said, June’s box does sound like it fits their “fashion and beauty items” description perfectly! 🙂

  46. The curation fits the theme very well, and it’s obvious the amount of attention paid to detail. But it’s a bit upsetting how they’ve increased their prices SO much, gone to bimonthly, and this first box back has a much lower value than previous boxes (which seemed to be an average of around $130-140 per box). I’m glad I waited before subscribing, and I think I’ll wait a few more boxes to see whether the curation detail stays this good. If it does, then it might be worth the $50-60, but not yet.

  47. I was very happy with this box! I thought the curation and letter were both incredibly thoughtful and with the exception of the tea towel, which is cute but doesn’t really fit with the decor of my kitchen, I know I will use everything in the box! The description of their grandmother with her trinket dish brought tears to my eyes as my grandmother had a similar dish where she would keep her rings and watch when she was doing dishes. I’m really excited to have one of my own now. 🙂

  48. This looks great and is really sticking to the theme very well! I can’t wait to open mine when I get home! I am super excited about getting to pick out an olive oil!! Nice job LLB!!

  49. Very nice box. MUCH better than the last. Nothing I can’t live without though so I don’t regret cancelling. (But had I received this box I would not have cancelled!)

    Quality products, very well curated, good value.

  50. Do you get your olive oil from their shop shipped free?

    • Yes. There are instructions on the letter on how to order.

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